35 Years Old, 5', 120 Lbs, 32AA/34AA, 2 Kids (Both Breastfed), Asian, 400cc HP silicone - Rockville, MD

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My stats: 5 feet tall even, 120 lbs, I say I'm a...

My stats: 5 feet tall even, 120 lbs, I say I'm a 34AA but that's mostly for band measurement as I have almost no breast mass. I have 2 kids and breastfeed both for a total of 4.5 years. Before pregnancy, I tried all the pills and creams and hoped my breasts would grow but the Boob Fairy not only missed me but avoided me like plague. I thought maybe pregnancy would change that but no, I looked like my old self except fatter. Maternity wear without breasts to go with it is sad. My last hope was breastfeeding. With my first, I was still working and actually produced more milk than he could consume (about an extra gallon a month). And yet even though I was being milked like a cow, I still didn't have boobs. Nursing bras were a joke. Everything was loose and baggy and there wasn't any point in stuffing them because that's a huge pain to deal with every time I had to nurse. Now I'm 35 and we've decided we're done having kids. My husband also wanted me to do something for myself.

It took me almost a year to finally get up the nerve to book some consultations. The first doctor I went to seemed nice enough but I didn't feel like he was The One. He definitely seemed competent but was just *meh* personality-wise. I know you're not looking for a BFF in a surgeon but I feel you should be able to trust them. Always go with your gut. It was also slightly disappointing because after looking at before/after pics online and how close the surgery center was, I thought he would be it. After that consult I decided I'd go with him if I didn't love the second one. Like I said, he was very knowledgable but a little too clinical for me. Plus, it bothered me that I didn't try on any sizers with him but before I saw him, with some assistant who didn't seem like she had any knowledge of implants (other than the obvious).

The second surgeon was Dr Tattelbaum. I had to wait a little longer than expected because the woman before me decided she wanted to discuss 3 procedures instead of just the one she booked an appointment for. (Ladies: don't do that. We all have things we need to do.) Once we met Dr T (who was extremely apologetic for us having to wait), we liked him immediately. He showed me all my options. I'd like to say we booked a date before we left but we had to wait on some paperwork.

Wish pics

I just lost an entire post so I'm going to just submit some wish pics and see if that works before I rewrite my whole post. Grrrrr

Pre-op and rice sizer pics

Let me say that I hate rice sizers: they're itchy and as an Asian, I feel it's sacrilegious to waste rice like that! Haha, ok, seriously: hate rice sizers. I don't feel they give an accurate measurement and they're lumpy and bumpy and not conforming to the body. I feel the rice sizers look MUCH bigger than the silicone sizers I tried on in the office. I go back to Dr. T tomorrow to finalize my size (we discussed 350/375 at the consultation) so hopefully I'll have more legit pictures from that appointment.

At my initial consult he also mentioned that my left ribcage sticks out. I thought my left boob was a smidge bigger but he said that's just my ribcage pushing it out. He said there wasn't a need to have different size implants because the difference was negligible and besides, "they're sisters, not twins." My husband loves that line and uses it all the time now. XD.

Pretty pretty please let me know your opinions on the sizers. I feel like in person they're huge, but big balls of uncooked rice on my chest aren't the most pleasant thing. My husband says "375 is where it's at. Any less and you won't be happy." And he said they don't look any different than what I tried on in the office and I really loved the 375s! (And I have my hand on my torso so you can sort of see the projection. So difficult to get depth in pictures.)

Rice sizers

Third times a charm, right? It wouldn't let me submit my last post so I deleted all my rice sizer pics.

Again: any thoughts, opinions, etc are much appreciated! :-)

Pre-op and final decision

Went to my pre-op appointment today. Love, love, love Dr. Tattelbaum. So easy to talk to and ask a million dumb questions and have him point out things about different sizes and profiles.

I went in pretty set on getting 350cc mod plus, just given my thoughts on the rice sizers over the past few days. I'm terrified of the "coconut boobs" but when we started messing with different sizes, I wasn't thrilled with the moderate plus implants (300cc, 325cc and 350cc) and almost felt like they made me look fat(ter). The HPs were nice and perky and I felt matched my shape better. Dr T said the MPs were more natural and no one would guess otherwise. But the HPs would be nice and be a sort of hmmmmm (with a raised eyebrow). :-D His comparison is that he'd suggest moderate profile for his wife, but high profile for his girlfriend.

Some other things to note that he said:
-Asians are more prone to getting capsular contracture so they'll really watch me for that.
- There will probably be a gap between my breasts, just given what I currently have.
But I think the most important take away is this:
What I have now is non-existant so try not freak out about how big they are, especially the first week when everything is swollen. I think this is super super important and I'll have to leave little stickies around the house to remind me. I really don't have any boobs. At all. How I managed to breastfeed 2 kids is a testament to the "size doesn't matter" rule. But in the end I wasnt even left with saggy, empty boob sacs. Nada.

I focus way too much on numbers so I think I initially freaked out and just straight out rejected the 400s. But I kept them on and after a few minutes, I was like, "I think these look pretty damn good!"

So that's my thought process behind it. Plus, I've had nothing for so long, I'd hate to go through all this and wish I'd gone just a smidge bigger.

400cc HP silicone sizers

Last post rejected my picture. Must be too much awesomeness. :-D

Brain dump

I've seen some questions pop up on the December 2014 BA thread and I realized that a lot more was discussed at my pre-op than I wrote down so I'm brain dumping in hopes that it helps someone else (myself included! :-D )

- Post surgery bra: Dr T will provide The Big Ugly Post Surgery Bra. It's the one that has about 20 clasps in front. Super sexy. A week later he'll give me The Big Ugly Velcro Strap that wraps around my back and above the boobs to help provide "gentle downward pressure" to help them settle. I'm thinking of wearing some super comfortable Coobie bras that I picked up on Amazon. I'm wearing one in my rice sizers pic so I know they'll definitely fit. The bottom band is wide but relatively thin so I'm hoping it doesn't irritate the incision.

- Arnica: I've seen a lot of people posting about arnica in either pill or cream form to help with bruising and pain management. I asked my PS if I could use it and he said he used to forbid it because he couldn't tell if it hindered healing but now he said he's neutral about it. He doesn't suggest it but doesn't think it hurts either. It's up to me.

- Medication: talk about this BEFORE surgery day! I'm glad I asked because I'm allergic to Amoxicillin so he prescribed me Clindamycin instead. He also prescribed Phenergan for nausea, Percoset for pain and Valium because it is a muscle relaxant but also has the added bonus of helping with my anxiety. (Have I mentioned my anxiety? I have oodles of it.) If you have a helper, and if you have the option, I'd suggest getting your meds beforehand. I plan on labeling everything ("pain," "nausea," etc) to make it easier on my husband. Might even set up a chart to keep track of everything.

That's it for now. Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

5 Days left

The inevitable Freak Out was bound to happen but I was hoping it'd be closer to surgery day. We drove up to NJ for Thanksgiving and took 270S back home to Northern Virginia. Those who know the area know that it passes by Rockville, which is where I will have my breast augmentation. It was late, and dark and my boys were in the backseat and I thought, "This is exactly what it'll be like in one week." And I imagined myself at the surgery center, trying to be calm in front of my kids while freaking out on the inside. I imagined being half naked in a sterile room with bright lights. And then The Realness of it hit me. And all the booby pics and cute tops and hourglass figure thoughts went flying out the window and I was freaking out. How did I think it would be this easy? I hated my hospital birth with my firstborn so much that I chose a homebirth the second time around. How can I do this?

So now I'm trying to stay busy. I have my lists of things I need, things I need to do, things I need to clean, bills I need to pay.

On top of all this, I keep on going back and forth with sizing. I think the 400cc's look the best and fit me but... Is it too big? Will there be too much pain, too much stretching, numbness in my breasts? Will I freak out at the pressure/weight of 800cc's of silicone sitting on my chest? Sometimes I wonder if they'll look too small. Fortunately, my husband took pictures AND video at our last visit with the PS and I have played the video a thousand times to hear him say, "I can get it in but I don't want to go much bigger." That keeps me grounded. (If I haven't said it yet, bring someone with you to your sizing appoinment and take LOTS of pictures and videos. You will look at them a million times over.)

Then, in trying to calm myself down, I came across a review that recommended going to the explant forum. Because I like to pile on the sh!t, that's what I did. Now I'm all uggghhhh and whhyyyyy did I do that?! (P.S. I wouldn't recommend visiting the explant section close to your surgery day. Doing it in your research phase is fine and dandy.)

So, not much of an update. Just wanted to let you know where I am mentally: FREAKED OUT. Still trying to stay positive. I know I'll love them... I just need to get there. I think I'll ask my PS if I can start taking the Valium early. I honestly don't know how I'm going to keep my sh!t together this Friday.

Post surgery bras

Just picked up some post surgery bras at Walmart. The Genie Zip was $9.98 and the Fruit of the Loom Front Close (which looks very similar to my PS's Big Ugly Post Surgery Bra) was $9.94. They also had some other front close bras by Simply Basic for $4.98.

Happy Shopping!

Pics: post surgery bras

Last update didn't take pics.

Worried sick: tomorrow is the day I shake that Boob Fairy down and make her give me some tatas!

I'm so stressed about this surgery that I think I may have made myself sick. Yesterday (Wednesday), 2 days before surgery, I woke up with a sore throat and loooooots of post nasal drip and congestion. Of course, one of the reasons they can make you reschedule is if you're sick. So I got in touch with my PS who said to come in to get checked out. He looked me over at noon and said because my blood pressure is normal, I don't have a fever, I don't have nasal congestion (at least to the point that I couldn't breath), and my lymph nodes are ok, I should be good to go!

I also got a call from the surgery center and my surgery is at 9am tomorrow morning! I. Am. Freaking. Out. Mind over matter, right? Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Because we don't have anyone in the area to watch our kids (especially at 6 in the morning when we have to leave!), they'll be coming with us so I'm feeling suuuuuper guilty about that. Hopefully all their electronic devices will keep them busy while I get my boobs. :-/

To everyone who has already had their surgery this week: Congrats! You did it!
To those who are playing the seemingly never ending waiting game: don't worry, your day will come and you will look fabulous!

Thank you so much to each and every person who wrote a review and/or encouraged me along the way. This has been crazy but I definitely couldn't have done this without the support of the Real Self community! You guys are freakin' awesome! (In person, I would drop the f-bomb fo' sho' because I'm that passionate about your awesomeness, but you know, trying to keep it clean on here.) ;-)

See you all in Titty City!

Day 1: post op

Hey all, thanks for checking in!

Sorry I haven't been able to write earlier but I've just been sleeping since I got out. The surgery itself when fine but I woke up with nausea and extreme pain. Who knew I was such a wuss. :-D Dr T said the pain also comes from my skin being so tight.
I don't do well with meds so I'm only taking Phenergan for the nausea, one tab of Valium and half a tab of Percoset. I haven't eaten much -- just a few crackers with meds to help keep it all down. Thank you sweet baby Hercules for my husband for taking care of me, keeping track of all my meds, and even wiping me when I couldn't! :-D

Even though I'm in excruciating pain, I still don't regret it. At all. Mostly I just want the pain to be over.

I will write more later and hope to catch up on messages when I can.


Surgery day: got there super early. Was told to be there by 7:45 but we were there by 7:20. Not a single person in the parking lot. I was told surgery would be 9-10 (first surgery of the day!) and I'd be ready to go home around 11. I'm not sure what time I actually got started but when I woke up it was after 12. I was in excruciating pain. All the reviews I've read said everyone felt fine the first day because you're so pumped up full of anesthesia but that wasn't me. :-( I was also super nauseous. They gave me two anti-nausea shots (which burned like a motherf*cker, and I let that poor nurse know it). My surgeon said he prides himself on not having nauseous patients so I humbled him.

Even though I wasn't feeling great, they sent me home. I barely remember any of it. I was taking Phengran for nausea, antibiotics and half a tab of Percoset. I'm not big on pain meds so I didn't want to overdo it. In between I could only stomach saltines and animal crackers. Oh and my ginger drink (for the sugar boost and any nausea I may have.).

By Saturday night the pain was unbearable so I upped my Percoset to a full tab. A few hours later, around midnight Sunday morning, I couldn't take the pain in what I assume is my liver so I stopped the Phenergan and Percoset. I also unwrapped my bandage (12 hours early--*gasp!*) but the pressure from it and the lack of pain meds was driving me insane. I felt SO much better once I wasn't bound by that Chinese Torture Device (aka the gauze wrap). Went back to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, my husband helped me shower. I honestly don't know how I would have done this without him. He's making sure I take my meds, stays on top of my fluid intake and even left me a walkie talkie so I could beep him when I needed him.

Once again, thank you SO SO much to all the RS members who checked in on me and offered words of encouragement. My family calls me The Enabler (in a good way) because I like to push people along and help out so it's been really difficult for me these past few days.

Oh, another thing I fogot to add is that my first thought when I woke up in all that pain was that I went too big. I kept telling myself I should have gone smaller and my surgeon did tell me it was a tight squeeze. (In fact, as much as I hurt, he said the pain would be worse the next day -- WHAT?!) But once I unwrapped, I don't think they're too big at all! And the pain wasn't worse, it was about the same.

One last thing

I know I wrote about the (quite unexpected) pain when I woke up after surgery but never ever once did I regret my decision to have breast augmentation. I was a little disappointed it hurt so much (I was prepared for pain on the second day, which is when everyone said it would kick in) but not as soon as I woke up. And even though I couldn't take full deep breaths due to the pressure and just overall pain, I NEVER regretted my decision. I just thought I'd put that out there. Even though they hurt, and sit high, and make a gurgly noise (which I find funny) I LOVE them. And in a weird way, I feel like all this pain has made me appreciate and enjoy them that much more. :-)

Day 3: Post op

General: I feel like my boobs are sitting higher than yesterday but my husband said they look lower. (shrug) I also forgot to mention that I have some numbness on the bottom half of both breasts. I was half expecting it since I knew the 400ccs would be a stretch. I'm surprised that I don't have any bruising since Dr T said it took some work to get them in there.

Pain: tolerable. Mostly it's the pressure from the ace bandage. If it gets really annoying, I'll take a half tab of Percoset (full dose is 2) but that knocks me out for a few hours and then I'm in a daze when I wake up. My surgeon said no ibuprofen for 2 weeks, but he'd prefer I wait 3 weeks. Motrin is my most effective pain reliever (Tylenol doesn't do anything for me) so it's been rough because any time I need pain relief, I also get a mandatory 3 hour nap. :-/
Showers: I'm usually a shower-before-bed kinda girl but morning showers are easiest because my husband can help since the kids are in school. He said it's the hardest thing in the world to not get arroused by me. :-D And also, warm showers have never felt better. I just get to stand there while someone scrubs me down. I'm telling ya, that's how all showers should be. ;-)

Sleeping: I don't know how much longer I have to sleep on my back but it's complete torture. Actually, scratch that. It's not the back sleeping but the *inclined* sleeping that's killing me. I'm either a side or no-pillow back sleeper.

Itching: oh sweet baby Odin, I am so itchy. I probably look like a crackhead. But the side boobs and in between the boobs itch like crazy. And my back. Why does my back itch?

But through all the (minor) annoyances, I LOVE MY BOOBIES! I still can't believe I have them. I'm not even thinking of bra shopping yet; I just love the way they look in a simple hookless tank style bra. Beautiful. Even though they're high and tight, I could stare at them and touch them all day.

And my "scare" of the day: I had soup for lunch and decided to take a nap with my buddy Percoset. I woke up around 4 after my boys got home from school, took an antibiotic and started cleaning. Little things here and there, then breaking up a fight between the kids. Out of nowhere I got really light-headed and dizzy. Had to sit down. Felt nauseous. Lights were too bright. My right incision also started to hurt and I had to sit. Breathe. I realized I hadn't eaten in over 6 hours and had been doing too much. So fair warning: take care of yourselves! It's so easy to forget that you've just had some pretty big surgery and because life continues to keep chugging along and you're trying to keep up, it's easy to lose sight of that.

Anyway, that's my way-too-long 3 Day Post Op post. ;-) Wishing lots of happy happy healing vibes to all my surgery pals!

Days 4 and 5 post op

Just some stats for anyone jumping in:

Age: 35
Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Pre-op bra: 34AA/34AAA (I really just used bras to cover my nipples. I always bought training bras with a 34 band and still had tons of room in the cups.)
Implants: 400cc's HP silicone Mentor Memory Gel

In the wee wee hours of Day 4, my husband woke me to take an antibiotic pill. It didn't sit so well and I felt like I had acid reflux or heartburn. I hadn't taken a Phenergan (anti nausea) because I was trying to reduce meds, but after a few tabs of antacids and no relief, I took a Phenergan. It didn't help and I was so nauseous and just generally miserable. I dry heaved a few times and even pulled off my leggings and bra. I felt so constricted. It was during the dry heaving that I had the very brief thought, "Oh God, take these OUT!" but as soon as I thought it I knew I didn't mean it. I know it was the dry heaving that made me think that because I absolutely hate throwing up. I don't remember how I finally fell asleep but I did.

In the morning I was dizzy and light headed. I ate breakfast and took my antibiotics but I couldn't shake the dizziness so I contacted my PS's office and they suggested I come in. Everything was normal: no fever, blood pressure was fine, pulse/oxygen levels fine. They suggested I eat with my pills (which I am, but maybe a few saltines isn't enough) and maybe go back to taking Phenergan. I just hate that the Phenergan makes me tired. I can hardly keep track of the days and I feel like a useless lump. But with boobs. The good thing (sort of) is that I got the Big Ugly Booby Strap. I was also told to start gentle massages (pushing downwards on the top of the breasts and pushing inwards on the sides of the breasts). Next Tuesday I'll get my sutures out and I'll start more aggressive massages. (Asians have a higher chance of getting capsular contracture and I'm so glad my PS is aware of that and tries to work against it.)

Now I'm on Day 5 post op. Still dizzy most of the day. I only have a few pills of antibiotics left. My hope is that once I'm off all these damn meds, I'll start to feel normal again. I'm one of those all-organic people who takes as few medications as possible so I think my body is just retaliating.

I'm attaching some pictures I took this morning. I noticed some slight bruising (yellowing) around my sternum. They still look the same to me but maybe now that I'm actively massaging, things will round out and drop some. I'm always having to remind myself that I had very little before so it was a tight stretch, that at 400cc's I was pushing the limit for my size, and being Asian (I know, sorry I keep bringing it up but it matters in regards to this surgery) my PS said we're just generally tighter to begin with. Oh yay.

Sorry for the long-winded update. On another note: I'm so happy to see my booby buddies happy and healing and enjoying their new curves! And to those who have not had surgery yet: don't let my experience scare you. I am notoriously bad with medication. And if you are too, well, it's only a few days. ;-) And what's a few days when you get glorious boobies when all's said and done? :-D

Day 5 Post Op: Obligatory Poop Post

I forgot to mention that I'm pooping. It took 5 days and a lot of prune juice and prunes but it happened. I think stopping Percoset was probably the biggest factor but my Happy Hippie side is giving credit to Prune Power. My PS also said the antibiotics would give me diarrhea. Yeah. So let's just say that I'm glad that I was already "making water" when my bowels decided to move. My husband said that was one shower I would've had to figure out on my own. I guess even love has its limits. XD

P.S. It actually never bothered me that I wasn't pooping. I wasn't bloated or in pain. I've only recently become "regular" now that I drink my morning tea. But sometimes I used to go 5-7 days without anything! I know, super unhealthy but I swear I was eating all the right things. I like to just think my body is super efficient and uses what I consume instead of making waste. Haha! :-)

One Week Post Op

*I wrote a very lengthy post last night but RealSelf ate. Denied it. Gave it to the dog to eat. Cut off its manlihood and dumped it on the side of the road. So I was kind of pissed. I regress. ;-) *

One week post surgery I'm feeling pretty damn good. I'd say better than I thought I would. I think being off meds has definitely helped. Day 6 was my last antibiotic and I needed Phenergan with those so I was still napping a lot. (Note: If you put your dyslexic husband in charge of your meds, you'll get a pill every 4 hours or 6 times a day instead of every 6 hours or 4 times a day. Thankfully, he didn't make that mistake with my pain pills.)

About Day 5 I got the ok from my PS to ditch the inclined pillow and sleep on my side if I wanted. I went back through all his rules and actually didn't see anything about sleeping inclined so maybe that was something I just picked up from the million RealSelf reviews that I've read.

Day 7 was my first drug free day and I pushed myself harder than I probably should have but I still didn't nap! I was still dizzy so I didn't drive and made my husband my Alfred so I could get some new bras. I had to get some Larges because the Mediums are tight around the ribcage and made me feel all claustrophobic and nauseous. I actually went about 24 hours without any bra (but I still wore my strap!) just because of the nausea.

Pain: the pain is...tolerable. I've been off the hard stuff since about Day 4. I'm not using Tylenol because it doesn't do anything for me (except give me a headache. Go figga.). My PS is not allowing me to use ibuprofen for 2-3 weeks. Motrin (and Advil in a pinch) are my only effective pain relievers so that kind of sucks. I've been using arnica cream twice a day but probably should have used it 4x a day since I'd usually be hurting pretty badly around mid-afternoon and the middle of the night. My back also hurts but that's because I'm slouching for fear of something brushing against my jubblies. Side story: When we got home after the surgery, my husband put me to bed and let our little dogs (9 lbs and 12 lbs) out to be walked. Well they ran straight to me and JUMPED ON MY CHEST. I screamed and cried (I'm not a big crier so that's saying a lot) but our littlest one is hyper sensitive to people's emotions so all that screaming and crying made him want to heal me with his dog slobber even more. I was thiiiiiis close to turning a stereotype into a reality and making that boy into some tasty stir fry. Needless to say, I've been protective of The Sisters ever since and now I hunch.

The night of Day 7 (last night) was the first time I was able to reach up and wash my hair. I still have a difficult time pulling (long sleeved) shirts over my head so my husband helps with that. I can do it, it just takes a really long time (and gives my husband a good laugh). :-D

Incisions: My tape fell off in the shower last night and I was surprised that they're already closed! My sutures are getting removed on Tuesday which I thought was really early but now I'm not so stressed seeing that they're closed. They're puckered and the right one is more tender and red but I think that's because it's my dominant side and I feel it "pulling" more, especially in the morning.

Lastly, thank you so much to all my RS buddies. Your kind words, encouragement and laughs are always appreciated. I know that I never could have done this surgery without RS. I don't know a single person who has had plastic surgery so this was extremely daunting and I'm so thankful for the RS community.

To those who have not had surgery yet: it's totally worth it. The other day I caught a glimpse of myself in a busted old pajama top and I had to stop and stare and thought, "Holy sh!t, I make this ugly ass piece of crap look damn good." So hang in there. All the stress and worrying is normal and totally worth it. ;-)

Big hugs to all! :-)

Incisions and Tegaderm

Yesterday I wrote about how my tape fell off my incision in the shower. That was all cool until I was walking around and even my super comfy wide banded stretchy sports bra was irritating my incisions. So I picked up some Tegaderm at Target ($8). It's a little cheaper on Amazon but I needed it N-O-W. I wiped the incisions down with rubbing alcohol and cut a Tegaderm strip in half: perfect size. I have to say that I'm fairly impressed and wish I had gotten it sooner. It does a good job of keeping the skin tight so there's no pulling on my incision and, of course, it keeps it covered so that I don't get all (as my husband likes to say) Angry Samurai Warrior and punch someone in the face because my booboos are ouchie. :-D Oh, and it also keeps those weird suture loops covered so I'm not freaked out about yanking them out.

Happy healing hugs to all! ;-)

Day 11 Post Op: stitches out but WARNING: Pity Party

Yesterday (day 11 post op), I got my stitches out. Wooohooo! No more weird loop getting in the way. I took a picture of the incisions this morning next to a tape measure so you can see how they look and how (relatively) small they are. Not bad for having had a ball of 400ccs of silicone shoved through it. (Note: my surgeon uses the Keller Funnel which leaves for a smaller incision and less touching of the implant: win-win.) It's hard to get an accurate picture of the color of the incisions/scars because I have to use the flash because guess what, boobs make shadows! I know, so crazy. :-) Also including a pic of a 400cc implant in my size 7 hand. I'm pretty sure it was an HP but I can't be certain. I just know that when my surgeon left the room for me to get dressed, I was reminded that I wanted a pic of me holding the implant so that I could remember how big it was in comparison to my hand. Then I was all, "Heeheeee. Squishy. Heeeheeee." My husband was distracted by the "oddly numbered" ones (397, 421, etc). Yeah, we're kind of ADD and distracted by soft squishy objects. :-D

Anyway... *sigh.* Here is the part where I get a little negative. I feel like Eeyore but I'm trying to be Tigger. I'm getting tired of the constant pain. I'd compare it to being engorged when breastfeeding but it's more than that. The entire breast is very sensitive and it's just that low, throbbing pain. I'm reminded of Kari in that Mythbusters episode about torture and how she subjected herself to Chinese Water Torture, which, for those who didn't see that episode, is when a water holding devise is positioned above the head of someone who is lying down and every couple seconds a drop of water falls on their forehead. In the beginning she was laughing and like, "How can this be torture -- it's just a drop of water," but after about 45 minutes she was crying and visibly shaken. This probably sounds horrible to anyone who hasn't had their breast augmentation yet and if you're reading this, I'm truly sorry; I just want want to truthfully document my process.

But this is sort of how I feel. I'm not on any pain relievers (acetaminophen gives me headaches and I'm not allowed to take ibuprofen for 2-3 weeks) so my situation is pretty rare. You will most likely have a pain reliever available to you that actually works. I've only been applying arnica cream to my breasts and in the surrounding areas because my ribs are still sore. It takes a little bit of the edge off but everything is still tender. I figured if the arnica cream helped, maybe I can take the pills. So I picked some up but after about 12 hours, I had this sharp pain in my lower right abdominal area. I stayed on it for another 12 hours (4 doses total) hoping it was something else and would pass but the pain got worse so I stopped. But what the hell? Really?

I also pride myself on my great posture. But I'm so worried The Sisters will hit something that I hunch over. Well that and just the general tenderness of them makes me hunch. But my body is not used to hunching and my back is killing me. So much so that now I have back spasms. Yayyyy.

One night I got desperate and took a Valium but that didn't do anything. Didn't help put or even keep me sleeping. Which is another thing: I'm a side sleeper and haven't been able to sleep properly on my side because the biggest of the pains are on the sides of my ribs. Last night I tried sleeping without any pillows -- just straight on my back. But I woke up to lower back spasms because my ASS is so big, my lower back is curved inwards and gets no support when I'm sleeping. Hence: side sleeping. I actually pulled out that damn inclined pillow which helped relieve the lower back pain but my neck got all kinked. So I'm sleep deprived and in pain. Pain pain pain. And day after day after day of this has taken its toll on me. I'm just worn down.

However, I do still love my boobies. I feel so badly for my husband who needs sex so much that I'm surprised his balls haven't exploded. I'm terrified to get my heart rate up too high (hematoma!) and he says he'll be suuuuuuper gentle but he lives up to that whole "Latin Lover" stereotype and I can't see myself keeping my heart rate low. ;-D I know: wahhhwahhhh.

And even though they're super sensitive and feel like rocks on my chest, my boobies are actually kinda squishy. I mean, not jiggly or bouncy but I can kind of move them. (I actually have to: gentle downward and inward massages for 30 minutes per day.)

So I'm just blah. And trust me, oh trust me. I know this will pass. I see the silver lining. In fact, I saw it this morning in my PJ's which of course I look so good in now (if you ignore that strap). ;-) But I'm just so physically worn down that it's affecting me mentally.

And I am reminded of a story my mom told me (which is so politically incorrect but whatever -- I feel like sh!t and it makes me laugh): There was this really really ugly guy. I mean, super ugly. And one day he was walking down the street feeling sorry for himself and how damn ugly he was. But he looked up and saw a guy being pushed in a wheelchair. He thought, "Oh man, here I am having a pity party about my busted face but that poor guy is in a wheelchair. At least I have use of my legs and am healthy!" And as they passed each other on the sidewalk, he smiled at the guy in the wheelchair but he overheard him telling the person pushing him, "Oh man, did you see how UGLY that guy was?"

So: perspective. I had elective plastic surgery and I'm tired. And in some pain. Boohoo. I think I'll go eat some ice cream for breakfast to cheer me up. :-)

Day 13 post op: cleavage and booby squish video

Just a quick update: went to take a nap this afternoon and noticed CLEAVAGE. I had to take a picture and share. Of course, this was under *extreme* circumstances with my arm under the bottom boob and gravity and my other arm pushing on the top boob but still: CLEAVAGE! Never ever ever never ever thought I'd see it. If I stand and try to squish, it doesn't really work. (shrug)

The video: this is the end of Day 13 after I've showered and applied arnica cream so they're super supple. They are most definitely NOT this way when I wake up. I feel like this squishiness is a huge milestone since I started with nothing so my skin was stretched super tight after surgery. I still have TONS of upper pole fullness but this is just to show how soft they can be at 2 weeks, even when you start with nothing. :-) And still no jiggling but I'm sure I'll post of video of that too. Haha! :-)

Day 13 post op: cleavage and booby squish video part 2

Day 13 post op: booby squish test

Explicit - Click to view

Once again, RS ate my media.

Day 15: pics

Just wanted to put up some pictures I took last night. A day late for the 2 week mark but I think they look the same. I could only tell which was the earlier one because of the sutures. (shrug) I'll post a 2 week review later today. :-)

2 week update (kind of late): Same old... plus sex!

Obligatory stats:

Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Ribcage: 29"
Pre-op bra: 34AA (but never filled them)
Implants: 400cc High Profile Mentor Memory Gel

My last week in review: as of this writing I'm feeling better. I started driving at Day 10 post op. It was the weirdest thing and I'm SO glad I drive an automatic but even shifting from park to drive/reverse was painful and weird. I could feel my pecs pushing down on my implants. I'd try to use both hands when possible and tried to keeps my hands on the bottom half of the steering wheel, even during turns, which is suuuuper weird. But the end of the week it wasn't so bad.

Around Day 12 I started having back spasms from the weird sleeping positions and hunching. I took a Valium to help me sleep but it did very little. It took some of the edge off so that I wasn't in screaming debilitating pain but more like teeth clenching pain that would still stop me in my tracks. It also didn't help me sleep, tossed and turned (painfully) all night. But I took another Valium in the morning and woooweeee I'm so glad my kids were at school because I fell right to sleep. Since then I've been taking a Valium at night. I think it just needed to build up in my system, which is why it didn't work the first night. Either way, I'm finally getting sleep and not feeling so face-punchy. :-D Oh and I've also noticed that since taking the Valium at night, the Morning Boob isn't so bad. Yayyyy!

Pain/Sensitivity: ohhhh yeah. For those who are concerned about the numbness: ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS! It's likes when your leg/foot falls asleep and when it starts waking up you're doing that weird walk, screaming, "Oh sweet mother of Jupiter!" Imagine that pins and needles feeling but in your nipples. And it lasts for days. Maybe weeks. I'm not that far in so I can't say how long but it's more than the sleepy leg scenario, that's for damn sure. I found an old pair of pasties that I used when I was breastfeeding (4 years ago!) and those things have been a lifesaver. I just ordered some more (thanks, Amazon!) that are a little sexier heehee ;-) If I'm in pain, I might as well make the best of it, right?

Sex: the night of Day 15 I had "log sex" with the husband. If you don't want to read through the comments in a previous post, it's when you just lay there like a log. It's about as sexy as it sounds. I am beyond terrified of a hematoma so I've been trying to adhere to the "no elevated heart rate before a month" but my poor husband was on the verge of banishing himself to the guest room with nothing but a bottle of lotion and tissues to keep him company. Haha! Although once I told my husband about log sex, we were making all sorts of lumberjack and wood cutting comments all day. He even shaved his facial hair so that it wouldn't...ya know, cause too much friction when he was getting the lumber site ready. Haha! :-D In his words, "It's not just about me. You need to reach the top of the mountain, too."

Massages: still doing them. 15/30 minutes of gentle pressure inward and downward on each breast. I think it's really helped soften everything up. Like I've said a million times, I had nothing to start with so I was expecting crazy frankenboobs for weeks but I'm surprised at how soft they're getting. And the proof that my skin is stretching is that about mid-week I noticed my skin was peeling, like it would when you're healing from a sunburn. I was like, "Ewwwwww" but then, "Oh sweet!" :-D

Boob greed: sort of have it. I'm still tight so I'm hoping that once I loosen up more, it will all fill out and I'll have the shape/size I want. I know for certain that they need to drop (nipples are too high -- I love bottom fullness) but I'm also hoping they fill "out." I desperately wanted side boob but don't know if I'll get it. I have it on one side but that's my "big" side. (I have weird "wavy" ribs.) I think I should have tried to push for a bigger size on my right. Oh well.

Lastly, sorry for the late post. I posted pics and videos a few days ago and have been unmotivated to do an update. I finally told my mom (via email, we're not big phone talkers) and she said she didn't agree with it. It wasn't natural. So that's sort of been eating at me. I told my brothers a few days before surgery and they were totally cool with it. I think it bothers me because *I'm* the organic hippie who makes household cleaner with vinegar, and used a delayed vaccination schedule with my kids (they got their shots, just spread out more), and makes my own play dough because I don't want my kids eating weird unknown stuff. My mom refuses to eat any organic food in my house and the more chemicals something has, the better it must be. And yet this, she frowns upon. *Throws hands up in the air!* Anyway, sorry for that side rant. Mothers! Ugh!

I know a lot of you had surgery this week so I hope you're all healing nicely, enjoying your new boobs and floating happily in a cloud of painkillers. Haha! :-) *sigh* I kind of miss those days when all I had to worry about was drinking lots of water and not peeling in the bed. :-D

A little *WTF?!* right now. I can still fit into training bras.

I'll post a full 3 week update with pics in a little bit but I just thought I'd throw up this pic. For sh!ts and giggles, I thought I'd try on one of my old (training) bras. I bought 36 bands because the cups were wider but I'd clasp it on the tightest clasp. 34 bands fit but had really narrow cups that looked weird (probably because I'm actually an adult, not a child). Anyway, put one on and... It still totally fits. With 800ccs of silicone in my chest, my training bra cups do not floweth over. That made me sad. I'm not going for the porn star look but still. *sigh*

Week 3 Update

Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Pre-op bra: 34AA/34AAA (just nipples on ribs)
Ribcage: 29"
Implants: 400cc high profile silicone Mentor Memory Gel
Incision: Crease
Placement: Under the muscle

Week in Review, super condensed: currently braless (with the strap) and sick sick sick (nothing to do with surgery).

General pain: side/rib pain (from surgery) and back pain (from sleeping weird and hunching) has been gone since about Day 16 so I stopped taking the Valium. (Which means I was back on Valium for about 4 days. I'm glad the back pain went away because I started developing weird itchy bumps in random places and thought it might be the Valium. Bumps and itching were gone the next day.)

Boob pain/numbness: I'd say I have all feeling back in my boobs but it's a sort of muted feeling. So while I'm not completely numb, I'm not 100% and I don't have "dead spots." It's more like someone put a very very super mild anesthetic on my boobs, if that makes any sense. I can feel touching on the skin but it's not as touch sensitive as it used to be. My right nipple is still a little numb. My left one is very sensitive (and has been since early on) but getting less so every day. Except for yesterday (Day 20) when I got my period and I thought someone took a belt sander both nipples. Even the numb-ish right one was suuuuuuper sensitive. I read that *gently* rubbing them with a loofah in the shower helps, so I've been doing that. I won't lie: It's painful to do but I do feel like it's helping to desensitize them.

Sleeping: Someone release the doves because I am sleeping on my sides again! :-D It is so joyous. I feel like the sleeping/non-sleeping thing has been the most difficult part about this recovery process. Those first two weeks felt like both the longest and shortest time of my life. Looking back, I can see how sleep deprived I was because I remember very little of what happened or what I did or how I felt (other than the obvious pain).

Bras: still waiting until I hit that one month mark to get sized and buy a Big Girl Bra. Ideally, I'd like to wait until I'm fully "dropped" (at least where my nipples are above, instead of below, the implants), but I think that may take a few months. *super sad sigh* Plus, see previous post. *even sadder sigh* But I must remember that I started with nothing so... perspective.

BraLESS: the good news is that I've been sleeping braless since Day 16. Actually, I don't know if that's good news but I LOVE it. I started with just the strap and pasties. I think I could have gone pastiless on Day 20 if it wasn't for my damn period. I remember that at my one week post op appointment that my PS said to keep the strap on at all times and wear unsupportive bras, sports bras or go braless so that last bit was floating around in my head for a while. I even double checked with my husband. "Did he say braless? I think he said braless. He said as long as I wear the strap...braless...right? Pretty sure he mentioned braless." So then I started taking off my sports bra earlier every day and by Day 19 I was braless all day. Thank goodness for winter break and sweatshirts! I wish I didn't have the nipple sensitivity so I could really enjoy it. Is this why guys like going commando? I mean, weeeeheeeee. Love it!

Side note about pasties (nipple covers): I know some are wondering if pasties work, especially the adhesive ones, and if they are painful to remove. I've been using adhesive silicone (reusable) pasties. I wash them twice a day, right before I put on my arnica cream (which I still do, mostly for the nipple sensitivity). The cream makes it not so sticky on the skin and held between that and a bra, they're not moving. And because of the cream, they come off with ease. I'm not terribly fond of the ones I currently have because of their shape; they make my nipples look conical. But I haven't been out of the house in the few days that I've been using them so I don't care. I also have nonadhesive ones that are wider and I look forward to trying those out. But since I've been braless in sweatshirts, I needed something with a little sticking power. The adhesive ones work, even if they make me feel like 1980's Madonna. ;-)

Squishiness: I thought they'd be squishier at this point. I feel like my skin is stretched out enough now where I can almost pinch the skin above my boob and feel the implant underneath. I'm wondering what that means. I don't think at this point the silicone itself will get softer. I'm pretty sure that at 3 weeks it's as pliable as it's going to get so the only thing that will make it "softer" is my skin stretching and giving it more room to spread out. I remember looking down into the bra when I had the sizers on and the implants were right up against each other and sort of went slightly beyond the side of my ribs. I remember wondering how they would fit in there (and then freaking out about symmastia). I know I'm only at 3 weeks but I feel like they should be softer...and more spread out. Have I mentioned I'm impatient? If I was in a duel with Patience, I would totally win because I wouldn't even wait for the count to finish. It would be "3... 2-" and then *Death Blow* by yours truly. *sigh*

Non-boob news: I've been sick since Christmas Eve (Day 19). Woke up with a super sore throat, body aches and a fever. So not cool. Thankfully, my PS cleared me to take ibuprofen so I could get Advil into my system. It helped just enough so I could make cookies with my kids so they could make their last minute bribes/pleas to Jolly Old Saint Nick. Once again, my husband came to the rescue. He went to the store and bought Christmas dinner so we didn't have to cook (just reheat and eat!) ;-) and he wrapped Every. Single. Gift. To let you know how sick I was, I not only didn't care but I welcomed and was thankful for that. I LOVE wrapping presents. I think I only spoil my kids with presents because it gives me more things to wrap. Honestly, is there Gift Wrapper's Anonymous?

Current emotions/thoughts: still love having boobs. I actually saw them sort of bounce. Sort of. I don't regret any part of this and would do it again in a heartbeat. Actually, I know I'll have to do it again every 10-15 years so... dunno. Right now I think 40-something me will try to go bigger but maybe these will settle and I'll be happy with this size. I'm just at that weird part post op where you're just waiting. It's worse than watching water boil because that only takes 20 minutes. Even paint drying takes a few hours at most! Maybe we can compare it to watching a tree grow from a seed. Or when you give your husband a To Do List... Hmmm. Will my boobs drop before I get hooks installed on the back of my bedroom door? Haha! ;-)

Ok, this is too long. In short, everything is good but I want my boobs to D-R-O-P. And spread out. And, you know, just be perfect. ;-)

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! :-D

Week 3 Update: pictures!

Seriously spent at least 5 tries and half an hour trying to post that last one. Now let's see how many tries it takes to get the pictures up. Thank Hercules for the copy and paste function! Jeeeeeeeez!

One Month Update

Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Pre-op bra: 32AA/34AA (board flat, just nipples on ribs)
Ribcage: 29"
Implants: 400cc high profile silicone Mentor Memory Gel
Incision: Crease/Inframammary
Placement: Under the muscle

Week in Review: same ol', same ol'.

Pain/numbness: Not much change this past week. Still have reduced sensation in breasts (not complete numbness), sensitive left nipple and numb right nipple. Blargh. Trying not to get too irritated with that but I know my skin/muscles did a LOT of stretching so I need to be patient. :-/

Sleeping: braless and LOVING it! I even did a full body stretch one morning. I was sore on the side of my ribs for the rest of the day. Also: NO Morning Boob. Like, whaaaat?! I think it's all my massaging (which I do for a good 30 minutes) right before I go to bed. Or maybe it's the side sleeping. Either way, I'm very appreciative of its non existence. :-D

Squishiness: To me, they feel about the same. Hubby says they've REALLY softened up but when I hug him, it feels like someone is pushing two softballs into my chest. He says he doesn't feel that though and they're pretty squishy.

One month post op appointment: everything is looking good. Right (dominant) is not dropping as fast so my PS showed me how to push the implant down and hold for 50 seconds. I'm to do this until they even out. I'm out of the Danger Zone so I can resume regular activity. I wasn't restricted from chest exercises but was told they will push the implants out to the sides so keep massaging inwards. Since they still need to drop, I'm not allowed to wear underwires or anything too supportive (which I kind of figured so that wasn't upsetting).

Size: Went to VS and got measures: 32DD or 34D. I bought a Body By Victoria (wireless, non push up) bra in case I need a real bra but I'm keeping the tags on since I'm sure my size will change these next few months. Honestly, I'm not a Cleavage-In-Your-Face kinda person so even when I'm given the green light to buy underwires, it'll be the boring non-push up, t-shirt/sweater friendly kind. I also bought some lacey bralettes from AE that I was fiending for. Bought them in a medium (didn't try on) and feel like I'm busting out of them. I'm hoping they'll fit better once The Sisters settle down.

Overall: I put a lot of faith in the One Month milestone since I read so many reviews saying this is when things normalized and the implants felt natural. This is not my case. They still feel hard to me and when I really use my pecs, I can feel my muscles pushing down on the implant which is the ookiest feeling. I'm hoping I'm not always this aware of them. I don't have any regrets but I do have The Bigger Disease (which, as my PS puts it, is "a very powerful disease and bigger is not always better.") I just really want side boob and more cleavage, don't want any more projection. But the rational side of me says that's unrealistic. I can't be bigger than a D cup at my height (5' even) without looking super fat or like a porn star. Plus, I'm trying to remember that gravity will win and they'll eventually sag and I really don't want a lift.

For those who are thinking of going through with this, I'd highly recommend it. I love my boobies! But I'd caution (especially for those like me who have zero pre-existing breast mass) that recovery can take a while. It's a slow process and you can't rush it. Whether it's Real Self or another forum, a good support group is so important; I would have lost my mind without this site.

To my boobies buddies: you all look fabulous and I love reading your updates! Thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not alone in how I look and feel, and for always being supportive!

Week 5 and The Bigger Disease

Just a pic of an AE bralette that I've been fiending for. Also, I've been feeling The Jiggle for maybe a week or two (since week 3-ish) but couldn't really see it. The other day I totally saw it and when I pushed my arms together: cleavage! Previously, I had to put a hand on each boob and really shove them together.

I'm still struggling with The Bigger Disease. I know it's still early but I go back and forth constantly. I love love love cute small boobs. But not on my body. I also really love big boobs. Side boobs and cleavage: yes, please! Hopefully once things soften up and I can squish them around, I won't be thinking about a revision. I feel like they're huge; I'm always thinking about them. But when I take pictures, I feel like they look so small. I thought I was busting out of the AE bralette but now that I see the pictures I realize I'm totally not. *sigh*

Week 6: Softballs and Incisions

It's finally happened: my boobs don't feel like softballs when I hug someone! However, there is still a decent amount of numbness so whenever my arms brush against them, it's a very detached feeling: I can feel it against my arm but not the boob itself. So strange. So in that sense, they still don't feel like a part of me. (sadface) It reminds me of wearing an overpadded bra: your arms will feel the padding but your (non) boobs won't feel it.

I've started the "floor massages" which means I lay on my stomach (on the floor) for about 10 minutes. The first time was reaaaaaally weird... but now it's not so bad and when I get up, they're very squishy. Wooohooo! :-D

After I started doing the floor massages, I developed a weird random stabbing pain on my right side. But it's sort of closer to my back than my front so I don't know if it's the implant pockets. It has started to go away so I think/hope maybe the laying down thing was working its magic and stretching out the pocket like I wanted.

I took some pictures** of my incisions to let it be known that they are still there and visible but just very well hidden in the crease. This was one of many reasons why I chose to go through the crease. I know that I am a horrible healer. For instance, I once burned myself on a griddle and it took 3 years before that scar was completely gone. (To be fair, I didn't apply any scar vanishing stuff to it because I thought it looked badass. Haha!) But I knew that an armpit incision would be obvious FOREVER. And I didn't want to mess with my areolas. So, crease incision it was. Plus, out of sight, out of mind. I maybe think about them when I'm doing my massages but they don't bother me. :-)

It feels like a very boring update but I'm so glad that softball feeling is gone! Now I'm just waiting for them to feel like a part of me.

Continued happy healing to all those in the recovery stage! Remember: patience, patience, patience. :-)

And good luck to those who are researching or getting ready to embark on their adventure to Titty City! ;-D

** I wish you could have seen me taking these pictures. It's very difficult to take a picture of something that you can't see, while making sure it gets enough light. :-D

Week 6: incisions pic

Week 7: Flat Armpits

Height: 5'
Weight: 120 lbs
Pre-op bra: 32AA/34AA (board flat, just nipples on ribs)
Ribcage: 29"
Implants: 400cc HP round smooth silicone Mentor Memory Gel
Incision: Crease/Inframammary
Placement: Under the muscle

Week 7, in short: same as the past few weeks.

Pain: the pain that I had last week from starting my new laying-on-the-floor "massages" went away. But then I got weird about my right side being all tight and high and started massaging the crap out of it. Aaaaaand now it's sore again. I am my own worst enemy.

Sensitivity: I don't remember if I mentioned this before but my nipple hypersensitivity is gone. So now I'm left with slightly numb nips. Still some slight numbness in the lower half of the boobs. Meh.

Mondor's cord: I was showing it to my husband one night and the next morning it was gone on the left side. And now it's 90% gone on the right. They never hurt, but there was a definite tightness in my incisions whenever I reached for something. Now that they're gone I can go back to trying to reach for things on the top shelf of the grocery store...and then resort to climbing shelves or throwing things. Haha!

Dropping: I just realized I haven't taken any nudie boob pics in a few weeks. How lame. My right is still high. Like I said, massaging the crapballs out of it. I have weird "wavy" ribs so my left will always look bigger, and pushes the implant out more, which is why i have great side boob on my left...not so much on my right. BUT that is no excuse for not dropping, Right Sister! Guhhhh. *throwing hands up in the air* Oh! Probably the biggest thing this week is that I can shave my armpits! Before, the implants were so high and that weird tendon area made that Impossible To Shave Concave Armpit. (I had to pull my armpit skin to the side to shave it to prevent my armpit hair from turning into dreadlocks.) But when I went to shave the other day -- flat armpits! Whaaaat?! I thought they'd be cavernous forever. So that was nice. :-D

Still love love LOVE my boobs. I'm on my period and ate like shit all week so I hate the rest of my body but I'm loving my boobs! Haha!

Happy Healing to all those who just embarked on this journey! And to all my Booby Buddies, thanks for all your support and wonderful updates. :-)

Week 8: Cleavage and Phone Apps

Week 8: no changes so I'm just posting a cleavage pic and showing which apps I've found to be most helpful in this booby-ful journey. :-)

Cleavage: Currently about a single finger width apart when standing. When I bend over, it forms the perfect V (no space in between). I don't know if this screams FAKE but it's what I have. I think/hope that as things soften up, my cleavage will be less of a V and more of a straight line of two boobs smashing again each other. That would be lovely. :-D

NSFW pics: I use Photo Vault to keep my photos safe. I have 2 elementary school aged boys who both use my phone and I didn't want them stumbling across my titty pics. You can upgrade and get a "double" vault, which means one password opens up one vault and another password opens up another vault. It's great if my kids (or overly curious friend) wants to know what I'm hiding and I can use that other password to open up a vault of... I don't know -- crazy cat lady pics. Note: when you import photos into your vault, you have the option to delete the photos from your Camera Roll. If you do that, make sure you *also* delete the pictures from your Deleted Items folder. ;-)

Photo collage: I use Pic Stitch because it's free and very simplistic but there are a million and one photo collage maker apps, so choose whichever one your heart desires. Since I didn't feel the need to upgrade, I see ads. I've found the collages very useful in comparing progress from week to week.

Countdown app: I use DreamDays but I'm sure there are others out there. Once again, I see ads because I didn't upgrade. If it wasn't for this app, I wouldn't know how far along I was in recovery. It counts by days so every Friday I just divide by 7 to figure out what week I'm on. This would have been super useful when I was pregnant and someone asked how many weeks I was. "Uhhhh... I'm due in April so... I don't know. You do the math." ;-)

The only problem (if you can call it that) that I've encountered is that sometimes I'll only have time to take pics. So I'll quickly import them into my vault. Then I'll do a collage later but in order to do that, you have to export pics back to your Camera Roll to make them accessible to your collage generator. It's really not that bad once you get used to it. Just sort of feels like an extra step... but it's what I do to keep little eyes from needing therapy down the road. ;-)

Happy Healing! :-)

Week 11: Short, with pics!

Quick update: things are dropping. Slooooowly... but dropping.

Saw my PS almost 2 weeks ago for my 2 month post op visit. He said things are looking good, but I need to wear the strap at night and do extra massages on the right side. (Extra massage: squeeze the top of the boob until I feel the implant pushing out the bottom. I'm really squeamish and it makes me a little gaggy when I do it. Ugh.) He said I'm still pretty high but that's common with Asian BA patients.

Sorry for being MIA. I miss all my booby buddies and I hope to resume all my booby stalking soon. ;-)
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I researched breast augmentation surgeons for a few months. Dr Tattelbaum and one other surgeon kept coming up so I booked consultations with both of them. I know they say book at least 3 doctors but I am famously indecisive so I kept my list short. I wasn't too thrilled with the other surgeon but my husband and I immediately loved Dr. T. He is is super easy to talk to and is very realistic as far as what he can achieve for your body. He has a great bedside manner and is also really funny. (My husband quotes him all the time when he talks about my boobs.) I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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