Anatomical Under 315cc Microthane - Romania

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After extensive research I have found a plastic...

After extensive research I have found a plastic surgeon! Yay I am from London but having done in Romania as the price difference is crazy, I chose the polytech microthane as they have less risks for everything and are much lighter, i wanted the most natural look that would make me in proportion so he suggested 315 high profile, I am going in for my procedure today! Wish me luck

All done!

So I've had it done and very happy already, everyone is so nice and really taking care of me. Just realised I haven't put any stats on myself... I am 5'8 and 57kg. I have attached photos, they are very swollen and firm but feel no pain just a bit of pressure.

1 week on

The first couple days after surgery was the worst! I stayed over night in the hospital I Needed help even pulling my self up from bed, I was kinda hoping I would be put in a seduced coma, wake up in a month and not feel anything... Not the case! Lol my surgeon recommend me to go for a walk the second day and it was HARD WORK but done it! And felt better for it, built it up every day. From the day after I had to do some arm exercises 5 times a day that hurt like hell! But now I have a big range of movements I can do (within reason) Flew home on the 5th day and the travelling really took it out of me! I get exhausted quickly as well but on a positive note I am off all drugs and feel great, there a slight discomfort and worse in the mornings but nothing I can't put up with, didn't want to do long term pain killers, I'm still on the ready meals as cooking exhausts me a bit, it's hard for me to just sit down in one place really so I still make an effort to go do something every day and I think it makes my recovery better, I've attached photos, slight uneven of breast but my surgeon said the right one would be bigger as with anatomical you can't do different sizes but I don't think it's too noticeable. I've accepted my new breasts into my life but think I'm having a bit of an identity crisis as I can never find anything to wear! Even to the shops! But I think it's just part of getting used to my new image. Definitely feel more feminine and sexy so it's all good just have to get used to the new me.
Dr Mircea Ciceo

Lovely guy who seems to have a great passion for what he does

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