25 Y/O, 5' 1", No Kids, 32F to Hopefully 32B - Round Rock, TX

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I had my consultation with my surgeon about a...

I had my consultation with my surgeon about a month ago. It went well and she said I was a great candidate (as they probably say to everyone). I am excited but I am getting nervous that something will come up (insurance denial or something) and I won't get it done. My pre-op appointment is coming up on Sept 20, 2016. I have been super active and eating right. I want to be in good health so recovery isn't the absolute worst.

Insurance Approved!!

I called my insurance company yesterday because I had an unsure feeling about whether I would be approved or not. It's been driving me crazy! And to be honest, I didn't know how all that insurance stuff worked until I saw everyone's posts on here. You have to wait a few weeks from the time your case is submitted until it's reviewed. Duh! So yeah, I called them yesterday and the woman said "well, actually your case was reviewed JUST this morning and you have been approved for a medically necessary breast reduction!" I am so excited and thankful!!!!

Trying to be as healthy as possible

Thank you everyone for the support! I am very fortunate to be a year sober and I quit smoking 6 months ago. I do use a vape though...so I'm still getting the nicotine. I'm trying to wean myself down to 0-nic before my surgery. And being sober, I'm a little nervous about getting squirrelly from the pain meds, but I have a good support circle and my mom will be giving me the meds at the exact times I'm supposed to take them. Please share yalls experience!

I have never worn this shirt without someone commenting on my boobs

I can't wait to see what it fits like post surgery. I am getting so anxious! Excited anxious. I am a huge wimp with pain..but I am lucky to have good friends and my mom supporting me. I am having such a hard time focusing on work right now and not just scrolling through RealSelf!!!

Cysts or benign masses...will they be an issue?

I have a cyst in each breast. I have had two sonograms 6 months apart and they have stayed there and stayed the same size. I am going to ask at my pre-op tomorrow if she will be removing them, or if they will get in the way. Have any of you had this experience?

Pre Op and More

I had my pre op appointment yesterday. It went really well. My PS answered all my questions. The issue I had regarding the cysts were that she would remove them if she could find them, but not if they were too close or attached to the nipple supply dealy. She also said she will get me as close to a B as she can without killing the nipple. I may end up a small C. Either way, it'll be so much better than what they are now. I am making an extensive list of things to get for recovery. I came across this other awesome site called, breastreduction4you.com ---amazing. I found great shopping lists on there. They suggested things I never would have thought of, like a vomit bucket for the ride home! And blacking out my windows since I'll be sleeping at odd times. Well, I can't think of anything else now, just wanted to share where I am with y'all!

Sorry it took so long for the real boob shot. I'm so shy.

I am four days out!! People have requested I post a topless photo for comparing, which I totally get. It is great to be able to see a true before and after, and I am running out of time with these things!

So, I naturally have hypochondriac tendencies. And I have been getting a little bit obsessed in illness prevention lately. It is a good thing that I am drinking tons of water every day and one emergen-C packet a day. But I'm also washing my hands very compulsively and people who are getting sick around me, I am avoiding at all costs. I need to just chill, or I'm going to literally worry myself sick. It is good to be able to vent these things on here. That is all for now. <3

Bikinis - Nope

I'll throw in this swimsuit top too. It is an XL....I always bought the largest size top they had, and then a small or XS bottom lol. And the tops were -- a.) never big enough, and b.) had the thinnest straps--what am I supposed to do with that?! I cannot wait to wear a swimsuit and not feel like it is about to slice my head off from the back of my neck. :)

2 Days Until Surgery and Getting Emotional

I have been way too busy this past week with working two jobs and being obsessively germaphobic. If anything, all the stress will manifest a physical illness. I don't know why I work myself up over things so bad. I mean, this is a major deal here getting a breast reduction. But I wish I could just chill OUT. I had a good cry earlier. It wasn't tied to anything specific, but I'm glad I had a release. I have been learning how to cry lately in therapy, so when it happens I give myself an imaginary gold star....I even wonder if deeeeeep down, I'm like grieving the loss of my huge boobs. If that is a thing, it is so subconscious that I have no idea haha.

Day 1 post-op

Ow. Definitely hurts, but the meds are somewhat keeping it in check. I'm still sooooo thankful l had this procedure done! I wish I could show a real after pic right now but I can't remove this ace bandage until post-op appointment in a week. My shoulders feel pretty tight, yet so much lighter at the same time.

Day 3 Post Op

Things are improving and healing! I'm not having anymore nausea, vomitting or headache. Although I am constipated as expected. Drinking prune juice, eating whole grains, citrus fruits, fish. I did have my little emotional breakdown last night.

My good friend and my mom were here helping me and I just could not get over feeling bad for asking them for too much. It really is a good test of surrender and letting go of that self-sufficiency attitude.

I've got the frozen peas on the girls, and I have been on top of my meds. Only a couple times did the pain get really excruciating before I could take another pain pill.

Post op pics

I am starting to feel closer to normal again. Still a lot of soreness, but definitely healing up.

Healing Right Along

I can't express how grateful I am for everyone supporting me on here. I was feeling really good this morning, but I made the mistake of going out and trying to do normal activities. I really needed my AA meeting, so I went. (I guess since I am anonymous on here I feel comfortable enough mentioning it on here) But afterwards I felt exhausted and in so much pain. I went ahead and got a refill on the pain meds, after beating myself up over it since I am in recovery. My friends in the program all told me that if I am still in pain, I should absolutely take the meds. I haven't abused them or anything, just taken them as needed/as prescribed.

My emotions are nuts. This whole process is a huge factor of course, but mostly it just makes me crazy to be in my house so much. I've had company and learned how to be a TV watcher, but I get so restless. It's totally worth it though. I'm kind of crazy for now, but I had this surgery which is amazing.

Yesterday I had a slight identity crisis. I was afraid of that happening. It was a mild sense of "who am I without my huge boobs??" but it passed and I was able to recognize it as just a feeling, not a fact about who I am. I was never my boobs haha. I am still me.
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