Bad Bite, Bad Teeth, Bad Finances! Rockville, MD--Scheduled for Tuesday 01/19/15

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I have had bad teeth the majority of my life. An...

I have had bad teeth the majority of my life. An overbite one dentist said he "could drive a truck through" combined with a "congenital defect" in my jaws and upper arch, which needs a chunk taken out of it, and lower jaw needs to be realigned. Could have been fixed with braces. If I had done it as a kid. Anyway, scared witless, and having a hard time finding reviews on the Rockville, MD office. Also having a hard time finding financing without an outrageous interest rate. HELP! Do I do it? Do I cancel? Hate being so indecisive, but this is a huge prospect.

Cancelled again?

Just got a call that my appointment has been cancelled due to an emergency for one of the anesthesiology another who-knows-how long before I get another appointment. Dentist comments on Clear Choice do not seem very positive :( But, I haven't had many positive dental experiences. I'll get some before pics taken with and without the removable bridge. Actually my teeth don't look too bad if I don't open my mouth...


Here are the cropped pics of what I have going on right now, with and without the bridge. Most of what you see are crowns and bridges in various states of failure. Yes, very embarrassing, but hopefully after Tuesday it will be a distant memory. My dear husband set up a go fund me page, there is a doozy of a pic

Day 2 post surgery

This doesn't tickle,let me tell you. I knew I would be swollen. I knew it wasn't going to tickle. I'm definitely going to run out of pain meds. Sleeping a lot...
Pics are not in order, and I don't feel up to dragging them around.

Day 4 postsurgery

Got my PC to prescribe more pain meds. I see where I didn't really give a good description of all I have going on. Swelling has gone down a lot, and bruising is more prominent. The inside of my lip is one big bruise. But the teeth look great!
The worst is supposed to be over, since this is day 4 post-surgery.
If it weren't for the fact that I have Lupus, I would have probably tried to go overseas. Google dental tourism, there are a lot of places that facilitate it. But the pretty much want folks in good physical health.

We're not sure if the bottom right is going to "take". The bottom back of both sides of my jaws are very soft. My PC doc gave me a list of supplements to start taking, so I'll look for those. I will do whatever I need to do, including not eating anything that as to be chewed, for 9 months. This is an exception,though. Most people are able to eat soft foods.

I was able to get the first part of the financing done by taking out a loan on my 401K. M husband did put up a "Go Fund Me" up for me, and we have gotten a few contributions, which I am super grateful for. I will have to pay the balance when the permanent teeth are delivered. We have gotten quite a few credit card offers for "no interest until 2017", and I will probably use one of those and transfer the balance as the end date comes due. Now that the pain is diminishing, I think it's going to be worth it. Wish I could have done something when I was younger. But not having a migraine in almost 2 months is a minor miracle. the pic my husband used is from when I got my last tooth pulled prior to surgery. It was a single tooth, the anchor tooth to a bridge. I broke the tooth off into the bridge. : ( Really don't have much more swelling and bruising now than I did for the single tooth. I had 7 pulled for this procedure, and it feels like the dentist is trying to get more mileage out of the bottom jaw by forcing the gumline forward, which beats the heck out of having the jaw broken. I can almost get my top and bottom teeth together, which I have never been able to do, even after 4 years of the ugliest braces you have ever seen!

Clear Choice All On Four

I am still in quite a bit of pain, but it is manageable with ibuprofen and the occasional Percocet. I'm not sure at this point whether it's worth the $$$, though I had to do something since I had failing bridges with the

Update on implant

Got the implant checked, and did measurements for the permanent teeth. The implants all seem to have taken. The one they were concerned about was uncovered. That was a minor surgical procedure and the doc cut in the wrong area, so lots of stitches, swelling and pain. The fitting for the permanent arches is scheduled for the end of August. I'll be glad when this is over and I can eat a steak!
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