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I've been on RS for maybe 6+ months now and...

I've been on RS for maybe 6+ months now and finally creating my profile since my BA is in 11 days. I'm both excited and a bit scared at the same time. As much as I feel I know what to expect from reading so many reviews I know that each women is different and recovery will not be the same. I'm probably 32A/32B/34A in size. Has had a hard time losing baby weight and weight gained from IVF so I've been around 132-134lbs. for the past year. I do a lot of cardio dancing as my main exercise so hopefully that won't change my routine once I get my BA done. After seeing my PS about 4x since I booked with him I finally picked 425R/400L HP. I kept going back and forth between 375/400 HP and then 325/350 MP. I have appreciated everyone's reviews on here.

Wish pics & some size tester pics

6 more days Til BA. Few questions

So with the increase in size which I might go up in two sizes since I'm doing 400/425cc does my clothing size increase as well in tops or dresses?

Has anyone gotten their period during their surgery time? I might have mine then & wondering if pain with my cramping will make my pain worse..

Got sized at VS today... Bit confused

I know VS sizes tends to be a bit bigger than other stores but confused since I measured as a C cup and I'm pretty deflated. :( I have always worn 32b padded bras most times and after my 2nd child went up to 34b. I wanted to have an idea what size I an before pre op and will get sized after surgery as well. A bit disappointed that they didn't have a non padded sport bra since they had some that were on sale for $35 but all padded.

I've seen other posts of people that were sizes 32A/B -34A and become 32D/DD-34D. So if I'm supposedly a C which I doubt I am what's the possible size that I might become after the surgery.

Can't believe it's this Friday....

Made it to the other side

Surgery was today. Dr. T I said did great. We've been home since 12:30 and mostly in bed since j got home. Able to eat crackers and soup. Just sitting up. No pictures since I can't really get up yet. More painful that j thought when I work up.

Day 2 post op

Very tight on my chest and itching here and there. The wooden spoon has been my best friend for scratching :) . Thankful for my supportive husband that's been taking care of me. I sleep in our extra room and been thankful that I've been able to get up in the middle of the night by myself to pee. Taking me meds especially my antibiotics and percoset and Vicodin. Today I'm hoping to get away with nauseous meds, antiobiitics and maybe one more percoset. I've been able to walk down the stairs a few times and do some walking upstairs too.hopfulky I can take a name soon since I feel that I've been more awake than asleep . Bandage feels so tight but my doc wants me to keep this on til tomorrow.


Day 3 post Op

Tried to take off the bandages today to see how the "cousins" are doing and they look good but my right incision was hurting still that I put the bandages right away. Hard and high still. taking a shower might be very difficult since I have very long hair. I've used fleet to help go to the bathroom for the past two days since col-rite wasn't working.

Day 3 pic

RS not waiting for my pic to update. Ugh.

Day 4 Post Op

140 lbs now after my surgery and with me being on my period. 132 lbs. pre surgery
38 yrs old.

Just an update was able to go to restroom finally with the help of col rite. I only have taken my antibiotics today and 500 mg of acetaminophen . Trying to wean off from percoset and Valium already so I can see my tolerance for the pain without major meds. Sleeping the past few night was uncomfortable since I was up every hour having to pee. Can't tell of my backaches are more from sleeping in an upright position or muscle spasm.

I only took a quick pic of my boobs this morning and put back my bandages since I still feel pain on the right left stitch which had the bigger size boob .

Any tips on where to get cheap non padded underwire bra since I shouldn't be bra shopping til the girls get settled. I'm a bit jealous of other people's pics in different cute bras or swim suit right after their surgery . I'm scared to be out of my big ugly bra and my zip up sweater. :)

Day 5 PO pics

Drove my little one to school today but I drove slow and carefully. Sad that the simplest things to do before is a bit harder right after the BA. Had to do laundry and I kicked the clothes from the 3rd floor to the basement. Got it done though. Here's some pics from today.

1 week + PO

Went back to work on Friday. It was good but my chest felt tight from me waking around the office, but otherwise it wasn't bad. Thankfully a lot of people decided to work half a day so it was quiet. Here are pics from day 6-9 post op.

Pics from day 6-9 Post Op

Day 10 & 11 post op

I've been busy so haven't been updating these on the actual days but Monday was day 10 for me. Visited Dr. T for my 1 at visit after the surgery. He said they look good & he was able to take out the stitch. The pulling of the tape and then the stitch did hurt a little for me. I think I was used to then being covered that to myself the bra later on rubbing the incision that it made most of the day a bit painful for me. He took my ace bandages that I've been wrapping around my boobs since the surgery & I receive a new simpler shorter bandage to wear 24/7 until the next appt. it's supposed to help them drop.
He told me no scar creams until he sees me for the next visit . Only thing about that it with no cover on the incision that area tends to get itchy and dry & of course I'm not supposed to scratch it. He also showed me how to massage on the top & push down and to push the sides to the middle as well.

My husband loves to do daily checks on them. Here are some pics from day 10 & 11.

I feel they are pretty big on me even though they look like they match my current curvy body right now. I'm happy with them and they look pretty close in size .

16-19 days post op

Today's my 20th day now but I forgot to upload these pics yesterday. This week has had it's good and bad. My nipples and breasts have just been too sensitive on certain days. There are times when I wake up in the morning and have backaches and my rjght incision that had a larger implant hurts from time to time. My husband loves them but I'm not at that point yet since it only been close to 3 weeks mans they don't feel like a normal part of my body yet. I've seen others post that as times goes by it feels like it's always been a part of them. my next appt. with my PS is next Monday. Tomorrow is my 3rd week but I'm not sure if I should start exercising this weekend before I get the ok from my PS. Did any of you wait for clearance before getting back on your exercuse routine. Here are some pics of me trying out bras which I went to Macys since they had a good sale of Warner wireless bras..good support for the twins. Only thing is it's limited to find size D in the 32 range . I was able to fit a 34D in the Warner Bra and 34 C but found the C more comfortable with one of the Warner styles. At VS when i got measured I can fit a 32DD or 34D. Stayed with wireless since I don't think I'm aloud to wear wite bras until I'm 3 months out. Happy healing.

4 weeks + PO

Sorry I haven't updated much. So far I feel my journey is similar to the majority of RS posters that we go through ups and downs during our recovery period.

I'm sleeping a lot better know vs. The first 3 weeks after BA. Saw my PS a week ago and he said I'm healing well. Still encourages that my breasts needs to drop more so encouraging me about massaging more. I was cleared for exercising but still haven't gone to my dance classes yet since he mentioned to be careful still about bouncing up & down. Maybe next week I'll start which I need to since I'm going on almost 7 weeks of no cardio.

Getting out of bed has been better too since I don't feel my incision hurting much anymore. At times they feel normal that I forget that they are there and there are days when I get have some minor backaches to remind me about them.

Not sure if I have boob greed but there are times when I look down at then when I'm changing it in the shower as if they aren't big enough but once I look in the mirror again my thoughts are like " yup they are a pretty good size already".

Here are some pics from 4 weeks up.

Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery.

When I've had questions and would email my drs. assistant they have been instances where he calls me directly to answer my questions which I find very nice.

Next PS visit is in 6 weeks .

Loving them! 4 wks + 5 days PO

They are starting to feel like a part of me finally. At times I forget that I just had them done since I hardly feel any pain. I took some pics and love the results. Hoping they won't get any smaller since I feel it they fit my frame very well. Glad I went with HP too since the MP might have made them much elder to the sides that I would have looked very matronly. Will start my 1st day back of my cardio dancing tonight. Hope my sports bra holds them well. I haven't gone in 6 weeks at my dance classes.

Cardio class last night

First time back after almost 6 weeks of stopping due to BA. It was a bit munch with the warm ups since we jump around so I took it really easy. I got up on stage like I normally do and at times I was worried that people would easily notice that I had it done but no one could figure it out. They thought I had an we some bra that gave me that look so I told a few that I trust . They said it looked great since it didn't look like " bam" it's in your fine but like my PS said it will make people wonder. Will try to go back to my 3-4 days routine but the jumping around around eilk have to be minimized until months later on. At one point my heart rate for up to 175 and I'm normally around 60. I watched my fitbit and took it easy that it would be around 130 at max.

9 weeks & a day PO

It's been a while since I've posted or read other updates on here since I've been busy. More things on the boob area has changed for me. The have been dropping but not sure about the fluff part yet. They are getting more squishy especially on top which I think the massages has helped. There are times that I forget that I had them done since they are finally starting to feel like a part of me, but there are days that they feel heavy that reminds me again that I had them done. :)

I've been open to telling some people that I feel comfortable sharing with and even had some girls touch them that are thinking of getting them done.
I feel like I'm back to sleeping like my normal self again pre surgery. Feels great getting out of bed without the pains I felt in the first month or so. Back to doing my dance cardio at least 3x a week. Bouncing up and down when I dance still hurts a little bit but glad to be getting some workout done.

The swelling has gone down and there have been times that I felt they are too small and gave even had a nightmare that I went flat again. Then I look in the mirror and they are a good size & hoping they stay this size for the final result.

I got the ok this past Monday to wear the wireless bras which j finally started just yesterday. Got too used to the surgery and sports bras there.

Here are some pic updates. Hope everyone is doing well.

1 yr. & 2 months update

Been so long since I've updated on RS. Seems like things flew by so quickly & probably after 4 months I felt like they were a part of me already. Exercising has not been an issue which I do 3-4x of cardio dancing.

The one thing that I wasn't very good at unfortunately is doing the massaging that my Dr. Recommended. So for anyone thinking or recently have done a BA be sure to massage them daily.

Dr.T's been pretty pleased though with each visit and has always mentioned about massaging them.

As of now I've been measured at 32DDD or 34 DD at Victoria's Secret as well as trousseau in Vienna.

Here are some pics.
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