24yo, Skinny 5.6,5", 112lbs, (169cm, 51kg) No Kids, Size A, Want 350cc Gummy bears Under Muscle Implants.

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I'm tired of looking at happy girls wIth normal...

I'm tired of looking at happy girls wIth normal breasts thinking why I can't have mine done... Even though my husband said that its insanity to do such operations but it doesn't mean he's not looking at other ladies with boobies walking by...
So I've decided that it is time to stop stressing and go vabank...and finally be happy
After looking at so many before /after photos, my choice is round 350cc high profile Silicone implants.
My appointment with a doctor is on Friday the 13th of November.
I wonder if he'll agree with my choice..?? Hope it will suit to my chest by his measurements as well ????????

Also thinking not to risk and do classic under breast incisions.

Almost decided to forget the boob idea

omg how much time I spend reading the stories out here!!
I get real inspiration from the girls who already done theirs...... Until last night I started to read stories about explant of breast implants ....!
After all the conclusion is: the only girls who decide to take them out (except health reasons) are the ones with bad self esteem pre, who got too much attention "after", so they started to be ashamed of having boobs and extra attraction from the men and could not handle the jealous look from the women...)) so mostly girls sometimes with perfect boobs! start covering themselves in huge clothes ect and wanting to go back in unnoticeable life without boobs saying flat girls are more beautiful and so on. I was shocked how bad they say about themselves "fake" "obvious fake" "huge" "ugly" "hate them" and so on when their boobs are just gourgeus.!! So that's just really really low self confidence...((

That's so weird....

So if you're not confident with what you have, boobs will not help.....!

They will help to someone who's happy with their body, who feels attractive anyway.... And want some extra tune to their look!))

That is my case ????

Maybe to go with fat grafting instead??

that sounds great, I can get rid of the fat on the thighs, legs and belly and put it into my flat breasts for a volume so much needed...!

The con is ....
It's still not so much popular procedure
It's more expensive than implants to be done!
The volume will increase only 1/2 to 1 cup.... Which is far no enough
Plus there's no guarantee that fat will not be absorbed back by body as most of the fat cells injected are dead.... Which as well can lead to the complications...(((

Does it worth it..?? What to choose..??

It would be perfect coz I really scared of breast implants complications and scars..(

I'm back on realself

I had wonderful 3 month of vacation....forgot about my crazy boob idea.... But now back to work and back to realself in a search of more motivation to get it done))
Dr Braun

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