60 Year Old Post Breast Cancer with Vaginal Atrophy and UTIs - Rockhampton, AU

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60 year old post breast cancer unable to use...

60 year old post breast cancer unable to use estrogen creams. Have vaginal atrophy and constant urinary tract infections (UTIs). My husband and I love each other and our inability to be intimate is affecting our personal happiness and quality of life. I have had different views from different Gyno's regarding the Mona Lisa procedure so my expectations are, at best, hopeful.

First Procedure - Mona Lisa Touch

During my first appointment with Professor Etherington (Rockhampton Aust) he took me through the science behind the Mona Lisa Touch. He examined me to ensure I would be a suitable candidate and I was. Five weeks ago I had my first treatment. I was terrified because even though I was told it would not hurt I was still venturing into the unknown. I had a nurse by my side during the procedure. It was, as described, painless and took only 5 minutes. I had a little bit of pink discharge afterwards but that its. Still terrified I kept away from "down there" for 4 weeks. Then I explored a little and found it was lubricating itself, it seemed plump. I have not had a urinary tract infection (constantly on antibiotics since chemo and anti estrogen drugs) and I do not have stress incontinence anymore. The next test was to take it for a "test drive". I won't go into detail but for the first time in years I was able to make love to my husband without all the lotions and potions from the chemist and it did not hurt at all. It was not an all night session, rather very quick but told me what I needed to know. This really works - bring on the 2nd procedure.

2nd Procedure - Mona Lisa Touch

Yesterday, 19 April 2016, 5 weeks after my first procedure I had my second Mona Lisa Touch. This time I was not frightened as I knew exactly what to expect. As expected, the second was more intense than the first but again absolutely no pain. Another pleasant surprise was he was able to insert the probe higher into the vaginal cavity than on the first treatment. I assume because the procedure can treat prolapse. I had more discharge and a little swelling of the labia but again absolutely no pain or discomfort and both disappeared within 12 hours. I am so happy with this procedure. More women need to know about this! Can't wait for the 3rd....

2nd treatment update

I am thinking I should have stopped after the first treatment. I was very happy after 1st treatment. I noticed a lot more lubrication and sex was tolerable, that is not as painful. My urinary tract infections were gone and the little bit of stress incontinence also gone so I was looking forward to the results of the 2nd treatment. However, my results have been disappointing and I am really considering whether or not to go ahead with the 3rd. During 2nd treatment I mentioned to my doctor my bladder improvements. Then before you know it he said he can improve even more on that and in two positions he did a really intense treatment. Since then my vagina stings all the time. I also have urinary frequency. Because of these symptoms we held off on sex but thought I needed to try that out prior to the 3rd treatment. It was awful - so painful. I am really frightened to have the 3rd treatment now.

Third Treatment

I had my 3rd treatment yesterday. Gyno indicated he would treat the outside area more intensely this time. He applied numbing cream to outside area and again swabbed moisture from the inside area. The entire procedure was again painless, I never felt a thing. Usual amount of discharge for first few hours. Stinging has not returned as yet but for me it usually arrives 3-4 days after procedure. Dr has advised to use combination of 2 x cups water; 1 teaspoon white vinegar and use as atomiser or soak clean facecloth and apply. I didn't get any stinging whatsoever after the first treatment so praying I don't get it back. I had a stinging vagina at menopause and used estrogen cream which successfully treated it but can't use now due to post breast cancer. Having completed the three treatments has the Mona Lisa been successful for me? All I can say at this point in time is: Urinary Tract Infections are gone; minor stress Incontinence gone. I won't know about sexual matters until I try it out but that won't be for about four weeks (I like to give enough time to heal). I have another appointment with my Gyno in 6 weeks for follow up and perform physical examination of vagina to determine success of procudures.

Mona Lisa Touch: Final Update

My issues: Constant urinary tract infections (UTIs) constantly on antibiotics; Vaginal Atrophy resulting in very painful sex so no sex; stress incontinence. After three Mona Lisa Treatments: UTIs gone; stress incontinence gone; vagina is plump and self-lubricates - atrophy gone. I still require some lubrication during sex as I have no libido which MLT can't address - that is another treatment.

Am I happy and is it worth it. YES YES YES YES YES

Back to vaginal Atrophy

Unfortunately, while initial indications were good, vaginal atrophy is definitely back. Painful sex once again even using lubrication. I am very upset at this outcome. Urinary Tract Infections have not returned, but I fear only a matter of time. This procedure has not been worth the $2400 I spent or the emotional investment

Ten months since MLT treatment began

It took a long time for the MLT to completely work for me. I don't know why it takes longer than for some than others. I also use certified organic vaginal moisturises and lubricants from the UK that have made all the difference. Things are really good now and I do not need estrogen pessaries. I am in a very happy place.

Mona Lisa Touch - post 15 months

For me, Mona Lisa Touch improved things as long I continued to use moisturisers every 2nd or 3rd day and used lubricants for intimacy. However, fifteen months post treatment vaginal atrophy and associated problems is back. I was advised at the time of treatments further follow up treatments may be required at 12 month intervals but at $800 a session it is out of my reach. My new plan is: In July I will be 5 years post breast cancer and while the magic 5 year mark is not a guarantee breast cancer won't return, statistics indicate greater chance of survival post that milestone. So, after speaking with a range of doctors I have decided, on the grounds of quality of life, to use estrogen pessaries - as that is the only way to reverse vaginal atrophy that won't break the bank. As a added safeguard I will balance any absorbed estrogen with compounded natural progesterone. I hope my journey helps others and gives them something to talk about with their doctors.
Dr Ian Etherington (Gyno)

Dr Etherington is expert at performing this procedure. He is kind, understanding, informative and always examines prior to agreeing to perform the procedure to ensure the lady is a candidate. At the initial consultation he described the procedure in detail, explaining the science and how it works.

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