480cc Smooth Ultra High Profile Silicone Implants

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Hello, I'm 42 yrs old with 2 kids, 125lbs, 5 ft 3....

Hello, I'm 42 yrs old with 2 kids, 125lbs, 5 ft 3. Currently a 34b not sure what size I will be since it seems everyone ends with a different size. I'm going with the UHP because I like how they look, plus my doctor says I probably won't need a lift if I get these but if I feel I need one down the road he said it wouldn't be a problem.

Tube top

So I told some family members about my procedure yesterday and of course I didn't get the response I was looking for. My niece even cried and told my sister that I'm perfect the way I am which was very nice to hear. I told my sister to tell her that Auntie will be much happier afterwards.

Wish Boobs!

Padded Bra

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Very nervous, scared I picked too big but I don't want them too small. I've tried to find women with my body type w/same implants but am having no luck.
I've read so many different reviews on how they felt afterwards, which everyone is so different from each other.
I have no idea what to expect, what size I'll end up with or the pain level...
So many complain about having trouble sleeping afterwards, well I'm having a hard time sleeping before because my brain will not relax until this is over.
Anyways, here's a last pic of my little 34b's in a bathing suit.

Surgery is done!

Can't type much, in pain.

Smooth Ulra High Profiles ended with 480 cc

Felt a lot of pain when I woke up so the nurse gave me something to soothe it but an hour later pain was at a 10 so she gave again and then one more time lol which then got nauseous feeling so she gave 3 different doses of that too. Tried to eat crackers cause the nurse said it would take away the nausea. It is now around 6 hours after surgery, took a couple of pills and not feeling to bad just painful to get out of bed, my husband opened my meds cause I tried and it hurt.

3rd Day after surgery

Well I'm in more pain than I thought but if it means having my dream Tata's then it's worth it. Met with my doctor he said everything is healing great then prescribed me oxycodone "it's a little stronger than what they first prescribed me" to help with the pain. I have showered which felt like I had bowling balls hanging off my chest, not easy to wash my hair lol. As the day goes on I'm feeling better. My appetite has sucked, I eat a little then sort of feel nauseous but at least I'm trying. Had a Boston cream donut and ate the whole thing today.

6 Day after surgery

At this point I'm not sure how I feel, maybe their a little too big? I'm hoping they drop and get a little smaller. The pain has gotten better, I have cleaned half my house, cut my son's hair for Easter and made my yearly Easter Bread plus laundry then took a muscle relaxer and laid down for an hour today. I tried laying on my side last night which didn't work cause I started feeling pain in my incision Area. I think once my boobs start looking normal "hopefully they will" I'll be more positive, also the fact my doctor put the same cc's in each breast even though one was bigger, I hope the end up looking even.

8 Days after surgery

Well I woke up feeling hardly any pain which then of course I've been running around all day doing everything I could. It was around 10:00pm that I realized I sort pushed it too much, took a pain med and am now laying in bed!!
Ohh I drove for the first time since surgery with no problems, very happy for that!!

11 Days post op

Still have muscle pains due to them reconnecting, right lower breast I feel the most pain by incision, probably due to the doctor trying different sized implants in it because that's the smaller boob. He ended up with the same size on both 480 cc because he said the other sizes didn't match as well. Other than that I can't wait to get back to working out... I feel bloated and flabby lol! I'm going to ease back with walks at the beginning then onto the sweat and tears lol!

Sun burn pain

Yeah, all the sudden the ladies are very sensitive and it feels like I have sun burn on them. My right breast also has "sometimes" shooting pain near the bottom close to the arm pit. Ahh what we go through to look beautiful! LOL

Comparing my 1st day to now going on 15th day.

Yeay! Their dropping!! :)

21st Day post op

At this point I'm feeling great! I still have that little sunburn feeling and their sensitive when I grab them. I'm starting to work out slowly, not pushing myself too much. I've gained 5 lbs but that's my fault, I've been a pig lately, need to get back on track, chocolate is my weakness.

31 Days post op!!

I have to say they now feel like I was born with them! No pain, no numbness, little nipple sensation but nothing that bothers at all. Been strutting a little more Haha!! All my shirts fit soo much better, I no longer have a boys chest! Boob greed "yes, yes"!! LOL! Ohh and sleeping like I used too before surgery!

Around 2 1/2 months. Ultra High Profile, Silicone 480cc's

My boobs feel like my own, nipples are a little sensitive but doesn't bother me at all.
Excercising I have to wear a tighter tank or bra but over all I'm glad I went through with the surgery, I like my boobies now. It's nice to buy bras that don't have thick padding in them. Although I did have a friend who doesn't know I had them done tell me I have small boobs ;( I had a looser shirt on that day so they weren't so out there but it did piss me off lol. I told her I was a 36D and she argued with me telling me I wasn't.... My husband told her that my boobs were pretty big... Another girl agreed but this girl who was drinking didn't let up.
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