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Always been active - athletic build and lost...

Always been active - athletic build and lost weight last year - almost 30 pounds. Had 2 c-sections with my kids and my tum looked distorted for years. Since the weight loss (I'm 5'6" and 155 now) I still have the ugly bubbly tummy. So I decided to do something about it. I thought I needed a TT but the doc said no way and he could "even out" and flatten my belly. He also suggested the pubic area because he said I would really notice it afterward and I wouldn't like it. Do for an extra 500 I figured he'd know best.

I'm humiliated by the (before) photos. I had no idea it looked so bad! But I'll share them since every post I've read has made so much difference with pics.

My surgery was great - no real pain. I had a cg for 4 days until the zipper broke and went in for a replacement which ended up WAY too small but I didn't fully realize that until the 6th night. I had to remove it and wore a girdle with my foam padding until my appt on the Tuesday. It was a holiday weekend so there wasn't much I could do. I was freaking out though.

Anywho it's 9 days today and I'm not seeing fab results like I thought I would. The first day I did but now I'm hoping it's swelling. He only got out 700cc's which isn't very much based on the other posts so I'm worried. He swore to me he "got it all and didn't think he'd even get this much". Hmmm

I saw a diff on day 8 which is interesting then I feel I reverted back. I'm still wearing the spanx type with foam. Foam can be removed tomorrow. So if anyone has had the same experience please let me know. I'm down right now, afraid this is "it". I have no patience (lol obviously) but still worried. This was a lot of money and I couldn't afford to do the "waist" but doc said due to my athletic shape there might not be much of a diff if he did it. I'm beginning to wonder.

All I want is to wear a two piece. The rest of my bod I can deal with. I run and work out so I'm pretty toned (for me).

The staff was great and I LOVED the doc. Just not sure if my body is going to respond for me. I'm totally swollen, started massage, put arnica gel on and take the tablets. I have been walking 3 miles/day since day 4 post op. Could I be gaining weight?! lol

Posting day 8 which was my best day so far. I'm on day 9.

Happy to answer any questions. God knows I've done my share of stalking the site!

Day 11

Hi there - quick update. In still swollen and large lumps which I'm massaging out. I must retain fluid pretty easily. I don't see a big change since last pic but I can say that I notice a diff in my clothes and when I lie down. :-) I'm hopeful this is just normal swelling.

I still have pain. Especially when I sit in the same spot for a while. It feels like a bad sunburn at this point so not terrible.

Thanks for reading. :-)

Day 12 pic

I'm noticing the front view seems to look better. I'm still swollen and very hard lumps. Massaging and arnica on a regular basis. Pain is there - more of a burning feeling. And I'm hot in that area all night sleeping.

Day 12 pics

Day 12 - clothes fitting nicely

Ok so I gave into temptation and decided to try on some clothes. Wow. Def noticed a difference so I'm smaller! I'm so glad I did the pubic area (which I didn't think was that bad to begin with) and now I see why he recommended it. It looks awesome and jeans sit so nicely. Feeling better and hopeful!!!

Day 13 - what a diff a day makes

Attaching a pic of how I looked this morning. A little improvement over yesterday.

Day 15 - exercise and swelling

Just thought I would provide a quick update. I stopped wearing the garment (what a relief) and worked out a bit harder than usual. Well the next day I was SO swollen and had a huge lump next to my belly button that seemed to grow throughout the day. It was very painful so I called my ps as I started thinking maybe it was a Seroma. I did some research online and of course thought the worst and started to freak out. I was wearing my fat clothes and even that was tight. Wtf? After 2 weeks I take a turn in the opposite direction?!

Doc informed me that first off, it's a bit late in the healing to get a Seroma - it would be within the first few days AND it's extremely rare. He said that's why we wear the cg continually for the first few days. He said the lumps are just normal lumps from healing and they will resolve on their own, with or without massage. Massage will speed up the healing.

Anyway, he felt that due to my level of activity I should wear the spanx for a while longer to keep the swelling down. It was SO sore yesterday. I could almost feel the swelling progress. When I got home I arnica'd up my belly and massaged it for quite a while. I'm including a pic so you can see the large lump. I'm lying down as it's more noticeable. Again doc says it's normal, I feel much better today and clothes are fitting again. I'm still swollen and sore but nothing like yesterday. I'm practicing patience... Hoping my results will be where I want them in the end. :-) I'll post again soon.

Day 17 still lumpy but feeling good

Hi all - hope you're not sick of my updates. :-) it's day 17 and the pain is still there but minimal, the swelling is subsiding but I've still got the big bump on my right side. I've been massaging and wearing the garment so I'm hoping with patience and time it will go away. I am a bit worried I must admit.

It's painful when I massage it so that's telling me I'm still healing. Right? :-)

Posting pics so you can see the progress but with lump.

Hope everyone is healing well.

Day 19

Hi everyone - hope everyone's journey is going well whether you are scheduled soon or still healing. :)

I had a busy weekend with family and lots of driving which tends to cause more discomfort (sitting for 2-3 hours straight). I went to the beach yesterday and for the first time in YEARS I wore a bikini. Granted I wore a tight t-shirt over it (still not fully ready and you'll see that with my pics) but I must tell you that emotionally I felt GOOD. I had real anxiety about the whole thing at first (I know that may sound ridiculous) but I felt free. I felt good about my body for the first time in so long. I hate friggin one piece suits - I always felt like a sausage. Lol.

As far as healing, it is taking a while. I think I'm finally accepting that it will take some time and in the meantime I am happy with the results so far because it's better than pre-surgery. My clothes feel better and I'm looking forward to buying clothes that have a fitted waist!

My attitude about myself has changed. I feel positive and hopeful versus beating myself up and being disappointed about myself. I've worked hard to get in shape and that damn belly would bring me down. Not anymore, ladies. Having said that I sure hope these lumps go away and I'm not "disfigured" like this. I massage and it hurts when I do so I take that as I'm healing. Patience I keep telling myself.

So at almost 3 weeks I'm still wearing the spanx most of the time to reduce the swelling and I didn't wear it today while working out and I can tell I'm swollen. :( I wasn't planning on working out the way I did so I just didn't plan well. Anyway, I hope to see better results in time. Any encouragement is appreciated. :-)

Day 21

It's been exactly 3 weeks since the procedure and I hate to say this but I'm still in pain and today it's pretty bad (like a bad sunburn). I've been more aggressive with massage to get rid of the lumps and I think I have some pms swelling/cramps which could also be part of the issue. Not much change as far as pics go so I'll post again in another week so I'm not as discouraged. Did anyone else have pain at this stage? Still wearing spanx and my clothes are still fitting nicely...

I'm a little concerned that I may have had diastasis all along which makes me worried I've done the wrong thing. I'm kind of down right now...

I'm still so surprised at the time it's taking to heal. I thought I would be all done with this by now. :) as I keep saying though, if there is pain it means my results will continue to be better and better. Hopefully my next post will be more positive...

3 and 1/2 week update

Hi everyone - thought I would post some pics as the healing process continues. I'm feeling good - I have some lumps - one pretty big one but I know it's temporary. My skin is def getting tighter and I have hope! I still swell and I'm working out quite a bit but not fully running yet. I can see my ab muscles tho! I posted more pics. I know some of you look absolutely amazing and I am taking much longer :-) might be too much activity. I didn't know I shouldn't do sit-ups for 6 weeks so no more for a while. Lots of pain in pubic area which is weird. All this takes time but I'm saying thumbs up!! I'll post more at 6 weeks. Or if any major changes by then. I find I obsess waaay too much. :-)

Thanks to all of you for your shares. You all keep me going and make me feel normal! Happy healing!

More pics 1 month post

Still swollen but I do see progress. Pms is driving me crazy with water retention but what can ya do? Still have pain now and then like burning but I consider that a good sign I'll see more progress! Happy healing ladies. We are all so lucky to have one another and I don't know what I would do without your support. My only concern is I have absolutely no waist and he said I'm just built this way - - no hips and no waist. I feel like a guy. I'm hoping when swelling goes down it will look better and who knows - maybe he can sculpt me one. I'm already 26-27 waist so I'm not sure what he can take but even if it's just something to show shape!! Again...not complaining... :-)

Trying to update Dr info

Hi all - I am trying to update the doctor info and each letter I type I'm brought back to the top so I thought I'd share with an update and I'll try this again later.

I had my procedure done at Elite Body Sculpture in Roseville, Ca. They also have an office in Beverly Hills. I LOVED Dr Rasi - he was wonderful and adorable I might add. The office staff was great, the nurse was very sweet and I can't say enough great things about them. I would highly recommend to anyone. These guys are professional and Dr Rasi has been doing this for years and he's so talented. He was honest and didn't make me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed at all. And boy did I feel self conscious going into this beforehand. He made me feel great and we joked throughout the procedure. He's genuine and professional. Highly, highly recommend!!!

5 weeks and still shrinking

Hi ladies - I'm officially 5 weeks out and feeling pretty good. Still have swelling and a lump on lower right side which I'm hoping will eventually go away (there was prior scar tissue there) but I am loving my results this far. I can't wait to start running again...one more week and start some ab work. My exercise hasn't been as much lately so I'm anxious to get back into my routine again.

So as far as pain goes... Still tender to the touch sometimes. Like a sunburn. It's manageable and makes me feel I'm still healing which will result in more shrinking.

My swelling: still there but less and less ups and downs - more consistent and less dramatic daily differences. What's swollen more these days is the pubic area which I had done. Maybe I'm just noticing it more now that I can see it more clearly and my tum swelling is getting better or it's just more swollen. Interesting though. I posted a pic (a little blurry on purpose as to not offend with v pics lol) so you can see a full shot as some of you have asked specifically about the pubic area.

My garment: stopped wearing it regularly as allowed by doc (he said I could go with nothing after a month) so I wear it occasionally. But because I'm still swollen and healing I ordered a squeem in hopes that it will help the lump and start me with pre-corset training. As I've said in earlier posts - I have no waist. BUT what I noticed is as the swelling goes down I can see that my waist is starting to be more pronounced. In other words, even tho I didn't get flanks/waste done, swelling is there in that area too. So as one of you mentioned to me, wait for swelling to go down and I may just see my waist. You were SO right. You may not see it in the pics but it's there on a good day :-)

So... All in all things are positive. Just need the lump to go away and start working out again. I honestly thought 3 months was crazy for the healing time but I see now that it's accurate. Sure takes a while and I underestimated the healing time. I would do it all again tho!

Happy healing ladies!! Thanks for all the advice and support. Love this forum!!

6 week pics

Not too much has changed since last set of pics but wanted to post them in case anyone at this stage gets discouraged. I'm not super flat - I'm shrinking slowly and I've still got that damn lump. I tried a corset today and have it on now. Tough to breathe. lol. I think I need a tighter one. I'll post a pic and you'll see the waist. Not as cinched as I've seen others.

I started getting discouraged about the lump so started wearing a new garment. Like a girdle. No straps and quite comfy but not as much compression. I'm hoping that the lumps will go at some point!! Until then I will continue to work out and do what I'm doing. I'm thinking of getting a tan since it might give me a boost. :-)

Anyway ladies, pics at week 6. Happy healing.

Corset under clothes

I guess it's more noticeable (curvy) in clothes

7 Week Update

Hi everyone - today marks week 7 so I thought I'd give you an update on where I am with all this... I'll be posting week 7 pics shortly. First off I must say that I'm so grateful I was able to get this procedure done. I'm happy with the results but I've got a way to go yet and need to work harder on getting this lump to disappear... I've ordered a massager which I'll start using regularly and see how that goes. I also (finally) got the right size garment (squeem) that I'll give a go and see if I can get myself a waist. The lump is the higher priority at this point. I still get swollen by the way and yesterday was the FIRST day I woke up and was flat, flat (other than the lump) and I thought WOW if this is what it's gonna look like then I'm THRILLED!! It was just what I needed because I was starting to feel down and that I had reached my full healing. How long does it take to heal again?? I remember a posting that had percentages (average) of where people are at certain stages... is it 80% at 3 months? Just curious... anyway, the pain is quite rare but I do get it when I work out hard. I went sea kayaking last week and talk about using your core!!! It was a great workout and the wetsuit was an added bonus like a garment! :) I also went on a 6 mile hike and that was rough because by the end of it I was literally holding my belly like a pregnant woman. It felt SO heavy. Needless to say, I'm still swelling... I haven't gotten back in my usual running routine as it's still a bit of a struggle so of course I have fears of gaining all the weight back that I had lost last year. I know... totally obsessing but I know you know what I'm talking about!!! The bottom line is I look SO much better in my clothes (I need a new wardrobe tho) and I'm no longer feeling like a pudgy sausage in the belly. I'm trying to adjust my expecations of being perfect - some days it works and some days it doesn't. Anyway, my plan is to start the massaging as soon as I get the darn thing (twice a day for at least 10 minutes) and try the garment for the beginner waist training. Oh and I did warn my 16 year old son that I have a massager FOR MY BELLY so he doesn't think I'm... well... you know... had a good laugh about that one! We'll see in a week how that goes.... until then I will enjoy the posts of all of you ladies and your highs and lows. xo

7 week pics

Squeem and Massager

Well I got the new squeem yesterday and the massager today. I wore the squeem most of the eve yesterday. I love it except for one thing... It's too big. Waaaahhhhhh I first ordered an extra small and that one was SO small I almost separated my shoulder to just pull it around my body so I thought the small would be too small. The x-small is what I measure to (25-27) but obviously it was too small. I ordered the medium and while it's a little snug it's not cinching much. I have it on the tighter setting... :-( it's so frustrating. Anyone have a small and want to trade for a medium?? I do love the way it is hidden under clothes and all that. I just don't want to spend another $80+ so I'll just use this for now as it's better than nothing and better than what I had. Oh well.

I got the massager today and just used it. Wow did it hurt. I think that's a good sign right???? I'm going to use it as much as possible and let's see in a week if it's helped. I can't imagine it not helping tho. It sure hurts so again good sign. I also got my period today which is so strange. I'm so out of whack with my schedule! 2 weeks late and now 2 weeks later I get it again. Maybe I'm back on track now. Did anyone else get thrown off track? Thanks for all the encouragement and compliments with my pics yesterday. It's so hard to post pics and yet I know it's important to help others. Your compliments made me feel so good. Thank you ladies. When I lost fat I gained so many friends here. You're all so wonderful. Ok cross fingers my lump is on it's way out.... :-)

9 week update

Hi everyone - it's been a busy busy couple of weeks so I thought I would take a minute to update on the lump situation. Well I've been massaging and wearing the squeem almost every day (even tho it's a medium it's better than nothing) and I am not sure if it's made a difference or not because the lump is still there. :-(((((( I've posted pics so you can see. Having said that I'm still pretty happy because it's an improvement pre SL so I have to feel good about that. I see my PS in 3 weeks so that should be an interesting appointment.

As you can see from the pics I have a dent in my skin and it's obviously from the canula. That's right below the lump. I'm hoping it's scar tissue that will go away??????? Ugh. My skin hasn't tightened a whole lot but with my skin I wasn't sure if it would. In clothes I look flat and today my skinny jeans felt perfect. No muffin top and not even tight around the waste. So I know it's better even if it's 1/4 inch.

My daughter leaves for school tomorrow and I've been stressed. I will have one still at home and he will leave next year. I'm starting to freak out and be all sad!!!! I'm glad I did the SL because I can still feel good about something you know? Sounds odd probably but I needed this boost for me. If I still felt bad about myself it would be so much harder!!! Anyway....

I'm hoping the old saying that 6 months is the indicator of the final product is true. I have a ways to go yet so I'm praying this lump goes away. Other than that I still have a bit of pain now and again where the lump is and it's somewhat tender when I massage everywhere. Good sign? :) I still get swollen but I'm able to work out with little issues.

The squeem: I finally got the small and the ONLY issue is my bra back fat! I hate it! And the squeem makes it worse. Other than that it's very comfortable and I can wear it with almost anything. It does have a funny shape to it that it kinda still poofs out in the lower tum (which is where I need it) so I'm not sure if I'll buy a corset and wear that. Damn I have a lot of garments laying around!!!! Maybe we should start a "RS Closet" and give our garments to those in need. Lol. Of course only the ones that didn't work for us.

Am I happy? Yeah. I like it better than pre SL. With clothes you can't see the lump. I don't know if I'll be wearing 2 piece bathing suits real soon but I think I can live with that. :) I guess. I have to keep reminding myself that I lost weight 2 years ago and am looking better than I have in years. I just want to maintain it and with my new tum I can't really complain. I should be proud!!!! And I am. :)

10 weeks

10 weeks today and feelin good!! Yes I still have a lump and it seems to be shrinking. Hopefully it will continue to shrink. I see doc in 2 weeks so maybe he will have some answers. I'm back to working out and that is SO important for me. When I don't work out I feel crappy but when I do I totally notice my swelling subsides the following day. Water maybe? Not sure but I do feel good. Area around the belly button is still hard so I know there is more healing to be done (yay it's wonderful to think it will get even better). Been wearing my squeem most days. I can't do the corset thing on a consistent basis. It's just too hard for me. So I guess I will live with my straight waist :-) my skin is def getting tighter except area around belly button and a bit lower. We shall see if that area tightens up. I'm hopeful but if not I'm still happy. Happy healing everyone.

3 months and swelling?!

So today marks 3 months and I see my doc for my 3 month appt tomorrow. So...I'm totally swollen and I swear I'm like where I was in the early stages. Wtf?! Is this normal or did I get fat?! Ugh :-(

3 month post Doc visit

Well.... I was probably the most swollen I had been on the day I went in which is good and bad. It was hard for the doc to decide whether or not it was swelling or the thought he can get more out. He said for sure it will get "even better" and it is a huge improvement from where it was (I had so much unevenness on my belly and with one of my c-sections they pulled it so tight that my belly button had moved almost half an inch to the right. It was a mess. However... The doc said at the time of consult he could fix it. Soo... The bottom line is that in 3 months he will make a decision whether or not to do a revision. He thinks the swelling is a good sign that there is healing to be done. He said "whenever you swell it means you're going to see improvement" it's still healing. The funny thing is today my swelling has subsided a lot and I'm pretty "flat". :) so I'll update for sure in 3 months and maybe sooner if anything changes. Patience. Patience... :)

6 months post op - revision sched for JAN 9

Hi all - haven't been on the site for a while because frankly nothing had changed. I didn't see a whole lot of improvement from 3 months so I was anxious to hear what my doc had to say. Well... He agreed with me that there is still fat around the belly button area and is going to do a revision in 2 months. He said he likes to wait 8 months for the body to heal fully. I was ok with that. Sure I would have loved to say "let's just do it now!" But I trust him. He said he wants me to be happy and the fact he mentioned it first made it all the easier. I was starting to think I had done something wrong or gained weight there but I know that was a stretch. Still... stressful. Anyway I'll update again when I have the procedure. Can't wait. Until then Happy Holidays to all of you beautiful women!!!

Pics at 6 months pre-revision

So my revision will be on JAN 9th. It's odd - I feel way self conscious sharing pics cuz I don't like how I look (and I HAD lipo) and some how I feel it's my fault. I had 700 cc's removed and yes there is much improvement but not enough to make me feel like it was completely worth it. He said he can "definitely fix it". Just wish he had gotten it the first time!!

Revision was yesterday

Hi all - I thought I would send a quick update on how things are going with me. As you all know (based on my updates) I'm at 8 months post op and wasn't completely happy with my results at 6 months so my doc agreed to do a revision on the spot I was most unhappy with. Even he felt it was needed. He wanted to wait a couple more months just so everything was more settled before he did the revision. The revision was yesterday. By the way not much changed since my last pic at all.

So... I went in yesterday morning expecting to go through the entire process again but he said it wasn't going to take long at all and not worth taking all the meds. So I didn't take any pain meds prior and he gave me some nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and obviously numbed me up. Wow that gas made me so dopey! Good stuff :). Anyway he did about 45 min worth of lipo and while I hoped he would do more, he concentrated on the belly button and lower right where the bulge was. Not much fat came out at all so I was really concerned I would still be unhappy.

They put on a diff "garment" this time. Foam (he said it will smooth out the area which is the main issue) covered with a "binder". I will wear the binder and foam for about 2 weeks.

Since the original procedure I have gained 4 pounds so I'm really upset and down with myself. I think the holidays I drank and ate way too much. :( I have been running 3 miles at least 3 times a week so I'm hoping to lose that 4 pounds and then some. Total downer though.

Anyway, I already see a difference although I'm swollen. I don't have a squished belly button!!! It doesn't look "flat" but looks better!! I'll post a pic when I can shower tomorrow. I had to take a peek. As far as the healing process it will be the same as the first time. It better turn out better after all this. That's all I can say!! I mean I'm still happy overall because the one area that was a huge bother is gone but I paid for more and I expect to get what I paid for!

I'll keep you all updated, will post pics soon and time will tell.

Revision Update

Hi there it's 6 days post op and I'm still liking where this is going. Fingers crossed that he got it "all". Pain is minimal other than in the middle of the night. I am still wearing garment even tho doc said yesterday I could wear spanx. That's where I started to swell last time so I'm not taking any chances and I'm wearing it. I worked out the other night and ran a mile out of the 3 and I wasn't sore the next day so I can get back into my regular routine much sooner. (I need to do that since I have gained some weight since initial procedure which still blows me away). I haven't been eating so great due to stress so I'm anxious and aware I need to be careful.

Posting a few pics. Not sure if you'll be able to tell a huge difference but if you look at my belly button area and to my lower right you should notice less bulge than before the revision. I hate that I will have to go thru the swelling stage again and up and down so I'm going to try to relax and be patient (good luck with that right?!).

Hope you are all healing nicely and I will update again soon.

7 Days post revision - massage ouch

Hi all. Since I didn't massage early enough with initial procedure I figured I would for the revision. All I can say is OUCH!! It hurt like heck doing it and this morning (although not real swollen) I am SORE! Part of me is thrilled because it means he really did do some removal. Wearing the binder to keep the swelling under control. When I woke up this morning I was swollen (some areas he didn't treat - which happened last time too) but even with the swelling I'm pleased with the results. I wish he would have gotten it all the first time but better late than ever. I will be going to the store today for arnica.
Dr Leonardo Rasi Elite Body Sculpture

The best!!!! See my update above. I highly recommend dr Rasi. He is so professional and experienced and partners with Dr Rollins in Bev Hills - great work!!!!

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