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I'm so excited an nervous - my surgery is in less...

I'm so excited an nervous - my surgery is in less than a week! I had "lurked" on this site prior to making my decision to go ahead with a BA 6 months ago, and then started reading reviews again once I had my pre-op last week. It's becoming real now!
Stats: 34, 1 child, breast fed a year, married, always been an A or barely an A, 140 pounds at 5'5", 11 cm
My husband isn't a breast man, so he's not super in favor of me having a BA, but knows that it is for me and something I've wanted to do since I hit puberty and the boobie fairy passed me by.
I'm pretty sure I want to go with 350cc HP silicone, but I don't want super north pole fullness. I've seen some great photos of you ladies who've gone with HP and by 3 months the roundedness at the top isn't so extreme or bally, so that's what I'm hoping for. There's an option for 300 mod+, but I'd prefer go a little bigger... I just can't in that profile because of the narrowness of my breast. My PS first measured me as 10 cm when I went for my first consult, so for the last 6 months I've had an even narrower view of my options. All of a sudden 10 minutes before leaving my pre-op, he says, no, you're 11. So now I have visions of boobies dancing in my head!

Before pics

Finally got some sleep last night

Ever since my pre-op 7 days ago, I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep each night - my mind keeps racing with thoughts and possibilities (good and bad) with this BA. Mostly daydreams of how awesome I'll look! So last night I cracked open my post-op meds and had 1/2 a vallum. I had checked with my PS if I could have one the night before surgery (yes), so used my own judgement to say this was fine. I have taken melatonin in the past when I couldn't sleep, but I believe this is a blood thinner, so no go.
3 more sleeps (or sleepless nights, depending!)


I think I went a little crazy on the bras. Front close &/or no underwire were so hard to find that I bought them everytime I found one over the last month! Good news is that I can return the $50 front zip sports bra to sports authority because I found $12 ones at walmart!

one more sleep!

I've of course been obsessed with reading reviews and looking through before/after shots and going through faqs on here for the past week. What's facebook anymore??! Love the community here!
Good news this week: I lost 4 pounds, so am at 136 pre surgery (5'5" and never been below 124 in my adult life). So many of you here are barbie doll thin and I'm jealous! I love working out and do so 4x a week, eat mostly healthy, but usually have one or two high calorie days a week. Not being active for 4-6 weeks is going to drive me batty!

strange places

So many of you have boyfriends/husbands waiting on you the first few days.. I'll have my mother-in-law helping me. Which of you can imagine that without cringing?? I'm super lucky, though, to have a mil I really consider a friend and confidante. I haven't had to lean on her for such major physical support before, though. I think she'll do better at doing it than I will be at accepting it! She'll drive me to surgery and back, I'll stay at her house the day of, one day post, she'll take me to post-op on 2 days post, then my plan is to drive myself home (1 1/2 hours). This doesn't seem typical! I'll just have to see how I feel. Worst case I stay one more day &/or she drives me home and I pick up my car on the weekend (6 days post op).
On another note, so many of you have extolled the use of a recliner for a few weeks post,. I've been thinking, man I wish I had one! Then I remembered: I do! It's been hibernating in the basement for 6 years under a sheet - it's what my 2 cats like to sleep on at night. Hmmm, I may just have to disrupt their pattern and move it upstairs for a while. Of course, hubby and I work all day so we'll have to get it done befor or after, unless he thinks he can sdrag it upstairs himself (and then proceed to throw his back out and be the one who needs to be babbied for a few weeks - I can just see it now!).
Fantastic realization: I have to be at the surgery cented at 7 am saturday, which means minimal agony without food/coffee. I can't imagine not eating all day if it was mid afternoon or something.

made it

All well, back at the casa resting. Tight and sore but am staying in top of meds. Daughter gave me stuffed animal to snuggle with :)

feeling good

So far so good! Have slept for 5 hous since I got home (upright in a chai with a wedge pillow behind me and pillow behind head). Have had saltine crackers, water, apple juice and a small smoothie (spinach, peaches, blueberries and protein powder) today so far. Just tried reaching arms overhead per dr orders, and it feels tight but not super painful. Have taken a few stool softeners already to hopefully keep that in check as much as possible. On my full med doses and still feel some pain and pressure, but at a 3 out of 10, definitely tolerable. Not sure how to tell if I'm swollen or not. I hope not because I think the current size is going to work well for me omce drop and fluff set in. Ifnthey stay the size they are, I should be able to hide them easily enough at work. All in all, a great experience so far.

last super pill 6 hours ago

Had my post-op today, and doc says they look just how they should at this stage. I told him that I was surprised by the range of mobility I have (took a shower and washed my hair last night no problem) and the general limited pain. He said it's because I went with a reasonable size implant (350 HP). The woman he did after me went twice that and she's in lots of pain. I feel blessed by the recovery so far, but wish I could have accommodated larger. Maybe at replacement time in 20 years I'll go bananas :) The plan is to just be on tylanol/advil today, and drive myself home (1.5 hours). Wish me luck!

driving not much of a prob, but will take it easy the rest of the day

I've read so many stories hete where ladies felt great pushing themselves all day, to be rewarded with pain and swelling by dinnertime. I'm going to try and avoid that! Yes, I drove 1.5 hours on my own, but am now layng back and relaxing. If the fam wants dinner, maybe I'll warm something, but that's the extent of it.
In related but tmi news, I've been taking stool softeners and drinking laxitive tea and eating fruits and veggies since surgery day 2 days ago, and nothing. I'll keep on keeping on, but any other tips? Prune juice? Usually coffee gets me, and I can feel something processing, but no results yet. Starting to feel bloated and yucky.
Looking forward to snuggling with my little girl tonight! I hope the hubby will be able to see the potential that the frankenboob has to offer and can envision 3 months down the road. Patience is a virtue!

woah....maybe took a few too many!

So it took 50 hours from surgery until bm, but then the floodgates were open! Layng off the laxitive tea now, still eating healthy fruits/veggies, and waited 24 hours before taking another stool softener. Pushed too hard today, so took the strong pain meds after dinner, and am feeling relaxed now.
I'm not finding it too difficult to cut back on calories so far (I usually work out religiously, and thus eat more), so hopefully that will continue.
I enjoy wearing no bra, but wonder if that's why they're hurting more. Maybe tomorrow I'll try sports bra with panty liner over the incision.

some before/afters

I don't know how to post a collage pic - any tips?? Here are a few before/after

houston, we have some squish!

one week

Feeling pretty good one week post (appt tomorrow). Went back to work 5 days post, and that was fine - besides missing my afternoon nap lol! Was not comfortable or super easy to wear sports bra all day the last 2 days (5 and 6 days post). Enjoy going without a bra. Sleeping on the couch has been fine, but have relied on the help of a muscle relaxer each night; tylanol and advil during the day. Still not back to usual bms, but taking one stool softener a day to help. Love the arnica (oral and turmeel topical) and have minimal bruising. May be pushing too much (30 minutes house cleaning today - just couldn't stand it anymore!). Ps will prob tell me tomorrow how healing is going. Office is 2 hous away, so will do the rest of my appts after tomorrow by web.

Massage, not so much....

Had my one week post op yesterday 1/25/14 and my good friend was kind enough to make the 4 hour round trip with me. Dr was running behind and seemed stressed, but gave me the info I needed (heeling well, when to check in next). Showed me how to do the 'massages' he recommends, and I've been doing them, but they make me nauseous, so took some extra meds today.
I've been trying to allow others to help me (hubby do the laundry and load the litter box, daughter to carry the milk). Dr.said I'm allowed to walk for exercise, but it's below zero here so that's not happening.
Some zingers in my breasts, soreness at the incision, and mix between numb and sensitive nips. Still sleeping upright on the couch, but am able to turn on the side.
As for bras, the Dr. Said that once my breasts look perfect/how I want them, to keep them in a supportive bra day and night for 3 months. I think I have a bit of dropping to do yet, so wear some kind of support for 10 hours a day or so,then am braless. Dr. Said to wait 10 days to 2 weeks to raise my heartrate, so 2 more days before I'll hop on the elliptical...and my hubby :)Bought a cute bandeau and bralette, but won't tease my hubby by modeling them before he's able to act on something....
Super happy that I had this surgery!

Crazy sensitive!

The past few days (11-15 days post-op) my boobs and nips have been extremely sensitive! I don`t want any fabric or anything touching them! I`ve put on extra Traumeel lotion and taken extra painkillers, and also looked up Q and A on here and took other folks' advice; massage more vigorously. It kills at the time, but then feels better for a few hours. During one of the periods of relief, i also had the hubby enjoy the fact that I actually have some squish going on!

Sensitivity getting better + less morning boob

Things are progressing nicely for me in boobieland. I still don't feel like my left one has dropped enough (I think the right one is further along, which is weird because I'm right handed), but I wonder if it will? Before BA my left was more tubular and didn't really have much going on under the nipple, so maybe this is as good as it will get? PS had said that when I thought they looked perfect and how I wanted them to stay, that's the point I should wear a bra day and night. As of now, I go without a bra whenever I can get away with it! My incisions are still healing, and wearing a bra aggrivates them. One steri strip fell off last week, and I pulled the other off yesterday. I've been keeping a bandaid with Neosporin on them during the day, as well as using a 1/2 of a panty liner on each for extra padding in that area when I wear a bra. Oh, and you know that boobie greed everyone talks about, yeah I have that. The boobies are really swallowed by clothes. I did try on one of my old A push up bras yesterday, though, and felt good that I was totally busting out of it! It consoles me a bit that I or my PS didn't choose the size; my body only allowed 350 (unless I went with UHP, which now I'm thinking I wouldn't have minded!), so it was out of my hands. Does having a BA enlarge your BWD, so that in 15 years or whatever I could get a bigger size? Maybe I won't want to be bigger at that point, but it's good to have options. Anyway, pain level is down - most pain now is related to the incision. Still some sensitivity (3 weeks po) but bearable most of the time. Exercised twice this week; doc said I could start slow as ofa week ago. I did prob 80% length and intensity of my usual workout and felt really good. Tried doing crunches -bad idea; who knew you use chest muscles for a crunch?!


Posted right twice by accident; here's lefty

Brazil Butt Lift... or not

My reasoning: If I can't work out my upper body, I'll work out my lower body! Okay, I'll go to a favorite video, Brazil Butt Lift, High & Tight. What I forgot: half the video has you use ankle weights, but be in a semi-plank position (not conducive to avoiding chest exercise!). I tried doing the exercises while on a stability ball to take the pressure off my arms, but that put too much pressure on my lower back. Sigh. I'm trying to be smart and take it slow, but want to make sure not to lose my muscle mass. I'm down 3 pounds this week, but I fear this is from losing muscle.
Any suggestions from ladies out there on good post BA exercises?

old push up

For fun, tried on my old 34a push up that was loose on me before

playing dress up

So my sister and the kids are coming in town tonight, staying at a hotel, and have invited us to come swimming with them. Now, my sis hasn't been completely supportive about this whole ba thing (mostly, I think, because money is tight for her, and she can guess how expensive this was for me), so I'm a bit nervous to "reveal" them via swimmingsuit. Since I needed to find one to wear, I decided to play dress up with my old bikini tops! Any of them too small to wear now? I wouldn't wear these this weekend, but for summertime fun.

the options for this weekend

So to hang with my sis and the kids, I'm debating between these two

One month!

One month has flown, and these girls feel more a part of me than ever. Recap of stats:
34 years old
135 pounds
One child, breastfed a year
Surgery january 18, 2014
350cc HP under the muscle, crease incision

How I'm feeling:
I slept for a few minutes on my stomach last night (with some extra pillows so the boobies sat in the middle of an opening)
Have been able to sleep on my side for a few weeks (yay!)
Pain and sensitivity are minimal now, started massaging my incisions this week since they're finally feeling like scars instead of incisions/cuts. The "good kind" of sensitivity is starting to come back!
Felt them move/sway/bounce for the first time this weekend!
Still not really dropping though :( right maybe a little. Will post pics in a second.

1 month post op pics

Tried on bras at VS yesterday.. I know, too early and vanity sizes.... but 34D! Never thought I'd say that!

Welcome to the new millennium!

I finally figured out how to do those grid pictures! It has helped my to see my progress better. Top left pre, top right 2 days post, bottom left 12 days post, bottom right 1 month post. Yay progress!

6 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I think I've made a bit of progress on The d&f since 1 month - what do you think? I had an apt with my ps last week, and he gave me the suggestion of using my bra as a strap above my boobies to help shift the implant down a bit (he didn't recommend this previously). He also took measurements again from my neck to my nipple, and said I'm 2 cm low for my height. He thinks I may raise 1 more cm, but that my nips might still be 1 cm low (ie not in the middle of my breast). Kinda bummed me out. I see all you lovely ladies with beautifully shaped and balanced and centered boobies, and it sounds like I may never get there :( he said a lift would bring them up, but didn't think the scar was worth 1 cm raise (agreed).
I'm still enjoying them and don't regret doing this!
I saw another post explaining how one lady was told to push her breasts towards the middle, one at a time, 10 times a day, to bring her breasts closer together and create better cleavage. I started 2 days ago and plan to continue. I hope it works! I'd love for them to come together more.
Happy healing to you all!

4 wk vs 6 wk

Progress? Hard to tell when the angle isn't identical

Advice please! workout

So, my bread-and-butter really gets me toned workout is boot camp classes. I haven't been to one since surgery (8 weeks), but plan to go Monday. I'm still not cleared to do pushups and other chest exercises. What do I say to these trainers who know my killer (pre ba) capabilities??? How to ask for alternatives to pushups in their don't-be-a-baby classes? Thoughts? How have you handled a similar situation?

8 week pics

8 weeks!!! Dropped a bit more, scars are now pretty well in my crease (one has been way under until this week), scars are softer, and feeling good. I'm enjoying the girls and they feel pretty natural. Hoping for closer cleavage eventually. Question: once I've fully dropped, I'm supposed to wear a bra 24/7. Would YOU start the bra wearing if you were me?? I still don't feel fully dropped yet!

Swimming suit recommendation

It's weird, but I thought swimsuit shopping would be easier after ba. I have not found that to be the case! Admittedly, I'm using a narrow search criteria: I tried on 20 different bikini tops at Target and not a single one fit right! I had some luck at vs (see prev post) and just went out on a limb and ordered some suits online (huge discounts) from Athleta.com. The're great! Fit more like a sports bra. Give them a try. Will post pics


These were on clearance online so I went with the sizes they had available... I think it worked out okay!

10 1/2 weeks

Bra sizes these days: S, M, 34C, 34D. Where do you ladies get sized?? Kohls was bs over clothes (36B? B!tch!lol) and VS is vanity sizes (34D in "sizing bra"). I'm considering 32 on the loosest setting, prob D.

Whoop whoop!

Stopped by boston store to get sized today - 34D! Yes! So not just at VS....happy girl :)

Wow, that about made me hurl

So I started watching a series on netflix: orange is the new black. Hubby calls is the lesbian prison show, lol.
The whole episode focused on a male firefighter who stole a bunch of credit cards to pay for an $80,000 sex change. So they show this transvestite in all her post surgery glory, and she had my boobs! Not cool!

32DDD... had to try it!

Went to visit VS today (coupon + birthday gift), and knew 34D fit me pretty well there, but thought the 32 could work also. I thought 32DD might be perfect, but I was popping out of the top. So.... tried 32DDD (yes 3 of those babies!!)! Alas, while it fit pretty well, the 2 I tried didn't give me quite the cleavage I was looking for. I'll try another style to see if there's a difference, but 34D might still be the winner. How about a 33DD1/2D?!?!!

3 month+pics

Had my 3 month post-op last Saturday. He said I'm healing great, and no restrictions at this point. A++ :)

Bought it!

32DDD.. had to go back and buy it!

It's so nice...

....to lose a couple of pounds, and not have the weight come off my chest first! I can get leaner and have a chest!!
5'4", 132 pounds, 34 years old, 1 child, 350 hp, Jan 18 2014

6 months post op, and loving my girls!

All is well. Still some twangs and mild zings nearly every day but nothing painful, just weird. Love bathing suit season now!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

He is so personable and down to earth! He has tons of experience and answered all of my questions honestly and patiently. He took as much time as I needed to feel comfortable.

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