38 Yo , No Kids, After 12 Years I Want Them out - Rome, ITALY

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Hello everyone, i' 38 yo, from Italy. Sorry about...

Hello everyone, i' 38 yo, from Italy.
Sorry about my english, i could do some mistake :)
Anyway, i got my BA 12 years ago, when i was 26. At that time i had very small boobies and the left one was smaller than the right one.
I remember some boy was kidding me about the size of my chest and after sometimes i decided to do BA (i was stupid and,above all,ensecure)
During this 12 years i often thought about implant removal and also talked to the the PS who did the BA but he said: ABSOLUTELY NO.
He told me that once you did BA you can't come back because the boobs would be deformed,awful ecc ecc and that mine was just a psycological problem.
I went home depressed and cried but i didn t give up and found another PS who agreed to make the silicon removal.
I forgot to say that 2 years ago i developed to have autoimmune thyroid and started to have neck and shoulder aches (i m afraid this is silicon fault)
My breast implant removal is scheduled for February 2016 and i'm scared,of course, but hopefull at the same time.
I want back my small and soft boobs and i don't care now about people's opinion.
I charge some pic .I think they look very artificial. They also are quite hard when you touch them.Impossible not realize they are fake! the implant is under the muscle,anatomical shape,300 cc.

One month to explant: so scared!

Hello girls, i will be explanted in one month, on March 10 i think.
It's useless to tell you how much i'm nervous.I start to sleep bad in the night!
I have one question, if you can help me: would it be a problem having period the day of the explant? I have problems with my period and i can't calculate well when it comes every month because i have endometriosy.
Thanks a lot!


hi everyone, three days ago I did the explant and I would like to thank all of you and realself. All of this wouldn't have happened without your suggestions and stories. Here in Italy it's very difficult to find a plastic surgeon who agrees with the explant and thank to this website is found one who did a great job.
I had implants since 2004, under the muscle, and all the ps I went before I found realself told me I was crazy and that it was impossible to do the explant without becoming a freak! they were wrong! here my pictures after three days from the explant
Professor Massimo Vergine

professor Massimo Vergine is a universitary plastic surgeon in Rome. He mostly works with oncology women and he's very prepared. He's also very kind and he listens to your needs. I'm very satisfied.

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