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Hello Ladies! I have always wanted to have a tummy...

Hello Ladies! I have always wanted to have a tummy tuck since giving birth to my now (awesome) 12 year old son. I have decided at 32 that I am not having anymore children and I can finally afford the surgery soooooooooo it's on! LOL! I am 5'9 but I honestly have no idea how much I weigh (I think scales are evil). I am in the military so I work out on a regular basis but no matter how much running, crunches or spinning I do my stomach still looks like my child clawed his way out of my stomach instead of going down the birth canal! I have had 2 consultations and was not pleased with the surgeon or his staff. I had a consultation with Dr. Adam Tattelbaum on the 14th and knew on the spot that he was the one! I am scheduled for the 31st of Aug and I am exctied but afraid of complications at the same time!

Bad news! I sprained my right knee last week at...

Bad news! I sprained my right knee last week at work and may have to have surgery to correct the damage. I want find out until the 25th if I have to go under but I hope it doesn't get to that point. If so I can reschedule to a later date in 2013 but I would rather now.

I am having one issue after another with my...

I am having one issue after another with my upcoming date. First I sprain my knee and yes I have to have corrective surgery for it and now I have another major issue. NOTHING is going to keep me from my surgery even if my PS has to come to my house to do it! I will be OK but for now I just really need to vent and I have no one to really vent with since everyone thinks that I am crazy for wanting a tummy tuck! "SIGH" OK I'm done :(

OK I am finally adding pictures! I can't wait to...

OK I am finally adding pictures! I can't wait to say so long sucker to my eyesoar of a tummy! I explained to my son that I was going to have surgery and I was honest with him by telling him that I was having a tummy tuck to correct some of the damage that mommy has from carrying him around in her tummy. But even though I am having a tummy tuck having him was the best thing that could have happened to me and I would do it all over again in an instant. He just looked at me and said "you are beautiful either way" I almost cried. But then he started laughing and went on to tell me that he is not happy about me getting this surgery. He said that I will be destroying his master piece that he created........yeah whatever Picasso August 31st it's going down kid!

I am one step closer! Headed out for my blood work...

I am one step closer! Headed out for my blood work. I hope the hosptial on base will except my outside prescription for my labs if not I am going to be one sad puppy! Oh yeah it's Friday.....Later loves!

No issues with getting my lab work done in fact my...

No issues with getting my lab work done in fact my results are complete and ready for pickup. The only reason I did not fax the results to my PS office was because it was much to hot to leave work and go to the hospital and get them. LOL! I have an appointment on Tuesday for my knee so I will just pick them up then. LOL! This summer heat is a beast! Stay cool and happy healing!

I just got electricity back after almost 3...

I just got electricity back after almost 3 loooooong days of suffering in the worst heat since the creation of air conditioning! But yesterday as I sat here sweating in places I didn't know I had on my body I kept wondering if there were any post opt darlings out there suffering in the heat with no way to stay cool. :(

I have been cleared for surgery! YAY! 8 weeks and...

I have been cleared for surgery! YAY! 8 weeks and counting!

Hello dolls! Now that things are moving smoothly...

Hello dolls! Now that things are moving smoothly with my upcoming surgery I am starting to get SUPER nervous! Just days ago I was pumped, excited and ready to get it done that second. Now I am suddenly a ball of nerves. What if I have complications, what if I can't go back to work when I am scheduled, what if I am not happy with the results and end up waisting a huge amount of money? This is something I have wanted so bad for so long and I am really kicking myself for suddenly being afraid! :(

But I was afraid of labor also and I did great. Maybe I am just being a wuss! LOL!

Well I am counting down to the 31st but I am...

Well I am counting down to the 31st but I am terrified. I have my surgery on Friday the 31st and a dear friend (who had a TT back in 09) is going to care for me until Sunday and then I am on my own. My best friend was suppose to get time off to come and help me but his boss (yes my BFF is a guy...long story) told him that he could take all the time off he wants but he want be coming back to work for him! So now I really have no one to really help me except my darling neighbor but she is seriously UNDER estimating what my healing will be like. She had a c section 10 years ago and she believes that a TT is the exact same procedure and that I will be up and walking/cleaning/exercising and going to 6 Flags to ride roller coasters by the next week. She just doesn't get it.......don't get me wrong she is a sweetheart and will give you the shirt off her back she is just naive to what a TT actually is. Needless to say I am seriously considering calling it off! I an stressed and overwhelmed with fear of being alone and unable to care for myself.

OK so I am over my hissy fit! Things are slowly...

OK so I am over my hissy fit! Things are slowly progressing towards the 31st! I have had so many obstacle's get in my way that I am just thankful that I have not gone bonkers! Everything is paid for, my labs are done, paperwork completed, most of my gotta have items are bought and I just got my prescription for my meds today! WHEW! I can't begin to explain my feelings right now, it's almost like a dream....is this really going to happen? I have been having some probelms sleeping because my mind races at a mile a second but overall I am in good spirits! 8 days and counting.

:):):) Friday is the day! I had a co worker get...

:):):) Friday is the day! I had a co worker get upset with me last week over my decision to get a tummy tuck! LOL! It took me a few moments to realize that this person was jealous. I had yet to run into any opposition so this caught me off guard so trust me the non supporter's do exist! But ANYWHO moving right along. I am still getting things together around the house and at my job.WHEW! I still have a lot to do! Well of to work . Happy healing sweethearts!


NERVES ARE STARTING TO KICK IN! LOL! At some point today I will get my show time for tomorrow morning! The clock is ticking and I am EXCITED and NERVOUS all at the same time. 24 hours to go! :)

11:00 am show time! LESS THAN 24 HOURS UNTIL I AM...

11:00 am show time! LESS THAN 24 HOURS UNTIL I AM FLAT!

IT'S TODAY! WOW! Never thought this day would...

IT'S TODAY! WOW! Never thought this day would come, I have 1,000 emotions but the main one is anxiety to just get it over with. I suddenly have gas? NOT COOL AT ALL! I have my son and cat giving me the serious side eye like woman do something about that? Well I am going to shower and do one last check to make sure I have all my items since I will be recovering at a friends house for the first 4 days. She is a TT alumni and is going to take wonderful care of me! Well this is me signing off............see you on the other side. The FLAT side that is! Happy healing my lovelies!

Keep me in your prayers!

Surgey went extremly well yesteray and one of my...

Surgey went extremly well yesteray and one of my friends is taking great care of me! It's hard to get up to go the bathroom but once I am up I fine. I have had no nausua and have been sleeping well from my meds. Dr Tattelbaum and his staff were AMAZING, From answering my quesions to making me feel at ease. Dr. Tattelbaum even called me personaly to check on me that evening. That meant alot. So far I have coughed.....not cool.....got myself up to go to the restroom.....yay.........but I have not looked under my binder. According to my friend I still have some stretch marks but I don't care. I think the trade off was worth it. I think I bit my tounge while I was alseep! LOL! It is very soar and raw feeling (no biggie).. Well I am about to sign off my meds are starting to kick in and I am shutting down. But overall I am just fine!

Hello my loves! I am now 2 days post opt! I get to...

Hello my loves! I am now 2 days post opt! I get to take a peek under my compression garment later today and I am afraid to look. LOL! But other than that I am up and walking around, not a lot but I am able to go to the bathroom and stroll around the house enough to give me some slight exercise. My only issue is being unable to get comfortable, no matter how I prop myself up, use pillows, or readjust I just can't get comfy! Any suggestions?

Dr. Tattelbaum has called twice since I have been home to check on me. The first time was a few hours after surgery. He asked me how I felt and I said that I felt like someone that had just had a tummy tuck. LOL! He called again the following day and seemed shocked by my high spirits. I have a high tolerance for pain and am always happy and smiling so although I am a little soar I am still my usual happy self.

Still walking bent over and I am in need of a bath! Not a truck stop prostitute bath either but a real bath with suds, rubber ducks, candles and a back massage! But that will be awhile from now. My follow up is on Thursday but I doubt I will get my drain removed. Oh yeah my drain. I only have 1 and so far it has given me no problems (fingers crossed) . Overall I am fine just slow and gassy! LOL!

I just had the best sleep ever! I came out into...

I just had the best sleep ever! I came out into the family room and sat on the nice comfy couch and BAM......lights out! I feel so good!

I just took my first wash up...................

I just took my first wash up.................HAHAHAHA! It was comical. But I got to see myself without my garment for the first time. I teared up because I am not use to seeing a smooth, flat stomach on ME! Now I am swollen like hell but I can already see my results! Also I just got another call from Dr. Tattelbaum! I go back home tomorrow night and I am not looking forward to it. My friend has been taking such great care of me that I am afraid of what I am going to do without her. But I can do this. I can do this, I can do this!

I slept extremely well last night and I feel...

I slept extremely well last night and I feel refreshed and happy. I am up and moving (like a injured turtle) and am able to get to where I need to be. My back is very stiff and tight which makes me think that I am going to fall so I don't travel very far. My appetite never really left and I have been dreaming of all kinds of delights that I can't have. I want mention them here but a snicker's cheesecake from the cheese cake factory would really make me happy. I love cheesecake! If I had to decide between cheesecake or Channing Tatum and Shemar Moore it would be a very, very hard decision for me to make. :) Well I am going to eat some applesauce now :( I will keep you ladies posted on today's adventure!

So I have this cat named Lady whom I adore and she...

So I have this cat named Lady whom I adore and she happens to be crazy about me as well. I have not been home since Thursday and today is my first day back. In the last 2 hours Lady has.

1. Jumped on my stomach
2. Jumped off my stomach
3. Did that back and forth criss cross dance around my ankles as I tried to walk

And just now this hussy jumps up and PUKES on my darn floor! In three different places. I am home alone now because my son went with my neighbor to the store. Now this trick is looking at me because she wants to jump back on my stomach to lay down! How about no but HELL NO! Have fun outdoors Lady, mommy loves you........YOU #$%^@

Just added new pics! I still have a few stretch...

Just added new pics! I still have a few stretch marks which I could care less about and I am REALLY swollen but this to shall pass!

Last nights adventure! First my soon to be 13 year...

Last nights adventure! First my soon to be 13 year old son has been going all out to help me. I love him so much but I would rather he play XBOX live or hang with his friends. He is just a kid and needs to do kid things instead of taking care of me but he refuses to leave me. NOW THAT'S LOVE! He is getting those new sneaker's he saw in the mall for sure now! LOL!

MY CAT! That little four legged street walker was allowed back into my home just before I went to bed ONLY to get me again! Yes she puked again! This puts me in a bad situation because obviously she's sick but guess what? I HAD A TUMMY TUCK? So I'm not exactly in the "lets go hang out at the vet" sort of mood! (Big Sigh) Hopefully she will be OK!

As far at the TT I am still doing good. My yellow strips are starting to peel from my incision (as you can see in the pics I posted). I called my PS and he said to just let them stay and they will fall off on their own, or I could cut off the pieces that are hanging off. Either way I am now 4 days post opt! If I wasn't swollen, bloated, drugged, and the understudy for quasimodo (hunchback) I would do a little dance.

Well I have to run my son wants to download some music onto his IPOD before he walks to school.....and I can't tell him no after being so supportive on my first day back home!

Til later loves!

Today's latest adventure. COLACE.....IT'S WHAT'S...

Today's latest adventure. COLACE.....IT'S WHAT'S UP! I feel like a new person! And if you have not already had surgery a raised toilet seat will be a HUGE help when you are post opt. Especially in the first few days! Wal Mart has them for cheap I think I only paid $27.00 for mine and what an investment. I think I am going to have to take a nap after today's good ole time! Well that will be all then.... cheerio!

Captain's log 2012! So I awake at 5:00 in the...

Captain's log 2012! So I awake at 5:00 in the morning from a percocet cocktail to be faced head on by zombies on my big screen TV gettng shot by son on XBOX live!


1. What do zombies have to do with Modern Warfare 3?
2. What is my son doing killing zombies at 0500 on a school day?
3. They are already dead.........so technically how do you really kill a zombie?
4. Why am I craving tuna and crackers?

So this is how day 5 post opt is starting! Last night was a little rough only because I didn't stay on top of my meds. Once again let me clarify I am really only taking my meds due to back pain from walking bent over and from laying in a reclined position. My stomach is really not hurting except if I have to cough. If you can help it /prevent it/ or sustain it DO NOT cough while post opt. I hope I never cough again for the rest of my life. I took the advice of former TT dolls and got cough drops and I was thankful I did. I highly recommend them especially when you first get home from surgery and your thoart is all dry and achy. No they will not keep you from coughing all together but they are a great prevention method to prevent most coughs.....kind of like birth control I guess?

Oh yeah get a SHOWER CHAIR I got one because it was super cheap at Wal Mart and I am so glad that I did. I am unable to shower until my drain is removed but I have been taking bird baths (which I hate) in the face sink. I sit in my shower chair to do this and I could not imagine using one of my good dining room chairs for this event. Because well dining room chairs although free and already available are for dining not washing your who who.....got it!

Well my son just announced that he got the final kill so now I am going to reward him by sending him to school.

Happy Healing Lovely Ladies!

OK so the kid is gone to school, I have had...

OK so the kid is gone to school, I have had breakfast (oatmeal, banana and one hard boiled egg) and took my antibiotics/colace and now I am just sitting here looking stupid but I feel great. No pain. Just a stiff back. But I have noticed that drinking water makes my compression garment tighter. Not eating but drinking. Has anyone else noticed this?

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good...

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good pics! I am still VERY swollen. I am also cursed with a short torso (I am 5'9 and all legs) so to me I am titanic in my midsection because I don't have the long sexy torso that so many of you are blessed with to even out the swelling. As you can see from my pics I am still unable to stand straight so I am bent slightly which is KILLING my lower back!

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good...

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good pics! I am still VERY swollen. I am also cursed with a short torso (I am 5'9 and all legs) so to me I am titanic in my midsection because I don't have the long sexy torso that so many of you are blessed with to even out the swelling. As you can see from my pics I am still unable to stand straight so I am bent slightly which is KILLING my lower back!

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good...

I was able to stand long enough to get 2 good pics! I am still VERY swollen. I am also cursed with a short torso (I am 5'9 and all legs) so to me I am titanic in my midsection because I don't have the long sexy torso that so many of you are blessed with to even out the swelling. As you can see from my pics I am still unable to stand straight so I am bent slightly which is KILLING my lower back!

Sorry for the same post 3 times yesterday....

Sorry for the same post 3 times yesterday. Sometimes my wireless service just flat out sucks. Well I am headed out to my 1st follow up hopefully I will get my drained removed, maybe even begin scar treatment because so far my scar is the anti cute! I am exhausted already but I did my hair and makeup for the first time since Thurs the 30th of Aug and I feel like myself again.....sort of! But I am so ready for a nap.

My cat slept on my stomach the entire night. And it didn't bother me at all. Well I'm lying I made her move then laid a pillow over my stomach and then we both passed out. Me from percocet, she... well she's just a lazy ass cat!

Well that is it for now! Til later loves!

The follow up adventure! I awake with plenty...

The follow up adventure!

I awake with plenty of time to get myself ready for my 1:30 appt. I even did my hair and makeup because I have been looking like a crack head (in desperate need of crack) since Friday the 31st! I have no issues and no problems and I looked pretty hot if I must say so myself. My good friend from work came to take me and we set off for Rockville Maryland like Thelma and Louise! Then she runs a red light and we get pulled over by a MP on base...IN FRONT OF OUR JOB! The MP was very polite, courtious and (clears thoart) very nice to stare at! So what does my friend do? She tries to use me as an excuse to get out of the ticket because I just had surgery and she was afraid of slidding due to the rain and hurting me. He looks in the car and my dumb self is made up like Nikki Minaj..........yeah there goes that excuse. So she gets a ticket! OK so we set off again with zero problems. I get to my appt at least an hour early but my doc is ahead of schedule and I am seen on the spot. Thank the Lord everything looks good and is healing fine the only issue is that I DID NOT get my drain removed. How did this make me feel? Well I'm glad you asked! Now when he broke the news to me I was unable to see myself in a mirror but I am pretty sure I looked like Puss N Boots when he does that big eyed, sweet, innocent look! AND IT STILL DIDN'T WORK! So here I am at home with this darn drain :( But I got clearance to take a shower :) and when I do it's going to be like those old herbel essence commercials.....you know which one's I'm talking about! YES, YES, YES! I am pretty sure it's going to be in slow motion also. Wow I'm tired just writing that. Oh yeah and I had a turkey sandwich from subway. I had no idea I was so hungry I took that sub down like I was a tigress on the African plains and that sub was some zebra ass!

And now I must rest!




I am laying here thinking of all the times in the...

I am laying here thinking of all the times in the past that I didn't do something or didn't go to some event because I wasn't happy with myself. The annual Air Force Ball, girl's night out, even superbowl parties all because I knew that I wouldn't look the way I wanted. And I am sure many of you can relate. My feelings had nothing to do with my self esteem or self worth is was just a matter of being self conscious and uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable with your apperance can play a huge role in how you feel and how you present yourself to others. And although I am still swollen and walking slightly bent over I am very humbled right now knowing that when I walk into a room I will look the way I have always felt on the inside. Beautiful, confident, strong....clumsy and witty. I don't have to hide anymore. Freedom! That is what I feel right now. Freedom to be me without folding my arms across my mid section or putting my purse in my lap when I sit or dreading summer because I can't hide my stomach behind layers of clothing. Sorry to get all sentimental but I just needed to share this moment with someone. My twin sister is asleep, my son is...well a soon to be teen (girl's are just weird to him) and my cat (although years of Disney movies would have use believe it is possible) can't talk! So thank you ladies for all the support and understanding!

Good night my loves!


HAPPY ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY TO ME! Last week at this exact same time I was just about to get up and start the day. Oh the emotions and thoughts I had while lying there.

At first I was afraid! I was petrified.........I kept thinking how am I going to live without this fat on my sides. But I have spent so many nights having sex with a T shirt on and I grew strong and I went and got this surgery done!

Oh yes your girl has talent! And I feel really, really good today. One week post opt already? I am still just a tad bit slow but looking back at the past week I must say I'm a pretty bad chic. No this has not been easy or without it's moments of discomfort and sometimes it was downright painful but I really feel happy and content with my decision. The last two times that I felt this way were after graduating from basic training and after giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. I am now able to add this event to my life changing moments. :)

I hope I continue to heal at the rate that I have and although I still have a few more milestones ahead of me I am extremely happy with my results so far.

I think I may have really over done it yesterday!...

I think I may have really over done it yesterday! I have been napping off and on all morning! So lesson learned. Take it easy ladies. Although we may feel better we are still healing from some severe trauma. At least I know I am I think he did muscle repair on every muscle in my body. But I noticed that I am getting stronger, I am faster at getting off the couch, and I am able to take deep breathes without feeling uncomfortable. And I haven't downed a pain pill yet. However I am still unable to bend to do simple things like shave my legs or other more intimate places. I am starting to look like a 70's porn star which brings up another point. I can see my who who which I haven't seen since I was 5 months pregnant........in 1999. Do you know how long that is? If you really think about it we as a country have had several very important and historical events take place since the last time I saw my vag! The reality of my decision is really starting to settle in and the fact that the last time I saw my wonderworld gas was still 89 cent a gallon is well....deep (no pun intended) WOW JUST WOW!

Well I am going to make myself some tuna (no pun intended)

Ta ta for now!

I think I am healed? LOL! I am watching Tom Arnold...

I think I am healed? LOL! I am watching Tom Arnold do live stand up on cable! I am DYING laughing and it doesn't hurt! One week later and I am freaking rolling laughing so for all of you that are afraid take it from me you will be OK!

I have a funny story to tell since so many of you...

I have a funny story to tell since so many of you have been following my progress and have heard about the infamous Lady Kitty that is my darling tabby cat! Well it starts like this.....

Lady was a stray that was abandoned by her previous owners when they PCS'd oversees because they were unable to pay for her quarantine (remember I am in the Air Force) and the first time I saw her she was so sick and skinny my first thoughts were "this cat is not going to make it" but after some tender loving care, cans of tuna, a bath, clean water and lots of love she is now a big spoiled fatty. However there were certain things that were OFF about her. Well fast forward to 4 years after I have had her... I got orders to my current duty station and I decided to get her spayed. So I make the appt and my son and I drop her off. We are told that we can get her in 48 hours so I hug her and hand her over to the vet's assistant.

48 hours later....

My son and I return to pick up Lady Kitty but we are told to stand by because the vet wants to speak with me. I'm thinking OK what happened to my girl? Well after about 10 minutes we are led back to one of the examination rooms and enters the vet.

Me: Oh god is my cat ok?

Vet: Well Ms. Cherry first let me ask you what made you think that "this" cat was female?


Vet: Hmmmmmm well Ms. Cherry if I had to decide I would say that your cat is a little more male than female.

Me/son: Deer in headlights, totally speechless

Me: So what is my cat?

Vet: Ms. Cherry your cat is a medical marvel, I have only seen this type of situation twice in my 30 years as a vet and both of those instance's were with dogs. What I am saying is that your cat is both male and female. You cat is a hermaphrodite!

Me: But I named this thing Lady

Vet: Well technically you are half right

So yes ladies there you have it! My darling furry pet is a half and half. We now call her Lady GaGa behind her back. And no I never once wanted to abandon her or have her killed. She just happens to be different. Yes I was little put off by her for awhile but that is my homie!

I must share this experience right now! As some of...

I must share this experience right now! As some of you know I was cleared to take my first shower yesterday by my PS! Due to over doing it yesterday I took a quick ho bath in the face sink and passed out from exhaustion. Well there was no way I was going to sleep tonight without partaking in this new craze called "The Shower" and oh my wow it was pure ecstacy! So I will give you a detailed description of what worked for me and the items I used

1. Shower (My house has two...I used the one that didn't smell like a boy's locker room)
2. Shower chair ( turned away from direct water pressure to protect my drain)
3. Elastic exercise band ( I got this idea from Kimmers25 and Bagsnob and it worked wonderfully, if you have no idea what a elastic exercise band is I have included a picture of me wearing mine. If you have had to perfrom physical therapy it's the elastic band that is used for resistance. I got mine from physical therapy from when I sprained my knee. The band is tied around your neck and is then used to clip your drain onto so that it is not in the way while you are handling business
4. Anti Bacterial soap.
5. A lot of uhhhhhing and aaaahhhhiing!

And because I am usually making a mad dash for the shower every morning anyway I honestly have always done everything in the shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, wash and condition my hair EVERYTHING. And tonight was no different. So just knock everything out while you are in there.

Oh and I also took a pain pill just because I knew that this would be a huge task, so guess who's about to pass out and dream about warm flowing water and unicorns....I am.

We have all heard of these wild romantic stories...

We have all heard of these wild romantic stories of how two individuals meet and fall madly and honestly in love. This may even be the story with you and your significant other right now :) And for those that have yet to meet the one....your day is coming. So I say all of that to say this I AM IN LOVE in just 8 days! I know it's to soon and all that but I can't help it. For the past 8 days this new guy has been nothing but supportive, and when he's not with me I feel weak and lighted headed. I can barely manage to take a step without him and I long for the moment that he wraps his loving, warm and secure embrace around me. And when I go to bed at night he knows and understands that I am uncomfortable but he is still there offering his support. So to my COMPRESSION GARMENT...... I LOVE YOU! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I shall call you Denzel!

I really, really, really need advice on this one...

I really, really, really need advice on this one ladies but as of a few hours ago I noticed that my shirt was a tad bit wet. I just ignored it and wrote it off as me spilling water or someting on me. Well I just looked down again and I have the same wetness on the other side of my shirt. So I go the bathroom lift my shirt and take a look at the pointer sisters and what the freak.... I am producing colostrum! Now before you all go OH NO let me clarify I am currently entering my 14th month of abstinence so there is no way I am pregnant and TRUST ME although it would be a great honor I am not the vessel that our Lord and Savior would select to usher the next baby Jesus onto this earth.

I called my PS and this is new to him as well but he summed it up to possibly being my meds and my hormone's changing. I also stopped taking my birth control pills a month before surgery. YES I am abstinent and on birth control. I am sure no one jumps into their vehicle with the intentions of getting into a accident however you still have car insurance correct? Get it? I rest my case! So could this just be that my body is confused with all the new changes I have had in the past week?

Has anyone else dealt with this? Or is this just something that's happening to me?

I am watching the movie "Step Up 3"! Just looking...

I am watching the movie "Step Up 3"! Just looking at these fools dance is making my stomach and back hurt. I think I will watch "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" instead! Or I could go to sleep. I just don't know... don't judge me I am post opt, in love with an inanimate object and obviously in the first stages of breastfeeding so I'm going to go before I start crying over all these tough decisions. :)

But overall today has been good. I was a little bit more soar than usual but I think that is because I stopped taking pain meds this morning. I cleaned my house (with lots of help from the kiddo) but it was light cleaning like getting the kid to take his sneakers and backpack to his room but I was able to straighten my own bedroom and bathroom and with a barstool in front of the kitchen sink I washed and dried dishes. I also cooked breakfast with the kiddo's help by putting the same barstool in front of the stove and doing my thing and I also washed a load of towels. So it was a pretty eventful day and I don't feel exhausted to be honest but bedtime is creeping up fast.

I have been getting nothing but support from so many of you and I just want to say that it really means the world to me. I know that I say some of the most insane things and I honeslty don't know how I do it, I have just always been super crazy. So with that said I am so pleased that I am able to add a little humor to these long and sometimes uncomfortable days that many of us are enduring. And to those that are researching or coming close to showtime I hope I am able to calm you and offer some sort of support! Sooooo now I lay me down to sleep in the morning I shall return my sweets!

Beautiful dreams to each of you!

GOOD MORNING ANGELS! You know 9 days ago I...


You know 9 days ago I was a 33 year old woman just trying to survive in this cold harsh world but I had always took pride in being strong and independent. Then the decision to have TT entered my world and all type's of shenanigan's ensued. Things I took pride in and did without a second thought suddenly came to a stand still. I learned that we should never take anything in life for granted. Below is a small list of those things.

Yes ladies we all understand this concept and we do it without even thinking. Our mother's taught us this, our Dr. explained why this was important and when we started going pass third base our significant other appreciated this more than anyone else. However after having a TT the ability to do the slight bend while bracing yourself and bringing your hand around and into that special place and then wiping from the entire front to the entire back just ain't gonna happen so smoothly. This is something we as ladies do multiple times throughout the day and it takes all of 3 seconds and we are able to perform this movement without a thought or care. Well since my TT I have learned a new technique called the pat around that is not as effective but it works for me.

No it's not overrated, in fact it's pretty damn important and it is something we have done without giving a second thought since the day that asshole Dr yanked us into this world of responsiblity (hey I was good on the inside no bills, no heartbreak, I didn't even have to brush my teeth and to get a good meal all I had to do was kick really hard, and I'm a twin so I even had company).

Enters tummy tuck

Suddenly breathing is not as easy, deep breathing especially, and then there are combinations that we take for granted also like, breathing and talking, breathing and sneezing, breathing and blinking! And the list goes on. Then another asshole Dr. (your PS) gives you this breathing apparatus to suck on so that your lower lungs are still getting air which will limit the possiblity of developing pneumonia! REALLY so not only can I NOT breathe but now I am suppose to simulate oral sex. SERIOUSLY! If you want to help me get this thing out of my mouth and hand a sista an oxygen mask....now that would help.

I can only speak for myself but I am probably one of the most violent and active sleeper's in the universe (unless I am cuddled with my twin then I get the BEST sleep ever, I can't explain why she just brings peace into my life) but since my TT I now sleep on my back, perfectly still, barely breathing and majority of the time I am in a drug induced coma so basiclly I sleep like I'm in a coffin! (deep sigh) oh how I long for the days when I could prop myself upon my side and cuddle my pillow. Oh how I dream of the day when I can fully turn over. I cannot wait until I am 100% healed. I am going to find a huge hill and roll down it....twice! I will never again take for granted the comfort of sleeping in the fetal position!

Yes even I have a soft heart and I love affection. My son will be 13 in 8 days so he is pass the mommy can I sit in your lap stage (which I miss) however he and I do have our moments of loving mother and son bonding and I ADORE those moments, I linger in those moments and I almost cry when they are over especially since they are becoming more and more rare because well he's growing up. So being unable to have him give me one of his bear hugs...well it makes me make this face...... :( Now aside from my son I also have a niece and since she sprung forth from the body of my twin she is my daughter by default and l love her deeply and she and I upon seeing each other go insane. She is 10 and beautiful and she makes my heart sing and when we see each other we run and embrace everytime as if I just returned from Iraq! In my current state I would be unable to do this and well that sucks. Then there is my soulmate twin sister that I honestly CANNOT let see me this way. Our bond is so strong and powerful that she left out of the room when I was in labor because I kept blowing veins while trying to get my IV and I began to cry. On the tape my now ex brother in law follows my twin into the hall and ask her what's wrong and she says "they are trying to put the IV in and it's hurting her". You can see in this video the pure hell my twin was in at the thought of me being in pain. So we made a deal that she would not come from NC to see me within my first two weeks of being post opt because my heart is her heart and vice versa. And that alone is sucking the soul from body....I MISS HER! Oh the things we take for granted until we are unable to have them!

This post is for MrsPsychoman and Kellma699! We...

This post is for MrsPsychoman and Kellma699! We have been over sharing all morning about how we have gone above and beyond to hide our tummy's........even when trying to be sexy! WELL NO MORE! In the nature of TMI I have posted 2 pics that I took of myself for my ex (we are still great friends) but if you notice I am hiding my tummy either with a sheet or with clothing. WELL NO MORE! HAHA! NO MORE I TELL YA!

Guess who just had a breakthrough? No really...

Guess who just had a breakthrough? No really guess? ME! I have a china cabinet that has a mirrored backdrop and as I was on the phone with my twin heading to the couch to lay my tired body down I caught a quick glimpse of myself and nearly passed out! I was flat.....smooth....I stood there for awhile just starring at myself in disbelief. There was one stomach instead of two, and there was no hang hovering over my third eye and only the material of my compression garment just barely peeking out around my back instead of massive amounts of flesh folds from saggy skin!

HOT, JOYFUL, SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, BEAUTIFUL, MYSTERIOUS, HAPPY, STRONG, CONFIDENT, INTRIGUING, BOLD, BLESSED AND FREE! That is how I can sum up my feelings at the moment that I realized that this was worth it. This day has been one surprise after another.

Then my son walked in the house with one of my home girls from work with him and she says "hey girl I got your mail out the mailbox for you!" Yeah I got my first statement from Care Credit............... NO LIE LOL!

Soooooooooooooo I got up this morning and made a...

Soooooooooooooo I got up this morning and made a half hearted effort to get some new pics for all my Realself peeps and HOLY SWELLING BATMAN! I am more swollen now than I was at 1 day post opt! OF COURSE I can see my results but........well I want my results now! I'm an Amercian dang it! Instant gratifiication, I need it now, want it now and I must have it ALL RIGHT NOW. But alas I must have patience and understand that the trade off WAS indeed worth it and that I want always look like swollen road kill on the side of the interstate.....in August....in Texas.

But on another note my son made me feel better by telling me this morning that not only is my mid section flatter but also my @$$

WHOA HOLD UP NOW! I never signed off on any paperwork that said I was willing to lose my booty clapping skills! Oh naw! Hell naw you'll done up and done it! Hopefully my booty just looks smaller due to the massive swelling around my midsection. Because I'm sorry I can't afford a BBL after this TT! No I don't want to look like J Lo! I liked MY booty...but I would like to look like J Lo's body double in a cheap, D list movie that goes straight to DVD with no promotion. You know one of those terrible movies that you see on Netflix and say what the heck is this piece of crap? But anywho once again..........ALAS I MUST HAVE PATIENCE. @#$@#$ PATIENCE! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH......


LADIES! LADIES! LADIES! Gather around I have a...

LADIES! LADIES! LADIES! Gather around I have a story to tell! So I got up this morning and decided that paying my bills is probably just a tad bit more important than watching "Say Yes to the Dress" So I did my hair and thanks to MAC I drew on a HAPPY face. Then I put on a nice outfit that is much more presentable than what I've been wearing! I jump in my car (yes I am 10 days post opt and driving and all that stuff) and I head out to pay my respects to Verizon, Dish Network and Music & Arts! While I am out I run into Walmart real quick to grab some bread for my sammich that I'm about to go and make. Well as I am coming out of the store I am looking into my purse to get my keys when an absolute stranger walks by me and says "Well hello beautiful"

Pump the brakes!

Now we have all seen the famous video of bigfoot stomping off into the woods correct? Well that is similar to how I am walking right now except I am little bit more hunched over....and I have a drain with about 15cc's of my bodily fluid dangling on my side like it's a pager. BUT THIS DUDE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL!

Could it be the confidence, could it be the new slimmer waist, could it just be that MAC makes excellent makeup? I DON'T KNOW but I feel MUCH better now!

We are all beautiful and we all know this but sometimes having someone else say it when it is totally unexpected and when them paying such a compliment is done without the desire for anything in return can really lift your spirits! (smiling from ear to ear)

Happy Monday/Healing/BEAUTIFUL day my flowers!

Today I am 11 days post opt? I think? Yeah 11 days...

Today I am 11 days post opt? I think? Yeah 11 days post opt! I have my second follow up and should be coming home drain free. If not I will be making this face for the rest of the day :(

I also awoke to a fellow facebook friend (who happens to be about 19 or 20 years old) making a public service announcement about how she just gave birth a few months ago, she works everyday, she's a wife, she's a mother (fill in blank) (fill in blank) I swear I was waiting for her to say that at night she's also batman. Yet she still finds time to work out every single evening and then she posted two pictures of herself in a sports bra and basketball shorts and well....the heffa looked alright..........OK I'm lying she looked freaking great, in fact I was jealous of her perfect smooth stomach and obvious abs poking from underneath tight skin. She has maybe two stretch marks total with one on each hip and a belly ring inserted into her very visible and undamaged belly button. She then goes on to say very inspirational words like "you can do this" "I find time" and blah, blah, blah but the thing she fails to realize is that she is one of the blessed one's. Not all of us were blessed with the same super, mutant gene's that her parents passed on to her. My saggy skin and lack of abs were not from lack of effort or inspiration but from bad genetics....my body was never equipped to resist the damage caused from carrying my pooh bear! So in other words my parents screwed me! Thanks mom and dad!

So to all the dolls in the realself doll house understand that it takes a lot to finally say I am going to do this. Some of us are wanting to repair damage from carrying beautiful babies, some of us have worked our hinny's off to lose pounds although it seemed our bodies were fighting against us AND succeeded! We have crawled to the gym when we were dead tired, we have watched our diet, turning our backs on office birthday cake and snacked on carrots during move night while the rest of the fam had pizza...yet we still have saggy skin, back rolls that refuse to budge and mid sections that refuse to leave. Our decision has nothing to do with not finding time or not finding the right inspiration. We HAVE done all of this so never let anyone tell you that you just need to find the right motivation, you need to find some sort of inspiration, you just need to be more like them...after all they had 3 10 lbs babies.....they go to the gym everynight..... and look at their body. You are you and they are just..... mutant's! :)


Maaaannnnn I have been getting in trouble all day....

Maaaannnnn I have been getting in trouble all day. The reason why I am just now updating about my follow up is because my PS's nurse assistant just let me out of time out! :( but I got my drain removed :)

So of course you'll know how iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii do! So no doubt I did the dang thing

Hair - check
Makeup - check
Wardrobe - check
Nails/Pedicure - a hot ass mess but that's for another time

Well the nurse's assistant comes in (if you are Team Tattelbaum then you know Eve) and she say's "WOW you look amazing....hmmmmm which to me means you are doing to much to soon" WHAT THE WHAT? Then I got a speech on not over doing it and all that. Talk about deflating my high, that has to be how men feel when they are getting ready to put in work and we say something that totally kills the mood (I will take this moment to say sorry to R.S. he knows what I'm talking about) so bottom line take it slow and easy because if you don't your PS's team are like parents....they always know the truth!

So then she checks my outputs and says that I am ready to get my drain removed and I am terrified. I have already spent 10 1/2 days feeling ache's and cramps that are subhuman and now I am suppose to lay awake while you rip a drain out of me? YIKES! So Dr T enters the stage and ask me to stand....now the time between he and Eve doing the passing of the olympic torch (my chart) is about 1 minute total and in that time I have started to sweat due to fear from my pending drain removal so when Dr. T ask me to stand I bring the entire paper cover that is underneath me up also because it's stuck to my ass with sweat. BUT not only do I stand with it clinging to my dunk but it also starts unrolling from behind the examination table. And me being the classy lady that I am I say the first thing that comes to mind. So while standing with my hands bracing myself on Dr. T's shoulders I say. OH GOD IT'S STUCK TO MY ASS!

Oh shut up...all of you! LMAO!

So after he examines me he announces that everything looks great and wonderful and I may proceed with getting my drain removed....gee thanks doc! So by now Eve knows that I am nervous and she goes above and beyond to calm me. She lets me know that she is going to tell me what she is doing every step of the way. First she removes the surture that is holding my drain in place. It does pinch but I wouldn't call it painful, uncomfortable yes but not really horrible. By now I am shaking and she says maybe we need to lay you down more because I think your going to faint. Now I have never fainted a day in my life and I surely wasn't going to do it while bucket nekkid with strangers so I decline being being adjusted. But sweet Eve starts to adjust the table anyway and then she grabs my drain and in less than a second she snatches it out!

AAAAHHHH.... oh wait...that's it? I was scared of that?

So yes this chick has the stealth of a Navy Seal! She is all tiny and gorgeous with movie star hair and video vixen makeup but on the inside ole girl is GANGSTA! I never saw it coming. She snuck me and I love her for it because I would have NEVER been ready. So now I am drainless but now I am constantly patting for my drain! I have phantom drain syndrome. I still walk like it's there, I keep waiting for it to pinch, I keep looking down to see if it's putting out (putting out haha) but nope no drain. I wore my drain clipped to the top of my CG so it looked like I had three boobs....like the chick from the movie "Total Recall" But my third boob is gone and there is nothing but relief that it is gone. I can't explain how it feels to be drainless. But it feels pretty close to friggin awesome dude!

So now I am going to take a drainless nap from a drainful day!

Stands at attention and promises all my realself...

Stands at attention and promises all my realself family that starting right now I will go back on bed rest for the next week. I will not drive unless there is a legtimate threat to sight, life or limb, I will not wear lip gloss or fill in my eyebrows, I will not go to Walmart, the bank, Coldstone, the BX, the Commissary, my son's school, Las Vegas, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Six Flags over.....Texas (I live in Maryland) Arkansas or Washington State (sorry kell and mrspsycho) the taping of the Dr. Phil show, Facebook, Ebay or work!


fingers crossed....

Riddle me this? How come for the past few days I...

Riddle me this? How come for the past few days I have been active and handling business and I felt great. And now that I am laying around like a throw pillow I don't feel the same? So now I am lying around bored........how bored? Even Lady Kitty demanded to be let out and she's a cat so it's not like her life is that exciting to begin with but even she said the hell with this. And to add insult to injury when she made her big escape she ran off with her tail lifted up giving me a direct hint to kiss her ass! Thanks Lady Bug mommy loves you more but just for that she's getting a bath tonight which will offer me some slight entertainment.......she screams like she's being burned alive. HEHEHEHE!

So overall I don't have any pain but I have noticed that I am not as balanced as I use to be. I find myself two stepping and stumbling. It's not scary like I may fall but it is weird. But I assume it is because I am trying to get use to my new strong core which for now is awkward. LOL! Not only do I walk slightly hunched over still but I walk doing the 2 step. ZERO sexy, I use to have a sexy walk but it's OK....... no man has ever asked me for no walk.........ponder that for a moment!

SWELL HELL! HOLY HELL! A lot of words with hell in...

SWELL HELL! HOLY HELL! A lot of words with hell in them would describe how swollen I am! WOW! But I have gotten a few request for updated pics so TA DA.................here they are!

I did it! I made it through the first day of...

I did it! I made it through the first day of taking it easy. All together it was a pretty uneventful day. I will say one thing.....my cat! I pray that one day I will find a man that loves me as much as she does. And if you are an animal owner then you know how much body heat something so small can actually give off. So between the heat from my laptop and Lady I think I may have 1st degree burns underneath my CG!

The hole from my drain has already started to close and it is a tad bit soar but nothing compared to the actual drain. I think the only thing that could compare to that annoying drain would be walking around with a demon possessed snapping turtle clamped to my side. OK maybe that is a bit extreme (I don't want to scare those of you that have yet to have surgery) a baby demon possessed snapping turtle...see isn't that better! LOL! But I will clarify the drains are annoying, they pinch and they limit your mobility but to say that they are just tear inducing painful was not the case for me. And also every PS is different when it comes to how many drains and also the placement AND everybody is different.... pain tolerance and emotions also play a huge role so there are many factors to consider when we that have fought the good fight complain about drains! Do I miss mine....hellz no! But it served it's purpose and now I am on to the next milestone.....


Yes we all complain about it and when I say this there will not be one tummy tuck honey on this forum that will not nod their head in agreement. So here goes... When I found realself during my TT research I was appalled at the number of TT sweethearts that had the NERVE....the BALLS.....the ABILITY to complain over swelling when I am looking at their before and after pics and MY GOODNESS the difference is stunning and I would DO ANYTHING for those same results although she is supposedly so swollen! And now here I am 12 days post opt and I feel like a pot belly stove! Swelling is real and for some reason it clouds judgment, induces emotions such as over reacting and regret. It makes us blind and crazy and no matter how obvious the change all we see and feel is swelling with a side order of swelling! And I am no different I posted a few slutty pics today and I have stared at them about 93 times picking apart how I look, I'm to swollen on my right side, I still have a flesh fold on my sides, yada, yada, yada but it's all apart of the battle and all wars end at some point.

So to my soldiers with drains and swelling and lower back pain....fight on. And to those that are getting ready or researching we will see you in the trenches.


I had the worst rest since being 8 months...

I had the worst rest since being 8 months pregnancy last night all because of a 12 year old, a cat and a cricket! Let me explain once my son tucks me in at night that's IT, I don't get back up unless I have go tinkle and even then if I can hold it I do! So after my pooh bear adjusted my pillows and snuggled my blankets around me he kissed me on the forehead and I shut my eyes and start to drift..... then

Cat's! First of all they are illiterate so they are unable to read or write leaving them without the possibility of slipping you a note that tells you what they want or need. They also don't know sign language and for the final time "Pixar" they are unable to talk. Which makes their only means of communication the well known meow! Which is OK it's what they do but why does Lady Kitty chose the midnight hour to start practicing for her audition on "The Voice".........GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I have a cricket that lives in my backyard that is hell bent on sending me to the crazy house. No matter what part of the house I go to sleep in at night that serial killer finds me and chooses the midnight hour to practice for his audition on the "X Factor"........GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I finally am able to drift off at around 4:00 am and this is the exact time that my son has set his cell phone to go off! WHY? Why does he need to awake at 4 am? Does he have a job or something that I am unaware of? And to really piss me off the one that needs to awake at 4 DOES NOT WAKE UP! And after my screaming for 1 full minute finally gets him up what does he do.......he hits snooze not dismiss so 5 minutes later his alarm goes off again apparently auditioning for "American Idol" GRRRRRRRRRRR!

I am dead tired so if anyone is looking for Cherrybabi today I will be off the record......resting.....auditioing to beat the crap out of anyone or anything that awakens me tonight!

Goodnight, good morning, whatever............Happy Healing!

Pooh bear just came home coughing, slinging snot,...

Pooh bear just came home coughing, slinging snot, with 102.4 temp! It's time to put on my supermom cape! A mom's work is never done even when she's hunched over and crippled. There goes my bedrest!

Superwoman out!


DO NOT WATCH "AMERICAN DAD" WHILE POST OPT! I thought I was good at almost 2 weeks.......negative! Help....it hurts! LOL!

Stelio Kontos

Thank you all for the concern and my kiddo is...

Thank you all for the concern and my kiddo is doing much better.........just stubborn like his mommy! :)

Today I hit 2 weeks from the day that I opened my eyes in recovery.....I remember "Call me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen was playing over the sound system......and then I passed back out! I don't remember much after that. I was still very numb and that point....uncomfortable but not really hurting. After that I can remember my friend having a conversation with one of our mutual friends over her blue tooth in her SUV and I kept waking up and trying to get in the conversation and then I would pass back out..... then when I got settled in I can remember trying to call everybody in my phone address book!. LOL! But looking back now I have come such along way in such a short amount of time and I would have never expected to be so far along when I was laying awake and terrified the night before my surgery. And last night after my kid passed out I went into my closet and tried on a few shirts that never looked right on me and WOW! JUST WOW! I am so extremely happy and blessed with the results that I have. Yes even with the swelling and slight hunch that I still have. It's worth it. Absolutely! I feel like a beauty queen, like a video vixen! I have sexiness raining from me! How sexy......

For my dark and beautiful queens I feel like Keisha all oiled up in "Belly"

For my light and beautiful queens I feel like Tawny Kitaen doing her thing on the hood of that car in that Whitesnake video!

YES! YES! It's that serious.

I have my next follow up on Tuesday and until then I may be hit or miss. I have a sick kid to take care of.


Today I feel like I played one round of combat...

Today I feel like I played one round of combat dodge ball and took a direct hit to the va jay jay! It doesn't hurt it's just soar on the top area underneath my incision! It doesn't hurt to touch (NO I'm not touching myself) it doesn't hurt to bathe or wipe but it is a slight dull ache that I am aware of. And my vag is swollen.............but overall I don't care I am just in awe that I can actually see it!

Last night I did something naughty........I layed on my side and I was able to doze off. It was the best non drug incuded sleep I have had since being post opt. And apparently I got a little to into it because the kiddo told me that when he got up to use the bathroom he checked on me and I was hanging off the couch snoring and he had to push me back over. I don't remember this? Hmmmm oh well! Now you ask did it hurt? No it didn't hurt but I can tell you this I paid for a TT with MR and I for sure got the MR! That is what I felt the most, a real tight pressure against my stomach!

Well ladies I have to run "Real Steel" just came on and Hugh Jackman has my attention.....


13 years ago today I arrived bright and early at...

13 years ago today I arrived bright and early at the hospital to prepare to be induced into labor. I wasn't really scared I was just ready to get pooh bear out of me because I was miserable and I was ready to meet him. And after 6 hours of labor and pushing 4 times he was mine to hold forever and the peace and purpose he brought into my life has been nothing short of heaven. But the damage he did to my body was closer to hell and I spent the next 13 years hiding, dieting, exercising and obsessing over my monster looking stomach. But these last 13 years have been wonderful and I adore my stinky bear and all he brings into my life and during this recovery he has been so caring and helpful so to my pooh bear........HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINKY!

Now in celebration of the birth of the best child on the planet I took him out for the day, he got a new XBOX game (zombie related of course) XBOX live points, lunch at "The Cheese Cake Factory" and a movie.

"The Cheese Cake Factory" this is where all the trouble started. I ate everything I could get my hands on and then I got up and went and sat at the table next to me and ate their food to. And now I feel the exact same way that I felt at this exact same time 13 years ago.............like I am pregnant and in labor. So ladies don't over eat, don't make the mistake that I made......I am so miserable. So much so that we had to cut the day short and come back home so I could lay down.... but pooh didn't care he was ready to come home and kill some new zombies anyway.

I am going to take a nap now!

Fatty girl out!

How you'll doing out there ladies! I feel like I...

How you'll doing out there ladies! I feel like I know so many of you! We laugh, we talk about our kids, how our day went.....hell I have seen most of you naked! LOL! So today at 18 days post opt I want to say a quick thank you to all my realself loves out there! So THANK YOU for all the support, advice, laughs, concern and the whole nine yards! And now off I go to prepare for my 3rd post opt appt! Wish me luck!

OK I am back from my 3rd pre opt! YEAH! And I must...

OK I am back from my 3rd pre opt! YEAH! And I must say I really do love my PS! And I absolutely love his staff......I could so see myself hanging out with these wonderful dolls! And Dr. Tattelbaum is just the nicest man I think I have ever encountered in my life. Well he's nice until he starts pushing on my stomach and sides then I almost push him down on the floor! Overall he is extremely happy with my results so far, no fluid, no infection, just the norm.....swelling and still slightly bent! And I can start scar treatment! Vitamin E or Cocoa Butter which I already have! I just have to figure out which I like best! Now for the bad news! I'm sick! I had a low grade temp when I had my vitals taken and I feel really, really crappy. Whatever my son had last week he passed on to me as only a loving child would. But it's my fault and I know the exact moment that I infected myself. He was complaining about me force feeding him chicken noodle soup and I said whatever and took a taste to show him that it was delicious.... and it was! It was also swimming with trifling germs that were waiting to infect my new and improved oh so fine body! BASTARDS! So just to clarify let me make sure I have everything right....

I am swollen
Slightly hunched over
Oh yeah..... pre menstrual
Soar throat

I have a zit on my chin
Head pressure
And slinging snot.

Feel free to add to the list because I'm sure I have that also! But for now I am going to rest because I am REALLY beat right now.

Stay thristy my friends!

Please read part 2 of my Tummy Tuck journey, by clicking here.

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

From the moment I came face to face with Dr. Tattelbaum I knew that he was the only Dr. I would allow to touch my stomach! My search ended with him! He was the most honest, direct and caring Dr. I had encountered and his post opt care was above expectation. During my consultation all time was lost and his main focus was making sure I understood every detail of a TT and NOT once did I glance at my list of questions because he covered EVERYTHING! His staff is also just as wonderful as the Dr. that employs them. Pia, Eve and Farrah were the best along with his team in the operating room! I have heard some complain about the time it takes to get a response but my experience was that they are a busy staff but if you leave Pia a message she will contact you ASAP! Two days before my surgery I called her because I had a few questions and she could sense I was nervous and she stayed on the phone for almost 30 minute's assuring me that everything would be ok! I am still healing but so far I have to say that I am extremely happy and proud of my new tummy! I highly recommend Dr. Tattelbaum and his staff so what are you waiting for? Just call already

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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