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My weight has yo yo'ed my whole life starting in...

My weight has yo yo'ed my whole life starting in middle school. I was heavy for several years then after High School lost 80lbs. Gained it all back with my first pregnancy at 23. Lost it again and gained even more back after my 2nd child topping out at my highest weight which was 279lbs. Both children were large babies around 10lbs each and both C-section deliveries. I lost over 130lbs and have kept it off for the past 3 years. It left me with a ton of saggy skin and almost no breast volume. Even though I was very thin I still always felt "fat" in almost everything I wore and especially naked because of all the lose skin. In my mind I still felt unhappy even though I had come so far with improving my appearance and weight. I had always dreamed of getting a TT and Breast Implants, but always second guessed myself if I was making the right decision for myself and my family. After talking it over w/ my husband to my surprise he was on board right away. He knew that this was something stealing my happiness and self confidence and wanted to see me fully happy in my own skin after coming so far. After doing tons and tons of research I found 3 doctors in the area I "liked" and heard good recommendations about. I set up a consultation w/ Dr. Tattelbaum since he was my first choice and booked the other 2 consults for after meeting with him. I met with him in late July and immediately loved him. He knows his stuff and he could obviously tell I was way out of my comfort zone and he really put me at ease. After I left the appointment me and my husband both knew instantly he was the best fit for me. I made the arrangements and booked my date to my surprise they were able to fit me in quickly to accommodate my dates I needed off work to recover. My date was set for Aug 3rd. Due to the massive amount of weight I lost he suggested I not do a traditional TT and instead go with the Fleur de Lis TT which is the vertical and horizontal cut to maximize the amount of skin he is able to take for the tightest smoothest tummy possible. The obvious downside/ trade off is being left with the vertical scaring which honestly I was pretty bummed about. After weighting out all factors I decided ultimately having a tiny smooth waist was worth the scar to me and that's what I choose. I am 5'7 and have been between 145-150lbs for the past 3 years. He suggested for my implant to go w/ a 425cc which was bigger than I thought I wanted, but like I said the man knows his stuff. What I thought I wanted looked way to small for my tall frame with large shoulders and large hips. It just wasn't proportioned right and I looked odd. Going with the 425cc MP Silicone implant added the fullness, but natural look I wanted without making me look like a porn star or top heavy. It evened me out perfectly and gave me that perfect hour glass shape. I also had a Pectus carinatum I believe is the medical term, but basically means my chest bone sticks out past my breast farther than it should. He let me know this isn't something breasts would fix, but it would camouflage the abnormality and basically make it so the eye is drawn away from that abnormality and towards the fuller breast and he was 100% right. It makes my chest bone look totally normal now. I was so nervous since this was the biggest most intense surgery I had ever had in my whole life and I have had several, but I trusted Dr. T and had faith it would be everything I wanted and he delivered that plus so much more. I didn't start posting before the surgery, but I will try to post some PO progression posts and photos. All in all I am so very happy and feel great just 2 weeks out and I think Dr. T is happy with his work and how I am healing since he referred to me at our PO follow up as his prodigy patient. It was a decision I am so happy I made with a Dr. that is extremely skilled and wonderful. I only wish I could have done this sooner in my life, but better late than never :)

Week 2 PO

At the 2 week PO mark I felt shockingly well. I have had other surgeries that were less invasive and felt worse for longer than I did with this procedure. Now don't get me wrong it was no walk in the park. It hurt.... A LOT, but I feel like I have been recovering remarkably well with very little to complain about. Everything seems to be healing nice w/ little to no swelling. I do have some discomfort sleeping and still cannot sleep in bed. I create a little cove of pillows that kind of cradle me on the sofa and I use 3 big pillows to help keep me at an incline and that seems to work best. I wasn't a good recliner sleeper, so the sofa has been a life saver for me getting any sleep. I am able to stand upright without any issue. Im still only at about 90% straight and that is only because I am fearful of pulling too much and causing the tension to worsen the scar line. I think I could stand taller without pain ive just been too nervous to try. I am going to post a few pictures from my 2 week mark. I personally think the stomach is healing really well, but I still obsess over the "scary boobs" phase. My dr warned me that in the beginning the impants are high and hard and downright scary and that over the next several weeks they will drop into place. Right now I just feel like they are a giant lump with a torpedo boob at the bottom LOL! when I wear the compression band they and pushed down and are nice and full and round, but when the band comes off they are still super high and scary. Patience is something I lack, but I am sure that in the next several weeks as I keep wearing the band and massaging as directed they will relax and look more normal.
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