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I'm so excited that I am up writing a "pre-review"...

I'm so excited that I am up writing a "pre-review" when I should be asleep... because I'm having my teeth whitened in the morning. I have read a lot of reviews and feel i am pretty well prepared for what is to come. I will be sure to take a clear before and after photo to post tomorrow! I absolutely can not wait!!!

Zoom Whitening

I'm excited because I'm excited! Yes, I have tried various over the counter treatments that haven't whitened/lightened my teeth. I have some slight crowding at the bottom which has contributed to discoloration and has been bothersome to me. 

So as for the procedure... I purchased a Living Social coupon that covered 2- 15 minute treatments. I took two Tylenol 500mg before I left home. The prep was really the most uncomfortable part of my entire treatment experience. The mouth guard and the gauze rubbed my gums. I didn't experience any pain during the procedure at all. I was bracing myself for the "zingers" but they never happened (not during the zoom treatment anyway). In all the entire treatment took about 45 minutes. Afterwards the dentist asked if I wanted to leave the treatment on my teeth without the light to further lighten my teeth. I said yes but after about 5 minutes I had enough of the mouth guard. 

After cleaning up my mouth the dental assistant suggested custom take home trays for continued whitening. Molds would have to be taken which to me seemed like a step that should have been done prior to the whitening since my mouth was now sore and the possibility of tooth sensitivity was high. Anyhow, I wanted to see my teeth before I decided. The dental assistant handed me a mirror and I was kind of thrown off. My teeth didn't seem as white as I was expecting. They were "whiter" but not "bleached white" like I was expecting. Not right away... The assistant went and grabbed my before tooth color to show me. First of all my original tooth color was A1. If you know anything about tooth discoloration that is already pretty white (which I didn't know) After Zoom my tooth color was 030. But I still didn't see a significant change. So I decided to have to the custom trays made. 

We finished up that process and I left the office. Still no pain. I go straight to the car and whip out my phone to take pictures of my teeth. THEN I realize and notice just how WHITE my teeth have become. I was pleasantly surprised. I am assuming the lights in the dental office didn't really do much to reveal the actual brightness. Anyhow, I got about 5 miles from the office and experienced my first of only two "zingers" and um it is the type of pain that comes over you and you pause for a second trying to figure out where it's coming from. Lol. It only lasted about 5 seconds and went away. I kept my mouth closed the rest of the way home. When I got home I was fine until I opened my mouth to laugh. I think the air is what caused the second "zinger" and I again froze and then quickly remembered it was tooth sensitivity. After a couple more hours my teeth seemed even whiter. I took more pics and it was obvious that my teeth had lightened/whitened/brightened! The very noticeable discoloration of my crowded lower teeth was gone. 

All in all I was happy with the outcome. I would do it again buy probably have the 3-4 15 sessions instead of just 2 since my pain and sensitivity during treatment was very minimal.

Before pic

Rockville Dentist

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