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I am 5'1" 115 lbs. currently 32A. I have...

I am 5'1" 115 lbs. currently 32A. I have decided to get breast implants and have been researching for years. I live in CT, but am getting the operation done in AR. (to be with family).

I met with 3 plastic surgeons and decided on the one who made me the most comfortable and more helpful. I have decide I am going with silicone implants because I want them to feel most natural. I also think it will look better over the years ( and am aware implants in general do not last forever). I have an appt on the 10th to decide on size, but am going for 325-375 cc range.

My celebrity size looks are kourtney kardashian and Leeann Rimes. my operation date is on the 20th I am soooooooo excited and scared at the same time. I am most worried of the recovery part because I do work with toddlers and I am only able to take one week off from work.

Just went in for my pre-op today. I flew in from...

just went in for my pre-op today. I flew in from CT and went straight to my Drs office. I showed them a photo of what I liked and they took my pictures of my breasts now. I told them small C-cup max. I am a little confused, bc they didn't tell me the range of "cc" size. they said they didnt wan to tell me the size exactly bc they are going to look at the photos I gave them and go from there. should I be worried that he might go bigger than I want? the pictures I gave him didn't have specific details of size....

also, my operation. is set for the 20th at 530am. can't wait!!

Hey ladies! I am sooo excited! surgery is on...

hey ladies! I am sooo excited! surgery is on Monday! I am flying in to Arkansas today and am sooo nervous and excited! all I've doing is researching online like crazy, checking out before and after photos, and reading blogs. I want time to go by soooo fast!

Day of surgery... got to hospital at 530 am....

day of surgery...

got to hospital at 530 am. surgery started at 730am, left hospital at noon. all I remember is them wheeling me to the operating room, then them telling me to wake up. so quick.

I didn't get to see my PS when i woke up bc he had another case to be at. but it was ok with me bc all of the nurses were soooo nice.

I am still very sore. doctor prescribed me antibiotics for 3 days, and pain medicine and Valium as needed.

when I woke up at the hospital, I was shivering like crazy. they immediately brought me a blanket and more Medicine through the IV. I was also very very hungry!

when I came home, I took a little nap while my mom fixed me some soup. after the soup I took the meds and took another nap.

I definitely need help getting into bed to use the bathroom. my mom is very helpful getting me extra pillows when needed and water and ginger ale when I'm thirsty.

oh yea... my PS told my mom that the small C looked too big on me, so he went with a big B. I am glad that he was considerate bc he knew I wanted to be very conservative.

will post pics soon!

Day 2 was in pain alll night. I did take 2...

Day 2

was in pain alll night. I did take 2 percorcet pills every 4 hours. Woke up every two hours last night. My mom slept next to me all night and it was a huge help. She made sure I took my medicines on time and helped me getting in and out of bed. I did take a shower this morning and it felt sooo good. Mom helped me with that too.

So after looking at my breast I feel that they look smaller than I expected. Like I mentioned earlier I told PS I wanted small C cup, but then he told my mom that after he put it in, it looked too big. I still don't know the exact CC size, but will call the office today and ask. I still feel pretty dizzy and light headed at times.

I've been drinking a lot of water, ginger ale, and ate soup all day yesterday. I am hoping the dizziness is gone today so I can eat some real food. Sooo hungry! Will post pics soon!

Day 4 Just had my first post op appt today and...

Day 4

Just had my first post op appt today and it went very well. I had 300cc mentor smooth round high profile gel in both breasts.

I am still a little swollen, more tender in the mornings, but better throughout the day. I am just going to start taking one percocert a day in the AMs and valium at night if needed. Otherwise I am feeling much better.

Also, since I am an out of state patient, PS really wanted to see me again within two weeks. But with my work schedule I can only make end of april or beginning of may. He said it's fine as long as I do my exercises.

Day 7 had very bad pain last night around 5am....

day 7

had very bad pain last night around 5am. (took two extra strength tylenols before bed) because it was just on my left breast and felt like a very tight hard pinch feeling, I took a Valium and two ibprofens. took me about 30 mins to fall back asleep.

also, started back to work today. I work with a two year old and going to be very careful. hopefully just ibuprofen will get me through the day...

breast are getting softer at top, still hard and sore towards bottom.

One month today! very exciting. i am very happy...

one month today!

very exciting. i am very happy with my boobs and am in love with myself again. i did get the nipple tingling feeling around week 3, but it did only last for a couple of days. massages definitely helped. i am able to reach high and lift a two year old with no problems.

i still do my massages every day and cannot for the boobs to drop more. all i have been wearing are Hanes sprots bras and just recently, the Genie Bra. both are very comfortable.

also, the stickers on my stitches are still on. PS said to let them fall off naturally. and bc my PS is in another state, i have not had a post-op visit since day 5. i am planning to go back to arkansas in may-june.

Forgot to mention that I wish I'd gone bigger!!...

forgot to mention that I wish I'd gone bigger!! LOL.

anything bigger than before is better I guess. I'm still happy! ;-)

Went bra shopping this weekend and am a 32C at...

went bra shopping this weekend and am a 32C at Victoria's Secret and a 34C in a Calvin Klein it!

Its been a little over two months and just wonder...

its been a little over two months and just wonder if anyone has nipple issues? I am sized from VS with a 32C. a lot of the bras have my nipple at the top of the bra instead of the center of the bra cup.... are my nipples going to go drop? I feel that the boobs have...
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dr. Kendall and his team are great! he is very experienced, professional, and caring doctor. I am so thankful him and his team treated me soooo good. I highly recommend him!

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