35 Yrs Old, 2 Kids and Just Put on Weight over the Past 10 Yrs..I Need Help Getting Tough Fat Off. - Rogers, MN

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I scheduled my liposuction for July 31st. I paid...

I scheduled my liposuction for July 31st. I paid for $500 for a Groupon giving me $2000 toward treatment, The total treatment is $5560 so I have to pay another $3060.00 (which I am happy with considering everything I'm having done). I am having my tummy, hips, flanks and inner thighs done. I am 3 weeks before surgery...nervous but excited too.

Doctor said after 3-4 days he thought I could go back to work. I'm doing it on a Thursday and hoping by Monday I'll be feeling better...sore I'm expecting but I do hope I can go back to my routines. I will post my pictures and pain levels as I go through my procedure. He told me it is a day surgery so I'll go in the morning and be put under for about 30-60 minutes then will be in recovery for about 2-3 hours. After that I'll go home and sleep the rest of the day but should try to do some light walking and not just stay in bed after 2-3 days I should be back to light and normal routines. He said I will be on pain meds for a couple days but he thought that's all I'll need. He did say I will need to wear a compression garment for a week at all times except during bathing then after one week I will need to wear it while I sleep for an additional 2 weeks. He wants me to come back to see him about 2-3 weeks after surgery.

We did talk about the outside of my thighs and the back of my legs but he and I both didn't think I should do it because it is not "flabby" and that it could make the dimpling worse....I wasn't really thinking about that area anyway but we talked about it since I was there. He said once this fat is gone then I should really be able to see the results from my working out where as I'm just frustrated right now.

count down begins...2 weeks till surgery

I am getting nervous because I can only find 1 review on my doctor when it comes to Liposuction. I am excited and really want it done but still nervous. I'm excited but nervous....14 days :)

One week to go!

Well of course I have either a cold or allergies 1 week before surgery. I pray it goes away fast! Here are a few more before pictures. I am very ready to get this show on the road...I think waiting is the pits my anxiety builds and builds. I'm ready to get healing and on the other side of this hill.

900cc or about 2lbs removed

I got home about 4 hour ago bruising is already here purple and black. Pain isn't awful and manageable with Vicodin but I am extremely glad for ice and Vicodin. Trying to rest as much as I can. I was hoping that more would be taken but we will see what it looks like when swelling goes down I can tell my thighs already are smaller!!!! The garment is annoying the zipper and clips dig in and doesn't feel good in my bruises but I only have to wear it full time for 1 week then nights for an additional two. I will post some pics tomorrow

Legs hurt the least

In case anyone wonders my inner thighs hurt the least I can barely feel them honestly. My stomach feels like I have been punched an my sides like I have been burnt

24 hours almost exactly after surgery

I'm pretty happy with my stomach so far but my inner thighs I really hope shrink as time goes on because I can't tell that much was done...and that was something I was super excited to have done as my inner thighs are very big and I have a big problem when I walk feeling like I walk bow legged because of it and I can't cross my legs very well. I will keep you posted on that.

The pain isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I still am taking Vicodin to control my pain but the pain is primarily where the insertion marks are from the tools they used. The bruising isn't terrible but I have been taking Arnica for 2 weeks prior to surgery at least 4 times daily. I also picked up the gel and rubbed that on the deep bruises today just keeping away from the incisions. I also purchased on ebay for $8 each two 10x15 soft gel packs and rotate those and I honestly think that has been a huge help with swelling and pain as well.

Day 3 after surgery

I no longer need pain Meds the ice packs work better than anything for both pain and swelling. I slept almost nonstop Thursday-Sunday morning but I'm doing much better than I ever expected. Still using ice gel packs and resting but I can walk no problem and move around as needed without much pain. I'm mostly tired.

Day 4

Frustrated and dizzy. I have been Dizzy off and on today not sure why but nothing horrible just not willing to drive like this. I hope I see a Lot more improvement right now yes I see a difference but not much at all in my hips and thighs :/ I know I
Should weight 3 months but will it make that big of difference I will let u know. Right now it's hard seeing what I paid and not thrilled with the results

Day 7

It's been one week already! I feel like I want to rip this garmet off but starting tomorrow the doc said I only need to wear it at night! My one legs is now showing bruising but otherwise I'm good. Still not showing much of any results but I keep telling myself 3 months. My belly button inches like crazy but I had two incisions there.

2 weeks after surgery

Well swelling and nursing is going down but still not much for change not one person has commented about my figure change and my clothes fit
The same as before surgery. I weigh the exact same as I did before surgery too. I really hope something just crazy changes because I'm not so happy

Not happy with results not much difference!!

Here are my 2-1/2 week pics. I don't even have the slightest change in my hips or inner thighs! My stomach a very slight difference but not $3600 worth. My groupon was $599 and I paid another 3k cash!

Still not much change

Very disappointed I would never pay that much for this little he still insists I will see good results but need to wait 3 months ...sorry I'm just not buyin into it. He also followed up with I may need a follow up procedure! I am not alone in this boat from this doc right now if you read other reviews.

Still flabby - Husband can't tell any difference!

I didn't tell my husband I was going to have this surgery done, he cannot tell that I have changed at all. I asked him if he can tell I lost any weight and he said no. He and I have always had a very honest relationship so I wasn't hurt by that but glad he was honest. It has been almost 3 months now...Pretty flabby and every time I look in the mirror I just think of the money I spent. If you are considering Dr. Ross consider a different doctor is my personal opinion. He is all talk, says he will make you look fabulous and that all this and that fat will be gone, he said all of my tummy fat would be flat and no more hang over, he said my underwear wouldn't dig in my hips anymore and that my inner thighs wouldn't be puffy they would be thinned out....NOT ONE of those statements are even close to accurate. He said perhaps I need to have a touch-up...A TOUCHUP! No way is he getting another cent of mine! He is a dermatologist, why he is doing this besides to fatten his pocketbook I have no idea....do your research! Wish I had listened to my gut...guts usually know best. He took my money that's for sure and left me in the same shape I was in before hand.
Scott M. Ross, MD

He had a Groupon out so that's how I found him. I had thought about the procedure but never seriously. I went in and read a bit about it in the office. He gave me some information and talked to me about the procedure. He was in and out quite a bit of my room doing other things so I didn't feel like I got all of my questions answered but I feel comfortable calling and asking questions. He was very non-emotional which I personally liked, I felt like for me I was so uncomfortable with my body and for him he was like...lets get down to business and see what we can get rid of for you and you will love it. He was realistic and honest with me about what to expect afterward....he said I would loose my muffin top and that my inner thighs would shrink significantly.

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