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Hi! After a few weeks of seeing AirSculpting...

Hi! After a few weeks of seeing AirSculpting /Laser Lipo and Elite Body Sculpture on nearly every local news station in the Bay Area, I started to look more closely at the procedure, the practice and the doctors. That's how I found all of you nice folks! I'm a single, 45 year old professional .

I made my appointment and met the doctor on Wednesday my procedure is on Tuesday 12/8!!!

I an 5'3 & weigh 143lbs. I have one adult child. I have been on an active dynamic resistance program for nearly two years. A year into it, I was at the top of my game! 135 and unbelievably toned. This was mainly under the close eye of my trainer and the food program I was on. Then I changed jobs, am working night shift and commute nearly 3 hours to and from work so I haven't been practicing what I learned about fitness...at all. I went from working out 4 times a week with my trainer to MAYBE 2 days "if" I'm lucky!

I want to be rid of the "muffin top" back fat/wings AND have the fat transffered for a Brazilian Butt Lift!!! When I had my appointment, the doctor told me I was in "very" good shape but had some stubborn areas. He actually told me might have trouble harvesting enough fat for the transfer. Soooo imagine my surprise when I saw the cost estimate...I literately almost fell over. Talk about sticker shock. I was expecting between $3-$5K.........but it was MUCH MUCH MUCH more however, I am convinced this is the best investment in me, for me. I feel like I'm paying more for the convenience of instant results and minimum down time.

I booked my surgery for this Tuesday and haven't told a soul well...I shared with one friend at work that I was going to get a little lipo but nothing about the BBL. I'm checking myself into the hotel up the street after my surgery and that's that! I'll check in tomorrow and I will post a before picture..YIKES

All done!!!

Hello Everyone!! I had my procedure yesterday! First case of the day lipo of waist, lower back & the much anticipated Beazilian butt lift!

I was super nervous and was vey nervous about being awake during the procedure. Everything the office staff told me was EXACTLY as they said. Once the medication was on board, I w relaxed and comfortable.

Dr. Rasi is a wonderful personable Doctor whom I absolutely adored! He talked me though every single thing step by step.

Yesterday after surgery I was feeling groggy but not in much pain. I picked up my prescription afte I left the procedure and checked into my hotel. I was able to eat a little bit and was in a nominal amount of pain. My back area hurt the most and my butt (where the fat transfer went) didn't hurt at all! Dr. Rasi called me later in the event
I got to check in, and I had no concerns whatsoever!

1 day post-op got u and moved around on my own. Ab & back area still tender but very bearable! I slept most of the morning, Dr. Rasi called again to check in on me!! A few hours later, Nurse Angie called again went over post op care instructions.

I'm back at home now and have slept most of the day. I have had nearly zero drainage!!! I feel a little itchy where the needle pricks are but feel great otherwise! I will post pictures at my one week.

I'll keep you posted on the pain level which currently about a 2 on scale of 1-10! Ecstatic!!!! Can't wait to see the results!!

Thank you Jennifer, Paris & Nurse Angie!

3 days post surgery/Elite Body Sculpture

Hello dolls!!
It's been almost 3 days since my surgery. So my surgery lasted nearly 3 hours. I had my full ab area, waist & lower back lipoed then had that fat transferred to the buttocks for the Brazilian Butt Lift. Dr. Rasi did my surgery & he is delightful. Everything most folks said here about air sculpting is true. I was awake for the whole surgery and was comfortable. I only felt a VERY little pain when he did my lower back because of how deep he had to go to try & get fat. I think I saw 6 tubes of fat collected but was WAY to groggy to remember the details.
Anyways, so far, I don't really see any difference...yet! I was, as expected a little sore on day one. Dr. Rasi called twice to check on me & Nurse Angie did as well.

As of Thursday, I don't even need the pain pills plus they make me itch SO BADLY!
I'm wearing the full body compression garment...SO uncomfortable and itchy! Bulky, I can't wear anything so I'm stuck in sweats.

I have not experienced any drainage whatsoever & nothing else out of the ordinary.. I have not been sleeping well. Itchy & hot, I wake up every couple of hours on the nose. Which sucks. Any advice on the itching & bloating? Is there a different garment I can wear other than this big itchy frumpy one??

Nothing fits! My daughter graduates college Saturday & I don't have a single thing to wear that fits with the garment. Anyways. Overall, good news, no pain no gain right???

One week follow up is Tuesday! Will have pics then!

Before & After photos

Here are a few before & after photos. It's on,y been 3 days and I'm still very bloated. I see a little difference but I know there is much more to come.

No here to bash; VERY DISAPPOINTED

I'm not here to bash Elite and especially not Dr. Rasi but I'll say just be sure you are clear about your expectations up front, ask if your expectations are realistic and ask them what measures they will take to ensure you get what you request and what if you don't' then what. I was so excited to get my BBL procedure done. I had to gain 10 lbs to get the fat I needed. I'm 5'3" & weigh 140. After tons of media coverage, I sought out Elite Body Sculpture in Roseville, Ca. The staff and the doctors were absolutely delightful which is why I feel sad that I have to write this review. I had Dr. Rasi. One of the ladies in the office told me to wait for Dr. Hagstrom but I had a trip to take before he was available. Dr. Rasi is a very sweet man. After the surgery, early on, multiple times, I voiced my concerns noting by butt looked " boxie." I was told of course, to just give it time. As the weeks passed, I emailed the coordinator who'd helped me. I didn't feel like I'd gotten 5K worth of plastic surgery let alone 10K. Unfortunately, I had my 3 month check up earlier this month. Doctor Rasi said he was happy with my results... I wasn't asked if I was happy. I just smiled a little but he and the nurse had to known something was wrong when my reply was "I guess." I was t recontacted so I guess not. The truth is, I'm heartbroken. 10K is a LOT of money but, it was an investment in me. Now...I don't have my 10k or my cute bubble butt. My butt does have a little more bubble to it...a very little bit ....but, it still looks rather boxie. I mean a VERY little... I still have back fat, which was my original complaint, to which I was told its "just skin". Still...for 10K...I dunno. Thank GOD I work out or I don't know what I'd look like. I will eventually find another doctor and have it done to my satisfaction in the next year. I'm just really disappointed. I sacraficed a LOT to save up for this procedure and was able to pay for it in full. Looks like I'm back to square one.

So disappointed

Dr. Leonardo Rasi

I originally met with Dr. Hagstrom and LOVED him. Unfortunately my schedule and his weren't compatible so Dr. Rasi will be performing the procedure. I will meet with him shortly.

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