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If someone had told my 19 year old self that...

If someone had told my 19 year old self that getting sexy would include stool softeners, granny panties and housecoats I'd have called them crazy-- but that's exactly where I am. Tomorrow I get my sexy back!

I am 38 and have 3 kids. I've always been slender, but got huge with each pregnancy and each kid was over 8lbs. Right now I am 157lbs at 5'7''. I am happy with my shape, just done with this blob. It's ridiculous that every time I get dressed I obsess over whether it might be visible, especially when I sit down! Ugh! So this year I said "that's it" and scheduled a consult. Couple days before that I thought why not get the girls put back where they belong?

I went back and forth with the idea of implants but I don't want to be any bigger (I'm a 34DD-ish right now) and to be honest I was a little freaked out by having them so I am getting a lift no augmentation. My total cost came out to $12,650. I received a $250 credit for being an RN and a $500 credit for combining my BL with my TT.

My showtime is tomorrow morning at 1030. I'm not nervous, I just feel weird. I've been keeping myself so busy with 'getting ready' I haven't had time to dwell. Now here I sit with not much left to do, other than wait on my laundry and post this review! I have everything I think I'll need, to include a lovely housecoat. I told my husband all I'm missing is a beehive hairdo and a cigarette to hang off my lip and I can chill out on the porch :)

The next time I talk you y'all I'll be on the flat side. Wish me luck.

One day post op! I added some before pictures...

One day post op! I added some before pictures.

Surgery went well, I can't say enough good stuff about the whole crew. Got there at 1030 and filled out some paperwork, then went back to change. I took everything off except bottoms to be marked in and put on a gown and some TED hose. Vitals taken, IV started, and a chat with each nurse and the CRNA about what to expect. Oh, and I got some antibiotics.

Dr T came in and we talked about the procedure and after care, then he took pics and marked me up. I tell you what, boy is it weird to stand under bright light and have the part of your body that you've been doing you best to hide for years be photographed and drawn on...lol

After that I got on the table, talked a bit about my kids. Then I woke up! Apparently after surgery I told the nurse my pain was 3/10...ha! Well actually I was more nauseous than anything. So they got my symptoms under control and I was given a goody bag and sent on my way. I left with one drain on my left side, and a Foley catheter. Reasoning behind the catheter is that if I had urinary retention I would have it in the AM vs sometime in the middle of the night.

The pain last night was terrible, and I have a high tolerance. My ps doesn't use pain pumps, so I just look at it like my first night was the worst instead of my 2nd or 3rd. Imagine holding your abs as tight as humanly possible for like 3 days straight, and then doing 1000 crunches. Yeah, that's what I felt like. I did have muscle repair so your mileage may vary. It was also really hard to get comfortable with trying to sleep so upright, but I finally found my sweet spot in the recliner. Instead of pillows under my knees I used a large comforter. Dr T called last night to check on me, I thought that was very nice.

Oh, and my boobs? Like I took a cheese grater to them, but not as bad as the tummy because you don't really use boob muscles ;)

Fast forward to this morning, feel 80x better. I got up and took out the foley so now I have to pee on my own before 1pm or so. As far as meds I'm taking Percocet, valium, stool softener, abx, zofran and Zyrtec. I only had to take one zofran so far, right when I got home. I've found the pain is much more bearable when I take Percocet with Valium, about 30 mins apart. My toilet seat riser is awesome, and I also think makeup remover wipes are nice no have as well as feminine wipes.

My husband has been so wonderful, especially since I know that surgery makes him squeamish. I really couldn't do this without him. So, my advice to everyone is make sure you have at least one person to help you. You use your ab muscles for everything. Everything. Definitely try not to cough or sneeze, but if you must don't hold it, that can make things worse.

Whoa, dozed off while typing so I should probably go for now! I'll update more later.

3 dpo~ early in the am: Things are going ok. My...

3 dpo~ early in the am:

Things are going ok. My tummy and breasts are a little sore, but nothing unbearable. Right now I'm doing Percocet every 4-5 hrs, and using the valium when I get really stiff. I'd say the pain is about 4/10.My two biggest issues today? My lower back and itchy cleavage...lol I've found that getting down on all fours helps take some pressure off of your back. I'm just going to have to deal with the itchy cleavage, because all that has to stay on until my follow up. Can't wait to see my boobs unwrapped, like a present! Oh, and they no longer feel like they've been hit with a cheese grater but they are still sore.

I got a quick peek at the tummy yesterday, and I'm impressed with what I saw!

The kids are a little nervous, especially the 7 year old. He was afraid to touch me at first but he came around. He is still unsure about the whole thing, so we sit and talk and I answer all of his questions. My older two have been great. I made them a list of dinners to choose from, one cooks and the other cleans up.

Let's see what else.....so far I have not used my mumu/housecoat so it might just go back to Walmart. I've just been in my sweats and a tshirt. I bought these little diced dried plums from Sunsweet called 'plum amazins' and they are really tasty. Every little bit helps to keep you regular, right? I also got some bioFreeze roll on gel and its lovely. When you get down on all 4s like I told y'all about have a helper roll some on your back. It works and the best part about it is it doesn't smell. Don't forget to drink all the water you can but as a treat try something called Sparkling Ice. No sodium, no calories,no nothing. Great if you are craving a little carbonation.

One last thing, don't forget to use your incentive spirometers. We can tend to take more shallow breaths beause of the pain but it's important that we really move air in and out of our lungs!

5dpo~ hiccups! Why didn't anyone tell me about the...

5dpo~ hiccups! Why didn't anyone tell me about the hiccups? They seem to come out of no where and it's like a mini body earthquake.

Biggest complaints are still back pain and itchy boobs. I'm still taking the Percocet. Tried to dial it down to Tylenol and that wasn't the greatest idea, so Percocet it is for now. I slept in my bed last night and did pretty well propped up, will try again tonight. It's not the lying down that's the issue, it's feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead when I try to get up. Spoke to DrT and he said I could go ahead and take a peek... so I did! Super swollen of course but the scar is low and thin and the boobs are perky so w00t! A lot of areas are still numb and some spots are sore, especially near my tummy incision.

I'm having a heck of a time with this binder. I'm tall but short waisted so either it's stabbing my hips or underneath my breasts. I'm so ready to be done with this thing and more on to something more spanx-like. I'll let you guys know what Dr T says tomorrow.

Before I get into my update I want to say Dr. T....

Before I get into my update I want to say Dr. T. called me on Sunday to see how I was doing and remind me to make my follow up...how nice!

6dpo~ Today was my first post op appointment. Hubby and I arrived at the office and were taken to an exam room right away. I changed and Dr. T pulled off the rest of the xeroform and took a look. He said everything was on point and was pleased with both my scarring and swelling. He did say that my drain (I only have one at the right end of the tt scar) is putting out a little too much to be removed today so that will stay in until next week. I got to check myself out before I got all wrapped up again and boy do I like what I see. My scar is low and thin, my boobs are high and even...super pleased so far.

Then Dr. T asks if I have any questions to which I reply' "can I get on all fours?". He immediately look at my husband and that's when I realized what I said...LOLOLOL!!! So I explained that I've been having back pain and that position can help alleviate the pressure. Yeah, we all had a chuckle at that :) And he said that was fine. After that we talked a bit about being a good patient because sometimes nurses don't want to behave, and to listen when my body tells me I am doing too much.

After we left the office we went to get my RXs filled (I had run out of pain meds this AM), get some lunch and pick up a few things. I got some wife beaters to wear under my binder, more feminine wipes, citrucel, protien bars, gauze- you know regular stuff. My back was hurting so bad I was in one of those motorized carts. Aside from almost taking down a clothes rack I think I did alright for my first time. I had a turkey and cheese melt for lunch and it might have been the best melt I've ever had in my life!

Since I was given the ok to shower that is exactly what I did as soon as I got home. I got everything off and took a longer look. I was pretty swollen because of all the running around but holy crap I look AWESOME! AWESOME! Most of my stretch marks are gone, there are still some under my bb. My scar is pretty long but can be covered. My breasts are right where they are supposed to be, as are the scars to say I am excited is an understatement.

I will take some pictures tomorrow when I am less swollen to post. Between the appt and the trip to the store today I am wiped out and just needed to sit. My pain is minimal, my biggest issues are swelling and exhaustion which is to be expected. When I do have pain, it's in my lower back. Every now and then I'll feel a twinge in one of my incisions. After my shower I put a sports bra on and a wife beater under my binder and I'm pretty comfortable. We will probably talk scar therapy at our next appointment.

12 dpo~ Hi everyone! Things here are going along...

12 dpo~ Hi everyone! Things here are going along as expected. I have a f/u tomorrow and I really hope I finally get this drain out. Output has been minimal so I'm guessing it will. I'm a little freaked out about it (I know right? After everything I'm squeamish about a little drain!?) but so done with it. Especially now that the little plastic clip broke and I'm using a safety pin.

No real pain anymore, except at night. I had stopped with all pain pills except for otc tylenol in the am but it's just too hard to get comfortable at night. I want to be on my side so.flippin.bad that it's a challenge to be propped up on my back. I was waking up so stiff I was like a turtle that had gotten flipped over on it's back until someone came to rescue me from my pillow fort. During the day I'm cool, but if I sit in one spot too long I'm hunched in my 'fi fi fo fum' stance for a few steps. I find I'm standing pretty straight. My youngest had a soccer game this weekend and I got around fine, just finding I get tired easier and I'm slower than usual. Would be great if I could tape a cheetah to my back (commercial reference- sign I am probably watching too much TV).

I can definitely still feel the MR, but it's not painful, just uncomfortable. I have numb spots on my belly and sides. I can feel a little lumps on each side where Dr. T did the lipo and it's a little sore. No incision pain. Dr says lumpy parts of incision will flatten and so will the stretch marks under my bb because right now they are are "hello! Look at us!!". Honestly, the stretch marks look better every day. I still get the twinges here and there, and if I do too much I feel like I got kicked in the back.

I'm ashamed to say I really haven't been watching my salt intake. I don't know how this is affecting my swelling. I think I might just be lucky because my swelling isn't so bad. Or maybe it is and I could be looking like a VS model by now if I could just stop eating cheese. I do drink a lot of water though. A lot!

The pics I'm uploading today make my skin color look odd. My incision and stretch marks look darker. I tried with both artificial and natural light. Just know that IRL my skin tone is more even.

Hopefully the next time I talk to you guys I will be free of this drain and be able to wear real pants! Best of luck to those who are waiting for surgery, and healing vibes to those who are getting their groove back :)

Still 12 dpo~ boobies! I forgot to talk about...

still 12 dpo~ boobies!

I forgot to talk about the girls because they've been behaving so well. I had a BL no implants. No pain but they are pretty sensitive. Dr. T prepared me well for the scars, but honestly they just aren't that bad so far. I love that they seem like they will be about the same size they were, but up where they belong. I've been wearing these sport bras from target (you can see the blue one in my belly pics). I just have regular ones because I can easily raise my arms.They are very comfortable and on sale if anyone is interested! I'll add a couple of pics!

13 dpo~ drain out today! Dr says everything looks...

13 dpo~ drain out today! Dr says everything looks good, and I was given the ok to go to a spanx-type garment. The removal felt really wired, but it didn't hurt. He also said he is pleased with my breasts, incisions look good and swelling is minimal. No scar treatments for a couple of weeks. I have my next follow up in a week.

I celebrated drain removal day with a quesadilla and a margarita. Maybe not the best idea but pretty darn tasty. After that a nap was necessary!

It feels so good to be drain free!!!

22 dpo~ Hellllooooo there! I had my 3 week po...

22 dpo~
Hellllooooo there! I had my 3 week po appt yesterday and I know y'all are dying to hear all about it :) Dr. T is pleased with the way I am healing, but he wasn't too pleased with my stage 2 compression garment. I was wearing a corset and he said he'd like to see something that has some pressure to the pubic area. I asked him if he had ever worn spanx, and of course he said no. So I went on to tell him about the evils of this seeming innocent looking little garment, how you have to wrestle them on, how hard it is to pee, etc. Eve felt my pain. But I promised to be good and I am wearing them today as a matter of fact. I just held my pee until I got home from running errands. My spanx garment has the shorts, but I have another one from Maidenform that does not (it has a crotch opening, though). I have to say I noticed quite a bit less pubic swelling with both of these garments. We also talked about my breasts, particularly the left one. If you have ever nursed a baby you know what 'letdown reflex' is. Well, that's what it feels like all the dang time and I hate it. Oh and every now and then my nipples are over sensitive. Both of these issues will resolve with time. We also talked scar therapy but more about that later.

I'm still very tired and swollen by late afternoon. if I stop and put my feet up the swelling lessens by bedtime. The only real issues I have are the soreness in the flanks where the lipo was and feeling like a creaky old lady. I don't even have bruises but I am still so tender in those spots. Some nights I will take a pain pill and have hubby try to massage out the kinks. I still do valium at night, and just started being able to sleep on my side with the help of a body pillow. I cannot fit into most of my post-op jeans and I am attributing this to swelling. I look smaller so it's frustrating. Boo swelling.

I'm trying a few different things for scars. I must say they look pretty damn good on their own, but I bought some Scar Away and some Kelo Cote gel. I have been using the gel around my areolas, on my vertical breast scar, and my tummy. The strips have been on my horizontal breast scar. I like the fact that you can massage the scar under the strip, but the whole washing them off and reusing them can be a pain in the ass. The gel is nice because you just wash it off, but waiting for it to dry after you put it on can be a pain in the ass if you are in a rush. I will say that after 2 days with the gel my tummy scar is a little flatter, but who knows if it would have been it I had just left it alone. Today I have gel all over because I didn't have time to fool with those strips. To be honest I was using good old vaseline, and wonder if that wouldn't be just as effective. I still have a little scab where my drain was so that gets no treatment yet.

I have also been given the green light for an easy workout, so I went to the grocery store. Hey I have 3 boys, grocery shopping IS a workout. I do plan to kick it up a notch next week, though.

My breasts are perky as can be and appear to be about the same size as they were pre-op. Underwire is still uncomfortable. I have one wireless 'dress-up' bra but most days it's sport bras. my vertical scar is flat and barely (to me anyways) detectible. The horizontal ones are just about skin color in my cleavage, but they are raised a little. I think they will flatten and become less noticeable with time though.

I am still numb on parts of my belly. I love my bb, but it's numb, too. My hips are sore by evening but I think that has to do with my posture. My breasts feel kinda PMS-y. As you can see none of these complaints are very serious, and nothing I can't handle. I feel a little better every day. The worst part is the swelling. It's like coming home and wanting to take off your tight dress but it's not a dress it's your skin!

My next appointment is in one month. If anyone has any questions just let me know. Good luck to those who are waiting and to those who are healing :)

Tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks post-op, and I'm going...

Tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks post-op, and I'm going back to work! Only doing two 8hr shifts this week (Wed and Thurs) to test if my body will cooperate. Not really looking forward to fielding questions like where have I been and how come I'm not lifting anything (not easy in the ER) but I think I can handle it ;) so wish me luck!

I'll take some 4 wk pics for you guys later this week. Swelling is still killing me but scars are looking good, and other than getting tired faster than normal I'm feelin' alright. I was joking with the hubby that for every hour of activity I have to take an hour nap...haha! Breasts are sore but I think that might be PMS related.

Hope this quick update finds you all well!

31 dpo~ I think maybe 4 weeks is a bit of a...

31 dpo~ I think maybe 4 weeks is a bit of a turning point. I'm starting to feel like me again. I went back to work and didn't keel over from exhaustion (Ok, I only did to 8s instead of my usual 12s and the first day was rough but I made it). The first day I wore spanks, and the second day one of those flexees things that has the hooks between the legs. Both garments did their jobs to keep my swelling down. Especially since I was on my feet almost the whole time. Last three nights I also slept without any compression and I did great. I'm still swelling, but I don't feel like I'm going to pop. I'm also not exhausted anymore. Tired, but tired I can handle. I still like to rest at the end of the day with my feet propped up but I don't feel like I have to or else I'll die. As far as pain goes I'm noticing the aches and pains disappearing the more I'm moving around. I still have those sharp muscle pains every now and then, and my upper belly and breasts are sore. My incisions don't really bother me at all. My two little lipo spots still hurt and there is still that lump on my left side.

I still can't into my jeans that don't have a ton of stretch.

Scars are looking better every day. I've been using scar away on my belly. I got the short ones so I have to use 7 to go across my belly. Trying to store then after washing was a pain in the tail, so I went to Walmart and got a plastic folder and now I use that as my 'drying rack' for the set I'm not wearing at the moment. I wash them off and they stick right to the plastic. I'm still also still using the kelo cote, but it seems to be the most expensive of the treatments. I used it on my tummy scar a few times and now the tube is almost gone. I use it on my breasts because the silicone sheets were causing the scar to ripple. I'm also using the bio oil and the palmers, mostly for massage before bed. I still think the massage with the oil might be the most beneficial, but it doesn't hurt to wear the silicone while you're out and about during the day. Oh, nothing but vaseline and oil on the BB.

New pics today were taken after 2 flag football games and lunch at Panera so I'm a little swollen. I did have a garment on this AM but it is one of my lighter ones. Both the bra and suit top are 34D

That's about all I've got I think. My next appointment is in about 2 weeks, so I might not update again until then. Well unless something amazing happens...lol

Almost forgot...I plan to start at the gym again next week. Slowly of course. By next update I'll have a couple of weeks of working out under my belt :)

As always happy healing to those on their way, and best of luck to those just starting out!
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I found out about Dr T on this website, i also saw his work around the internet. I was impressed by his work and all of his patients seemed thrilled with both the process and the outcome. Once I met him it sealed the deal, very professional and personable. Lets face it, surgery can be scary but I feel calm and at ease with him and his staff at both the Rockville and McLean offices.

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