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I've lost a lot of weight lost all of my breast...

I've lost a lot of weight lost all of my breast tissue and have never been huge but I would like to feel sexy and fill out my clothes better. I had a tummy tuck two years ago and since then I'm down to 128-130lbs. Im 5 ft 5. I'm ready to feel complete and I actually like the fake look so my doctor and I discussed round silicone "gummy bear" implants placed above the muscle. But the more research I've done I've decided that I want placement under the muscle. I'm very concerned about spending this much money and I know all of the bad stuff that can happen weeks to years after this surgery but I'm ready to do it. Hopefully I will be as happy as others on this website and feel more confident and sexy. I'm also having lipo of my stomach and some extra skin removed. Since my tt I lost 40 more lbs so now my skin isn't as tight as I would like . I'm scared and anxious and praying that this isn't a mistake. My doc said he could get me to a full c or small d

So anxious

I'm so nervous and very anxious about my upcoming ba surgery. I've done tons of research and I know the pros and cons. I know the look that I want to achieve and I don't want to be sorry after I spend all of this money:( more than anything though I'm trying to think positive and I'm excited about it getting closer and closer. I know that after I had my tummy tuck it completely changed my life and for the better. I've never been happier. My family is very supportive of my decision and my mom says that I deserve this after all of my weight loss. It's a great thing cause my mom is actually traveling with me for my pre op and for my surgery. My fiancée is also going with me for my surgery. My mom is planning on helping me with my daughters too.

Really anxious now:)

It's exactly a week before my pre-op. It's getting closer:)

Snow storm coming:(

Well, I'm freaking out a bit because my pre op is this coming Monday at 10am and there is a huge snow storm coming. I just hope that the temperature melts it all by then.My surgeon is in SC so it's two hours away from here. I'm just getting nervous that something will happen to keep me from getting my surgery. I sure hope not. I feel as though I've waited forever and I would probably be devastated to wait even longer. I'm a worrier anyway. God willing it will all work out. I got Botox and perlane injections last Friday and I'm really happy with my results. Good luck to everyone going through this process and healthy healing to those already post op:)

Snow, snow and more snow!!!

Wow. The weather is really crazy right now. I'm still trying to stay positive:) Hopefully all of this sleet and snow will be out of here by the weekend. I'm nervous about the surgery but more so about not being able to get it done. I really want this surgery. I want it like yesterday. I want to be through it and on my way to recovery. Need thoughts and prayers please:)

Snow is slowly melting!!!

So glad that the snow is melting some today. Yesterday was crazy with the snow storm . I'm looking more forward to my pre- op this Monday and I'm anxious too. I will be glad to talk to the doctor to ask him about my concerns and to make sure that the results that I want to achieve are possible. I also can't wait for the abdominal skin tightening and lipo. I've worked so hard at my weight loss but still find myself very self conscious. My fiancée seems very encouraging but somehow I don't know if I will ever be totally confident in myself. I really need to work on that:(


My stats now are 127lbs 5'5 32a or aa I don't fill up any bra that I've found and I wish to be a d cup post op . Getting gummybear implants but haven't discussed size yet with ps. I also hope that I can go behind the muscle but not sure due to my saggy skin:( wish me luck!!!

Some pics of me before

Tried to post pics ???

I'm not sure why but I tried to post pics yesterday and it didn't work. Maybe I will figure it out later.

Pre op today

I went to my pre op today and decided on high profile 500cc gummy bear implants under the muscle. Hope it won't be too big on me. I have to be there next Thursday at 10:30am and also decided to have some excess skin removed from my lower back where I've lost so much weight. I'm excited and nervous but really happy.

Surgery time moved up:)

I'm just counting down the days now and I called my surgery center with some questions and my surgery was moved from 10:30 am until 8am on the 27th so that's way better for me. I'm guessing I'm the first patient which is cool. My pharmacy made a huge mistake on my flexaril. The instructions that they put on the bottle said to take one 2.5 hours before surgery and when I called the nurse she said that was a mistake. She told me to start the day before and take one at 5 pm and one at 11 pm. To think that could have postponed my surgery :( I would have been devastated. I'm more excited now than ever and I'm pretty sure I'm nesting. I washed my car ( with my fiancées help) and have been cleaning the house like crazy. My daughters have been sick also so I'm sanitizing everything in sight.

Sooo super excited:)

It's now Saturday and I only have a few days til surgery. Well, four days really. I'm just wanting it over and to begin healing:) I'm scared of pain and nausea afterwards but hopefully it will all be ok. I'm very hopeful and I completely trust my doctor. I feel good about things.

So we leave for SC Wednesday!!!!

I'm super happy, wishful,excited and a little scared that very soon I will be going to SC for surgery. I have butterflies in my tummy:) but in a good way. I'm drinking emergen-C twice a day and using zinc losenges and taking keflex to keep from getting sick. My youngest daughter has the tummy bug and my mom has been really sick with a chest cold. I work in the health field also so I'm around a lot of sick people so I'm washing my hands so much. Trying to just get through this surgery and to start healing. Just days away now... Please pray for me and I wish everyone well in their experiences and God bless:)

We r in SC!!!

My mom and my fiancée and I are in South Carolina tonight and just waiting for 8am I'm the morning. We plan on getting up at 6 to get ready and everything. I had a scare earlier because I had Botox two days ago and I found that there is a moderate interaction between my muscle relaxer and the Botox. So I called the surgery center and the doctor wasn't there so they told me not to take the muscle relaxer and to talk to the doctor tomorrow. I sure hope they wouldn't post pone this because of this interaction. Prayers please and God bless you all:)

Wow. The day is finally here!!!!

I couldn't really sleep at all and I tried to make sure that I didn't eat or drink anything after midnight:) but I'm good, just ready and a lot scared and apprehensive.

So I did it!!!!

I'm so relieved to finally have done this. The waiting has been so mentally exhausting. Thank you Lord up above. I pray for no complications and also he put in 465 Sientra gummybear in both sides.

So so sore

I'm really sore but my breasts look so amazing. I looked on the mirror at my ps this morning and I was like omg !!' My fiancée is super excited too . It's cute:) good luck to everyone . I'm so glad to be on the other side . I have two drains in my lower back due to the skin removal from my weight loss but it's still kinda numb . Thank goodness .

Wow , I love my breasts!

I still can't believe that these boobs are mine. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could look like this. It's simply amazing. I've been sleeping so much off and on for the past three days but it feels so good to relax:) my mom and fiancée have been so wonderful. I looked at my breasts and I do have some darker bruising at the bottom crease on my right breast but not as much on the left. I pray now for no complications and that my back also heals fast. I'm very itchy so I think I'm healing . I've stayed on top of my pain meds and everything else.

Feeling good:)

I'm feeling a lot better today. I went to my ps yesterday and I have a large hematoma under my right breast but he said not to worry that it should go away and that my breast would be ok. I trust him so much so I'm not going to worry too much about it. I went all night without pain meds(big mistake) and woke up in some pain but I'm ok now. So far I love my breasts and I pray for no complications. My tummy looks great after my scar revision and my back is healing well. I had quite a bit of extra skin on my back and love handles so he removed it and it lifted my butt too:) God bless you all in your journeys

Bad bruise:(

Tomorrow will be a week post op

Can't believe that tomorrow will be a week since I had my surgery. It has went by so fast but I've enjoyed the rest. I needed a vacation. On the morning of my surgery I got there a little before 8 am and only sat in the waiting room for about 15-20 mins. Then my nurse Lisa called me back to get my vitals and to prep me. She weighed me and got my bp. My bp was a little high but I was so ready to have it over and done with. The waiting and anticipation was the worst :( then I went back to a room and got a gown on. Lisa took before pics and then I was put under a warmer. Then a nice man came in who was the anesthesiologist . He put in my iv and gave me something to calm me down and some nausea meds . Then my mom and fiancée were able to come back with me and my doctor came in to mark me up. I had my breast aug , a scar revision to my front and extra skin removed from my back . Then I gave my mom and fiancée hugs and kisses and I was taken back to the OR. Lisa had me lay down and put ted hose on me and then I tasted a burning on the back of my throat. Lisa rubbed my hand until I was out :) then I woke up and was talking and actually helped her get me dressed.

Pain better today

My pain isn't as bad today. It's more of an aching feeling. My breasts are very tight and high. My bruises are fading slowly and each day is better than the last. I love how they look now so I hope I like them as much over time when they drop. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Feel sore today

Not sure why but I'm really sore today. I think it's because I did too much yesterday. I'm taking it easy but I go back to work tonight. I know that I must take it easy and not over do it . I'm healing and bruises are still fading.

I love my implants !!!!

My bruises are almost completely gone. I still have pain but I drove last night for the first time. I'm happy with my breasts. Every day they feel more and more like mine :) the size is perfect and my ps did a fantastic job!!!

Still sore:(

I think I've been trying to do way too much way too fast because my body is telling me to slow down:( I began driving again and working four days ago and I'm on so much pain by the end if the day. My back and my front hurts. Everything looks good and seems to be healing fine but my breasts,especially the left actually throb at times especially when I drive and my back incision where I had excess skin removed hurts when I sit too much . It has been challenging but on gonna get through it . Honestly I would have to say that the worst pain has came from where I had drains on each side of my hips. It has been exscutiating. But they are healing too. I put neosporin my my drain wounds daily and bandage them after my shower. Each day I feel like doing more but then I feel silly for it when I'm hurting .

More pics ...

I took some pics today of how I'm healing.

So happy with my results:)

I'm happy with my results and I'm still healing. My incisions around my nipples have scabs that are slowly falling off. I put neosporin on them daily after my showers. I've had a ton of swelling in my lower back from my skin surgery and yesterday I couldn't even wear my jeans because it hurt. I hope the swelling subsides but I know I must give it time. I'm trying to drop a few pounds also as I've gained about five since surgery:(

Finally feeling better:)

I woke up this morning with the least pain I've had since my surgery. It felt good to sit up out of bed without really hurting. It has all been worth it so far and I hope my end result will be good. I'm just so impatient and I want to be better like yesterday. I am now thinking that I want a thigh lift. My mom will kill me when I mention this:( she thinks I look great now but I still hate my inner thighs. I will just have to see. God bless everyone going through their transformations !!!

Feeling good today:)

I feel okay today. Not too much pain and I think that I'm healing well. Almost all of the scabs are off but I'm not too sure if my implants have dropped any. It's so early on though. I know that it takes time.

Almost 3 wks po

So it's almost three weeks po now. I feel ok except for some pain still. Mainly after sleeping and getting up I have pain. Last night I was in the mirror and I like flexed my chest muscles and it looked so funny so I got a kick out of it. Well, after that I had these horrible, intense pains shoot through my upper left breast. I thought omg, what did I do :( but today it went away, thank goodness . I felt like an idiot lol. My lower back on the other hand is so freaking sore. I can't sleep on my sides yet due to pain in both hips where the drains were. So, I can only sleep on my back and near my tailbone it's insanely sore:( I even slept with pillows underneath me. Oh well, it will be ok though. But my back and hips look so pretty:) so so happy with everything. It's so cool knowing and trusting your doctor so much. He is the best guy ever and I would never go to anyone else. He takes the time and never rushes my appointments . He always hears my concerns and is honest and comforting about everything. So glad to have found him years ago when I had my tt. I guess that he changes so many peoples lives with his work that he dosent realize how touching it is to make someone's confidence go through the roof. It's amazing and I thank God for him and his caring staff!!!


So today I see a change in my right implant/breast. It appears to have an indentation in the middle of my breast and it looks weird. Not painful at all though. What do u guys think? Thanks

More pics of indentation...

Pics ...

Hi everyone:)

Well it has now been a little over three weeks. Yesterday and the day before I went walking about three miles per day. Nothing strenuous but it sure felt good to get out in the warm sunshine. I'm so sick of the winter. I'm still having quite a bit of back pain but my breasts really look like they are dropping. I will try to post pics later. I'm still happy with everything and feeling more and more like me. On the other hand, my appetite has went through the roof!!! I feel like a whale eating so much:( anyone else have similar appetite changes?


Indention still in pics

The marks on my breasts in the pics are from my bra but the indention on my right breast is still there and looks worse :(

Appointment with my ps today:)

Today my ps released me and said that I look great and am healing very well. I have a pocket of fluid in my lower back from my skin surgery but he says that will go away in time. At least that explains the searing pain I've been having in my back. I'm not suppost to wear any push up or thick padded bras but I can wear lightly lined and underwire bras so I need to go bra shopping:) tonight I noticed a small,red,raised rash on my upper right breast. Never had that happen before but it dosent hurt or itch. Anyone else have this? Not really feeling that great tonight either. Kind of nauseous and light headed. Hope I'm not coming down with something. Another question:) what is the best bra that I can get without spending so so much money? I want to buy sports bras and I want to have good support but also want to buy bras for everyday casual wear and low cut shirts. All of my sports bras aren't really good under low cut shirts,etc because the straps are so thick and they show. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys.

Very happy with my results still!!!

Today marks one month since my surgery and I'm so happy with my results:) it's been a great experience and the waiting beforehand was definly harder than anything else. I'm feeling more like myself except for this pesky back pain. But I'm so glad I did this for my confidence and happiness. I feel like I can be more like I've always wanted to be, comfortable with myself without any doubts.

Freaking out!!!

I just hurt myself, like bad. I was getting my daughter out of the car and I propped my knee up on the seat and had my left hand holding the back of the seat. I bent over to pick something up and my knee slipped and all of my body weight went onto my left arm and side. I felt extreme pain and like a severe muscle spasm, almost like a pop! Now my breast looks different, like lower and the bottom feels so weird like a lot of pressure. I'm hoping that it just dropped and that I didn't tear anything. Anyone have any injuries or experience anything like this? I've been so careful:(


I'm hurting in my left breast. Today I've taken ibuprofen and Tylenol every six hours. Trying to take it easy since I really believe that I tore something in my left breast yesterday. Kinda scared but hopeful that it's nothing to worry about. Called my ps office and he wasn't in today but made an appointment for a later date.


I'm still having intense burning pain in my left breast. It feels better and then if I move my left arm in the wrong way or reach for something I feel a pulling sensation and then the sharp pain comes again. I don't know exactly what I did Thursday but this dosent feel good at all . My fiancée says that it looks smaller than the right but he says maybe it's because it's lower than the right and has now dropped more ? I don't know but this sucks not knowing . I can't wait until I see my ps to find out if I've messed something up . I pray that I haven't.

Bra shopping today:)

Up until today I've worn all sports bras which have been comfortable but I figured that I've healed enough to see what size I would be wearing in a regular bra. I didn't get sized but I just experimented with a bunch of different bras and sizes. Most I hated but I fell in love with a Maidenform underwire, lightly lined bra. I bought four and they are wonderful. I tried a C cup on and no way. It crushed my tatas. Lol. So, my size is a 36D! I was so happy and I'm not sure but I think this will be my size when everything is all settled. I didn't spend much so if the size changes, it will be fine. It wasn't as much fun as I thought trying on all of those different bras. Like a chore really since the pain in my left side is pretty bad since I first got up this morning. On a positive note though, I called my ps office and I can be seen tomorrow morning at 10:45 instead of having to wait until next Tuesday on pins and needles. I can deal with the pain. I just need to hear the words that I'm okay and it will heal in its own:) then I will be great:) thanks for all of your comforting words guys. I really appreciate it:)

Happy and relieved:)

My doc says I'm just fine. I didn't mess up anything and I'm so glad!!! He says I probably pulled my chest muscle and that I have some fullness on the inside of my left breast. Happy happy happy:)


Well I slept so well last night because I wasn't worried about anything. Peace of mind is everything. I didn't realize just how crazy stressed I was thinking that I had messed up my ba. So my left breast is still tender on one side but I'm feeling great and they look better and better to me. They look somewhat bigger to me now. I definitely do want to go bigger if I ever have to have them replaced though. But I'm very happy with them in and out of clothes.

Size changing...

So I really think that my swelling is almost completely gone. I returned all of the 36d bras I bought and bought some 34d. The sizing is so different from one brand to another. It's very confusing for me. I measured my band size and right under my breast I'm 30 inches and around the widest part of my bust I'm 36 inches so I don't know. I've looked up different ways of finding the right size. I got one Warner's underwire bra, one Maidenform underwire and a vanity fair underwire. All 34d yet I tried on the Maidenform and it barely covers my nipples. The only one that I didn't try on at the store so I guess I will be taking it back as well. I guess it's possible to need a cup size bigger in some brands??? I know tgat I couldn't go any bigger at the time but I will be going bigger in the future. They do look so much smaller now and I don't like that I have no upper pole fullness now. And if I can't wear a push-up bra, there's no way to have upper pole fullness. Oh well, time will tell but if I had known about uhp that's what I would've gotten.

Feeling super small:(

The last few days I see dramatic changes in my breasts. They look so small and my fiancée and my mom have also told me the same thing. Just thought I would be bigger. I guess the swelling is all gone and now I hope they don't get any smaller because I will cry. I thought 465 seemed pretty large and granted I started as flat as a board. Before I always wore heavy padded push up bras so now they look just like before I had them done. I don't know. I'm afraid of pushing them up at all because I've been instructed not to and I won't do anything to jeopardize my implants but this stinks . The upper pole fullness I wanted is null and void:( I guess that I had very high expectations before hand and saw so many girls who had the look I was going for. Sorry for being so negative today:(


Pics ...

New pic today...

Finally at ease:)

I've been down and so over critical of myself for the past couple of weeks. I've felt small and like I looked bad. I know for a fact that I'm so so blessed because I've done so well and had no real complications and I look so much better than I did before or could've imagined that I could. I'm over being so critical because I'm not perfect and never will be. Nobody is and we aren't meant to be. But I'm finally ok just being me. My ps did a fantastic job! I'm happy and confident in and out of my clothes now. I love my breasts and they are perfect for me. They are perkier than they have ever been and I know changes are still to come because tomorrow is only my six week mark but I'm okay and happy. And my back, OMG!!! I'm in love with the way my lower back and butt looks. My pants look better with no bump or extra skin back there. It's awesome to me. I hate that I got lost in my own mind and for never thinking that I look good enough. So guys I'm sorry for being so negative:( I guess that's what they call the "blues" but I'm glad to be on the other side of all that now. Hope all of you wonderful ladies are healthy and well:)

More pics...

Hello everyone:)

I hope that everyone is doing well. I'm great. Feeling good and I love my breasts. They are super soft and squishy!!! Dropping and looking good I think. I still feel like I pull my muscles in my chest and have pain at times but it passes. I'm happy and I hope that everyone is healing well...

It's been a while...

I've been really busy with my kids and work and everything else:) I'm doing well though. My breasts have definitely dropped and I can finally move more freely doing my day to day things without pain. I will see if I can go larger in the future but as for now I'm happy. I think, at least I'm not flat as a board anymore.lol!!! And I Was Flat!!! Like seriously but sometimes I think I got used to the swelling right after and loved that size but I'm happy now:) I'm just trying to get back into my walking and exercise routine that I had before. I've gained about ten lbs since surgery:( horrible feeling. Good luck and best wishes to everyone!!!

Really happy girl:)

Well I'm doing wonderfully. I'm happy and elated with my results thus far. I was 11 weeks out this past Thursday and I must say the changes are crazy good. I'm finally able to use my arms more without pain and getting the strength back that I had to pick up heavy stuff and vacuuming. I guess I didn't realize how much I used my chest muscles. Kind of like after my tummy tuck and realized how much we use our cores, for absolutely everything. But I feel good and my boobs look so natural:) I will post pics later. I'm finally getting my weight regulated too. Did anyone else gain weight after their ba? I'm wearing a 34d bra but kind of bust out of it on top so I guess I need to go up a cup size? I never got sized so I don't know. I've been super busy with my daughters and working a lot:) In a year or so I do want to talk to my doc about going larger. Although I do like this size I do plan to go bigger. Love u guys and I hope everyone is well and loving their new boobies:)

Hello everyone!!!

I'm doing really well. I'm just staying very very busy all of the time. Here is an update pic to show my progress. Happy healing to everyone who just had their ba's and best wishes!

More pics


So my left breast is really soft and feels less full than it did? I'm not really sure why but my right looks and feels perfect. My doctor says it may not have formed scar tissue around it like the right and hopefully it will but my skin is so thin anyway. It shouldn't be leaking either since it has the thickest shell available. I'm not really sure but it's not as full and even my fiancée has noticed. Any others going through similar experience?

It's been a while:)

I'm so happy with my results. I've never been more self confident. They are part of me and they feel natural. I would definitely consider other procedures to improve myself. I'm now married and things are going great. I will always go back to my doctor because I trust him so much.
Rock Hill Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome and he did my tummy tuck 2 years ago which has changed my life. He is very honest and compassionate. I absolutely Love him and his amazing work!!! I highly recommend him and his staff is wonderful:)

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