Benelli Lift / Donut Lift 475cc / 450cc

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I wanted to write about my Journey to help others...

I wanted to write about my Journey to help others as I know I have been searching for hours looking for similar stories and outcome. I have nursed 3 children for a total of 5 years combined. I never had large breast but they grew to size F's when nursing. ???? and after all was said and done I was left with very deflated small B maybe even A cups. My PS decide a donut/ benelli lift with silicone implants would give me the best results. I decided on 475cc left and 450cc right. I am so nervous about the anesthesia, and recovery especially with my children. On the other hand I can't wait to feel confident and actually find a bra that fits!

Detailed measurements *pic*

Here are my approx. Measurements. I am 5'6 & 125 lbs.

**UPDATE** Done!

I haven't seen much but my PS said it went great. So excited but nervous to see, especially areola. I also don't know what size he put in yet, he says the original size was a bit too big when combining " with the donut lift . I will check tomorrow the size. The pain is manageable but I keep accidentally flexing my chest muscle and it's pretty uncomfortable. I hope I'm not ruining them >:| ps
P.s. delted my old photos since I didn't want it linked to my PS but will re add them if needed

400cc in right 475cc left High Profile donut mastopexy

I learned he put 400cc in right breast and 475cc left. A little upset I couldn't go with what I originally wanted so hoping these fluff to size I want. My breast and nipple have some numbness and burning feeling which is normal. My right nipple is sewed up pretty tight I hope the rippling settles! Also the left breast is higher and tighter and feels tender to touch probably because it has the larger implant.


125lbs 5'6
400cc right /475cc left high profile benelli /donut mastpexy lift. Lots of healing left!

I got to Shower.

I thought a shower would make me feel clean and comfortable. I ended up dry, tight, and miserable. I need some sort of moisturizer that is safe to use. I am over the pain killers and I am so bloated! I entered the surgery at 121 lbs and am now 132lbs. Can I skip to the part where I am comfy and have pretty settled in boobies haha. Keep this tired momma in your thoughts ????. Will update after next appt on Monday. Also will start massaging then! Hoping for a relaxing, healing weekend for all :)

No more glue.

I will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow. And the glue started peeling so I removed the remaining (I know, I probably shouldve let it come off completely by itself) I was really anxious to finally see my scars. My left breast (left in picture) is still larger although photos don't show this it is so strange it has more upper pole fullness and projection but the right breast looks more natural. (Left 475cc/ right 400cc) I really hope they even out soon. Since I cant wear a regular bra it is hard to hide the differences and I feel so self conscious ????. I now feel almost completely back to normal and there is no pain or zingers. Not sure if I already mentioned this but I had no feeling in my left nipple/areola and it has returned yay!

3 months Post Op!

I love how they've healed, I love how natural they look. Although I will still more than likely be getting a revision to up the CCs in the right breast as I feel they are too noticeable of a difference. It drives me crazy. Currently they are 400cc-R & 475 cc- L thinking I need about 75cc added to the right to even the size out.
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