27 Years Old, 5'8'', 118 Lbs, 325 Cc Silicone Moderate Plus Mentor - Rockville, MD

I've always wanted to have bigger breasts. My size...

I've always wanted to have bigger breasts. My size was 34AA. My first couple consultations were in mid February 2015. I made up my mind regarding PS pretty quickly. So it was not an issue for me, because I liked all before/ after photos of the surgeon on the website and his professionalism at the consultation. However, the main dilemma was regarding the size. I couldn't decide between 325cc and 400cc. My PS said that it would be hard to make an incision around areola with 400cc, since it's a big volume. I really wanted to avoid visible scars, so I decided to go with 325cc.

one more photo

I think they look tiny, but I'm glad i won't have scars under the breasts

Day 3 post-op

My new boobs are not painful anymore. They are still very hard and swollen.

Day 5 post-op

1 week post-op

Day 9

19 days post

The left one is firmer and bigger than the right one

Happy 3 weeks

1 month and 5 days! Wohoo

6 weeks. I should have gone bigger

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