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I'm looking for people who have had tummy tucks...

I'm looking for people who have had tummy tucks with Dr. Tattlebaum with my build, 5'0", 120 lbs who have extra skin from pregnancies (in my case, 3 pregnancies). Can anyone share photos and recovery details, pain, how long for recovery and visible results. I'm up in the air with whether I want to go through this procedure.

So those of you who have had TT's ... can you get...

So those of you who have had TT's ... can you get up from a laying down position or sitting position at post op day 1 or do you need help from someone? Is it more of a "pain" in that area or just "sensitivity" where the incision is?

Surgery Day - April 5 Woke up from surgery very...

Surgery Day - April 5
Woke up from surgery very dizzy and nauseous, took me a while before they could get me up, I kept feeling like I was gonna fall over and/or vomit! Went to pee, but barely came out, so they sent me home with a catheter. That was a great idea, as I don't think i could have gotten up so many times to go - when I woke up the next morning the bag was filled to the top! My husband helped me remove it and I was able to go normal on my own. And my aching back, I was so stiff when I got out of bed, it was awful!

PO Day 1 - April 6
Woke up so stiff ... and today was my baby's 13th Birthday. I basically lounged all day, and my husband did a lot of cooking and baking so we could celebrate my "teenager's" birthday ;) Biggest issue is the aching back from walking hunched over ... thank goodness I have a walker that was my dad's, and a toilet seat riser with handles! The only other real pain was in my stomach, too hard to lift myself up so had to be push up by my shoulders. Woke up in the middle of the night and had to wake my husband to help me up to pee. My back hurt so bad I had to sleep the rest of the night in a sitting up position in bed with the pillows under my knees (did I ever mention, I am NOT a back sleeper, so this is extra hard for me)!!

PO Day 2 - April 7
More lounging around today, had my coffee and read the newspaper. We watched a movie and really not much else. My back again is my biggest complaint - it is so stiff and sore :( Let's hope tomorrow is better, husband is going back to work and son is done spring break and back to school. I do have a friend coming to stay with me for part of the day, so that will be great. More to come tomorrow ...

PO Day 3 - April 8 Woke up feeling okay. Had a...

PO Day 3 - April 8
Woke up feeling okay. Had a good visit from a friend from about 9 am to 1 pm, then took a nap when she left. Feeling bloated and uncomfortable tonight and same old back aches...going to bed soon and hope tomorrow is a better day! Have another friend coming to visit and will try to get my hair washed and sponged clean. I'm hoping after my follow up Thursday they'll tell me I can start to straighten up before my back snaps!!!

PO Day 4 - April 9 Yesterday was another okay...

PO Day 4 - April 9
Yesterday was another okay day, had a visit from another girlfriend, last day of taking Percocet, took 2 in the am and 2 later in the afternoon and slept alot yesterday. So decided I would get off the pain meds tomorrow and try to get moving more. This has been harder than I expected, I am not seeming to bounce back as quickly as it sounds some of you are. I'm usually very active and being stuck laying around is not my thing, so has me quite down.

PO Day 5 - April 10
Today has by far been my worst. I did clean up myself today, and even changed the pads under my CG, but my mental state is not so good and I really had a breakdown today. Been so depressed and hardly ate, not really an appetite and on top of that, diarrhea all day and not sure why. My friend who came by yesterday came again today when I called her crying. She did wash my hair for me and got me laughing some, but my stomach feels like I have all kinds of things going on in there. Not draining hardly at all, so I pray that comes out tomorrow at my follow up and they tell me I can start to walk straight - that could make some sort of difference I'm sure. I also just feel so swollen which also depresses me - sorry for all the whining, guess I'm not handling this as well as I thought I could, I'm usually much stronger than this. Please tell me the light at the end of the tunnel is near, I need to get out of this funk!

PO Day 6 - April 11 Wow, what a difference a day...

PO Day 6 - April 11
Wow, what a difference a day can make! I had a wonderful day today. My husband was off today and took me to my followup appointment. I saw Eve instead of Dr. T, but she said everything looked wonderful, the only downside was I have to have my drain until Tuesday. Tuesday was my last day on pain meds, so I'm only on my antibiotic which I needed changed. My husband and I went to lunch after and had a visit from my daughter and her friend from college for dinner. I feel so much better and I'm walking near upright, so only complaint now is still back pain and she said just take my time getting straight and she'll see me next week. I'll be so glad when this drain comes out as it is a pain when it comes to putting clothes on!! Looking forward to the weekend and spending time with my family :) Thank you all for all your words of support and letting me know what to expect and my feelings are normal - it's great having such a huge support group!! Will post some updated pics soon.

PO Day 7 - April 12 Had another great day...

PO Day 7 - April 12
Had another great day yesterday, got a lot done and had my first real shower (drain still in though). I felt more like myself, just lots of back pain and rests in between working around the house. It feels so good to start getting back into a bit of a routine. I am ready to drive, but will have to test it out, maybe Monday ... my next follow up in Tuesday and would like to be able to get myself there without relying on someone else. Oh, and I've started to tell some family members ... I wanted to wait until after the fact so I didn't get any negativity ... surprisingly, those I've told reacted quite well (or so they did when I told them ... who knows, maybe they still think I'm crazy, but this is for me and I honestly don't care or need their approval, just wanted to get it out there). I know I'm not the only one who has those issues, so thanks for listening :)

PO Day 8 - April 13
Each day just keeps getting better for me. It felt so good to get out of the house with my husband to run a few errands and the weather was beautiful. Got more stuff done around the house and just realized ... taxes are due in 2 days and we do NOT have those done - AHHHH, tomorrow is gonna be a busy day and we have a soccer game over an hour away which will eat up a good part of the day. Anyway, hope everyone else is gradually getting better as well. I found another binder at WalMart today which I think will be so much better than this one I got after surgery (this one is too long and rides up a lot). Counting down the days until Tuesday when I hopefully get this drain out - what a pain in the A** it is to try to wear clothes over this and hide it (especially when it's warm out and you can't really wear a lot of clothes over top to cover it up). I do think I have swelling with all I'm doing and I can't wait for the scar to flatten out ... there's my two cents for the day :) Happy healing everyone!! And I still need to get some pictures ... soon ...

PO Day 9-11 - April 14-16 Well, PO Day 9 -...

PO Day 9-11 - April 14-16

Well, PO Day 9 - Sunday, April 14 was a fun day, was out most of the day for my son's soccer game which was over an hour away, weather was beautiful and felt great to be out! Only complaint as always, lower back pain and stiffness when I sit too long.

PO Day 10 - Monday, April 15 I was home all day, mostly lounging (had the HVAC guy out working on our upstairs AC unit and had to finish taxes .... nothing like last minute and I do mean, I hit the send button at 11:00 pm!!) I felt good as well yesterday, just was so frustrated with that drain - how I hated that thing!

PO Day 11 - April 16
I had a follow up today again with Eve and got the drain out (was SOOO happy and no pain with that, felt like something rubbing up against my skin and it was short and sweet). She said everything looked great and could't believe I was only 11 days out and how well I was doing, no pain meds since last week. Unfortunately I missed Dr. T, but to my surprise, he called me to check how I was feeling and said sorry he missed me - he really is a great doc! I go back next Friday for another follow up with him. Can't wait to continually watch the changes. Will post a couple pics now ...

PO Day 12 - April 17 Did I mention I HATE...

PO Day 12 - April 17
Did I mention I HATE sleeping on my back ... and the past couple times I've had to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I had to nudge my hubby to push me from my back - I get so stiff in that position and can't get up! Can't wait until I feel comfortable transitioning to my side ... how long for some of you?? I'm just lounging right now on the sofa w/the newspapers and laptop ... don't want to do too much, though I would love to be out shopping or something other than sitting here :) Hope everyone else is doing well ... I'd love to fast forward a month or two ... so ready to exercise and move around!

PO Day 13 - April 18 Feeling better and better...

PO Day 13 - April 18
Feeling better and better each day, just lazy (I guess because I can be, since I don't have to worry about going back to work because I don't work out side of the home). Usually first thing in the am I'm up starting laundry, doing dishes, etc. Most mornings I'm on the sofa now w/the newspaper and one of my electronic devices relaxing (LOL). Anyway, I hope everyone is getting better each day, what a process it is. Question ... does anyone else notice swelling lower mid section, like near the pubic area/incision? I seem puffy there and don't know if I'm not wearing the CG low enough at night. I keep going back to WalMart too buying/trying different ones. I don't really like the biker type ones because they indent in my thigh and you can see that under pants, plus they are just a pain to pull up and down. I bought two other ones yesterday I haven't tried yet, one has a snap crotch and ends more like a panty and doesn't go down your thigh, but goes up and around under your bra area (like a bodysuit thing) and the other is just a like the top part around the bra area, but stops at your panty line ... hopefully both are acceptable, I'll probably take the all in for my doc to see next Friday - just not sure where all the compression needs to be and if everything is tight enough according to the doc ... I can't get any tighter or I won't be able to breathe! I never thought I'd like the feeling of wearing these things, but now I see what people mean by they feel more secure wearing the after the procedure ... just seems to feel like it holds everything together (LOL) ... suggestions and comments welcome!! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks, can't believe it myself :)

PO 2 Weeks - April 19 My 2 week mark was a great...

PO 2 Weeks - April 19
My 2 week mark was a great day ... had lunch with my husband and did some shopping with a new friend. Felt great all day, just stiff as always if I sit too long and get tired more quickly than normal. The weekend was spent away at a soccer tournament and I was feeling really good, even slept well in the hotel which was surprising! Today I went to lunch again and shopping with a friend, and not sure why, but I felt so tired after and my back was killing me from top to bottom! Been on the sofa with a heating pad and relaxing tonight!! My incision is scabbing and sometimes drives me crazy, hoping it will continue to lighten and flatten out ... bathing suit shopping was getting discouraging today. My 3 week is this coming Friday and also my follow-up with the doctor ... can't wait to see what he thinks. Hope everyone else is healing well!

I just posted my 2 week pictures from Friday...

I just posted my 2 week pictures from Friday 04/19/13. I am still swollen, so I expect to be smaller eventually and my scar needs to flatten and of course lighten :) You can't tell from the pictures, but my belly button is really still flatter than it looks in the picture, I want it to go in more. So far, I guess it's healing well, I shouldn't complain. Still feel very tight and not walking completely straight. Will take 3 week pictures this Friday and get them up this weekend.

April 26th was PO 3 Weeks. I've been feeling...

April 26th was PO 3 Weeks. I've been feeling great, just get tired if I walk too much and swell by the end of the day if I'm running around too much. Had my 3 week PO visit w/the doctor also on Friday. He said everything looks great, healing well and I had a stomach to die for (LOL ... I'm sure he tells all the girls that)! Anyway, my main concern is that my "release" on my left breast continues to drop into place and fill out as nicely as the right one is. Also, most of the swelling I get seems to be above the BB ... just curious if that is the case with anyone else ... my next appointment is Tuesday, May 7th ... so hoping for more good news from the doc then!

05/03/13-PO 4 WEEKS As of PO 4 weeks, feeling...

05/03/13-PO 4 WEEKS
As of PO 4 weeks, feeling great ... just dealing with swelling by mid day to evening, and if I walk a lot, I can really start to feel it. I seem to have more swelling above the BB then below, but I am getting it in both places. I wear my CG 24/7 pretty much. I've been alternating between Mederma, Bio-Oil and Cocoa Butter Oil on my scars. I go for my 4 week appointment tomorrow, so anxious to see what the doc has to say ... if anything important, I'll be sure to update. Hope everyone else is doing well!!

05/10/13-PO 5 WEEKS I went for my 4 week follow...

05/10/13-PO 5 WEEKS
I went for my 4 week follow up last Friday (05/03/13)...doc said everything looks great and yes I will continue to have swelling above the BB where the MR was done and below the BB for a while on and off! He also cleared me to start light exercise (treadmill, elliptical and upper body-arms). I go for my next appointment on May 31 which will be 8 weeks (can't believe 2 months will have passed)! My scar is getting lighter and the puckering is going down more (my left side which more). I'm curious to know if AND when any of you ladies have been able to lay on your belly yet? I still can't, it feels too weird. I also have a hard time if I lay on the ground to do leg lefts, I can't roll from one side to the other, I have to sit up and then get on the other side. Just wondering if anyone else feels awkward doing certain movements and how long that lasts. HAPPY HEALING to everyone else!! :)

PO WEEKS 6 through 9

05/17/13-PO 6 WEEKS THROUGH 06/07/13 PO 9 WEEKS
I've missed posting the past 4 weeks ... I can't even believe that much more time has gone by! I saw the doc last Friday (PO 8 Weeks), he said everything looked wonderful and he was very happy with what he saw, including my left breast which had the capsular contracture. I will go back to see him around the end of July, which would put me at about 16 weeks/4 months. Not a lot to report over the past 4 weeks - hardly ever swell anymore, and if I do, it's just minimal and above the BB where my MR is. I can do most exercises, though I forgot to ask him about ab exercises and not even sure I'd feel up to it yet ... I'm going to send him an email to ask him about it though just so I know. I don't get tired like I did in the beginning, so I am basically back to my old self as far as I can tell. I sleep on my back or on either side just fine. I'll post pictures tomorrow for the past 4 weeks after I finish uploading them. Hope everyone else is doing well!!





06/14/13 -PO 10 WEEKS

All in all, feeling great. I haven't really worn any type of CG since my 8 week PO visit with the doc, only if I feel swollen at night, I'll sleep in it - but again, I think I've only done that less than a handful of times since then. I've got to say, after Father's Day yesterday, that is the most swollen/uncomfortable I've felt! We ate and drank a lot and I was regretting it last night. I feel fine today, but think I added a couple pounds just from all the "fun" we had yesterday - need to be good now the rest of the week (LOL)! My next appointment is July 12 which will put me at PO 14 weeks. As always, my only complaint is the upper ab MR area which feels hard and swells if I do too much. Here's hoping that stops permanently sooner than later!



So does anyone else get this red blotchiness after laying in the sun? It shows up when I'm laying out and fades by the time I shower and evens out...it's just down the middle where I had the MR. Gonna email pics to my doc also to see if he can tell me why. Will post my 11 Week PO pics tomorrow.

06/21/13 - PO 11 WEEKS & 06/28/13 - PO 12 WEEKS

Nothing new to report ... the scar is getting flatter and lighter week by week. Upper abs still feel weird to me, and a little numb ... but not as bad as I thought it might be when I've read of others who say how numb they feel. I want to get on a workout routine, but with summer here, kids home and having a pool, I've not been real disciplined. Attached are a few pictures.


07/05/13 - PO 3 MONTHS TODAY!

3 Months today ... scar lightening and flattening :) Feeling more normal all the time.


07/12/13 - PO 14 WEEKS

Saw my doc on Friday, 07/12, 14 weeks PO. I got his blessing to get my BB repierced, and I did just that when I got home that evening. I'm still just a little numb straight down the middle of my stomach. Other than that, I feel 100%, back working out and enjoying my new bod.


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I had a BA in May 2012. I was referred to Dr. T from a friend and I liked him instantly and felt very comfortable with him. Unfortunately, I developed a capsular contracture and have an appointment to discuss revision surgery and a TT.

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