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I've been wanting a BA since I was a teenager....

I've been wanting a BA since I was a teenager. Over time I got more comfortable with my body and actually love it now. BUT I do want to fill out certain things better. So I got up the nerve, and finally made the decision. I was referred to Dr. Lee by someone that I seen him do an amazing Job on. I booked my consultation for May 5th. I loved the atmosphere and the staff was awesome! So almost immediately my boyfriend and I knew that Dr. Lee would most definitely be my surgeon. He was very polite and very knowledgeable. I left not knowing exactly when I would book my appt but knowing for sure it would be soon! So I did end up calling back a couple weeks later booking my surgery for July 23. Also my PreOp appt was set for July 7. I made multiple payments and was paid up by June 23. My PreOp appt was exciting! Sizing! We decided on 565cc Sientra Silicone to take me from an A to a DD. I did my lab work and filled my prescriptions that same day. Now I'm just patiently waiting! Ahhhh the anticipation!

The size I decided to go with..

I am 5'7 148 lbs, originally I thought I wanted big C/small D but I wasn't pleased with that size once I tried them on. I decided on 565cc which would take me from an A to a DD. I'm super excited I can't take the anticipation!

2 more days to go!

I'm two days away from surgery and I have my bag packed ice already cleaned the whole house and washed all the clothes, I even bought new bedding! I am contemplate ting whether I'll need done sort of Boobie butter or bio oil but if so I'll have my bf go grab some. I hope I haven't forgotten anything! Sad that my PS suggested that I let go of my nipple rings....I REEEEAAAALLLY want to keep them but I want boobs more! Anyone know someone that was able to keep theirs post op? Anyway I'm happy I have an early appt and It'll go by quickly I'm hoping. Still want my 565cc to be big enough!

The girls are here!

So today was the big day! I arrived shortly before my scheduled tome at 8:30 I was taken into the back room to start my iv and my PS came to mark me up. The last thing I remember is laying on the operating table and waking up at home around 1:30! I am now sore ass hell. My boyfriend had to take me yo the bathroom and he's been hiving me my meds. I'm just hoping it gets better everyday. I LOVE them so far though!


So I'm 1 day post op and I can surely say it was a better day than yesterday! What hurts most is the muscles undery arms. I've still been trying to move them so they won't be stiff. I'm more comfy sitting upright with all my pillows in the corner on my couch. Although it was a struggle I managed to get up and get to the bathroom alone. My right breast is high than the left but I'll guess that's it's the most swollen because I use it the most. I'm praying it gets better by the day!

2 days later

My tight muscles are significant more painful than my left side I decided to ice today. I can move around more independently although it still hurts to get up. The ice pack is HEAVEN!

Morning Boob!

So last night I slept propped up in my bed instead of the corner of my sectional couch. Sleeping upwards makes it way easier to get up in the morning. But I most definitely experienced "morning boob" today. It's like being engorged to capacity! Anywho, I had my first shower since surgery and it was heavenly! I've even moving my arms to try to gain strength and sometimes they just flop to my sides. I try not to push them too far. My back definitely hurts because I put a lot of weight on it to try to avoid using my arms. I've been more active though everyday. I'd say getting up is still the biggest struggle.


Ok so this water retention/ bloating stage is totally killing my vibe! I can't even be happy about my new girls because I look 6 months pregnant! When does this go away?! Laxative tablets are not working. Any suggestions?

I made it to 1 week!

Yes! I feel sooooo much better! I was tired of laying around so yesterday I got up got dressed did my hair and makeup although it took 2 hours lol and went and got my belly pierced. I'm off the norco and just take the Valium as needed at night. Let me tell you I can not WAIT until I can lay on a massage table and get worked on. My back and shoulders have been KILLING me. I still don't like to drive too far, but I cooked last night which was great. I'd say I feel about 80% back. Sometimes I try to lift myself off my bed with my arms and forget they can't take that much weigh yet. I'm still sleeping propped up which is comfy for me because it makes getting up in the morning was easier. As far as bowel movements I made some detox water with watermelon lime and mint and it worked like a charm! I like that it's more natural than for me to keep popping those laxative pills to no avail. I'm LOVING any boobs so far and more everyday. so many of my friends now want to see Dr. Lee he is awesome! By the way I get my stitches out tomorrow I'm excited to see what's under these bandages!


So today I was supposed to see my surgeon for my post op appt and get this horrid tape and my stitches removed...I had been itching on the side of my boob there was a mosquito in my house so I attributed it to that. Plus there were two bumps. BUT I looked on the other side and I'm noticing a pattern that is REALLY bothering me! Has anyone seen this before? My PS is now not available to see me until Monday and my left side is very itchy but not my right side. I have no clue what to think as of now :(

Here are the pics

Post Op Appt

So I got my stitches and sutures removed this morning. I'm SO glad to be rid of that tape lol! But everything looks great the removal didn't hurt. And I found out that those dots I was freaking out about were from the numbing shots I got during surgery so that was great to hear! I learned that massage is not necessary for me because I got textured implants which is less work for me plus I feel them softening already. I'm going to go find some wireless bras that are more suitable for my clothes when I dress up. I'm now interested in lipo and got a GREAT quote on that. I just love my surgeon and his wonderful staff! :)

3 Weeks Smooth Sailing

So I've made it to the 3 week mark and I'm just very happy to be feeling like myself again. I'm still wearing my sports bras religiously and still sleeping on my back. Morning boob isn't as harsh as it was before. I still find myself treating them like babies lol. My ribcage under my incisions feels bruised and is very tender but no visible bruises on my skin. My nipple are starting to feel more normal rather than ultra sensitive and I'm pretty happy about that. I have been a little over doing it as far as lifting and carrying but I'm trying to be as delicate as possible. My incisions are healing pretty well and I must say I'm LOVING my new girls! My PS is just AWESOME!

5 weeks post OP and LOVING IT!!

It has now been 5weeks since my surgery and my how things have changed!! At first I'll admit I didn't really like them at first I was like "this is it?" But now I can't stop looking at them! They have softened, and sleep is more comfy. Although I still sleep on my back for the most part I can comfortably sleep on my side. I still keep a sports bra on except to shower. I love how they're forming! Still get little sharp pains here and there. My nipples feel about 70% normal and I'm still numb for the most pat under my nipple and down to my incision. I have another post op appt on September 9th and I'm hoping my PScan give me a good recommendation on my scars. I'm AMAZED at my before and after photos! I just love the girls! I still have yet to be measured I'll wait 1 more week I'm hoping to be a 34DD.
Roseville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is incredibly knowledgable and confident in his work and he has every right to be! He has wonderful staff, and a great clean comfortable location. He made great suggestions and also let me know his honest opinion and helped me make a great decision about what I wanted. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get some work done!

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