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Hi beautiful ladies! First of all i am sorry for...

Hi beautiful ladies! First of all i am sorry for my English.I want to share my story with all of you.Because you made me brave! I owe you :) I'm 24 years old.I have had my breast implants for 8 month. 275cc silicone gel, under muscle.I always wished big boobs because i was very insecure with my Acup breasts. Also when i got my implants,i was totally desperate.My 5 year relationship was over.I wanted to do something for ME, i wanted to change.(My ex was totally in love with my natural small breast,i never had any bad experience about my boobs with boys.) After BA i got natural look but the feeling...I wanted a natural looking and feeling. I felt there is a ball touching my ribs!
To be honest, i loved them at first. Finally i had feminine figure.I bought new clothes,bath suits.I was secure about my body.(i realized that was just an illusion...)
I met a guy months after my BA. I was so excited to show my new boobs!He had touched them and he felt something weird.(i had rippling on my left breast) He just looked into my eyes and said:"Why did you do this to yourself? I am here and i want you.I am here because you are smart,funny and you have an amazing smile.They are just breast..." I felt really embarrassed because he was right. Why i did this to myself? Capsular Contracture,breast pain,asymmetry,wrinkling,rippling,rupture,further surgery...It is not worth it.I decided that breast implants are not for me.I should accept my own body and my little cute boobs! :)
So i did it! Just 8 hours ago!Now they are out and i am implant free! After the removal,i had looked my boobs.They are so tinny and smaller than pre-op. I hope they will get better :)

Day 3

It has been 3 days since explant.I have no pain. I took a shower today. My breast are a little bit saggy and looks smaller than pre-BA.(i was 34B EU) But i have to say that THEY FEEL AMAZING!(I will add some photos later.)They are soft and warm.When i touch them,i just feel me! I am young so i hope they will bounce back again. I have no regrets about removing my implants. I've got an expensive lesson. Nothing like natural.I think anD believe God created us just perfect.We should love ourselves and thankful to be healthy. All breast sizes are beautiful. Natural is MORE BEAUTIFUL ! :)
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