25 Years Old, 1 Child & Breastfed for 6months! - Rockville, MD

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Hey everyone! I have been interested in getting a...

Hey everyone!
I have been interested in getting a B.a since high school ended. Since I have breastfed my son who is now 5 years old I want them even more!
I recently went to 3 consultations. The first Doctor suggested implants with a lift for $9300. The second only implants for $7900. The last doctor suggested implants for $6,600. He said I should get a lift later in life if I needed one after I am completely done having children. All prices were for silicone gel.
I would like to be a full C cup. So we decided on 425cc HP silicone. I am currently 5'7" & 125lbs. Please, please, please feel free to comment with any advice on how to prepare for surgery and what I may expect after. I would love to hear from you guys! Ttys :)

Boob inspiration!!

Just a few pic's

Date set & Deposit Down!!

I've recently put down a deposit for my surgery!!! My date that I picked is May 16th, 2016. Since April is almost over Instead of the usual $500 fee I went ahead and put down $3,000 for my surgery. I was given a request for bloodwork since I am anemic and the doctor wanted to check my iron levels. I plan to finish paying for the rest of the surgery this week and to start picking up things for the surgery. I'm sooo excited and I have 3 more weeks left in the itty bitty titty committee and the feeling is bittersweet :)


Ok everyone, Dr. Yang was soooooo nice enough to work with me. I can't thank him enough! I was told that I will receive a call the friday before surgery to get my surgery time & that i will receive an email to let me know when I can pick up my prescriptions.

I not gonna lie I have been getting anxiety about the surgery & having second thoughts lately. It comes and goes sometimes. This is my first operation and my nerves are crazy but I just pray on it. In the mean time I wanna know what you guys recommend me to pick up from the store to make the healing process go a little smoother. I was thinking starting my stool softener a couple days before surgery just to get a head start on the pain meds. But feel free to make a list below Ttys!!!! :)

Cleared for surgery!!!

My bloodwork just came back today! I need to keep an eye on my iron levels, which I already knew. So I received a prescription to continue taking supplements. Other then that I am clear and ready to go! 2 more weeks!!!!! :)

What to pick up for surgery!?!?

Any ideas on food, fiber/protein diet items, pillows, sports bra suggestions!!! Surgery buddies what did you get!!?!? I need help :(

3 Days away!!!

Surgery is less than 3 days away! My surgery time is for 8:30am. I was told today to arrive to the center by 7am. I went to the store and purchased a few items and now I have to get some food like soups and stuff. I just keep going back and forth about needing a bigger size. Other then that I'm just excited and can't wait!!!

Happy birthday boobs!!

Everything went great! I didn't eat after 12am. Arrived at the surgery center at 7am and filled out paper work. We went over some instructions for after care. Talked with my doctor and he made a couple jokes to make me laugh, (he smelled sooo good by the way even tho that's not important lol) I had an Iv put in and then I went to sleep and woke up with 425cc boobs! I feel a lot of pressure on my chest right now. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I'm still falling asleep, even right now while I'm typing this lol. Other then that I'm ok. I ate fries and got some powerade on the way home because my mouth is really dry. I just took pain meds at 12 and I will take muscle relaxers in 2 hours to hopefully relieve some of this tightness. Praying for my surgery buddies that went today. But I will talk to you guys soon, sleepy time!!!! :)

Post op day 2!

I'm in ice pack heaven! Today they are my bestfriend. I'm not as sleepy as I was yesterday. The first day I couldn't stay awake for more then 15/20 minutes at a time. Now I'm more fully awake and can watch tv shows. I'm still taking around the clock meds. My pain killers, muscle relaxers are a must. The antibiotics 4x's a day. My iron supplements 3x's a day with food. But no nausea medicines at all since I left surgery. Feeling better just discomfort when I sleep. I have my sitting pillow but getting up and repositioning is a struggle still. Today I can do it slowly by myself but yesterday i needed help. My Bestfriend has not left my side and cooks for me while staying on top of my meds and I'm so lucky to have her. As time passes I'm feeling better but can't wait to feel much more independent and do more on my own.

Post op 3

Getting better by the day. I have always had an appetite since surgery. Today I walked around way more then before. Sat in the living room for a while and haven't fell asleep much today. I'm gonna try to back off the pain meds tonight. Other then that getting up to use the bathroom is getting easier. I don't have to get as much help & I'm starting to do more on my own. I still sleep sitting up with my sitting pillow but I sometimes find myself laying too flat. My breast appearance hasn't changed much since the day of surgery. Ttys!!

Shower day!

I finally took a shower. Afterwards I was so tired I just took my meds and went to sleep. Walking around more and just taking my time when I have to do things.

Pic update!

1 week post op appointment!

Today is one week since my boobie birthday lol. On day 5 I went out for a hour or two to see my cousin off for prom. Then went out again and drove for the first time on day 6. Only about 15-20minutes each way to a wedding. Both days went pretty good when I went out. Just pretty tired when I got back home. I usually take some pain meds and put ice on my chest. Today at my doctors appointment he pretty much went over boob exercises that he wanted me to start doing. Dr. Yang also gave me a compression band to start wearing 2-3 hours a day that will help lower my boobs down into place. Also not to take off the strips from over my incisions but to let them fall off by themselves. I told him I stopped taking the oxycodone a while ago (maybe day3/4) because they was too strong. He warned me to take Tylenol or half of the oxycodone pill he prescribed me because the ibuprofen i have been taking is a mild blood thinner. I have an appointment for next week but that's about it for now. I may post more pictures later in the week but here are a few from today :) xoxo!

2 weeks PostOp!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! I'm officially 2 weeks today. I haven't had any real complaints only stiffness in my boobs when I wakeup in the morning but I usually do my exercises to massage it out. Still trouble sleeping because I like to lay on my stomach but that's about it. Only discomfort so far. Last week I was having a slight sharp pain in my right breast and they said it can be muscle spasms or my nerves reconnecting again in my breast. The muscle relaxers definitely took care of the problem so I wasn't so concerned with that. A little boob greed when I look at other photos and when people see me in person and say they look small. I just have to be patient and let them drop and fluff right now that's all I can really do. Til next week :)

Front view 2week PostOp

2 week Postop appt.

Steri strips removed today & cleared for work but no heavy lifting or strenuous activity!!! I'm a cna/gna so when my paperwork is done, I'm back at it but lightly. My facility is a "No lift" facility but if it's something I feel is too much I can always wait and ask someone else to do it. I'm seeing the incisions for the first time and it needs some cleaning around it but the doctor said they look good. I can use cocoa butter on the area. Ok this time forreal, see you guys next week :)

1 month!!!

Hey guys!!! Im one month Postop and I am just worried that the more my boobs change that one of them is more noticeably bigger than the other. I got 425cc in both breast, I thought if I needed a bigger size the doctor would recommend the size difference. I'm just hoping once everything settles I will be ok. He said Labor Day (which is 3 months away) will show better results. I have been back to work as a cna/gna, not on light duty but only helping patients that need minimal assistance. If I need to slide them up in the bed I ask others to do it or put their feet all the way up and head down with the bed remote and get assistance with the slide or transfer. I blame everything on back problems.

OMG it's been forever!!!

Hey guys it's been forever I have a few updates for you! I stopped getting on the site for a while because comparing my results to others was driving me insane! Lol But I have some picture updates for you guys. The swelling started subsiding and my boobs started settling into place. At about 10 weeks I was able to buy bras so I went out n got a few from Victoria secret. I was sized at a 32DDD in the body by Victoria bra. Others I could fit a 34DD. Being honest I forget to do my massages but when I do remember I massage and use coco butter. I have pic updates for 7 weeks, 10 weeks (1st bras),& most current 19 wks. Send any questions ttys!!!

Victoria secret 32DDD & 34DD!

10 weeks & the black bra is 32DDD the other two are 34DD!

4 month update! The latest pictures!!

The app won't let me add captions to my pictures so this is the latest picture update of me at 4 months! I absolutely love them & don't regret a thing!!!
Rockville Plastic Surgeon

He is so great, very informative from day 1. Gives advice for your specific situations based on his years of experience. Just a great guy and I'm glad he is my doctor and to have Mrs.Bonnie :)

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