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Before my rhino with Dr. Sciuto I had a long nose,...

Before my rhino with Dr. Sciuto I had a long nose, good front view, moderate hump, slight tip asymmetry and droopy, also a mild breathing problem. As a result a have a long nose, shaved down hump (it was not shaved down appropriately from the left side ), still droopy tip, terrible concave front view due to indented and cut out cartilage, severely deviated nasal septum, collapsed left nasal valve and as a result big breathing problem.

I had my primary with Dr. Sebastiano Sciuto in November 2012. When I first contacted him I wanted to schedule a face to face appointment with him, he said that it was not necessary and that he will examine my nose on the day of the operation in the lobby of the hotel. So I've sent him pictures and described what my expectations were. He agreed and said that my expectations were achievable, so we set up the date. He met me in the lobby of the hotel as agreed on the morning prior the surgery. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes, during which time he examined my nose and entirely change the plan of the surgery we had previously set in our emails. He insisted that fixing of the tip is not necessary and that he will remove the hump, shorten the nose a little bit, slightly raise the tip and also narrow the nose by pushing the nasal bones together. I was surprised, at first I tried to argue but he was very convincing and insisted to trust his expertise, he sounded very respectable, confident and knowledgeable, so I agreed to everything he proposed. I was at the clinic at the set time. He had a surgery planned before mine, but as it turned out I had to wait for three and a half hours in the waiting room. So i got really worried as I had to get in around 4p.m., as I did, and be done with it by 5p.m. but it was already 7:20p.m. and I was still in the waiting room, and then suddenly he came with a big smile and rushed me in his office, I signed some documents in Italian, he said he didn't have an English version and that they were about the anaesthesia. At this point I just wanted to leave but sadly and to my regret I stayed. The anaesthetist put me to sleep and the next thing I know, I have a slight headache and a paper plaster on my nose. surgery lasted 30 minutes. It was funny for I didn't feel any pain at all, neither did I have any major swelling nor bruises under the eyes. I've stayed in Rome for a week and got examined by the doctor before leaving.

I followed his instructions and exactly two weeks following the surgery I removed the plasters. At first it looked O.K., it was swollen and looked like that the bridge wasn't shaved very well, but I thought it was just edema. It wasn't shorten though, nor the tip was raised, just the hump was kind of shaved down. Once the inflation went down it was evident that he took out too much cartilage on the right side, so now my front view looks really concave from the right side, like the cartilage is just cut out vertically and it's just not there to support the skin, and also there are some indentations from the left. The other thing is that when I tilt my head to the side, as you can see on the pictures, my nose is becomes extremely unstable and bends. Not a pretty side at all. I also have troubles breathing and my girlfriend is keep telling me that I have started snoring. Meanwhile I wrote dr. Sciuto about it and he advised me that for the final result I needed to wait at least one year. I agreed, but still, I couldn't wait that long so I went to another surgeon and he's told me that my primary was unsuccessful, because as a result I had severely deviated septum to the left, slight nasal bone asymmetry, the hump was not properly shaved down from one of the sides, also collapsed nasal valve form the left, therefor I had my breathing worsen after the operation. Also from the right side the cartilage that supports the nostrils was removed.

In November 2013, exactly one year after the operation I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sciuto. During the examination he asked me how I was, and he was all smiles, very pleasant and nice in general. What I think was unacceptable is that when I told him that I don't like the appearance of my nose and that I had big problems breathing and asked him what could be improved, he said that he underestimated the tip problem and that he should have operated the tip too. He didn't acknowledge any of the functional nor of the aesthetic problems I had as a result of the operation. He pointed out that the hump was very nicely shaved down and that my profile looks better now than before. He said he would like to fix the tip in another procedure free of charge. So I asked "What about the rest?" and he insisted the rest is fine and only the tip needs some fixing. At this point I've felt there wasn't any point in arguing. So discomforting, so discouraging, I can hardly describe the feeling. If he just had been opened, straight forward with me about it I would've felt so much better.

Later he agreed to refund just 3000EUR out of the 7500EUR I've paid him. In order to get it I had to travel to Rome and meet him in person. He was rude, I had to sign some forms and he gave me the 3000EUR in cash.
The revision with a good surgeon would cost me 14000EUR.

May be he had a bad day, may be I had bad luck but the results in my opinion are terrible.

Best of luck to all of you!

Nose/ nostrils from beneath before and after, operated by dr. Sebastiano Sciuto

Last night I found a picture of my nose from beneath before the rhinoplasty with dr. Sebastian Sciuto. So I've just taken a picture from the same angle. The after look actually looks worse than the original one. The tip is more deviated to the side and the nostrils have slightly shrunken due to the removal of cartilage. It's obvious that he didn't work on them at all. I feel so bad about myself for trusting him.
Dr. Sebastiano Sciuto

Before the surgery he answered all my emails within two days. Once I wrote him that I wasn't pleased with the results, he did not answer me for about a month. I had to write him a couple of times, pleading with him, so I could get a reply.

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