28 Year Old Mother of 2. Tummy Tuck with Lipo. - Rockford, IL

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I have 2 children. 5 yr old daughter and 3 year...

I have 2 children. 5 yr old daughter and 3 year old son. I've been busting my ass in the gym for almost the last 2 years now and I'be lost 40lbs. Went from 175lbs to currently sitting at about 135lbs. Everything else has bounced back to pre- pregnancy shape expect the tummy and the boobs. My surgery is in 4 weeks and I'm very excited!!!

4 days pre op!

I can't wait. Hard to believe this is happening in 4 days. I'm very excited. I have a lot of things to get ready this week to make recovery as smooth as possible!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Getting last minute things together today and enjoying my last bath and my last night sleep in my bed for a couple weeks. Looks like I'll be stuck in my recliner for awhile. Hoping everything goes great tomorrow! Nervous and excited! Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight. I'll be up around 330am to get my last shower, fold up some clothes in the dryer and off to the hospital at 5am. Be theready at 630 and surgery at 730!!

Day 2 Post OP

Well here it is!!! I didn't get to see it at all yesterday and wanted to so bad but I had to wait until my post op appointment today for them to remove the bandages etc. Today I got a little sneak peek before the binder had to go back on!!

Day # 4 post op

Feeling much better today. Was able to shower all by myself. Changed my bandages also. The results are so good. It looks a little scary because the incision isn't fully healed yet but I know how it will look in a few weeks! I can't wait!!

1 week post op tomorrow

An amazing transformation.

Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings

10 days post op. Feeling so sexy and so happy.

I'm amazed how easy this whole process has been. I only took 8 days off of work. I have a desk job though. I had a pain pump so the first three days which were the worst were not that terrible! I honestly remember being in more pain during my first c section. The tightness and the sleeping upright is annoying. But nothing terrible. I have an achy back if I do too much from being slightly bent over still. I'm almost fully upright. I'm only taking 1 pain pill at night and then ibuprofen the rest of the day. I take a muscle relaxer once a day bc I do have minor spasms in my abs I can feel sometimes. I've been down to one a day since 1 week post op. I took Miralax everyday. Started it 2 days before surgery and drank lots of water. Ive never had any bowel movement problems. I mean everyone is different but for me this surgery is no big deal at all. I was driving at 5 or 6 days post op. I still have my drains and I will until Tuesday next week, so 5 more days. I have some swelling in my back and love handled from the lipo. But I'm pleased to say all in all this surgery was no big deal at all for me. The pain meds work wonders if you keep up on them. And as for the rest just some minor annoyances but everyday is a little better. Just have to be patient. For any of you ladies considering this, I say go for it! You will not regret it one bit!!

5 weeks post op yesterday. Feeling good, still taking things day by day

Rockford Plastic Surgeon

Everyone there is very down to earth and made me feel very comfortable.

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