5'8, 120lbs, 34AA - 450cc HP to C/D after breastfeeding (Photo Update)

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I've always had small breasts - big A or small B...

I've always had small breasts - big A or small B depending on the bra - and was OK with it. I mean - I had moments in my life where I wished I had larger breasts, but I came to terms with this was my body and I had nice eyes and a fun laugh and just had to be OK that breasts would never be my great feature.

Fast forward - I have 2 children in a span of 3 years with my husband. I breastfed both of them - and my breasts went to large C's/small D's at one point - while I was breastfeeding. The only place I GOT stretch marks were on my breasts - that is how quickly/big they grew. Well, after breastfeeding my oldest - my breasts returned to their pre-baby size a bit "saggier" as the skin had stretched but there. After finishing breast feeding number 2 - my breasts just disappeared. It was like someone came in the middle of the night and sucked them empty with a straw - I was left with two triangles and some folded nipples.

For the first time I was honestly uncomfortable and unhappy with how I looked. I did not have any breasts at all - and even with a loving husband - I just did not feel womanly anymore.

This is what sent me on my search for a PS. I did a few consultations and liked everyone I met - as they seemed to understand what had happened and my goals. But - I wanted to see what different doctors would recommend. I was told by everyone I should go silicone and under the muscle based upon my limited breast tissue. Size seemed to vary upon who I talked to. I want to be a C - no bigger - I guess I want to be what I was with some upgrade - but not large breasted. When I met my last PS for a consult I just instantly liked him - I don't know - I guess you just sometimes feel that you like this person, are confident in them, and want this person to do your surgery - and that is how I felt about Dr. Tattelbaum.

So - I've been back and forth to the PS office now 3 times for sizing. They are so friendly there - the doctor is wonderful and always welcoming - I just can't decide. My PS recommends either 371 moderate profiles or 450 high profiles based on their width, my height, and my shape. He personally thinks I should do the 450 ...but I just can't get over the number...it's seems so big...and I'm terrified of becoming some huge breasted person. It's not that its bad - but it's not me...and I'm not even telling anyone at work that I'm having this surgery. I guess I figured I would just wear zip-up jackets and baggy sweaters for awhile...and I only want to be maybe a cup bigger then the current padded bras I'm wearing....so a small to mid C.


Ok - back again - 2 days before surgery for sizing. I'm so so torn. I do not want to end up too big - but everyone keeps saying they are leaning towards the 450s as they think they look better on me. This time I spoke with the nurse there to see what her opinion was. I tried on the sizers again in the mirror and felt the 450s looked too big with my clothing but she seemed to think it was because I just was not used to seeing myself this way...not because they looked too big. I tried on multiple shirts...even the 370s were looking big. My own instinct is to go with the smaller implants - as I think I will be more upset about ending up too big then too small... BUT - everyone else - dr., nurse, hubby - seem to think the 450s are the better choice. I trust the PS more then I do my own opinion because I feel like he does this ALL the time. I just wish I could know for sure what size my breasts will be after surgery. It's such a hard thing to make decisions about something where there is not definite outcome.

Decisions decisions...

I am still debating - 1 day before surgery - I'm...

I am still debating - 1 day before surgery - I'm leaning towards the 371s even though I seem to be the only person. PS did say he thought both would look very nice... just thought the 450s would look a little better and I could play them up or down. Nurse said they will look smaller once inside...she also liked the 450s. Hubby thinks I should lean towards what the people with experience recommend...but I really do not want to be bigger then planned. Seems like 371s are safer. Must decide in the next 24hrs!

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:45am - I...

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:45am - I have to be there by 9am.

I think I'm going to go with the 450s...I may be wrong...but I've decided I'm going to trust in the PS. I picked him because I liked him...I was confident....and I liked his results... I felt like he knew what he as doing...so ... cross your fingers for me... less then 24hrs to go!

Changed my mind - going with the 371mp...and also...

Changed my mind - going with the 371mp...and also freaking out now because I posted the same question I'm asking here to the drs on this website and one of them wrote that both were bad choices - as I had a short distance between my nipple and fold (which my dr did mention) and both these implants were going to result in double bubble. My dr. said there was a small chance of this - and I probably wouldn't care/notice that much....but now I'm freaking out!


Surgery is hours away - just want to say thank you...

Surgery is hours away - just want to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting/giving advice/support... it has helped calm me down. I feel better this morning - calmer - more confident - then I did last night. I don't know why I was panicking so much. I had a little bit of rough sleep last night - but that was both from my busy thoughts and 3 year old night walker.

Thank you for that link Kitten44 - as I don't want to be any bigger then that - and you are right - she has similar stats and it looks great. I know we are all different though...but I think I should go with my gut and go with the 371s...as I like to jog, weight lift, etc. too. The PS had also told me either would look great - he just liked the 450s slightly more. And I have to remember - I'm starting with so little that at this point a full A cup would be an improvement!

Wish me luck today - I'll update as soon as possible and post pics!!

On my way home now...went with the 450s last...

On my way home now...went with the 450s last minute...as Dr and nurse thought if I want a C again (like my breatfeeding boobs) they were the right choice. Feeling pretty good...staff and dr were great. Chest just feels tight/heavy. Will update with phots in a couple hours!

Feeling really good actually - awake - things feel...

Feeling really good actually - awake - things feel tight and like I have something heavy on my chest - but otherwise ok. A little sleepy - going to eat something...take a little nap. Dr. Tattelbaum was wonderful - I was still going back and forth at the surgery center - they were so kind about it though - he talked to me about it some more - but did not pressure/push either way... actually what changed my mind was one of the nurses. She was the same size/height as me...looked the same as me after breastfeeding her kids...and had LARGER implants then 450s...and she was a C up now. I think I made the right choice. Will update with real boob shots after I can unwrap. Thank you everyone again for all your support.

1st day post-op...woke up this morning feeling...

1st day post-op...woke up this morning feeling really tight/sore. I didn't sleep very well - not because I was in pain - it was just like I could only sleep in 1hr spurts - then would wake up...then get tired again 20 minutes later...and sleep for another hr before waking up. It was like this all night. Despite taking pain medication - I just couldn't stay asleep.

Dr. Tattlebaum has called twice today to checkup (It is Saturday too!) - very caring - considering it's the weekend before Christmas I really wasn't expecting alot. I am doing well - but today has definitely been worse then yesterday with soreness. But - if I take the percoset every 3.5 hours vs 4 - I seem to do alot better. I also think I over did it today - was downstairs playing with my toddlers, etc. took them outside, etc. I'm not picking them up - trying to be reasonable - but it's hard with little kids who want to hang on your leg and are begging you to carry them. Love them so much.

Hubby is taking good care of me - mom has dropped off food... I'm in very good hands. But it's tough not being able to lift your own toddler out of the crib in the morning, etc.

I tried to take a peek at my boobs - they are def. swelling upwards now - I have some collar-bone level cleavage above the wrap now and my nipples look super low on my super high breasts. Will take photos tomorrow after I unwrap and get a shower. I think they are going to look pretty funky though - a whole lot of dropping and fluffing needs to happen.

Ok - off to try and sleep - wish me luck!

2 Days Post Op: I guess I"m 2 days post-op now ....

2 Days Post Op: I guess I"m 2 days post-op now ..if surgery day is day 0. My swelling is down today compared to yesterday. Also - pain is better too. Bad news is I vomited this morning. My own darn fault - I took the pain med and antibiotics (both supposed to be with food) on an empty stomach when I woke up at 7am. I was going to eat breakfast right away - but then my little kids woke up and I ended up feeding them first...by the time I made breakfast for myself (maybe 15-20 min later)...I wasn't feeling that great. Took about 5 bites of food and new I was going to throw up. So - there went all my meds and breakfast. I just took a anti-nausea I was prescribed for the first time- will wait 45 min and then try again (food first this time). I wonder if I have to let the doctor know as I'm now missing 1 dose of antibiotics. Lesson learned I guess.

Funny - yet kinda gross - is as I was throwing up my 3 year old (recently potty trained) was going "Mommy - you going poo poo with your mouth? Good job!" and clapping behind me in the bathroom as I threw up.

I may actually not take the pain med this morning - as so far I'm really doing ok. We will see! Amazed the swelling and tightness have gone down so much today.

Post Op Day 2: Took a photo this morning - was...

Post Op Day 2: Took a photo this morning - was able to unwrap and take a shower. Feels soooo good to be clean. They def. look funky! Having faith in the process though. Not too much bruising though or anything.

Post Op Day 3 (Dec 24): Late updating - we had a...

Post Op Day 3 (Dec 24):
Late updating - we had a busy Christmas eve day with inlaws (we have a early christmas there). I was able to put on a loose sweater, etc. I am really feeling pretty good - I even made a banana frosting cream cake to take with us. I am down to taking 1 percocet a couple times a day when I feel it's needed...but otherwise it's mostly just nights that are rough. No matter what I do I can't get comfortable- my back is hurting alot. I tried sleeping in the bed last night vs recliner and had to move in the middle of the night back to the recliner...still hurt..moved back to the bed...still hurt...took some valium...moved back to the bed... still hurt...go up and moved to couch (where I am now)...going to take a percocet or something soon as I'm tired and my back is still hurting. I think I might try an over-the-counter sleeping aid tonight - no pain meds...as I think my body is just uncomfortable sleeping on my back.

So - uploaded some pics from post-op day 3. Hubby thinks they look like they have already changed a bit. Look the same to me! But - I'm liking the size - so I think I made the right choice. I will probably just start doing weekly shots now vs daily - but I thought for those interested (I know I was) you wanted to see what the swelling, etc. all looked like at the beginning.

Post Op: Day 6: Totally off the pain meds - no...

Post Op: Day 6: Totally off the pain meds - no need. Just taking 2x a day antibiotic. Not even really sore anymore. I have violated orders and picked up my kids a couple times (I know! I know! But you try not picking up your crying baby if they fall down.). Husband yelling at me - but I think he has given up on trying to stop me when it comes to the kids. Boobs look....some how bigger today to me. Maybe I'm imagining it though. Still not sleeping great - might try a benedryl tonight. Still sleeping on my back in the recliner at a slight incline - with movement to the bed and couch when I get uncomfortable. I'm ok with the boob size I think - but also trying to remember that you can't tell what size you are going to be this early on - so I shouldn't worry about too big, etc. Right now they look great size wise in the bra- but I don't think I want any bigger (or smaller now)!! So I think my surgeon was right on! :o) It's funny - despite all the back and forth and panic about size before my surgery...I've not had any of the post-surgery anxiety/panic/emotional roller coaster... I just feel good.

My post op appointment is tomorrow! I"m excited! Will update with how that goes - or any new info. I'm hoping he is going to reassure me that my nipples will move north. I think I have my boobs wrapped right at this point - I'm wearing the bra - but my post-op instructions say the ace bandage should be put ONTOP of the implants. So my husband and I were like does that mean ONTOP like "over" and above the implants...or like ONTOP....like covering the implants. So - after googling around I found this link which shows you you wear the bandage/strap across the top:


So - that is what I did - I'm hoping this is what he meant. I'm going to ask tomorrow and maybe ask him to wrap it for me once and mark my skin with a little marker where the top of the strap should be (on my chest) and bottom should be (on my back) so I can replicate at home until I get it down/remember. The biggest struggle right now is finding clothes that cover up all this wrapping. I recommend going to old navy or Victoria secret and buying some nice zip up front PJ jackets and comfy pants. Glad I did this over winter - at least I can use some big sweaters when I have to go back to work!

I posted some updated pics. I think I see little changes...but like I said..I'll probably post every couple of weeks vs days from now on - otherwise I would have tons of pictures. :o)

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

First Post Op Visit with PS - 1 week out - went...

First Post Op Visit with PS - 1 week out - went great! Incisions looked great so stitches were removed (uploaded a pic) - felt like a pinch - that was it. Dr. Tattelbaum was great - I really just like his bedside manner. He said everything is looking great for 1 week out - as it should right now. Reassured me that things would drop and my nipples would go more north. He pushed on them a bit so I could actually see what things would look like once the implant had dropped - kinda neat to see. He showed me some gentle massage techniques...although I heard him say at the next visit (3 weeks) he was going to show me some more "aggressive" massage techniques...but these were fine for now.

I got the top strap - the strap you put around you and OVER the top of the implants (not on the implants) - to help with them moving down...I was told I just needed to wear soft sports-bras (not like a tight running sports bra) as he doesn't want anything "preventing them from dropping"- more like soft sleep bras - nothing holding the boobies up or firmly in place. They need to be able to move and drop. I can also go bra-less. BUT he does want the strap always kept on when possible. Uploaded a pic from today.

Hmm what else... I can sleep on my side if comfortable...he wasn't against me trying to sleep on my front when I asked.. just said I probably wouldn't want to---haha--he is probably right. I actually ended up sleeping on my side last night with a pillow for some support- so that was good to know - and slept so much better then I had been when trying to stay on my back. Asked about resuming sex (whoops - did that yesterday before the appointment- gently...but thought we should ask anyway!)...exercising (not yet)...picking up kids (not yet)....that type of stuff.

The sex question was so funny because my husband was all ears and Dr. Tattelbaum joking...brought up the recent news story about the man being sued by his dental assistant - as he had let her go because she was just too pretty and it was distracting him (he had not sexually harassed her - just complained he couldn't concentrate)...anyway...he said the man had said to the court in his defense "it's like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it."...and Dr. Tattelbaum told my husband that I was my husband's Lamborghini in the garage right now...and he just couldn't drive it yet.... it was pretty funny. But - actually - in the end - he left it up to our discretion and just said the same rules applied - no heart rate up, nothing vigorous, gentle, etc. He still recommended waiting a few more days though before resuming activity - even gentle.

Kinda interesting that your risk of bleeding is apparently highest the first day after surgery and then a week or so after - he was explaining it had to do with cauterizing the blood vessels during surgery and the healing process they go through - and how at one point - actually a week or so post surgery for the next 5-10 days - they are weaker then they were when they were first cauterized...so the risk of bleeding is higher. Anyway - I hope I understood what he said correctly - but I got the point I needed to take it easy.

So - overall - Need to keep taking it easy despite feeling great. Get a little sore every once and awhile and maybe a little more randomly tired - but otherwise totally normal. I'm already loving them... as I told someone else...it's like when you wear that outfit you KNOW you look good in..and so you feel pretty...my boobs are making me feel like I have that outfit on all the time now. :) I just feel better having boobs again - even if they aren't even close to being "done" healing yet.

Feeling great - just wanted to upload 1 week post...

Feeling great - just wanted to upload 1 week post op pics. I already see little changes at 1 week. Will upload pics again after my 3 week post op visit on 1/10. So far I think the size worked out - fits my frame - will of course be better when everything drops/fluffs vs being high/round...but overall very very happy. :)

Ouch - sent a pic to my friend today - to show her...

Ouch - sent a pic to my friend today - to show her how it was going and how I really liked the size/was excited- as she knew I was getting a BA and wanted updates...and her response "I can't believe you like them? They look so FAKE". Ouch. Yes - I know they are high/round/etc/etc...but I still like them - god knows it's better then the nothing I had after breastfeeding!!

Ah well - can't blame people for being blunt/honest! But -still! It was a bit of an ouch. This is a 3-6 month process I explained to her. They look great in the bra right now though...an I"m only 9 days post op.

I know I know - I said I would wait to post more...

I know I know - I said I would wait to post more pics until 3-4 weeks but I took some pics today anyway (13 days Post Op).. so uploaded those. I gave in and called my dr and asked for some sleep aid meds...I'm just all over the place at night not able to sleep. If I take Tylenol PM or something I'm awake 4-5 hours later (3am-ish)...unable to fall back asleep/get comfortable...but too afraid to take it again because I have to get up in 3-4 hours. I end up camped downstairs on the couch or something so I at least am not waking up my husband with all my tossing. I've now been awake since 340am...went to work...got home and chased around 3 kids under the age of 3 all afternoon (babysat 1)...and I'm dead.

Assistant took the message and spoke with dr. He called something in for me to the pharmacy - and actually called me back himself leaving a msg to let me know how it goes. Obviously I can't take anything else with it - but I haven't been taking any pain meds or anything anyway for a week - so that is not the issue. The issue is just not being used to sleeping on my back and being sore when I try to sleep any other way. So I toss and turn all night. Ugh - you would think after giving natural childbirth to two children I would be a bit tougher - and I am with pain - but lack of sleep is my weakness. I've never taken a sleep-aid in my life though either.

Wish me luck tonight! Not too much change in pictures - but I couldn't help but take some anyway. Again - really liking the size -actually flat out loving it - just like I was when I was nursing almost... but just can't wait for things to drop and nipples to be more even centered. Already feeling more beautiful on the inside though - I guess more "feminine" like I used to.

Finally slept! PS even called to see if I finally...

Finally slept! PS even called to see if I finally got some sleep - very kind. Yay! I noticed today too - it wasn't as sore laying on my side sleeping last night - so that is great. :) I probably won't take the sleep aid tonight to see how it goes since it's the weekend anyway - I also just feel so much better after having 1 good night I think I can do fine even if I do not sleep well. Loving the boobs in the sleep bra today. :) I'm sorta starting to get antsy about working out again. I had really gotten myself back into shape after the babies only 5 months prior to the surgery...and this has been the first time since then that I'm not working out and weight lifting/watching what I eat. I'm weird though in that if I workout I naturally watch what I eat more - because I'm focused on trying to gain muscle/lose fat or whatever...right now I feel sorta goal-less.

Had my 3 week post op visit - boobs still have not...

Had my 3 week post op visit - boobs still have not dropped. Darn it! I also have to keep wearing the strap ...until... well the boobs drop I guess. The visit went well - PS seems to think everything is as it should be right now. Told me not to expect day to day changes...but they would continue to make progress in the D&F department. He told me this was the hardest part of this type of surgery - it was like watching water boil - and I just had to hang in there. I have to keep doing some massaging and wearing the strap as much as possible.I knew it would be a 3-6 month process...so I'm ok ...but I didn't take any more progress photos right now as I don't see alot of change. I'll take another photo in a few weeks....BUT...I did take a photo in my old swimsuit...and gotta love boobs...it looks way better even if they haven't dropped yet! :)

Other news - I an actually sleep on my stomach or sides without an issue now...no more soreness so I"m sleeping again - which is great! They still feel pretty firm - but have gotten softer. My incisions look great - only hurt every once and awhile if I pick up my little one and she wiggles or something and it pulls the skin at the incision site. Trying to prevent that. Otherwise - doing great. Going to start working out this week - as I was given the all clear. I think I will feel great after starting that. I am going to alter my weight lifting routine for now to take the pressure off my chest muscles. Will update again in 4 weeks or so with new photos!

So for some reason this morning when I looked I...

So for some reason this morning when I looked I thought they had dropped some finally...so I took pics...but now I just compared to a couple weeks ago and they look pretty much the same - but rounder...darn it! Well maybe in another 2 weeks there will be something! I uploaded the comparison pic.

Really starting to fall in love with them - they...

Really starting to fall in love with them - they have softened up a lot and look rounder now...and my nipples do seem like they are slowlllllly coming up (I think!). I hope in another couple months they will be centered totally. I'm actually happy with where they are at - dropping wise - I just wish my nipples were more centered. Size is perfect - no regrets - not too big and not too small. Hubby was actually saying he thinks they are smaller then my nursing breasts - he is probably right - but they are ALOT softer then my nursing breasts...haha..which were so full it was like rocks. Still wearing the strap - another couple of weeks until my next follow-up appt. Back to exercising and weight lifting too - so overall I"m honestly feeling SO good - about myself, in general, etc. I'm so happy I had the surgery - I feel confident naked again.

Whoo Hoo - got the all clear from the PS to ditch...

Whoo Hoo - got the all clear from the PS to ditch the strap and go buy some bras. Super happy with everything. He did say they will probably continue to drop a bit more and "fluff" - nipples will probably come up a bit more as bottom fills out a bit - but otherwise ...good to go.So happy I can get a normal bra! They still feel a bit firm to me though - so I hope they continue to soften some.

3 months! Wow! Made it to he first real...

3 months! Wow! Made it to he first real "milestone" point...I'm very happy with everything. They feel like mine - they aren't too big - they don't get in the way - I can play them up and down. They are softer then 4 weeks ago - and seem to keep softening. So happy I did this. I feel so much better naked...like I have some of my "pre-baby" body back!

Updated a couple new photos. Only slight changes but again - it's mostly softening and such now. When I went to VS to get sized I came out a small D. I have found in most bras I'm either a big C or small D - so the Dr. was right on.
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Found Dr. Tattelbaum from online research of top PS doctors in the area. Went to a consult and just loved his manner. He has always seemed very kind, upfront, and honest...but very understanding and willing to listen. I just really liked him - and felt in my heart he was who I wanted to do this surgery with. So far I have no regrets - I'm still in very early recovery- but I feel very taken care of - and have never felt, despite all my back and forth between sizes, questions, etc. - that I was a bother to him in any way. He was always willing to see me, answer the same questions over and over, listen to my worries, give me honest feedback...and his staff were always very helpful. Calls me personally -checks up - just get the feeling he is a good person in general - and I"m pretty good at reading people.

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