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I am currently at my heaviest weight that I have...

I am currently at my heaviest weight that I have ever weighed in my life of 273lbs! I inquired about 3 years ago on having the sleeve but then I dropped almost 60lbs from stress! I became pregnant with my 3rd had him in 2013. After giving birth a dropped all of the weight I gained through pregnancy within 2 weeks! Fast forward 6 mths post and I begin gaining my weight back going through with post partum. Its crazy because sometimes stress makes you eat less than at other times more...crazy right! So I started taking diet pills, going walking, and trying to change my eating habit with seeing no more than a 10lb lost results which made me want to just say F it! I started looking back into the sleeve procedure and ran across this site... I love RS! I had my consultation on 11/17/15. My insurance covers but I am required 6 mths of meeting with a! But I'm taking it day by day and I can not wait for next year for a new me!

The Waiting Game

Hi my RS Dolls! I'm just checking in to let you know my progress thus far! I've had my endoscopy and my second meeting with a dietician! Yayyyy!!! 2 mths down 4 to go!

So ready for the new year for a new me!

I'm so ready for the new year for a new me! Cliché right! Lol But this time knowing that a new me will actually transpire means so but to me! I can't wait to be able to go jogging and exercising without carrying around this weight! I want to move and feel light on my feet! I just overly anxious about the new lifestyles that I will soon have being obsessed with living a healthier life! In 2016 the gym will be a place that love going to just as my as a department store! Lol I AM READY MY RS DOLLS!

Im so anxious...

I'm just super excited about what this year has in store! Only 3 more monthly visits to go!!! I'm so ready to get my life back! While going to the doctor to get my scheduled check up we discovered that I have a phyllodes tumor on the right side of my right boob! Thank God it is benign so I will have surgery in the next month to have it removed. Other than that I'm still playing the waiting game but I'm sure these last few months will fly by!

Almost to there!!! Yayyyy!

Hi Rs Dolls! I know it has been forever since my last update and even though I haven't updated my review I have been on here daily reading for my daily motivation! Yesterday was my last class for my 6mths required visits! Yayyyy! I'm super excited because I just did not see myself making it to even this far without throwing in the towel but you ladies are awesome and motivate me to keep going! I have my psychiatric evaluation next 4/20 then my pre op appointment on 5/17! I just hope these 4 weeks fly by just a quick as those 6mths did! I am extremely anxious! This is the heaviest that I have ever been in my life! So uncomfortable! When I started the process I was 270 now I am 274! Smh! I went shoe shopping and my shoes size went up 1/2 size! Yikes! Greater is coming so I am excited that all of this will soon change!

I'm so impatient!

Random Venting: It seems like every time I get aggravated or upset with my boyfriend I immediately get very impatient with waiting for my surgery! Its like in my head I wouldn't be so upset about things if I wasn't do big and uncomfortable! Smh. Weird right?! Especially with my BF bc it seems like things we argue about now never really occurred when I was smaller. I am a firm believer that people treat you different depending upon your weight no matter how much they say/claim that they don't. I told my boyfriend that and he say no I love you the same...not! Let's just see if the story will be the same after I'm sleeved or will he chase me again as he once did when I was smaller lol! Anyway I can not wait to be sleeved...I'm super excited! I'm trying to find the strength to post pics soon hopefully lol

Waiting for my APPROVAL!!!

So my preop appointment was on yesterday! Yayyyy! I was given a preop diet but was told not to start it until I receive an approved surgery date! I'm so excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time! I just thank God for keeping me through the process thus far and not allowing for me to give up! I pray I will have a decision by the end of the week! I want this so bad...about how long did it take you ladies to get an approval? I am with BCBS. God willing once I get my approve date I am going to post before pics! Wish me luck girls!


I'm finally approved for my surgery and my surgery DAT is 6/30/16. I'm ecstatic! I'm currently on my preop diet and for the first three days I had headaches bibut I'm feeling much better now. I guess my body had to get use to me not drinking sodassodas, eating fried foods, or eating period! Lol Wish me luck dolls! ????


I was sleeved on 6/30/16 and although its been only 6 days my body feels better already! Follow me on Instagram @she_sooprecious_vsg !
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