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So I've been reluctant to post this review just...

So I've been reluctant to post this review just yet. I really wanted to wait until a few months post 3rd procedure to chime in, because I think that is the most daunting of questions, for me anyhow- "does it last?"
But I figured that it's also nice to be able to follow a persons journey. While skimming thru everyone else's reviews, many people promised to continue updating, but honestly most don't. So the rest of us "shopping and researching" never really stumble onto a review that's very reassuring or gratifying.
At first, I was interested in vaginoplasty. Between cost, downtime, possible side effects, and the fact that I've read SO MANY REVIEWS SAYING they didn't notice a difference. I saw a plastic surgeon who told me that I have excellent muscle tone, but could use a "lift". It was actually quite flattering to hear that! Either way, I wanted the lift. After a lot of research and consideration, I decided that trying the laser method was worth a shot.
I went in last Tues (the 26th- 9 days ago). I actually originally wanted thermiva. Mainly because everything says that thermiva does both inside and outside of the vagina. I don't think I'm a complete disaster on the outside, but could admittedly use a touch up.
While at an appointment for my Brazilian laser hair removal (which is the best $ I've ever spent, btw), I inquired as to whether they offered thermiva, or anything of the like. She directed me to ye plastic surgeon who shares their office space, and I had a brief impromptu consultation. They said it's $2000 for 3 treatments, but they are offering a $500 coupon. I decide to go for it!
To start, I was brought back to a private room, with what almost resembled an u/s machine. A probe that honestly looked like a glass dildo on a cord, was mounted atop the machine. After getting undressed and into my gown, the nurse ├žame in. Great bedside manner, very calming.
The probe is inserted, and then the first "zap". It's more psychologically uncomfortable - knowing there are electrodes going into your vag! The probe is rotated, and then zap, rotated, zap. Essentially, sending the zap te whole circumference of your vagina.
Then she pulls it out about an inch and repeats. Another inch is taken out, repeated. The process went on until you've been zapped all the way from the back of your vaginal canal, down to your opening. The last one (closest to the opening) actually hurt, very briefly.
And that's that. She Said At My 2nd Appt, the frequency is turned up to 120.
I was instructed to keep things out of the vag for 3-5 days, and expect light bleeding/discharge for a couple days.
So...there was immediate swelling, and some soreness. Almost how a night of really rough sex leaves you feeling.
Just using fingers, I do think I'm tighter. I don't need any kind of bladder control or help in the wetness dept, so tightness was the only reason I wanted this. FINALLY- On day 8, I finally did it. The sensations were WAY more intense. It felt like I could feel every thrust, every bit of him. It was great.
But he said nothing... so this morning, I text him this a.m., and the following screenshot is how our convo went.

2nd treatment!!

I had treatment #2 last Tuesday (8 days ago). They "upped" the setting to 120. Not painful, definitely nerve-racking, only because I remember how that one little zap felt last time. I did feel a bit "sand-paper-y" for a few days after. I was able to do the deed after day 3, but it was short-lived, as my husband is "going" sooner, kwim? That seems to be the case since I began treatment, so i suppose thats a good sign. We've had a really bad cold/flu virus running rampant in my house since Tues of last week, and my husband was sick all last weekend, so we have only dtd once since treatment #2. Will keep you all updated.
Things I've noticed without sex:
1. Definitely "wetter"- I honestly needed NO HELP in that department but it's not really an issue.
2. No more air getting in there during sex- that WAS a huge problem for me. It happened every time, at least once, pre-femilift- hasn't happened once post and we've done it enough times to be sure.
3. I feel more friction/more sensation for sure. He said he did at first, but hasn't made much mention since. When we get around to it again, I'll ask his thoughts.
4. Never needed help with urgency/urination, but it seems I go ridiculous amounts of time without the urge to pee. Was out for drinks with my friend the other day and she peed 4 times, yes FOUR times before I went pee, and I drank more than she did all day.

Will update again soon. ?
5. Libido is back!!

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