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Hi everyone! I am a 28 year old female, no...

Hi everyone! I am a 28 year old female, no children. After much contemplation, I have decided to undergo a Breast Lift with implants procedure. I am currently 5'3 and 135lbs. I am doing the lift as I have gained weight and lost weight in the last 10 years. I am hoping to lose another few pounds by my surgery date of 4/25/16. I am a "36C" however my cups are empty on top and I have little volume and projection. With this, I am looking into high profile implants to give both volume and projection that I'd like. During the consult, I tried a 350cc high profile implant which I am leaning towards. I would like to be a D cup, but not porn star-esq haha. I don't want to wake l up from surgery wishing I went bigger or disappointed. Many friends like the 350, but I don't want to be huge or have them make me look top heavy or fat once they're in. I'll post pictures with the sizers to show potential possibilities, I have to have an idea by 4/11 when I go back.

Questions Questions

Leading up to my surgery date, I have many questions that go through my mind. How many days did you ladies take from work if you have had this procedure? I am a teacher and having surgery on a Monday during my Spring Break so I will have the full week to recover before returning back to work, wondering if I will need additional days? My boyfriend has been very supportive throughout, and I'm glad he will be helping me during my recovery. I was also worried about bathroom issues haha We have been together for 8 1/2 years, so unsure if you ladies needed "assistance" in the bathroom after surgery. We are very close so I'm sure it doesn't affect him in that way, but I'd still like to keep the mystery in there hahaha I guess we will find out. Anyone have suggestions as far as OTC meds for swelling, bruising, etc? I'm looking into Arnica to take prior and after the surgery to help. I also have a reading pillow to use while I am on the couch to keep me propped up, as well as small ice packs. Any suggestions on staying comfortable? I'm basically planning on being on the couch all week binge watching some shows I haven't kept up on recently :) I am also planning on taking 5 min. walks around the block a few times a day to keep moving, the weather should be nice as it will be the end of April so it will be nice to get fresh air outside. Good luck to the ladies having surgery this week! All the best for a speedy recovery and to those who just had surgery!! xoxo

Date Change and Supplies

Hi Ladies! I had a schedule change for surgery, it will now be Wednesday, April 27, instead of Monday the 25th. I am so excited to finally have a confirmed date!! Now I can really start putting everything together and prepare for surgery. My boyfriend just completed some construction at home so we did a good cleaning this past weekend and now the house is set for my recovery. I'm sure everyone wants peace and quiet (and clean space) for recovery so he made sure it would be done, thank goodness! I am starting to purchase some items this week. I purchased some comfy PJ pants to lounge in, while I'm on the couch catching up on TV. I also am getting ice packs, arnica pills, reading pillow and a body pillow to keep comfortable. I also am planning on buying some Hanes Wireless Bras (for once I get back to work and until "normal" bra use is allowed) that another RealSelf lady posted about :) My boyfriend just bought a new blanket for the couch too which is amazingly soft :) Any other items I should purchase for recovery that helped you ladies? I am so excited ! Good luck to the ladies having surgery this week!!! xoxox

Surgery Tomorrow!

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful spring days! My surgery is tomorrow and I am equal parts excited and nervous. I am getting a breast lift with implants, hopefully around the 350cc size range. He will also be removing tissue from my right breast so the two breasts are as symmetrical as possible before inserting the implants. Praying for a positive and beautiful result tomorrow and the days to come! Good luck to the ladies having surgery coming up and happy healing to those who are in recovery!! I'll try and post tomorrow post surgery if possible lol xoxox

Surgery Day

Hi ladies! I have made it to the other side! Yesterday I had my breast lift with implants. I wound up getting 350 cc in both breasts, which is what I wanted :-) the doctor removed breast tissue from the right breast to match the size of the left breast which was smaller. After surgery I woke up shaking from the anesthesia and very sore. After recovery I rested at home, had soup and iced on and off for the next few hours. I felt okay, just very sore and tight. My boyfriend has been helping me with everything and I'm taking things slowly. Sleeping was awkward because I slept on the couch with a reading pillow to keep me propped up but I woke up about every 2-3 hours to readjust. Today I am feeling very tight in the chest so I have been taking extra strength Tylenol and continually icing (which feels nice).

Day 3

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update. Day 2 was a little difficult, sleeping on the couch the last 2 nights gave me back aches and was so hard trying to get comfortable. I did walking at some stores yesterday to escape the house but I think I overdid it a little. Last night I slept in bed and I almost made it through the whole night so that was enjoyable. I feel so much better today, mostly itching from the tape and stitches. I have been taking Tylenol Extra Strength every 6 hours to help with soreness and inflammation. I'm happy with the projection and fullness, I'm hoping it stays as much as possible!

Day 3 Pics

Day 4 Pictures

Doing better, slowly but surely. Drove a little bit today as I am going back to work tomorrow. I'm taking everything easy and slow so I don't over extend myself or do too much. Here are some pictures, don't mind the bruising lol

1 week post op

Hi everyone! Wanted to give an update now that I'm 1 week post op. Pain and swelling have decreased a lot, I like to ice in the morning before work. Laying on my back at night is difficult as I am a side sleeper. When I wake up I feel a lot of pressure on my chest, so the ice helps with that. I'm liking the projecting and volume I have, I'm hoping it stays permanently! I have this odd fear of them bottoming out. I received 350cc HP implants in each breast, stitches will be out Monday!

12 days post op

Hello everyone! I had the majority of my stitches removed this week! That was a huge relief as I am no longer itching !! What a pleasure that has been. I am still taking things slow and cautious. I have had this awkward pain in my left inframammary crease, like electric shooting pain although there is no inscision in my crease. I have heard that it is the skin/muscles/nerves healing so we will see. As for now I have steri strips covering the inscision sites. Wishing I could lay on my side to sleep, I wake up about twice a night since surgery :-( I try to stay propped up but somehow I wind up almost flat on my back and it feels like a lot of pressure on my chest causing me to wake up. Here are some pics! Have a great weekend ladies!
Dr. Khawaja Hassan

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