27 Years Old, 34A , 177 Cm (5'9") 57kg (125 Pounds) , Teardrop natrelle 410 gr Ultra High projection , From Italy (Rome)

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I was looking for BA infos in Italian but it seems...

I was looking for BA infos in Italian but it seems that it's not very common for Italian women to admit they had a boob job. Unfortunately...! So I arrived on this website and I got so much more confident doing it! I want to write this diary of my Journey to boobies to help any of you out there that had a breast augmentation or are considering getting one! Pleeeeease, forgive me for grammar mistakes! I'll try my best to describe everything I will go through !
My surgery is planned in a week from today ( on March 7th) and I'm starting to get pretty anxious and scared!
Anyway... I am 177 cm (5'9") for 57 kg (125 pounds) . Currently I'm a 34A and I'm getting 420 grams , dual plane, allergan natrelle high cohesive gel , anatomical, High Profile. Hope it's not to much!!! What do you think?

1 day post op in pain

Hello girls! So my surgery was yesterday and all went fine. Don't remember much due to the anesthesia. When I woke up i didn 't feel sick but I was in pain. The bandage was so thight that I could barely breath! Anyway at 7 pm I was home. I could not sleep the entire night... And the morning after (today) i was in so much pain that my boyfriend litterally had to take me out of bed, glad he worked out regularly!
Hope the pain goes away soon... I can't even feed myself today...ufff... ????

4 days post op

Hey girls!
I'm on my 4 day post op and I'm feeling better!
From day 2 to today it has been a little bit better everyday, little steps but ALWAYS improving!
I forgot to mention that finally I got Teardrop implants allergan natrelle mx 410 gr ultra high profile.
Today I Don't feel much pain just tension and discomfort when the muscle contracts especially on my right side.
And another thing I feel is like I have little ants running down into my boobies... I Don't know if anyone of you can relate....
Last thing... I still can not get out of bed alone... After 6/7 Hours laying in the same position I feel like a vampire coming out of his coffin!!

New pics day 1 and day 6 post op

I posted a laying down pic from day 1 (after the doctor took away the bandages) and I was really in pain!
The other pics are from day 6 , the first time I was able to take the surgical Bra off. My belly is really bloated and swollen... I'm also expecting my period in 2 days...
The bruising on the belly is due to clexane injection ( eparin... I don't know how do you call it in English!) I had to do because I'm genetically prone to develop blood cloths... And that sucks... Anyway...so far so good! Hope the drop & fluff soon! By today they are pretty high and hard as rocks!

2 weeks post op pics

No more pain! Only discomfort when I move too fast!
Still sleeping on an incline...but I'm kind of getting used to it !
They are softer but they still don't move! They don't bounce and I can not push them together ...hope this is normal !
Nipple hyper sensitivity remains the same...
And my period doesn't want to come although I have some belly "cramps " (i don't know if it 's the right word!!) . Now I'm over a week late... Mmmmh...
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