49 Yr Old. Teeth Went Bad 25 Years Ago - Rockville, MD

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I have to thank some of the reviewers here,...

I have to thank some of the reviewers here, especially Lisa A. I don't think I would have gone through it without them.

I had great teeth growing up, up until my mid twenties. First noticed a gap, and slowly but surely, the gap was extending and the teeth were protruding. It looked terrible and multiple close friends and family members said I should get it fixed but I just never got around to it. I was just too busy and really, my appearance wasn't a priority, even though my health was.

I had been trying to fix the medical part of my teeth through better dental hygiene and better eating. Over the last 7 years or so, the teeth weren't getting worse but they weren't getting that much better either. I thought braces, even started on Invisalign. The idea of waiting 18 months just didn't cut it for me. And then, I was told that because my gums had receded, I would never look the same.

I had never really looked into implants, or dental reconstruction. Then I starting seeing the Clear Choice ads. I was worried that it might be a scam. So I researched online and found the reviews from Lisa A (she should get paid by Clear Choice) and others.

I decided to go into the Rockville, MD location for my free eval. I signed up the same day and decided that I would do uppers and lowers even though the lowers could have waited (excellent decision - I don't regret this).

I had to wait several weeks for my surgery. The honest truth is that I had no clue what I was getting into. Even though I had read through the reviews and seen the pictures, I waaayyy underestimated what the process really was. Guys, this is surgery. It's not a dental thing. It's real surgery. Yes, it all happens in one day at the clinic but it is not a one day operation. Take at least a week off, if not more.

So after the surgery, I woke up and they put me in the recovery room. I don't remember much. There was no pain. Then a little while later, they put in the temps. I didn't really understand what was happening. I didn't feel much. At one point, I felt a sharp pain and they had to numb me. When they told me they were done, I was shocked.

I stayed for a little while longer in the recovery room. I was in a daze. They were talking but I didn't really understand. They gave instructions and I listened but again, not sure I really got it.

They had a car and driver pick me up from home and he also took me home. That was a nice touch. Although I should have heeded the advice of having an adult care-giver with me for the first few days. As I said, I had noooo idea what I was getting into. I had no experience with surgery so I just expected a bad toothache for a few days. No need for any help. In fact, I didn't even bother filling the prescription for the pain-killer. I had the Ibubrofen and I expected that it would be enough. Mistake mistake mistake. You NEED help. You should NOT be alone. And you need prescription strength pain medication.

The first few days were alright. I even walked down the street on day two (with a mask on my face) to get some soup. I was very swollen but otherwise just fine. No pain.

Day three. My Lord. I was in such pain I couldn't breathe. I didn't have either the strength to call anyone nor to go get the prescription. Thinking hurt. And the bruising started. It was bad. All the way up to my eyes. My skin texture was terrible.

Day four was hard too. Day five was easier. I started eating more than just yogurt and soup. Day six my daughter came to stay with me. I was still covering my face with the surgical mask. Then I tried using my Clarisonic Mia brush on the bruised areas. Wish I tried that earlier. The bruising was gone overnight.

The swelling took much longer. In fact, it's still not over. I am still slightly swollen around my nostrils and above and below my lips. I have regained most but not all of my sensation in my lips and the areas around it.

Because of the swelling taking so long, it is taking a very long time for my mouth to look "like normal." I expected for my teeth to look different, but my entire face looks different. I was so paranoid and upset that I called the Center one morning. They told me to come in immediately. I really appreciated this. They explained what the swelling was doing and repeated several times that if I wasn't happy with the outcome, they would fix it. It made such a difference to have that reassurance.

I had my 10 day and it was still too early to assess, again because of the swelling. It wasn't noticeable to outsiders but it was there. And they didn't want to make any adjustments until the swelling had gone down.

This is now almost a month. I had to go travel and now people have seen me (I'm a serious introvert so this is hard). I really still don't look like me but this is better and better every day. My lips are settling in, my face too. Several people have asked if I had something done (as in plastic surgery). I guess we underestimate the impact of our teeth.

I have my four month this January although I will probably go in October when the swelling goes down and I have regained all of my feeling around my mouth.

I am very pleased with ClearChoice. Especially Dr. McPherson. She has an excellent bedside manner. She listens and she cares. I believe that. The nurses/assistants are all awesome.

Some pictures

The After picture is taken three weeks post op .
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