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I am a 32 year old woman, that has had a bigger...

I am a 32 year old woman, that has had a bigger butt, hips, and thighs my whole adult life. I am a very active and clean eat person, but on matter what I do the lower half of my body is still bigger. It very hard to buy jeans, swim suit bottoms and shorts. Bottoms that fit my hips need a bigger size, then they are to big for my waist. I made the appointment for vaser liposuction for my wasit, hips, medial thighs and lateral thighs. The big day is December 21, 2016.

Surgery date has been moved up.

My surgery date is now November the 28th. Whole ...... I'm so excited! The was my pre op appointment date , but now my pre op is November 7th. I will be in surgery in 4 weeks. I'm excited and nervous.

2 days tell big day

I'm getting supper excited about this. I'm also a little nervous, but I think that is normal. I have everything pack and ready to go. I'll I have to do is wait. I can't really imagine what is going to look. I can't wait. Any one out there having surgery monday?

First day back to work.

Today was my favorite day back to work. It was ok by the end of the day I was ready to go home and set down. I took some pictures this morning. I'm still swollen, numb in places and bruised.

3 weeks down

This whole process has been a roller coaster. I have read hundreds of peoples stories about recovery. I thought I had an idea of how it was going to go. That was a big no lol. I was prepared, but not ready for it mentally. I have learned alot throw this whole process, so I thought I would share. Week 1, I leaked fluid heavily for 3 or 4 days. I had to have puppy pads raped around me and still had to seat or lay on one. P.s I learned don't walk on any carpet or rugs. The pads fill up fast and the fluid will run down your legs when you stand up. Also take a let's a full week off. I went back 4 days after worst choice ever. You do need to get up and walk but not hustle around a salon. I looked like a snail trying to move fast lol. Plus if your trying to keep it a secret 7 days to perfect your new walk is better. 2week, The pain at this Pont was down for me. Only time I was hurting was if my compression garment was off , when I was up on my feet for to long ,or when I would stand up. It took me a minute to get going when I first stand up. The hardest part for me at this point was realizing that I couldn't workout for 4 more weeks. I got really depressed about it. Working out is my go to stress relief and happy place. To get myself out of the funk I took off work and had a me day. I went to the mall with one goal in mind to walk. It took me a long time lol and I got past by the little 67yr old ladies that walk the mall all the time. I also had to take a small break, but it did the trick. I was tired and ready to go home, but I felt happy. Week 3, I still am very swollen and sore. My new speed is turtle that I have learned to embrace over the past weeks. Standing is still really slow for me which goes with my turtle speed. At this point I have learned don't judge your body at any point in the recovery process, your body changes hourly. It is swollen, hard places, bruised ect. There is alot going on!! Just put that compression garment on and wait to turn in to a butterfly. Lol

Update on my vaser liposuction

I had to have a tuch up two days ago on my out tight and out butt area. The soreness and swelling is tolerable with a light pain medication. The leaking is nothing compared to the first time. I can already tell that the spots are going to be perfect. I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see the final results.
Little Rock Facial Plastic Surgeon

I read alot of reviews and looked at alot of pictures, to find my doctor. When I found Dr. Suzanne yee in Little Rock Ar. I know she was the wright doctor for me. I had my consultation September 6th. She was better than I expected. The whole office made me feel very comfortable.

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