Invisalign Adventure - Romania, RO

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My story dates back to those years when I've lost...

My story dates back to those years when I've lost the temporary teeth (aka milk teeth) - priceless jewelry. I love those photos smiling will all straight teeth - small pieces of pearls showing from every picture :)) Since then, my nightmare has started. I remember as being yesterday those days when in place of 2 temporary teeth, 2 new permanent teeth arisen but crowded as the room left was too small to get into. Consequently my top canines grown too high from the rest of the teeth, while at the bottom was a mess (crowded teeth).

Not even today, I understand how I got to loose my first premolar and second molar on the top (not sure if these are the teeth I've lost?!). The doctor at that time said an extraction is required to make enough room for the canine to lower (which somehow proved to be true as the canines looks quite aligned now). However the room left after the extraction of the first molar has never filled up, thus I remained with a huge gap on my left side which frustrated me during all these years. While the 2nd extraction I'm clueless why has been done!!!

At the age of 11, I have started to wear traditional braces (at that time nobody heard - or at least not here about brackets) - the only available technique to straighten the teeth was that strange and uncomfortable braces that was covering the entire palate. It has sort of a mechanism in the middle that should be adjusted by myself/my mum at home; unfortunately, after couple of weeks - months of trying to adjust it without success - I stopped wearing it (I remember how embarrassed I felt during English classes trying to pronounce words with that strange plastic on my palace and feeling saliva coming out between the teeth. Gross!)

After this experience, I gave another shot at the age of 14 - same rudimentary braces, this time both for the top and the bottom. I don't have pictures, or even memories (?!) during those days - which make me think that I wore those braces only on my way back home from the doctor appointment!!

During the last 13 years I haven't done anything to straighten my teeth except complaining and visiting several people who are calling themselves "dentists" - in fact I could read in their eyes a strong lust for money. Though, I never gave up to believe that one day I will have straight teeth.

It's been 2 years almost since I've first read about Invisalign. Due to the high treatment costs (and the lack of specialists well trained to "deal" with the new technology) I found only one dental clinic somewhere in the opposite corner of the country! I remember I've called them, asking some details in regards with the process and the payment plan. Hearing about the ClinCheck - that digital movie that allows you to see the progress of the treatment ( (how the teeth will be moving throughout the time) I was tempted to schedule shortly an appointment to the above mentioned clinic. However, considering the distance, I had to gave up. I started to look for a dental clinic certified in Invisalign in my home city - I sent an email, receive the contact for 3 or 4 certified orthodontists, out of which 1 seems to be the most trustful one. I called, booked an appointment and the Invisalign adventure has started.

I was pleased with the atmosphere and the team I've found during the first appointment. People were friendly, open to listed to your questions, concerns; after I receive the confirmation that I am a good candidate for Invisalign, I was provided with a summary in terms of the next steps to be followed in case I am interested in an Invisalign treatment. First step: get the impressions - that happened somewhere at the end of last year. I have waited for a month - when I have been called saying that the impressions should be retaken (from what I have read - this shouldn't happen as long as the orthodontist/in my case the orthodontist's assistant would have followed the rules:(. Fortunately, 2nd time they finally did their best and the impressions were accepted. Thus, somewhere in April I have receive the ClinCheck - I was simply thrilled about the results. It took couple of months to decide if this experience worth (~ $4500), but I muster up my courage and I did it - paid 50% of the treatment.

I was quite nervous prior to the first appointment to have my first set of aligners. Needless to say, that the punctuality does definitely not characterize my orthodontist and his team. My appointment has been delayed with an hour - which seemed to be longer than ever imagining how it will be. I was freaked out about the attachments (11 in total - couple of them very visible as they are on the front teeth) - however the process of having them fixed to the teeth wasn't as that bad (doesn't hurt at all). Some material tooth colored has been glued on my teeth and then receive the first set of aligners. The first feeling was strange - soreness as the aligner was very tight on the teeth. The orthodontist's assistant asked me to remove the aligners - impossible job (I felt that my fingers are slipping on the aligners without reaching the corner that should work like an anchor). The assistant helped me - but doesn't seem to be more successful that I did. She had to use some napkins and finally she managed to remove them. That was all. No other instructions or help provided (I've heard them saying that they are running out of the time, thus I guess next patients were waiting to have the Invisalign fixed; not happy to say it but that's the ugly truth: "time is money" is the perfect slogan that governs the doctors in Romania; they still have to learn that durable things require also to pay attention to the quality; and when you are paying a lot of money, it's mandatory to receive as a patient high-standards services!

I've read that the first days the soreness is pretty high. I experienced the same, but without being necessary to take any pills. Removing the aligners was a nightmare!!!! I stared in the mirrors almost crying (in fact I could swear I saw some tears flowing on my chicks) without succeeding in aligners removal. My gum was quite sensitive in the first days - it's bleeding when removing the aligners (might be also due to the fact that I might have scratched it with the nails trying to get rid of the aligners). For the first 4-5 days that was my big concern: aligners removal, but with every day the process became more and more easier. I've experienced some discomfort when eating as the attachments are scratching, and when biting the food the top teeth were touching the attachment bonded on the lower teeth. In a week or so, I became used with them.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I am wearing Invisalign and so far all those bad experiences have already passed. In 2 weeks I have an appointment to see if things are moving in the right directions and to receive the next set of aligners.

So far these are my notes:

Pros: - perfect oral hygiene
- it's almost invisible (I would lie saying that it looks like in the Invisalign commercials considering I have 11 attachments but that's not so bad as I thought); it is noticeable but definitely not like the braces

Cons: - hard to remove in the first days
- occasional soreness and sensitive teeth
- make sure the material used to glue the attachments does not cover the spaces between the teeth as I had; (otherwise flossing will be a lost battle)

PS: tears were running down my cheeks :)) instead...

PS: tears were running down my cheeks :)) instead of "chicks" - sorry for that :))

Here are the first 2 photos taken after 1 week of...

Here are the first 2 photos taken after 1 week of Invisalign treatment

I have switched to tray # 6 one week ago when I...

I have switched to tray # 6 one week ago when I felt a slight pressure on the top front teeth. No major changes in the teeth alignment so far (however, comparing the 1st aligner with the 5th one, I could see an improvement on the top 2 front teeth - which seem to be rotated in the right direction). In 1 week I'll be on the half of the treatment - time flies really quickly :). Starting with Tray#9 I will have some IPR done to make room for the bottom teeth. Keep the fingers crossed! I'll come back with some new photos in the near future when I truly hope the changes will be much more visible.
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