53 Year Old Ready for my Outside to Match How I Feel Inside - Rockwall, TX

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Hello! I'm a 53 year old with two grown boys and a...

I'm a 53 year old with two grown boys and a 7 year old step daughter. Like most of you, I've lived my life thus far for my family. Sacrificed my needs and desires for everyone else.
I've been unhappy with my body for years, though I've taken fairly good care of myself, time inevitably takes its toll and once you start down that slippery slope it's hard to bounce back...
I've had a consultation with a PS and discussed having a TT, BA and lipo on my hips and flanks.
Not sure about a BL, was hoping just the BA would do...will need to discuss that with my PS at my pre op appointment on Aug. 2nd.
I have been pouring over all of the posts and I am so thankful for this site. The RS community is so awesome, so supportive.

5 weeks from today

In 5 weeks from today I'll have dropped my 7 year old off for her first day of 2nd grade and headed to the hospital for my MM!
Seems so far away.
I'm like obsessed with this site. Constantly reading reviews and looking at pictures. I took some nude pics of myself to post and when I look at them I get so discouraged, thinking my body is too far gone to get the result I dream of. Then this morning I'm doing my ritual of sitting on the porch drinking my coffee looking through RS and I see these amazing transformations and my hope comes back. Of course I'm trying to find people who are about the same age and body type...I'm 53, 5'2" and about 155#. I get comments all the time that I look younger than I really am. I feel younger than I am and I want so much for the rest of my body to match how I feel.
My husband thinks I'm going through a midlife crisis. He thinks the $14k I'm spending for this surgery is selfish and unnecessary. He doesn't feel like I need it. Says he loves my body and wishes I would not think so negatively about my appearance. Thinks I'm too vain.
I do care how I look. I always have. My hair and makeup are always done.
I wish he would be as supportive and show even a little bit of enthusiasm or interest like some of the husbands I've read about on RS. I can't even talk with him or ask his opinion on anything.
As far as the $14k goes, in the last 9 months his purchases have been a Mercedes, a $25k Indian motorcycle, a $40k truck and $5k trailer to haul his motorcycle...He feels that since he's the breadwinner...
I'm going to have this surgery...I need this for ME.

Nudie Pics

Meant to post these...Ugh, they make me cringe.

Possibly moving my surgery date up!

My original MM surgery date was 8/22/16 and now it looks like it may happen NEXT WEEK on 8/4!
Just found out that my father in law is going to be having heart surgery and my hubby feels it best if I have my surgery ASAP so I can hopefully be on the upswing by the time his dad has surgery.
I'm so Squeeful! His dad is being treated by the VA, and seems to think that it could be a month or so before they get his surgery scheduled. My hubby doesn't think he can handle taking care of me, his dad, a 7 year old and run his home based business all at the same time.
It could all just blow up in my face...we shall see. From what I've read on RS, seems like the first 3-4 days are the worst and my PS will be using Exparel, so I would think my pain shouldn't be so very bad (wishful thinking). Even still, I know I need to make sure I don't move around too much.
My fingers are crossed and my hubby is extremely grumpy.

So Far So Good for surgery NEXT THURSDAY!

Well, so far so good with my MM next Thursday the 4th...
I was reading some articles on things to do to prepare (I thought I had 5 more weeks) and came across an article that said to stop taking hormone replacement meds. I freaked! I called my PS and the nurse said that I should stop taking them so of course I will, but it's just 7 days prior to my surgery date...Now I'm all worried about getting a blood clot or two. My pre op appt. is this Monday 8/1. I'll need to grill my PS about this. I thought I had read something about injections that are self administered to guard against blood clots.
Another major *Gulp* is that on Monday I dole out $13,000. for my surgery. If that doesn't make it for real-real, I just don't know what does. I've had to rearrange all kinds of stuff since my date was moved up. I tried to time my regular hair appointment so that I wouldn't come due for more highlights when I was immobile and so my appt. was on 8/5 with my surgery now on 8/4...Luckily, my hairdresser was able to get me in on the 4th.
I'm hoping to make this as easy as possible on my husband...I ordered a "P-EZ" off of Amazon today, so hopefully I won't need his assistance every time I need to pee. I'm quite fascinated with the idea of peeing while standing up! I hope my aim will be true!

Pre-Op appointment looming

This Monday is my Pre-Op appointment and I'm so excited! I went and bought an unpadded bra for my sizing and have been looking at hundreds of before and after boob pics on the internet. I think I'm obsessed. I also bought bikini panties! I haven't worn those in years...with my belly flub, they end up just falling down in the front under my flub. Can't wait!
Trying to gather everything I think I might need for post op...
Some women have posted about their hemoglobin...I haven't even given that a thought. I'm head to pick up Vitamin C, B12 and Folic Acid, that's supposed to help. I've also gotten some silicone tape to use on my incisions. I went with Mepitac, everything I read about it on the webs was way positive. I've got to talk with my PS about the when's and how's to use it.
As far as questions for my Pre-Op, things I want to make sure that I touch on are:
1. Make sure my TT includes muscle repair
2. Policy on Revisions
3. Use of Lovenox for blood clots
4. Use of Silicone Tape
5. Sensitivity to Latex and Adhesives
6. When to resume my hormone meds
7. Pain meds / Nausea meds
I'm sure he and his staff will cover a lot of this and way more, but these are topics that are at the top of my list so far.

Pre--Op Visit

Well I just had my pre-op visit with Dr. Byrne and Jill, his surgical assistant. Those guys are great!
I know they need to explain all of the risks and possible complications that could arise, which I have been researching so am already aware, but my hubby got all freaked out! He commented that it's like a leap of faith...no one can guarantee your results for all the pain, time and healing.
I tried on breast sizers and decided on
375cc, high profile silicone...my PS did comment that he makes the final consideration during surgery but will typically err on the side of bigger. With the sizers in place, it looks like my boobs are going to be huge, but the nurse assured me that they don't stand out quite as much once they are under the tissue.
He's going to do A drainless TT, and lipo on my hips and some on my flanks as well as mons. He will be injecting Espiril in all the surgical sites, including my breasts, so hopefully that will give me 2-3 days of semi-relief from post op pain.
Paid for the procedure so this just got REAL!
Come on Thursday!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

I can't believe it! Only one more "wake up" and it's Mommy Makeover time. My surgery is tomorrow at 9:30 am and I have to be at the hospital by 8:30 with an empty stomach. I have already pre-registered at the hospital online (love that convenience, btw) I think I'm just going to wear one of the nightshirts that I bought to wear for the first week or so, just for convenience. I'm just going to come home after surgery and plop into bed anyway.
I'm doing all of the laundry that there is to do in the house so that nobody has to worry about that for a while, cleaning and straightening up around the house a bit and in a little while, I'll head to the pharmacy to pick up all of my prescriptions. I'm really excited that I'm only paying $20 for the Lovenox prescription. My nurse warned me it would be $100. I found a discount code online and having it filled at Walmart for $20! I bought one of those plastic storage carts with 3 drawers and put it in my room and I've put the undergarments and bedclothes in it so everything is super accessible for my hubby. I've set up my laptop, ipad and all of the charging cables set up for easy access and have a drawer in my nightstand ready for my meds.
Tonight I will shower with Hibiclense and wash my hair and prepare for a couple of stinky days.

Today is the day!

Got up and showered with Hibiclense, put some yoga pants and a t-shirt on and packed my nightshirt that buttons up to wear from hospital to home. Skipped putting make up on...that in itself was a dream. I also have my bed positioned so that all I have to do is sit down and put my feet up.
I can't tell you how excited I am!
Not nervousness ...yet.

Day 1 Post Op

Made it through surgery nicely. I was surprised that I had about level 7 pain when I woke up, since I had the Expiril injections. Had some nausea in recovery as well as last evening. They gave me Phenergan and that helped. Came home and climbed into bed at about 4:30pm and dozed on and off. I was worried that I was going to have trouble peeing, but it was the exact opposite! I ran to the bathroom to pee about 5 times during the night. I have an adjustable bed and I'm so thankful for it. I just set the back straight up and lower the foot of the bed all the way and it makes it so much easier to sit up. I have to sit on the edge of the bed for a minute or two or I feel like I'm going to pass out. As far as peeing, I had gotten a P-Ez thinking it would be easier to stand to pee than sitting then standing back up. I haven't used it yet because I feel so lightheaded. I know I'll need to go poo at some point and wonder how I will clean myself...I'm taking MoM to get my bowels moving.
My PS doesn't have me wear a compression garment for the first week. He wants as much blood flow to the area as possible and doesn't want undue pressure on the incision. As far as my breasts, they are wrapped with as ace bandage for the first few days and then I can wear a sports bra.
Everything feels so tight. My chest is really sore.
I took a peek, couldn't resist...I went with 375 cc implants and pre op my PS said he would sit me up during surgery and depending on how the 375cc looks, he might go to 400cc. Looking now, I'm not sure what I have. I need to ask my hubby.
My incision looks good. When my PS was marking me, he told me my c-section scar would be gone and thankfully I had been tanning, so he was following my tan line, hopefully my scar will be hidden.

Day 2 Post Op

Feeling a little better today. Still hurts to get up out of bed, just a tiny bit more tolerable.
Took a shower this morning and that was really hard because I got so lightheaded and a little nauseous. Still getting up 4 times during the night to pee. My hubby has been giving me the Lovenox injections...such a trooper. He's been great but have to say that my 7 yo daughter has bee so loving and makes sure I have my water and always brings me my meals. She hangs in bed with me which I love!
I'm posting day 2 pics . Have to say that I'm pleased with how low my incision is and that he was able to get rid of my c-section scar and my tattoo. It also appears that my new scar is going to be super low so a bikini is in my future.

Day 3 Post Op

There's a whole lot of discomfort. I'm still getting up 4x night to go pee. It's getting easier to get up and down, but it still hurts like heck and am still stooped over when trying to walk. I have a lot of burning in my breast when I reach out to the side.
I'm so swollen too and the bruising from the Lipo is crazy! My PS isn't having me wear a CG for the first week. I'm wondering how the heck I'm going to squeeze into a CG...I know my body will start feeling better, but this not going to be pretty.

Day 4 Post Op

Made it to day 4! Definitely easier for me to get up out of bed. I don't have to adjust the back so that it is in the full upright position. I can tell that the Expiril is starting to wear off, hurting in places I couldn't feel before. I have been taking a Colace laxative with a MoM chaser trying kickstart my bowels to no avail. So I took an enema this morning and it worked like a charm. I want to take some photos of my boobs, incision and lipo areas. Will try that today. The main thing plaguing me is the lightheadedness when I stand up. I'm hoping that day 5 will be my magic number. The turning point. My boobs seem to be softening up a bit
I'm going to see how I do just taking Tylenol and ibuprofen today...start weaning off of the pain meds.

Day 7, Had Post Op visit with my PS yesterday.

Okay, so the last couple of days have gone fairly well. Looks like my last post was about my enema and backing off of my pain meds.
That enema opened the floodgates of my bowels...I found myself running to the potty to poo over a 4-5 hour period of time. The MoM had kicked in so took me absolutely no effort to poo, in fact it was just like peeing. Just the constant up and down and running to potty...and the wiping! That was the hardest part.
Okay, let's talk pain now. I paid an extra $350 for Expriril to keep the surgical sites numb for 3-4 days after surgery. Which is said to be the worse, in terms of pain. I'm not sure which is worse, getting to that juncture and finally feeling sharp pains instead of deep discomfort , or finally feeling relief from sharp pain...I didn't take my Percocet religiously after surgery, not realizing that I was setting myself up to chase my pain...right now what I'm doing is still taking one Percoset then 3 hours later taking Ibuprofen so that I have my pain managed. It's a fine line through this healing process. You have to get up and move around but doing so completely exhausts you, and in my case makes me so lightheaded and out of breath.
I went to my PS for my 6day post op visit.he was pleasantly surprised how well I was getting around. I can stand almost completely upright, still a slight stoop. My incisions all look great and not having a problem with abnormal swelling. He advised me to start wearing a compression garment, if you remember, he likes to wait a week to give the area pleNty of blood flow to areas and undue pressure off of the incisions at first. So start CG, and no bra. I can wear a sports bra if I want, my option. He wants to let implants drop into place.
I took a shower this morning and after laying down a while to catch my breath, shimmied myself into a Flexees CG. It actually feels good to have that support.
First pic shows me in my CG for first time and the next few are showing amount of swelling and bruising from day 6

10 day Post Op

Hey Gals!
So 10 days post op. I'm so impatient. I'm getting around pretty well, can stand almost straight. Everything feels so tight!!! Still have quite a bit of soreness and have to keep reminding myself how invasive this surgery really is and not to expect myself to bounce right back. I'm wearing my Flexee's 24/7. I think while I'm wearing how it that it feels so restrictive until I remove it and find that my body is just so tight and restrictive on its own. I find I'm still pretty fatigued, just walking through the house makes me want to sit for a bit. Sitting or laying for any length of time makes my muscles tighten up. Viscous cycle.
I find that I practically have to force myself to eat. Not much of an appetite, then when I do eat, I feel like I get full almost immediately.
My incisions are looking good. The tape my PS placed at surgery is till there. I clean the areas with Hibiclense when I shower.

13 Days Post Op

Today has been a good day. First day that I actually woke up not noticing somethings hurting. Stiff and aching getting up out of bed, but I used to be anyway. I took some ibuprofen, sat with hubby and drank coffee. I made breakfast, did the dishes and by that time I was feeling tired so I sat for a few minutes then slapped some makeup on and my daughter and I went for mani & pedi's. That's almost the most active that I have been. Have to admit that I've done some laundry earlier in the week, THAT was a bugger. All the bending and stooping...
Took a short nap this afternoon woke up feeling good. I took some photos to mark my Day 13. Body is looking better. Still so much swelling, but from all I've read and heard, swelling is the name of the game here for a while. My bruising is starting to fade...really A Lot since last week.
I bought a couple of bras the other day, one a normal one without an underwire for when I get out and about and one that is a very light weight (t-shirt weight) like a sports bra just for around the house.
My girls were very sore yesterday, kinda on the sides, under my arm-ish. I think they may have dropped a bit. They don't seem so high...but hard to tell with all of the swelling.
I'm headed out to dinner then to a Steel Magnolia's quota along with some friends tonight...I'm going to be BUSHED!
I'm hoping that I am on the upswing now. Going to try to add some more activity into my daily routine, try to loosen up my dormant muscles a bit and get my blood pumping.

3 Week Post Op

YAYS-3 Weeks!!!!
Feeling really good. Main complaint is my loss of stamina. Last week had a lot of back pain, but that has subsided thankfully. My swelling has gone down considerably. I had purchased a CG that zips up prior to surgery but had been unable to get into it. Finally this week I can. My boobs are looking better, still sore...my nipples are numb...hope that doesn't last. Almost all of my bruising is gone and I'm able to bend over fairly easily. I'm taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen once or twice a day and I take a nap during the day. I'm able to walk and stand fully erect though, at the end of the day I find myself stooping a bit. This week I noticed some gurgling in my chest when I would inhale and when I took a deep breath it makes me cough. I shared that tidbit with Dunndee and she recommended I address it right away. I called my PS NURSE and she told me to go get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. I went to my regular doc and they checked me out and x-rayed me and all looked well. They put me in a ZPak and cough medicine just in case I've got something...hopefully nip it in the bud. It's hard to do the deep breathing with the pain and the CG...
Showering is a breeze now. I wash myself then go over my incision areas with Hibiclense. My surgical dressing on my TT is still hanging in there, though it's all discolored and I so want to take it off, clean it up and check out my incision. I was able to get the dressing off from my BA and the incisions look good, though they feel a little lumpy.
I'm keeping my diet low sodium, trying to keep myself hydrated and trying not to do too much. Still don't have much of an appetite and when I do eat, it's more like nibbling. Supplementing with protein shakes...I'm partial to Premium Protein (30gm of protein
First week is HELL but every day gets better and better.
Keep your eyes on the prize!
I look in the mirror and I love my prize!

4 Weeks Post Op

Wow, I made it a month. You try to be prepared for this journey...research, ask questions...but when it comes down to it...This whole experience is trial and error.
I can't tell you how many times I e told myself "best not do that again"
My biggest obstacle has been myself. I know better, but for some reason I feel that I'm special...the rules don't apply to me. I'm feeling so much better. Down to taking Tylenol a couple of times a day. I tend to push myself and do way to much, not just too much, but way too much, then I pay for it late in the day and the whole next day. I'm not usually a napper, but find myself needing to nap and when I do, I'm out for like 3 hours. My energy level is getting better...finally. My back is not hurting any more. My stomach is still sore, when I start wearing down by doing too much it's always the same spot on my stomach that just hurts like the dickens...it's on the right, between my navel and ribs. I don't know if, because I'm right handed, I always bend to the the right to pick something up...I do keep moving most of the day, when I do get still, my muscles tighten up and I have to stretch to keep from feeling crampy.
I still am wearing my Spanx 24/7. I have several, depending on what I'm doing or wearing. There are a couple I can't even wear anymore cause they don't feel tight enough. That's a sure sign swelling is going down.
I finally removed my surgical dressing...been dying to see my incision. I think it looks great! Dr. Byrne did a fantastic job. It's way low and though it's only been a month, it's flat and light in color. I'm so, so happy with my boobs! They are dropping slowly but surely. Last several days they were really sore, today they feel better. I think it was just the implants dropping into place. They are starting to feel softer, squishier. My PS told me not to wear a bra, to allow the implants to drop into place, but when I go anywhere in public I have to. I bought a wireless bra for those occasions. Other times I will wear a minimum support sports bra when my step daughter is home. Today I'm bopping around in a little tank top, no bra...my hubby does a double take every time he sees me...I love it!

1 Month ... Bikini!

Had to put the 'Ol Bikini on just for grins and have to admit, I totally Squee'd! I always called ANY bikini I wore my "backyard bikini" or my "inappropriate bathing suit". Well, I definitely need to get me a new, hot bikini to match my new, hot bod!

My Rash

Okay, so I shared that my surgical dressing is finally off and my incision looks great. I was using the white paper tape over the incision sites and saw someone on RS using a tan colored tape that blended better and didn't stick out like a sore thumb, so of course I got on Amazon and ordered me some Micropore tan tape. Love the stuff! Looks so much better!
Prior to having surgery, I had ordered Mepitac Silicone Tape in anticipation of scar treatment when the time came. I dont have an appointment with my PS until Sept. 13th, So I checked the RS site to see how long post op before I could start using it. The answer was typically 3-4 weeks...as long as the Incision was closed and healed and no scabs. I was glad for that answer because I was notiing that my incision area was becoming increasingly itchy. I've read on RS that ladies experience itching post op, so at first I just thought it was part of healing. i do have an allergy to latex and adhesives so that is always a possibility.
Then the rash showed up. I removed the paper tape, washed the area with Hibiclense, pat it dry then let it air dry for a few minutes. I applied the Mepitac Silicone Tape to both my TT and BA inisions. It was kind of like applying a decal...have to smooth and make sure all air bubbles are squeezed out. Supposed to be able to reuse the silicone strip!
I noticed that on the left side of my incision, the silicone strip was lifting and after examining the incision, there was a small area that was open, like a cut. I cleaned the area and then applied antiobiotic ointment and cut a piece of non stick gauze and recovered it with the silicone tape. So far so good.
I had gotten some Cortizone 10 and a roll of gauze. I applied the Cortizone 10 to my rash then cut a strip of gauze the length just a bit longer than my incision to cover the medication so I wouldn't get it all over my Spanx.
As I read on RS, I probably have a contact dermatitis and that it can take 1-2 weeks to clear up.
So patient I'll have to be.

6 Week Post Op

6 weeks! Overall, I feel that I've done really well through this post op experience.
It's the rash (which turned out to be a fungal infection, I'm supposing it is from wearing the Spanx in the Texas heat for my daughters 3 day horseback riding competition...I change my Spanx at least once a day, but was at the arena from 8am-6pm everyday) has affected me the most, I guess because I was pretty mentally prepared for surgical post op, but not the rash. Especially due to the fact that I had just turned the corner and was feeling more myself finally. I'm probably 90% rash free. That rash has been a bitch! My PS initially told me to use Cortizone first for the itch then layer with the Nystatin. Well, the rash just blew up! I googled it and apparently, you NEVER use a steroid medication with a fungal infection because it feeds on the steroid and grows! So this rash, that is covering my torso, under my boobs, down both thighs and my arms was raging...I was showering twice a day and reapplying the Nystatin. I got some over the counter cream, Lotrimin and used it at noontime.
I was changing my clothes 3 times a day and unable to wear my Spanx or tape on my incisions...I was all kinds of cray cray!
I was looking as bad as I did right out of surgery.
Well, I'm finally looking human again. The itching is minimal and my mental state improved.
I went to Victoria Secret to try on bra's and see what size...I'm surprised that I'm a
36 DD! My boobs look amazing in a bra.
I thought that the rash was going to screw up my scars, but amazingly, looks great!
I'm hoping to start back at the gym this week...slow start. My PS has given me the all clear and no restrictions.

Bra Fitting

Okay, so I have a friend that recommended that I get fitted for my new bra size and so off I went. The girl doing the fitting asked what size bra I was wearing and I told her that it was a brand new VS 36DD. She just shook her head, took out a measuring tape and left, coming back with a couple of full coverage bras. When I say full coverage, I mean that this thing looked like a bra turtleneck. Well she commenced to buckle me in, adjust straps and asked me how it felt. Well, it felt glorious! I asked her what size bra it was and she told me it was a 36 G. I about fell out when I heard that and was all like, whatever! I couldn't wtP myself around the fact that I could possibly be a G cup. She explained how a bra was supposed to fit, where the underwire is supposed sit, how the straps lay...I didn't realize there was a such a science behind the fit of a bra!
Well, I took that one off and put my VS bra on to compare the fit and there was no comparison...The VS was not fitting like the bigger size. It's like I didn't know how a comfortable bra felt until that moment.
I bought 2 bras even though in the back of my mind I know my boobs prolly still have some settling to do. They are just Sooo comfortable!!

Bikini before and after

I had to go back and compare...
Richardson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Byrne and staff were very nice and pleasant. Everyone was so friendly and the office is gorgeous. Dr. Byrne is "All Business" and obviously knows his stuff. He was very informative and patient.

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