TT/MR/Lipo Flanks - 12 weeks PO (new pics)

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Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Wow I've been lurking so long I'm finally taking...

Wow I've been lurking so long I'm finally taking the plunge to tell my story. I've read so many of your stories on here and they have been so motivational and inspiring. Like many of you, I am a mother of two that not necessarily destroyed my stomach but made it less than appealing! LOL> My daughters are 19 and 16. I am approaching my 40th birthday next month and decided that I absolutely do not want any more kids. So, I got a tubal ligation and endometrial ablation December 26, 2012. That went very well and I am pretty much healed from the procedure.

I am 5' 3" tall and weight 180 lbs. Over the last 10 years I've gained 50 lbs. I am actually okay with my size, I just want to tone. I am a thick girl but well proportioned. I don't have a large stomach, most of my weight is in my thighs and butt. I know that with more weight loss, my stomach will never be where I want it to be. I haven't lost the weight but believe outside of my BMI, that the weight loss will come as I go on this journey. Over the next year, I'd like to drop 2 pants sizes. I am currently a 14 and would like to get back into a 10.

Yesterday, I scheduled and placed my deposit for a tubal ligation on January 23rd!! Woot! Woot!!! I'm through the roof excited!

Sigghhhhh... Paid the balance for my surgery...

Sigghhhhh... Paid the balance for my surgery yesterday! It was the most nerve-wracking, nauseating feeling to cough up that much money at one time in one place. Cash! Anywho, it's over. I'm headed for the FLATLANDS!!! This time next week I shall be in recovery and nursing a nice medicated cocktail! Pray for me yall!

Tomorrow is my DAY!!!!!! So excited! ! A hugggeeee...

Tomorrow is my DAY!!!!!! So excited! ! A hugggeeee shootout to the ladies on here who have shared their stories and provided words of encouragement. Without you this process would have been so nerve wracking! Til tomorrow when I'm on the flat side!!!

Just got home in lots of pain will update later.

just got home in lots of pain will update later.

So today is day 1 post op. I am in a lot of pain....

so today is day 1 post op. I am in a lot of pain. But I have lots of drugs and the assistance of my daughters and mommy. So let's discuss the events thus far.

I arrived at the surgery center at 830 am. mysurgery was scheduled for 10:15. I wore nice low undies. He mark me up and proceeded to completing Final pre op instructions. I was given the IV then I was completely knocked out.

I woke up 2 a lot of pain and had to pee oh so badly. They gave me a bed pan. I left the surgery center around 4 p.m. and was home shortly thereafter. Of course getting in and out of my car was the most difficult.

once getting home I got into my lifting reclinrr and I slept in it, very well I might add. I have only gotten up to go to the restroom the toilet seat riser has been an absolute god send. Walking is very difficult but i did manage to use a lil plastic desk chair with wheels to function as a walker. So far so good. Will update with pics tomorrow because I can't remove the binder temporarily until then. I was concerned that he would not be able to remove my old belly button and would be left with a vertical scar. But I was told he was able to completely remove it. My incision goes completely if not a little bit further then hip to hip. So far so good.

Who's getting their drain out tomorrowww??? Me! ...

who's getting their drain out tomorrowww??? Me! Yes! I can finally wash my azz! I had purchased these wash cloth sized cleansing clothes that clearly cannot reach the NECESSARY PLACES!!! So Draiin out (1), go home to wash my azz (2) nail shop (3)!!! Photo updates for my tt sistas (4)!!!! aHHH lovimg life right now!!

Now for the scar, it's scabbing now. Anxiously awaiting to find out what scar therapy I'll be on!!!

Ugghhhhhhhhh.... Depression has finally hit me in...

Ugghhhhhhhhh.... Depression has finally hit me in slm in the face. I got a tubal ablation too so I might n goin thru hormones right now.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results. Swell hell is the most evil bullchit that anyone s hould have to go through. I'm also tired of family members looking at me sideways because sometimes the drugs have u a bit out if your mind. Sorry to vent but I just so look forward to life getting back to some level of normalcy.

Ahhh 2nd day back to work and I wish that I can...

Ahhh 2nd day back to work and I wish that I can say that it's been easy! I am soooo far from a Debbie downer but I must say that this surgery may have been just as challenging as having a baby. I did not have a caesarian with either of my daughters but I swear I still feel incredibly weak.

I don't feel like the hormonal wreck I was last week but am purely exhausted all of the time. I am an Executive Assistant so I have minimal amount of walking to do but yesterday I walked 4 blocks roundtrip ( I work in DC) and I swear I thought I'd ran a 2 mile sprint to go to the pharmacy. I had to stop periodically sit down and breathe.

On the good side, I'm off the percocet during the day and am subsiding on Extra Strength Tylenol. Still not sleeping in my bed yet but am crossing my fingers for a miracle! LOL....

Anywho, just an update. How are the rest of u TT sisters???

Tomorrow, I will be 4 wksPO!!! I woke up this...

Tomorrow, I will be 4 wksPO!!! I woke up this morning feeling more like the old me!! Spunky and ever so diva-ish! Some angel did tell me it would get better around the 4th week! I feel sooo much better than I have been feeling. The physical has gotten a bit better but more importantly the mental is better. I am almost walking upright. A lot less swelling and I think ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance that this f'n surgery was not a game and much more serious than I thought. Acceptance that just maybe I may not be where "I" think I should be physically and acceptance that somedays I'm just gonna be a lil neurotic! Here's to feeling good and looking that much better. Four week pics to be posted soon!

Today I'm trying out another CG that seems to fit...

Today I'm trying out another CG that seems to fit well and allow me enough breathing room! We will eventually get it together!

I am doing soooo much better! I feel like I've...

I am doing soooo much better! I feel like I've turned the corner mentally and physically. The physical absolutely affects the mental. I am standing up about 95% straight - not quite 100%! The swelling has become much more manageable. My meds have been greatly reduced. I'm still on Extra Strength Tylenol during the day and am trying to wean myself off of the Percocet and muscle relaxer at night. Now that I feel physically better, a chic has a much better mental outlook! I've been given the go ahead to start walking on the treadmill or elliptical. I think I'm going to give myself another week before doing so. I still feel a little tender and achy so I'd rather not have those feelings before resuming my exercise program.

Ahhhhhhh.... 6 weeks PO is a much better place. ...

Ahhhhhhh.... 6 weeks PO is a much better place. Finally drug free for the most part. Swelling a bit still but pretty much maintaining that with bromelain or hot lemon water. Standing up almost straight but can still feel the tightness. Happy with my results so far. A bit concerned about the alignment of my belly button but my PS says that it's the swelling. It is aligned with my upper breast area but not with my pubes. Weird right? Oh yeah, this is the week that the burning, itching has begun with my incision - healing!

This may be my last post for a while because I...

This may be my last post for a while because I don't feel much has changed outside of things getting much EASIER!! The 9 week mark is a good no great place and I can only see it getting better. I'm 100% standing up right. I still have swell hell. I have yet to get back into the gym but plan to after my follow up doctor's visit in 2 weeks. I am going to start a juice detox on the 1st of April with a bunch of other people so I'm hoping to feel even trimmer and better inside and out! ;) Until then...

Ahh.... I thought I'd never get here but 12 weeks...

Ahh.... I thought I'd never get here but 12 weeks and my life is no longer ruled by my tummy tuck. I still have minimal swelling but overall, I am great! I went for a follow up with my PS last Tuesday and he thinks I look great. He did provide me with a prescription for Cordran because my scar incision is starting to thicken a bit but I really, really, really don't care. I'm pleased as peach with everything.

I have adopted a pescetarian diet (fish & veggies only) for 30 days and have lost about 10 lbs. I can definitely see a huge difference between now and my original post. I was weighing about 180 then and am now at 169 lbs. Still lots of junk in the trunk and thunder thighs so I'm only gonna get but so small. Love me regardless!! Hugs!!

This will probably be my last update for a while. I will try to come back at the 6 month mark for an update. Maybe I'll finally take some bikini shots! LOL!!!

5 Months PO - New Bikini Shot

Feeling great! Have been enjoying my new sexy! I had been working out but have fallen completely off the wagon about a month ago! Too much summer fun!

Outside of some random discomfort, minimal swelling, I no longer feel the daily effects of the TT! Hang in there ladies!!! It gets sooo much better!

Here's a pic of me on the beach in a bikini! I have not been able to wear one in over 20 years!!! Such an awesome experience!

I did an internet search first which was primarily focused on the quality of the doctor's incisions and positive reviews. I did further research on RealSelf and read all of the reviews on here which were all very positive! I had a consult with him and he was very thorough. He has a very good bedside manner despite my impression that he has to get the spiel on the process done quick and fast due to the fact that his consults are free. He will answer all of your questions and I felt very comfortable with him. So much so that I didn't do any other consults!

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