28 Yrs Old - 5'5 - 130lbs - 34b - 2 Kids - Rosemont, IL

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I never really developed and have always been...

I never really developed and have always been pretty flat chested. Before I has my boys I was wearing an A cup. During pregnancy I got up to a nice full C cup. After pregnancy they shrunk down to a small B cup. My breasts are saggy and gross. lol I have always desired to have a BA done but wanted to wait until I was done having children. So here I am at 28 y/o and finally ready to get this done. I am beyond excited and can't wait to feel like a real woman.

Pre-Op Appointment

Everything went well. The doctor went over everything with me & answered all my questions. I decided to go with hp 425cc saline under the muscle breast fold incision. I'm worried about being both too big & too small. I originally was going to go with 375cc but after looking at alot of pictures of other ladies with that size, made me believe they would come out too small. So after playing with the sizers a bit I really liked the look of 450cc. My dr advised due to the measurement of my breast (12in) that it would be too large of an implant for me. So we're going with 400 & overfilling to 425cc. So I hope it will come out to be the perfect size. Ahhh I'm so excited!

I have a 2yr old, how the heck am I going to do this?

Anyone with little ones at home? How did you manage after the BA? My lil man always wants mommy to hold him. This is going to be quite the challenge!

Wish Boobs

Camping 5 days after BA

I know it sounds crazy, because it totally is! Lol

But this is a family camping trip that was planned well before I scheduled my BA. I probably should have waited to have my surgery but I'm impatient & couldn't wait!

I'm really worried that I may be in too much pain to really do anything. It's going to be really low key & nothing super exciting planned there. Just grilling, hanging around the camp fire, & swimming. I of course will not be in the water, my husband will have to take the kids in the pool.

My dr said I'll be fine & just make sure to bring lots of pillows to prop myself up when sleeping.

I just don't want everyone in the family to question me why I'm in pain. Don't really want to into that conversation with everyone. I'm hoping no one will notice the increase in my cup size because I've always worn thick padded bras that made me look 2 cup sizers bigger.

Any suggestions on what I could do or bring to make this trip more fun & manageable?

Some Before Pictures

Only 3 days to go until I say GOODBYE to these sad little itty bitties! lol

Omg it's happening SOON!

I literally can't think of anything but boobs. Lol It still seems surreal. I can't believe my wish is coming true. I'm not really nervous about the surgery but more so about the pain after. Especially because I children that I need to look after. I think I have everything I need. I bought some post-op bras, a button down shirt for after surgery, comfy pillow to give me support, surgical wash, & filled my prescriptions. What else do I need?

All my goods

Farewell Little Boobies

Tomorrow morning I will have some real knockers. Lol I don't know why I'm feeling kinda down. Weird. BUT I definitely know this is what I want. No doubt about it. Well wish me luck ladies. I'll update afterwards.

The girls have arrived! ;)

Once I got to my doctors office they made me take a pregnancy test. Then I went into the pre-op room, where the super sweet nurse greeted me & went over everything again. Then the dr came in drew the markings on my chest & took more pictures. Next the anesthesiologist came in and connected me to an IV. After that I walked next door to the surgery room. The nurse was saying something to me (couldn't recall what) & next thing I knew I was being woken up telling me that it was all done & that they came out beautifully. I must say though that yesterday was extremely painful. I also felt dehydrated & asked for water & my pain pills. A minute later I started vomiting all over myself (blahhhh). From there I rested for a bit longer until it was time to get into the wheel chair & wheeled outside to our car. The car ride was horrible. Every bump & turn made it even worse. Once I got home I pretty much slept all day.

Day 1 Post-Op

I forgot to mention that the doctor actually increased cc from 425cc to 430cc. I know it's not much of a difference. I feel like they didn't come out as big as I wanted. But I know, theres alot of changing that needs to happen in the next few weeks. So I guess we'll see.

Day 2

I had to go in today for my post-op appointment. I didn't have anyone to drive me there, so I didn't take my meds this morning, so that way I could drive myself. Big mistake! The pain came on full force. I was absolutely miserable. I finally made it there & checked myself in and asked how long until I could see the doctor because I was in a lot of pain. The girl at the desk brought me right back & a minute my dr came rushing in asking what's wrong. Before I able to get anything out I just started balling like a baby (how embarrassing! ) He told me lots of women get emotional from the meds. He looked at my chest & told me it looks amazing. He really made me feel a lot better. He asked me to schedule another appointment for next Tuesday to follow up. He even told me he would meet at the hospital closest to my home to make things easier on me (he is licensed to work there but doesn't typically do so). I'm amazed by this dr. He truly is a talented surgeon that truly cares about all his patients. I forgot to mention before, that he PERSONALLY called me the evening of my surgery & also again yesterday to check in on me to make sure I was doing ok. All I can say is he has made this journey so pleasant for me. Best decision ever made.

Day 3

Feeling small :(

I'm hoping that they're going to get bigger one they drop. What do you ladies think? I thought I went with a good size but now I'm not so she. Confused...

Before & After Pictures


I am FINALLY feeling back to normal. I was experiencing a lot of muscle spasms after my BA which has had me in a miserable state of mind. Then throw in work, kids, & housework. Lol Anyways feeling pretty good now. Last night for the 1st time I kinda was able to sleep on my side. What a relief! My back was killing me. I will say a heating pad is a must if your not a back sleeper. It really did help. Went on Tuesday for my follow up visit & dr said they look great & in 2 weeks my stitches will be removed. He also told me not wearing a bra or just wearing a strapless bra (no underwire) will help the implants settle & drop faster. But ladies check with your dr 1st & make sure this is ok for you. They may not recommend that.

I think they're looking pretty good thus far & hopefully even better when they drop. I do have just a bit of boob greed & slightly wish I would have gone a little bigger. When in doubt go bigger! Haha

That's it for now...I'll update again soon! ;)

I'm depressed! :'(

I don't know why I'm just noticing this now but one breast is larger than the other. Perhaps I couldn't tell before because they were still swollen? My left breast (your right in the pic) is visibly larger. It's more round & sticks out more to the side. I went through all this pain & spent all this money to get my dream boobs. I'm totally depressed right now. I called the doctor's office & I have an appointment Tuesday. So can't wait to see what the doctor says. I hope he's going to offer to redo the BA to make both breasts the same size. To be fair...the breast that is larger now was always larger than the other to begin with. At my 1st consult, we had originally discussed going with a 350cc & 375cc because of that. Then at my pre-op I discussed that I wanted to go with 425cc instead, because I liked the size. I assumed (my fault) that maybe he would go bigger/smaller on one breast to even them out. But per his recommendation we were to go with 430cc on both. I didn't question it, I trusted his professional opinion. I love my boobs, I really do but this size difference is noticeable even in shirts. It's looks slanted in the chest area. Ughhh I don't know. So frustrating. Anyone go through this before? Advice? Words of encouragement? :(
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