Thick black butterfly on finger and hand. - Romford, GB

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2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very...

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very painful on the finger and swells alot after but here is my journey so far am looking to now have the picosure tattoo removal and have an appointment for march, i can see the difference abit but want your opinion what do you guys think? will i get rid of this before my wedding in august this year?

Latest pic 2 weeks after treatment 4

3 Sessions of Pico sure.

So I have had 3 session of the Pico sure now I have my fourth booked in for next week. I had to cover with make up for the wedding last year but no one knew. I will update with a picture later but there is defo a good amount of removal. Just so expensive :/


As promised here is what the tattoo looks like now

Latest pic

So this is before my 4th pico sure laser.

4th picosure laser removal

Just had my fourth treatment with picosure.

Photos of 4th treatment

My journey so far.

So two years later 4 IQ lasers ans 4 picosure lasers this is my results so far. Top left is when i first got the tattoo 2nd was my 1st ever treatment. 3rd top right was my 1st picosure. Bottom left was my second. Middle bottom was 3rd and bottom right was just before my 4th treatment.


4 days after 4th picosure.

Almost a week after


Feeling really fed up today, to everyone else my tattoo seems to have faded but to me I look at it and maybe convince myself that its going. 8 Treatments in total 2 years nothing but pain and swollen fingers and awful scarring on the bottom of my finger. Really feel like just giving up and stopping all treatments. I cant even have a cover up because of were the tattoo is. Has anyone ever used tattoo fading cream? Does this help?

Almost 4 weeks after 8th treatment

So here I am 4 weeks after my 8th treatment....if i had known it would take this long I would never of started this whole process. :(

How this Tattoo became.

So this is how I got the Tattoo.....I originally had my now Husbands name David underneath all this ink on my hand...We had a stupid row and I ran out and had it covered. Now I'm stuck with this horrible tattoo on my hand, I didn't regret straight away, it was in 20112 when I decided me and my now husband were going to get married, I looked at wedding rings and every single one looked hideous on my tattooed finger :( gutted was an understatement, that's when it hit me in the middle of a jewellery store I almost cried, straight away I looked into tattoo removal, I got married last year August 2014 and had to have it covered with Make up. So I started this whole process to have it removed for my wedding, didn't work out and now I'm stuck with half a faded tattoo.

New laser clinic!!!

So I just went for a consultation and patch test on my tattoo, really lovely people so understanding and professional. 6 weeks and I have a session booked in :)

5 weeks after 8th treatment.

So Saturday just gone I found myself on the internet looking at hand cover up tattoo's :/ in the end I decided I'm going to carry on with the removal process, but I was so close to giving up and having it covered. just over 3 weeks until my laser treatment is due at my new laser clinic, will update then :)

9th laser treatment

Ok so yesterday was my
9th treatment and it killed... But it was at a new laser place and the lady there was great.

Pic of 9th treatment

Deep down im disappointed :(

Maybe I should just give up now?
This is my 9th treatment so why is it not i just give up now and save my money.

Maybe it is fading?

Maybe im being hard on myself maybe it is fading alot? This is only 4 days after treatment

11 days after 9th laser

11 days later and we have some fading!

2 weeks later

Before and after 9th treatment


Just thought I would update you all on here and let you know that after a lot of thought I am going to give up on tattoo removal, (LASER) two years and 9 treatments in I feel that it just isn't working for me like I would of hoped...But I would like to thank so many of you for your kind words and support it really has been a massive help. I'm off on holiday in two weeks so maybe a little sun will help my fading process more....But until then thank you all so much. hopefully many of you get the results you want with removal but I guess its not for everyone (ME) but I gave it a go at least.
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