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While shopping around for a doctor that could...

While shopping around for a doctor that could perform Botox I found the MiraDry website and this website. One of the many Botox doctors I researched mentioned the 'MiraDry' procedure was a better/permanent way to cure excessive axillary sweat and odor. I investigated: learned the procedure, read testimonials, read the scientific abstracts etc...and I just want to thank everyone here on RealSelf for sharing your experiences and advice. I have learned so much from everyone here on how to prepare for the procedure, and what to expect afterward. As most of you have said, no one else can possibly imagine the daily horrors of dealing with excessive sweat and odor unless they have lived it. It has been most helpful sharing your experiences to decide to have this procedure.

I had an initial consultation with Dr. Nalini Prasad in Roseville CA on 9/4/13. I chose Dr. Prasad's office over another office in Sacramento because she (Dr. Prasad) is closer to me, her office scheduled my appointment 1 week sooner than the other office would, and the other doctor was charging over $5000 for MiraDry. I am so glad I chose her because Dr. Prasad was very professional, kind and compassionate to my situation and her clinic assistant whom also had a successful MiraDry Tx was very supportive and reassuring. I prepaid $2000 for the first visit and discussed getting a level 4 or 5; she did not decline/agree - we will discuss it further the day of the procedure. Dr. Prasad assured she will perform my procedure herself, and she will have representatives from MiraDry at my procedure as well. All in all I was very happy with my consultation and will post updates as well.

Also: I saw several questions posted about the cost of the procedure; for anyone that has a healthcare spending account (HSA) - I found out that my HSA will reimburse me for the procedure AS LONG AS my medical doctor that has treated me for this problem will complete/sign the HSA physician statement form that states the expected length of Tx (2 Tx's 3months apart) and that this procedure is to Tx a medical condition (not for cosmetic surgery). Hopefully someday it will be covered under regular insurance and affordable for everyone.

I hope this goes as well as it did for the rest of you!

MiraDry procedure went very well

Thanks Ericka L, the MiraDry procedure went very well and I am excited to share the results!

Dr. Prasad and her medical assistant were very attentive and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Between Dr. Prasad, her medical assistant, and the MiraDry representative that attended my procedure; everyone was extremely knowledgeable and kept me well informed the entire time.

Like others have reported - the worst part of the procedure was the anesthetic injections. I did eat a light meal an hour before the procedure (as someone else had mentioned) to help with jitters and I think it helped. I also took 800mg of Ibuprofen an hour prior ( I believe the MiraDry.com website mentioned doing this). I have been taking Arnica Montana sublingual pellets for a couple days prior to the procedure (as someone else mentioned doing) and immediately after the procedure I applied Arnica Montana cream (I just applied a second application 6 hours after the procedure and it feels very soothing). Ice packs 20 minutes at a time are helping with discomfort. The discomfort is minimal, there is quite a bit of swelling at 6 hours post treatment, but it's not really pain - it's more of a slight stinging sensation in a few spots of the treated areas. On a pain scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 1 (annoying). The only other thing I can think of mentioning is I also took a second dose of 800mg Ibuprofen at 6 hours post treatment.

Also, I went with a level 3 for the first treatment after discussing it further with Dr. Prasad - I really wanted a level 4 or 5 but felt the doctor knew best.

These are pictures of swelling/bruising 3 and 6 hours post treatment.

At approximately 24 hours post treatment...

At approximately 24 hours post treatment the discomfort went away and the swelling has lessened significantly : )

Not sure I need the second treatment

So it has been a little over 9 weeks since the procedure and things are great. Initially after the swelling went down there was some sweating and odor, but the sweat was light (just enough to lightly dampen the underarm area of my shirt) and the odor was putrid and abnormal, so I believe it was just my body getting rid of the dead cells and glands etc... The light sweating and odor lasted less than a week. I have not experienced under-arm "sweating" since. After a vigorous workout, I get what I can only describe as sticky, it's not even really wet and there is absolutely no smell. I especially like using minimal deodorant and smelling fresh all day long. The best part is not having to use deodorant and having no embarrassing sweat or odor - AT ALL. I did have the lumps and bumbs and ropey line under the skin, like others complained of. I also had some hyperpigmentation. For the lumps/bumps/ropiness I used Arnica cream and took sublingual Arnica pellets. For the hyperpigmentation I used a buff-puff for exfoliating the underarms along with Koji-san bleaching soap, and treated the underarms with a mild bleaching cream. I'm not sure I need the second treatment but I'm leaning towards having it done just to ensure all the sweat glands are obliterated. On a side note; I have "suffered" (ha!) more than 30% permanent hairloss and I would say 80% loss of pain sensation when waxing.
All in all I would highly recommend anyone suffering from bromhydrosis and hyperhydrosis to have miraDry - It has given me my life back and more.

photo update



Completed 2nd Treatment

Completed the 2nd treatment 1/14/2014. The second time around was much better than the first (healing wise). By day 2 much of the swelling had subsided. The swelling and pain was very mild compared to the first treatment. The only difference this time was that I used Arnicare gel afterward instead of cream...it is very soothing.
Dr. Prasad and her staff were very caring and professional. They made sure I was comfortable the entire procedure. They followed up with me to make sure I was healing well, and everything looked great at my post-treatment visit.

To anyone questioning wether miraDry is the right approach...this procedure is life changing.

miraDry not working not sure what is going on but it's the PITS!

Had a 3rd miraDry treatment last summer because once again the sweating had slowly returned. Dr. Prasad would not go higher than a level 3. Third treatment at a level 3. I was even charged full price for a 3rd treatment. Now the sweating has returned but full force. I went back to Dr. Prasad's office and the miraDry rep. (I don't remember her name I think Suzy or Su-Li) met with us to see why the treatment is failing again. The miraDry rep and Dr. Prasad did the corn starch/ iodine test (this test was never administered/offered prior to this - I would definitely recommend you insist upon the test prior to any treatments, otherwise they are blindly treating your problem). I'm not too sure about the miraDry now, because the guy seen prior to me was there because he had several failing miraDry treatments too. When I had my 3rd treatment, there was actually another guy there that was having his 3rd treatment as well because the first 2 had failed for him as well. My iodine/corn starch test clearly showed sweating (and it wasn't a very good test - the miraDry rep. told me to lay down on the bed, in the freezing cold doctor's office and do some upside down leg cycling - I told her it wouldn't make me sweat but she didn't seem to care). She didn't take pictures or even seem like she was concerned medically/scientifically. (I work with RN's/MD's/all sorts of medical professionals - I know the "how interesting" look) Sooo...even though the doctor and the miraDry rep both agreed there was sweating of the axillae...the miraDry rep. then decided the sweat was simply coming from the side of my boobs. She said they never treated the side of my boobs (duh), so there was nothing miraDry could do, and there was nothing that I could do. I never had sweat from the side of my boobs before, and even though I had temporary relief from sweating after the first 3 miraDry treatments; suddenly the rep. claims the source of my problems is my boobs? not my arm-pits? This makes no sense. Then why wouldn't the sides of the boobs sweat any other time? They should have been sweating when the axillae stopped sweating and I should have never had ANY relief from sweating at all, right? This just doesn't make sense to me. So I'm drenching everything again. Bye-bye light colored clothes (which really sucks because it's summer now). Hello ruined clothes. I asked Dr. Prasad to give me the miraDry rep.s contact number but I was told no, it's confidential. They are offering a 4th treatment at a level 5 - and they WANT ME TO PAY for it. This is such a nightmare. The expense, the healing, the pain and suffering would have all been worth it if the miraDry actually worked but now I feel like I have been tricked. You'd think miraDry would stand behind their product and make this right. Right? I think the first treatment went so well because the miraDry rep (a different one - I think his name was Mike ) was there WATCHING and CATCHING the areas that the doctor had missed. He really knew what he was doing. But, the 2nd treatment was really painful, I think the doctor missed spots when she numbed me, and also missed spots when treating me. The 3rd treatment wasn't even with the doctor. It was with a nurse. It hurt even more and the whole thing went really quick. I think the nurse missed even more spots when she did the treatment. I'm not sure what my options are as far as finding a solution to all of this. I really thought this was life changing - well, it was while it lasted. Does anyone know how to contact the miraDry reps?

4th treatment

Thank you for all of your feed back and messages. Thank goodness for this web site and such a caring community. It's truly amazing how many people there are that want to help one another. The doctor contacted me and discussed the benefits/risks of a 4th treatment. She was actually very concerned to my situation. I went ahead with the 4th treatment. I really hope it works.
Dr. Nalini Prasad

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