46 YO, Mother of Six, Tummy Tuck, Hernia and Diastasis Repair - Round Rock, TX

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During my yearly physical, my doctor noted that my...

During my yearly physical, my doctor noted that my diastasis recti was severe and told me that it was probably affecting me in more ways than I knew. She recommended that I get a consultation for repair. The PS measured the diastasis as 4" and told me that I have a hernia as well. For financial reasons, I will have a general surgeon fix the hernia (covered by insurance), and the PS do the diastasis repair and tummy tuck (not covered by insurance) at the same time. I don't have much loose skin and I don't have stretch marks. That is amazing, considering I am only 5' tall and I have had more than one baby weighing in at 9.5 lb. I had my last baby at 44 years of age.

Updated with pictures

Ten more days! This is how I am preparing...

I have been busy getting ready for my surgery. I have six children ranging in age from 1 -19 living here. That means I have lots of help, but it also means that I have lots to do. I am putting my babies (ages 1 & 3) in daycare for a month. So, I have to go to the doctor and get a health statement, etc. for them. I have made lists for my family that include my morning and evening routine, as well as my weekly chore list. I am fine with them not doing things as I have written them, but I want to give them an idea of what gets done and when, as a guide/reminder.

Yesterday, I finished shopping for my basket of essentials which includes gauze, tape, cough drops, Gas-X, stool softener, acetaminophen, an extra set of binders, and my prescriptions. I also got some Slim Fast and frozen fruit for immediately after the surgery.

I was really proud of myself because yesterday I made 20 meals for the freezer. I have two excellent cookbooks for this: Fix, Freeze, Feast and Don't Worry, Dinner's In The Freezer. I have people assigned to help me, and do the cooking, for the first two weeks. The meals are for after that when I am trying to get back to my normal routine, but may be too tired to make a healthy dinner.

I am attaching two more before photos, sitting down - yuk!

4 Days PO

I just couldn't write anything the first 3 days because I was so, so miserable. My doc said that the separation was worse than he thought and when he tightened me up, it caused a bunching of the skin in the middle. He said he thinks he was able to fix it so that it will be flat eventually, but I'll have to be patient with my results. That is fine with me. I was so sick for 24 hours afterwards. I even threw up a few times, which makes me worry that I could have messed up the repair. I felt terrible for the first three days. I would have told you then that it was totally not worth it. Now on day 4 PO, I have turned a corner and although hunched over and very sore, I am no longer in agony.

I made the mistake last night of eating a big meal. I didn't quite finish it but my appetite finally came back and I was hungry. Boy was that miserable! It felt like a giant rubber band was squeezing me around the middle. No more over eating for me!

One week later...

I had a drain removed yesterday. It did not hurt at all and I hope to have the other drain removed in a couple of days. The PS told me to put a gauze or piece of foam at my belly button to flatten it out. Other than being really, really bruised, I feel really good. My PS was pleased with the results so far and although I was cautiously optimistic going into this, I am now getting excited.

Eight days out

I had my second drain removed today. The doctor told me to rest for two more days, then start to slowly increase activity. It feels good to have the drains gone, and to stop going commando! LOL!

Two weeks

Recovery is happening more slowly now. I'm really sore and have lots of swelling and bruising. I'm more active now, and moving around is much easier.

Day 19 and getting weary...

At first the pain was extreme but so were the results. Now I am getting used to having a flat tummy. But, the improvements and healing don't seem to be happening as rapidly now. I am swollen, sore, bruised, and oozing from my incision. I am starting to feel like I am never going to look normal like a lot of the pictures that I see. I am even more afraid that I'm never going to feel normal again. I feel fat and bloated and am worried that I am going to gain too much weight from inactivity. I am thinking that these feelings are probably normal. I'm just tired of feeling sick and tired, and starting to wonder if it is worth it....

4 weeks

I still have some places along my incision that are healing slowly. I've been told I don't have to wear my binders anymore, so I'm trying to wean off of them. I wasn't cleared for exercise because of the slow healing of my incision.

4 week pictures

7 weeks

Seven weeks is the magic number for me. I thought I was feeling back to normal before, but I was wrong. I am standing up totally straight and sleeping straight with no problems. I have all of my energy back, and I am able to lift/carry my toddler without feeling like I shouldn't be doing it. Also, although I still have swelling, it is not as bad, and I don't really think about the fact that I don't wear any type of CG or binder. I'm so so thankful to be on this side!
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