37y.o. Finally Confident and EXTREMELY HAPPY with New Labia - Rockville, MD

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I wanted to get this procedure since I was...

I wanted to get this procedure since I was teenager. I always felt very embarrassed about my labia. My labia minora was extra long and large. I always thought about this procedure, but I was always too embarrassed to address it and to talk about it. Now I truly wish I have done it YEARS ago!
After I researched for several months on RS about this procedure, after looked at hundreds "before and after" pics I decided to get it done.
I went to 3 local plastic surgeons who does this procedure and then Nurse who does my botox injections recommended to see Dr. Tattelbaum. After I had consultation with Dr. Tattelbaum I immediately chose him. I felt very very comfortable with him and he seemed very experienced and knowledgeable.
I had my operation on Wednesday under general anesthesia.
On the day of procedure I arrived on time. I changed, went to pre-operation room, spoke with Dr. about the procedure and expectations again, then I went to operation room, and woke up after everything was done.
It wasn't sore for 3-4 hours afterwards, because Dr gave me numbing shots after operation. When I got home I went to change my pad and I was shocked how much I bled!!! I send my husband to get super duper extra maxi pads immediately. I knew I will bleed. but not this much!!!! i had to change my pad every 15min for first 6 hours, then it was every hour, and it was less and less bleeding. So if you planning to get this surgery have super extra maxiest pads handy! It became sore, but pain medication was very helpful! The pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Also I thought it would be very painful to pee, but actually it wasn't bad. It was very helpful washing up(Dr. gave me bottle for it)-it made it less sore, so I kept washing up all the time…
I will finish later my story...

Continuation of my labiaplasty experience

So, I was bleeding quite a bit after surgery. At some point I admit-I was scared of quantity of how much bleeding I was experiencing: I was changing my super duper maxi pad every 15 min for first 4-6 hours, then every you, then it was becoming less and less bleeding. Also I was prepared for extreme pain, extreme swelling and I was surprised that pain wasn't that bad. Of course may labia was very sore, but I thought it would be much much worse. Same with peeing :-) I thought it would be really really burning to pee after surgery-and actually it wasn't that bad. After peeing you wash up several times with lukewarm water and that water would feel super comforting, so I did use it a lot-at least once every hour.
Next day there was less and less bleeding. It felt like its a little bit more sore than first day, so I would definitely say that second day is the worst after surgery. Also "down there" became deep purple and swollen. To be honest-I didn't look down there second day, because I thought it would freak me out… Third day was same as second, maybe tiny bit better. Swelling and deep purplish bruising was still there-especially on my right side, and that side did hurt more. My labia looked quite freakish...I did spend a lot of time in bed after surgery-definately first 3-4 days, cause walking was very uncomfortable and I walked in funny position-like spider-trying to keep my legs as spread apart. However every day everything was becoming better and better.
On sixth day I had Doctor appointment. So I changed into the gown and was on chair waiting for Dr. T. He came in, inspected, he touch it and started doing something which hurt horribly, and he was saying that it'll be very fast. Appearently blood clot developed in my right side, right by the incision. Luckily Dr. T was able to squeeze it out and there was no need to restitching. He did squeeze out a lot of very dark blood and I get much better immediately. Afterwards sharp pain I was experiencing decreased quickly and swelling(and deep purple bruising) was going away quite fast.
At 2 weeks swelling and bruising was almost gone, pain was very minimal. I had no bleeding. 2 weeks appointment went well-everything was fine. Dr. said that there is still minimal swelling, which will go away. However it looks fine to met at 2 weeks. I posted 2,5 weeks pic-you can barely see any swelling.
Even thou Dr told me no intercourse for 4 weeks, I started having sex at 16 days(almost 2,5 weeks)-very careful, slow with lots of lube. I was fine, just was little sore. I really think there is no need to wait 4 weeks. However, everyone is difference-we must judge ourself carefully.
I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY I did this procedure. I truly truly wish I would have done it 10 years ago. My advice is-if you consider it-do it! This small procedure boosts your self confidence so much….I just in love with my new beautiful flower down there!!!!

Additional pics of MY MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER!!!!!!

Additional pictures.
I am so in love with my beautiful flower!!! I truly wish I would have done it years and years ago.
If you have large labia and you do consider surgery--I would highly advice you to do it as soon as you can and you will see how different you'll feel, how much more self confidence you will have in the bedroom and sexually!!! My husband LOVES my new flower--he was shocked to see how huge was the difference, how beautiful, fresh and young it looks. First time we had sex after the surgery-we had to be very gentle and careful, so he was calling it "taking a virgin"!!!

Very happy-pics


Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful plastic surgeon-very knowledgeable, experience and attentive. He listened to all my concerned and addressed all them. His team is very professional as well. Dr. Tattelbaum was very caring before procedure and after-he called same day after procedure twice, and he called every day for 5 days after procedure to check on me.

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