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I hated the fact that my belly was big, my...

I hated the fact that my belly was big, my favorite part of my body had aways been my stomach. I had a baby 4 months ago. I don't knw if it was depression or what. But I went for a consultation when my baby was 8 weeks. The Dr made me feel that i would have great results and would be able to tell the difference right away. It took me two months to decide because I didn't know if it would be worth it& all that money..Before my pregnancy I was a size 8 which is ok with me because I have big thighs & my stomach looked good for two kids. After this pregnancy I was a size 14. I guess I didn't want to wait 4 yrs to look good again.
The whole procedure was not that bad. I really didn't feel much or I don't remember ... I had to much meds. i dont know how i got home or to bed. I slept all night, I just remember in the middle of the night taking my pain medication. The next day I felt sore, like I had been hit by a car. I couldn't stand up straight (I don't know why) it felt as if I would tear & also slept most of that day. I didn't take the garment or the foam pad off until the second day to shower, I was following the instructions. When I did I was soooo upset, I had a bent on my tummy..(like a lump)I couldn't believe it!!! I think the bent was caused by the pad they put on my belly button to collect the drainage.it was so tight that it pushed my stomach up and caused it to look terrible. After washing the garment, my sister helped me put it back on with the foam we place the foam higher so it can push the lump down. I texted the girl who is the consultant & told her what happen I even send her pictures. She scheduled me a appointment for the following week.
At the appointment I felt like the dr was rushed, he went in he seen me and said everything looked great (r u serious)!!!! I told him "what about this lump is it going to go away ?" He said "yes, contuine using the foam pad". I asked why this had happen, he said " because when you sit it folds at that part". I corrected him and told him how i thought had happen w/ the pad... since i was slept most of the two days.. i told him the pad was not put on right by the nurse, he turn looked at the nurse with a look and said to buy a hand massager and use it on that area. To help and it should get better.... This Thursday will be 3 weeks and the lump is still there. After the first week I should of been able to take the foam off and by the 2nd week the garment, but I'm still using both:-( I hope it goes away!!! I feel that I should of just waited to loose my stomach on my own at least it would look even and nice. Oh and by the way my skin is looking worse each day, more stretch markes and loose skin.. I'll keep posting..

Lump after 2nd day

This is the lump I had when I took off the garment and the pad for the first time :-((

3 weeks after procedure

This picture was taken Thursday (3 weeks exactly) I been putting hot pads and then massaging with a hand massage ball.. But it hasn't gone away. I really hope it does!!!

4 weeks and 3days

Sill the same. I texted the girl that does the consultations with the Dr some more pictures. She talked to the Dr and showed him the pictures and I have to go in again. The Dr wants to see me to break down the scare tissue that likely form, well that's what she text me back. I'm scared that it is to soon to do that and also that it ends up worse.

Almost 2 months

So at my follow up no scare tissue was broken up. The Dr after seeing said it was liquid that I still had in that area. He tried to extract it with a needle but didn't get much out. I have another appointment in May . :-((

Still the same

I regret doing this... :-((
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