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Firstly, hello everyone. My name is Diana, I'm...

Firstly, hello everyone.
My name is Diana, I'm 26 years old and I am from Romania.

I had an accident when I was about 10 years old when my nose was broken and didn't heal well. As a result my nose is considerably bigger, I have a dorsal hump, a visible septum deviation and a deformed tip.
About 2 months after the accident, I started getting laughed at at school, being called ugly and rendered an outcast. It took me years to build up my self confidence again and to figure out that my nose doesn't define who I am and that it's not the only thing that people see when they look at my face.

Getting this surgery has always been a fantasy of mine. At first it seemed impossible, then it seemed probable, then it seemed possible and now i'm 3 weeks away from it. I couldn't be happier.

I chose my surgeon after about 2 years of hunting on the web, on forums and chat groups and looking at before/after pictures. I went on my first consult in early June this year and I was so convinced that I have made the right choice that I would have had the surgery right then and there!

I am very enthusiastic, I am basically dreaming and daydreaming about it.

What i wish to achieve from this procedure is: a smaller, humpless, symmetric and straight nose - the nose I was supposed to have.

Hello again, 11 days away from my surgery!!! I...

Hello again,
11 days away from my surgery!!! I was very nervous this week because i caught a mild cold and my darkest thought was i would have to postpone. Fortunately i'm recovering well and taking extra precaution measures and my doctor assured me that he's not postponing because of a cold i got 2 weeks before. So whew ... some of the stress has subsided.
This should be something that everyone should write in their pre-op requirements along with "no aspirin"!! - no clubs, no hospital waiting rooms,no bars, no dances and no crowded places 2 weeks prior to surgery :)) quarantine yourself in a warm place and avoid any contact with anything that might be contagious.
I'm alright now, having only a light cough which is my particular sign that i'm on the last mile of my cold.

Also, i'm adding more preop pictures. I also spoke to my employer and took a week off work.

Ok so, i did it! I'm day 3 postop now. I left the...

Ok so, i did it!
I'm day 3 postop now. I left the hospital yesterday (they kept me for two nights) because I bled too much - I have a hypersensitive skin so my capillaries break like crazy. Overall i'm feeling good except my energy levels are very low and I spend most of the day lying down. My swelling is starting to subside, i'm hoping that by next monday my face is going to start to look like before.

Overall I'm feeling pretty confident that it all went well and impatiently wait for cast removal day!

I'm close to 3 months since my surgery. I'm very...

I'm close to 3 months since my surgery.
I'm very very happy with my results, I couldn't have pictured it better.

I still feel that my nose is not recovered yet. Swelling at the tip is still visible and it's still hard to the touch and painful if pressure is applied. It's significantly more swollen in the morning, right after I wake up (but then again, my whole face is).

My breathing is a LOT better than before the surgery. I never need to use the nose drops I was addicted to before and I feel my lungs are filling with air a lot faster than before.

I will be posting some pictures of my current state :)

13 month update

It's already 13 months since my rhino.
I still don't feel like it's fully healed (if I apply pressure on the tip, I stil don't have full sensitivity of the lower layers, and if I apply pressure right underneath, I still feel some pain). I'm always swollen in the morning and and I get swelling if I stay in warm environments.

I sometimes think about a revision to make it narrower, but that's just in thinking phase so far.

Breathing is good, although I breathe a lot better (more air coming in) through my left nostril than my right one. Also I have a small defect on the right side of the bridge which only I notice.

Overall, It's much better than what I started with (CONSIDERABLY) but it could have been better.

Photos update

Dr. Nicolae Antohi

I have chosen this surgeon based on his very impressive resume, his education and academic research, experience and results. I found him online.

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