20 Y/o and Feeling More Depressed Than Ever. Rome, GA

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HI everyone, 2016 i swore to myself i start...

HI everyone, 2016 i swore to myself i start changing my ways. So far ive gotten more depressed as ever and decided i needed to do something about my weight, its the reason for my depression. In febuary i started my GASTRIC SLEEVE journey. I'm 5'7 and almost 300 pounds. I have tricare standard south, and was required 2 months of pmc visits, which i completed. Dietition classes, complete. Seminar, complete. Surgeon consultation, complete. Psychiatrist evaluation, complete. And all i have to do is have a one on one dietitian consultation and ill be ready to send all my paper work to insurance for approval!

Before i post anything, if anyone has been diagnosed with any metal disorder before surgery, tell me our experience! did you have to wait? My psychiatrist said it wouldn't affect me getting the surgery, but.. she wasn't sure if my surgeon would want me to get medication before or after surgery..


Hey everyone. im at my last process, i have to go see a dietician tomorrow and that will be my next step into getting my surgery! BUT!!!!! I was reading over some of my paper work and i forgot to read the part that says "OUT OF POCKET COSTS!!!!" UGH! So i have tricare standard south, and i know that there is ALWAYS a 20% co pay.. VSG is around 19k.. and 20% of that is around 3k and its due day of two week pre op visit!!! If i seriously have to pay that much i may as well went to MEXICO!

IF ANYONE has had a copay for there surgery talk to me! i need advice!

I got my vsg surgery!

So I got my surgery on October 12, 2016! So excited, I've already lost 20 five pounds from the beginning of the pre op diet. Crazy!! Everything has been so smooth, not much gas pain, just a lot of passing gas and burping. Nausea here and there, but medication helps. Food is getting easier to go down and I couldn't be happier! NO REGRETS!

Early stall?

Well I didn't think it would happen this early but I've been the same weight for almost a week so oh well, also have been testing my limitations which is kinda bad, but I feel like my sleeve is bigger than most, well right now bc I'm only on puréed and I've heard the full feeling doesn't really exist yet.

Keeping up with vitamins, water, and protein is such a struggle. But I know I must if I want to lose more weight. Water is going down fine, but puréed food feels like I can eat more, but at times I feel backed up like it's in my throat for a while. I haven't thrown up yet so I know I'm not pushing myself too far. Today I'm gonna go back to my protein shakes. I've been eating tuna, refried beans, mash potatoes, and yogurt. But I feel like I need another restart so just gonna go to the store, buy some fruit and start my wonderful shakes again. Without the fruit they are so gross. But yeahhhhh oh and I'm also doing updates on my wls Instagram: @thicktoslimthick and my YouTube channel name is licklake :)
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