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I go by Mz. Divatransformation!!! I am 32 yrs of...

I go by Mz. Divatransformation!!! I am 32 yrs of age with 3 beautiful children ages, 14(B), 11(B), & 5(G). I live in Arkansas and I’ve wanted a flat stomach ever since I can remember. Growing up around my other cousins that had coke shape bottle figures made me stand out so much from them. I can honest say as a child I was so skinny but as I got older, somehow the weight just appeared out of thin air! I have a mentality like a go getter! I love to shop and spend time with my family! I put GOD 1st no matter what and I like to stay low key to myself for the most part. I’ve been in this transition since August of 2013 and I am still on a mission to get to my ultimate goal which is around 165-170 pounds sexier! I go for another consult with my PS on April 11th to go over the goal plan too accomplishing my flat stomach. My first consult was a year ago which I wanted to know what ball park I would need to come up with in order to have the surgery. My big day is scheduled for May 22nd and cannot wait to be on the flat side. I’ve seen several posting on here that keeps me encourage and I cannot wait to share with you all my story/journey.
Much Love

Stay Tuned to MzDIVA ***WATCH ME MELT*****

Flabby Stomach DO not live here ANYMORE **BYE-BYE***

May 22nd- MY BIG day to the FLAT SIDE...LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN!!!!!

40lbs lighter & sexier!!!!!

Weight Loss Update!!!!

Weighed today and I'm happy to say that I am down a total of 45lbs... Started @ 283 (August 2013) and as of 03/24/14 I am 238!!! Won't he do it!!!!

Stay Tuned!!! As I melt away!!!!! BIG day is less than 2 mos away!!!!! MAY 22ND!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Starting to get my supplies for my surgery!!!!

Recliner already arrived
Zip-Up Night Gowns x 2
No Powder Gloves

I know I have more things to get...which I will get them....I am so excited!!!!!!

What a difference

At first I couldn't tell a major difference with my weight loss but its starting to sink in.....I try to remind myself that it cannot happen over night and in due time, I will see a major BIG loss and definition with my overall body. Just gotta pace myself and take it one day at a time!!! I will NOT give up! For every day that I win with doing my absolutely best...I am giving myself a day back to my life to live longer, healthier and SEXIER!!! :) PEACE!!LOVE!!! & HAPPINESS!!!

One WORD****TAEBO BILLY BLANKS***NO JOKE***that's all ****

a sista is tired after that workout.....but I did it.....workout x3 done!!!!!

Going to see my PS tomorrow

Kinda nervous but I know my GOD got this!!!

Mustard Size "Faith Produces Mountain size Blessings"

Just want to let someone know that we have a God of increase....where you are today is not where you are suppose to stay!! I say this...too some the journey is just now starting out....whether its weight loss or TT/BBL or whatever...just know whatever your heart desire...DON"T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!! BELIEVE!!BELIEVE!!!!! & HAVE FAITH!!!!!BC it's gonna get harder before it gets easier....Just know that you are YOUR OWN SUPPORTER!!MOTIVATOR!!! YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO elevate or validate what you have going on because we have a MIGHTY GOD that sit's HIGH & that's all you NEED!!! ALWAYS stand on HIS word!!!! AMEN!!!!
Okay------so I've been doing the stair-stepper @ the gym for the past 2 days....I must say its a challenge....but I made it and I was able to 12mins...trying to work my way up to 30mins by next week....I did that and the ARC trainer.....

BTW- my follow-up apt with PS went well...everything is going as according by God's Grace & WILL!!!! Yall have a Blessed Day bc Nobody mad but the devil!!!!

Just Me

Seeing a lot of inches loss...which is good..... Proud of myself!!!!!!

Day 3 of my Challenge

GM my wonderful PEOPLE's...I'm on this challenge of drinking these meal replacement shakes until's not bad at all.... every-now-then I have to give myself a little prep talk but I always bounce back..... heading to the gym in ah few hrs.....must get this 2 liters of water in before I hit the stair-climber + Arc trainer...... have a good day!!!!!! BC I will!!!! Booooooooom!!! In that ORDER!!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!

Viewers Please be WARNED!!! The REAL TRUTH!!!!!! It's this a dream???? -LMBO

I say this to myself when I look at myself in the mirror every time (lol)

Gym Flow

Was on the stairmaster & notice one of my eye lashes came out bc I was sweating so hard......SMH......its hard out here yall......LOL (just a little humor today)

Gym Flow

Emotional but I Bounced BACK so QUICK on the GOODNESS OF JESUS!!!!

I want to say got people out here that is counting you out....don't allow others to dictate how your journey turns out....because you have those out there waiting on you to fail, fold, or fall or even give up... I say this...don't allow the devil to win the foolish game. A lot of people do not understand the life that some life or chose to live...but do not judge them for their actions...better yet pray for them from afar and keep it moving....Keeping those in prayers as well as myself because we sometimes can hit that low point....but we must know when to get back up bc that is what makes us stronger...... GOOD NIGHT!!!!!


YALL ROCK!!!!! MUAH!!!!!!

It's Real

Don't nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream!!! Think about it!!!!! What are you waiting on???


About to get my pre-morning work-out in...just wanted to give a quick update on my challenge and its going good so far.....Will reveal my new weight loss total soon..... :)))))) (SO I wasn't ready-in my Kevin Hart voice) but I had to get ready...I weighed last week to just make sure I were headed in the right direction & I was....I'm one happy chic.... that's all I can say!!!! GOD IS A ON TIME GOD...may not come when you want him to but he is always on time!!!! Just have patience......

She Cute

It's Getting Real

Just a month away...did not realize yesterday marked my official countdown....too excited!!!! Just finished my morning up @ 4:30a this morning & went all in.....yaaay for me!!! :))


Tell'em they better get on they job...if they trying to stop yo show...because you don't GO!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM....................................................................................MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yall I'm ready to shut the city down-LMBO (ijs) WHO ready??? SHE??WHO??ME???THAT's WHO's -LOL

(Yall I love to laugh & have fun) Just a little humor on this good ol Saturday.....Good Day My SISTA's

4 wks to go.........

As of tomorrow I will have 4 wks left.....( wow) a little nervous.....I think.... :/


Hey my REAL SELF SISTA's if yall have any suggestions of things to get for as supplies..please let me know...
My sister got me two CG so far from Ardyss however I want to have plenty of choices just in case.... :))

Also what is a good CG to buy that is comfortable?

BTW-My PS did advise me to not worry about scar treatment because he specialize in skin care...and he supplies all of that which is a co worker scar is invisible you can barley see it.... :)))

Wanna tell Everrrrrrybody =)

YOU are PART of God's Perfect Plan!!!!! Don't let no one or nothing deter you from it!!!! It may not be picture perfect but do know that it's someone or somebody picture painted a little different than ours with a little more pain than they can bare....the struggle is real out here.... yall have a marvelous day!!!

Supplies =)

Zip-Up Night Gowns
No Powder Gloves
Arnica gel
Bio- oil
Dial Soap
House shoes
Tank tops & wife beaters
Germ X
Hydrogen Peroxide
Boppy Pillow
Albolene (for when I start waist training)
CG (Arydss) (trying to figure out which others I want to order)
Waist clincher
Waist Corset trainer (on order which I will start 2mos PO)
Bed pads
Maxi Pads
Lounge pants
Ab broad (ordered)
Toilet seat riser
Stretch mark moisturizing Body cream (from it's work)

Oh NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Weight loss has slowed down =(

But I will continue to press my way through!!!

God Has Smiled on me

Just smiling just because!!!! Good to know you're Blessed!!!

Reveal Outfits (WISH PIC's)

Would love to step out in these.......

Little on me

Sitting here going through pictures....ran across this beautiful pic of me.... =)

Jesus!!! Jesus!!Jesus!!!

All I can do is wave my hands!!!!!! (Having some emotional feelings that I've been praying about that needs to shake ASAP) LORD I need you to HELP ME!!!!!!

I'm 3 weeks away....& Im like it is what it is @ this point!!! I should be so excited....for some odd reason I can't....... SMH...........been waiting too long for this....and I can't get excited..... (off to the prayer closet)

my RS sista-it's best to keep your business to yourself...bc people can curse what you have going on.....folks don't want to see you doing no more than them...or looking better than them.... keep people out your business by not telling your business..... word of advise for real!!!!!


Just wanted to salute MzPhatBooty...ImmaJusDoIT...Cashiba80...Prinzibella...Msking....& Flatside32....yall ladies rock for real!!!!

Nothing small to a giant!!! I'm bounce back & be self once again real quick!!! Thanks for all of your kind words & encouragement!!! It's greatly appreciated!!! It takes real grown women to do real grown women things like this!!!!( tears of joy) God place me on this path for a reason!!! I've meet & read some phenomenal journey and enjoyed all of you ladies....... MUCH LOVE FOR-REAL!!!!

My sis is on here who also been rocking with me for as keeping me motivated when I slip or feel down........and my other boo Terra....Special thanks to them as well!!!!!!

Allllllll Smiles =)))))))

Just got my money order for my final payment for my surgery!!!! THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!!!! LORD I THANK YOU!!!! Such a big relief!!! =))

The devil thought he had me this morning....had a flat tire...which was an expense that I did not budget for....went to tire place...was told needed 3 tires....had to purchase those on top of other things....I still smile =)

The Dr office asked if I wanted to move my surgery date up- LOL I was like ummmmm heck No..... I'm keep May 22nd.....

Pre Op appt is on the 8th @ 11a so I'm excited about that!!!!

Yall have a Blessed & Happy Day because I will!!! MUAH!!!!

Goood Morning My Beautiful SISTA's

Just wanted to tell all you beautiful ladies that God Blesses us and fills us with joy beyond all measure, for he considers each of us a rare and priceless treasure..... WE ARE DIAMONDS!!!!!! Don't let NO one tell YOU Different!!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!


Spice up your figure and lift up your rear in this boyshort shaper. Staying true to your curves, it adjusts perfectly to your body and smoothes the waist, back, abdomen, and hips. Magical seams serve to enhance your curves, especially in the rear - making it look rounder not flatter. Ultra-flat zipper makes it easy to put on and invisible under clothing. Outer layer in powernet and a smooth fabric on the inside for a soft and fresh feeling on the skin. Versatility to the max - multiway straps allow you to wear different tops or even hook them to your bra. Wear it after surgery or post-partum to protect and tighten your skin quicker. Discover why this one is our best seller.
Reduces entire tummy, waist, shapes the back and rear giving you that fabulous round shape.
Special cuts and seams that enhance, shape, and refine your rear.
Designed with excellent back support, gives you more coverage and helps eliminate annoying bulges.
Outer layer in powernet, a durable material that controls and shapes.
Inner, ultralight smooth fabric that provides freshness and comfort throughout the day.
Open-bust bodysuit to wear with your preferred bra.
Ultra-flat front zipper closure with 3 inner hooks to help close.
Super comfy adjustable, multiway straps.
Open gusset for easy bathroom use.
Wear this shaper post-surgical to quickly recover your body.


WHOOOOA I need thee (BBL) LMBO


Tell'em you are too Blessed to be dealing with the devil mess!!!!! (WE ain't GOT time for that!!!)

Blooooop!!!!!! In that order!!!!!! Smoooooooches!!!!!!!

Pre-Op Appt

So went to my pre-opt appt and got all emtional with Amy =) had to take some pretty pictures of my tummy which I will update later.... got my vitamines and signed all my papers.... everything is set in stone for May 22nd @ 9am..... =)

Weight loss Update so far I am down 9lb's which puts me @ 229... I'm pray so hard to get to 215 by by surgery date.... Pray for me as I Pray for you... Keep in mind that the devil sends his best people at you... so always stay ready!!! =)) Bc they comes in sheep clothing!!!!! Beware!!! Stay Blessed!!! & Always keep God 1st... & Have a safe & good Day!!!! MUAH!!!!
( Smile Even when it hurts) Remain Humble!!!)

Just Me

Countdown!!!!! 10 Days Aways

Okay yall I'm trying not to think so much on it....but I'm 10 days away from the flat-side....sometimes I think to self & be like is this really about to happen?? Yall I actually tried to recall the last time I had a flat stomach...and I couldn't -LOL.....yall keep me in your prayers as I will do for you!!! It's getting real!!!!

Countdown!!! 9 Days Away

Flat-side Party

7 Days & Counting

Here's some memorable moments...... I had a talk with her (stomach) this morning, and we have decided that it was fun while we where together and now it's time to part ways soon... She(stomach) told me that its okay and that she(stomach) understand and soon you're be on the flat-side & wish me the best =)) .... (happy tears)!!!!! Here's some photos that were taken of Big Bertha aka my stomach at my pre-op appt..... LOL

Happy Moment!!!!

I so love this site!! Where theirs no Haters!! No bashing!! Just real grown women sharing their journey of there most desirable wish of having a flat stomach.... I love to see other women empower other women to be conquerors!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!! We all shared laughter, encouragement, and most part sistahood!!!! Yall give yourself a pat on the back for being GROWN & Sexy!!! We are all rare DIAMOND's!!! Be Blessed!! MUCH LOVE!!!!

My Med's Has been filled

7.5 vicodins -pain medication (which I hope it works!!)
Promethegan suppositories- for nausea
Diazepam-for muscle spams

Starting today I will start on stool softeners because I do not want to experience any Bowel issue...and I think I make take me a laxative the night before... if anyone have any suggestion please share!!

Surgery Appt Update

Gotta be @ the hospital @ 6am on May 22nd!!!!! Wheeew!!! Breathe in...Breathe out!!! Gone head and do the chicken head & turn it out!!! LOL..... Yaaaaaaay I'm almost there!!!!!! Dang I'M SOOOOOO CRUNK!!!!!!

6 Days Left

All I can do is smile at this point!!!! Yall I'm so crunk I don't know what I'm do!!. Can't be still =))

BTW- got my polished removed & toes done.... getting lashes and hair did next week... Gotta be cute for this new stomach... LOL

5 Days Left

GM to all my beautiful RS sista's.... 5 days left before my big day..... weighed this morning and I'm still at the same weight 229 which hurts a little but it will okay..... Don't look like I will be hitting my goal of 215 which I gotta accept it for what it is and keep it moving.... about to start on my master cleaning..which includes dusting everything & washing everything in my house... Yall be Blessed and have a Marvelous day!!!!

4 Days Left

Good morning!! Good Morning to all my Ladies!!! I'm almost there!!! Thank you Jesus!!!


"My God"

I Dare YOU!!

I dare you to give yourself permission to "Let it GO"......sometimes we have to let it go to see if it's meant to come back to you!! Whatever is hindering you,,,troubling your mind,,,,I dare you to turn it over to GOD and give yourself permission to let go!!! (Sometime we have to preach to ourselves) This is what I told myself this morning.... just let it go & find that inner peace!!!! & Everything is will fall into its place!!!! (like a puzzle-finding the right piece to fit into the right slot) AMEN!!!

3 Days Left- COUTDOWN

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Scared but excited all at the same time!!!!!


GM!! GM!!! It's about to go down!!!!! Less than a day away!!!! Yall I'm ready!!! So excited right NOW!!!! Overflow with tears of JOY!!!!!! MUAH!!! Yall have a Blessed day now!!!!

GET IT!!!!!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! If you dream it, you can do it!!! Nothing to achieving something that your heart & soul desires... bounce back if you fall...and GET IT!!!! Happy Wednesday EVERRRRRYBODY!!!!!! MUAH!!!!!!

ALLLLLLLLL SMILES!!!!! Less than 24hr's AWAY-FLAT-SIDE =))))))

Morning to all my Diva's!!!!! Ladies I'm just hours away from my most desirable dream!!! Wishing all my ladies GOOD LUCK on there journeys!! WE DESERVE THIS!!!!! MUAH!!MUAH!!!!! XOXOXO

The Night Before

1st would like to Thank GOD for another days journey!!! Also want yall to know that I really appreciate your support, Prayers & wishes!!! I thought that I was going to be going crazy and etc...but I'm sitting at home relaxing listening to some good Gospel music....having an inner session with GOD!!! Yall have a Blessed night!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!


Morning beautiful Doll's!!! My day is here!!! Getting ready to head to the surgical center!!! MUAH!!!!! Stay tune..... =)))))

Waiting to check~ In

That face

Flat side... I made it

Ladies i made it....will talk some pain....but thanks for all the love & support!!!


I will take more


Hello my RS sistas....just want to tell you all that God is good. Sitting at home with this praise on the inside....I've accomplished my dream & for that I'm soooo excited & 1st day was a little rough but i made it....todays has been good..up walking and getting much love & support from everyone! Yall made my heart smile....Much Love! BTW i will provide more pictures...

just some photos

Hadn't reveal the tummy yet....but i will......very sore....not in pain...DR took off 8 pounds..will revel tummy when i go for appt on Wednesday... agian thanks ladies for the God!!!! So thankful & Blessed... OAN i didn't get weighed but i did weigh myself at home and i was 226.7 so i will.weigh again once the swelling goes down.....MUAH!!!

my tummy


I love my results so far...just have a mini complaint about my back fat,..which i will get that liposuction when i do my BBL...NOT Much swelling either also i haven't had an appetite nor a BM.... thanks again for all the support..much love

Weight Update

Down too 217.... I know I was suppose to wait but i couldn't help myself....My PS took off a little over 8lbs.... I go back on Wednesday & i will address my concern about my back flank....bc his other patients did not have that & I'm kind upset bc mines do not look like theirs...


Yall i feel like im about to i need suggestions here...i hadn't had a BM yet....but i have been passing a lot of gas though....sounds like its thundering outside when it passes lol....


Yall my stomach is so freaking tight.....its uncomfortable!! Jesus take the wheel please!!! I took some mineral oil...& coloace....i pray i go like yesterday...oh my God......


Looking at my before pic the part that i have an complaint about is part of my bra roll....he did deliver exactly what he said he was going to rolls that were lower was addressed....its the one that was high up that appeared to have been pulled down when my PS did the tuck.....however i will see about getting that liposuction at a later time...

5 PO

Hey ladies just giving a quick update....everything is going...kinda emotional...just dont understand people that say they love you and don't see about you....have my 1st appt tomorrow with my PS.....haven't had a BM yet.. I've taken mineral oil...dranked a cup of coffee....taken stool softener and miralax. ...and nothing seem to b working yet. Not in pain just feel real tight.....will ttyl! Take care my loves....and again Thanks to you all that have taken time out your day to check on me...especially DR7423...she has been there every day.....thank you!!! Much Love to all you Beautiful Diviafied ladies! !!!


Hey ladies.....finally had a BM...what a relief that was...went to my Dr appt today and drains were taken out....I really didn't pay to much attention to myself until i seen a pic that my sister took of me today... my weight loss shows as well as my results from TT....I am one happy girl! Also today was a bitter sweet moment where I lost a friendship of 20 yrs with someone and it looks like I'm about to loose another! My thing Is this I'm too grown to explain myself to another childish grownup...smh its more to the story but it ain't worth my time..... OAN I so swollen like OMG!

luv all yall

My ladies yall got me in tears......if nobody told yall today they luv u....I'm telling ya now !! Yall rocks with i rocks wid yall..... mannnnn yall got me feeling like a million bucks!!


Yelp I'm thick....but watch me melt.....


Yall today makes a week since i said my good byes to big berta.....I'm so overwhelmed with so much love shown......still sleeping in my recliner....still dont have much of an appetite but no complaints its time to get shed some more & get toned.....much love too all of you!

I need this Booty to b like pow pow

I got a little back there..but i need it to stand booty booty rockin everywhere lol...what yall think?

MY Divas!

Just want to say be happy in the skin that you're in no matter what.....bc at the end of the day... we have to set that example of what we as women was naturally created to be.... God has his hands over us.....his protected shield covers us from harm..... Yall I'm claiming bells...... standing on God's word ! Much Love to you all.....

Weight Update

********213*******Yeeeeeaaaaa buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!Yall Im so happy!!! Thank you God!!

Just Me

I so love me! And you all too!!!


Yall please support my boo!!! We got you boo!!

1st day PO workout

I did 30 mins on the treadmill@ 3mph however im use to doing 3.7mph with walk an run intervals.... it felt good but i will tummy hurts.....I feel super swollen....but hey that comes with the healing part.....


If any of my boo's on Facebook...add me
Trena Hunt..... much luv!!!

My name is Trena and yea I'm tha baddest!!!! Lol~ yall I tickle myself at times...wish yall could of seen my face....had them duck lips going~boooooom.... OAN. Fyi I love to have fun....and I am very goofy.....luaghter makes my soul happy!!!

Oh yea

I have gold in my mouth....we been together for 14yrs....Im getting them taken out next year after my breast lift.

283 too 213 =))))

70lbs loss with more to come..... My God!

To God be the Glory -My Prayer!!!

God I thank you! I praise you in the midst of my storm.....Lord I ask you be that bridge over my trouble waters....I know you said that you're going to step in....but my Lord I need you mind is weary and I just need to be set free from whats been troubling my mind...only you can Farther many mixed emotionals that I seek only in you to fix!! Standing on your word loved me first! You've seen me through my many trials and tribulations & I am thankful for your Grace and Mercy! My Jesus!!!!Jesus..Jesus!!!!! Have your way Lord!!!Depending on you!!! Amen......

Only my God!

Yall he is the way through. way over.....yall when I cross redemption yall I'm not looking back....pressing my way through! Have you ever been tired of being tired of those whom take your love for granted....yall always be a step ahead of these individuals whom mean you any good....looking for better days ahead...I stamp & approve that my claim will prevail in the name of Jesus!!!Amen!!!

Mind on Overflow!!!! Just thinking!!!!! Where do you go from here!!!!!

Only if yall knew my pain!!!! The struggles is unreal!!! To love someone unconditionally and they not love you back...... Yall I speak so much encouragement because I be instilling that into ME.....I preach to myself to bring me out of this love pitfall that has me so down mentally!!! MY physical state of mind teaches me to love but love harder....although it feels good to be in the presence of this person....but at the same time it's killing me mentally!!! I've already had that intermediate session with GOD and only he can fix my situation because it bigger than ME alone!!! Me seeing yall happiness reminds me that brighter days are ahead....I might be in a storm now...but when it passes over....I'm make that cross over...that transition......and it's gonna be a greater achievement!!!! Don't be sad for me....instead be Happy....because MY Happiness is what I get from the energy of YALL!!!! Yall makes my day...and the people that I surround myself with!!!!! Yall I'm GONNA MAKE IT!!! I'm Be alright!!!!! I know this because my Heavenly Farther told me!!!!! Just got to pace myself and obey the word of GOD....and I will get to my destiny!!!! Yall be brave and strong out here.....our lives and others depend on us too!!!! Much Love!!!!!


I don't know who this is for but God has not forgotten you! He is still with you & change has already started in your favor.. The storm that was sent to break you, is going to be the storm that God uses to make you... YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!

All Me

Mini photo shoot

All Me part 2

Mini photo shoot.....

Tummy Pix

Still swollen but I've came along ways from where i use to be...Im keeping thr Faith that I will achieve what i desire!

Thank you Jesus!

My good Friend

Flowers were delivered....yalll im in tears of joy!!!!!

New Season!!! New Beginning!!!!

New seasons often carry new surroundings. Don't lose sleep over people that God has disconnected you from! Embrace what's ahead! INCREASE!!


Broken heartedness is a temporary condition. Don't make it permanent. Your faith works. Use it! Focus on GOD'S love 4 you.#John3:16

Say THAT!!!!

The hand that broke your heart isn't equipped to heal you. Jesus will heal your broken heart. Just keep your eyes on Him.


God, You are an Omniscient God who formed us with a purpose in your Kingdom. You created us to experience an expected end. Today, we say thank You for allowing us to walk with You. We bind our feet to the path of righteousness that we may stay on the path You have chosen for us. We declare that we will be in position to be witnesses of Your power, Your grace, and Your compassion for every assignment You have given us. Your Word says “Man shall not live by bread alone but by the Word that proceeds from the mouth of God”. We thank You Lord that You are still speaking to Your children today. Thank You for communing with us so that we may know Your plans. Your Word says that the “Kingdom of God has been preached” and everyone is pressing into it. We declare that we will “press toward the mark of the high calling that is in Christ Jesus”. Today, we continue to press to know our place in Your Kingdom. You said that “if we lacked wisdom, we should ask, and You would give it to us”. So today, we ask for wisdom to know more of our position in Your Kingdom. Father, thank You for calling us not only to salvation, but You specifically designing a place for us to serve. We ask You to illuminate that place to us. Give us the desire to press to find that which you have planned for us. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to seek it out”. Today, we seek to know the Master's plan. God, give us the strength to run this race and stand in the proper place that You designed for us “before the foundations of the world”. We declare that no obstacle can prevent us from attaining the victory won at Calvary. We rebuke every obstacle and distraction in the Name of Jesus. So, we stand against fear, we stand against doubts and we stand against past failures, knowing that the place of destiny is already established in Heaven and shall be manifested on earth if we faint not. We declare that we will finish this race and we will run that “we might obtain the prize”. We humbly say 'yes' today to your will for our lives. In Jesus' Name, Amen


"The enemy is trying to displace you where GOD placed you." Tell them (the enemy) THANK YOU for your many affliction because you are stronger...wiser...better...and more than mighty!!!Don't fear my take over..bc when I cross's going to be more than exceeding Blessing waiting on me!!!! Amen!!!

Singing One of My Favorite SONG!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!

Making A Way by The Truthettes

There's been times in my life
I've felt so alone
I had no one to call my own
but that's when you came my way
Just to let me know
I'd always have some place to go

When my life was bound in chains
You set me free
You keep on making a way for me
You keep on making a way for me

Sometimes on this road
Things get so bad
It's makes me feel down hearted and sad
But when we need you the most
You always come thru
You've done everything you said you would do


Everyday hasn't been Sunday in my life
No, no, no, no, no, no, no , no, no
I've had my share of trouble and strife
Lord it was you that made the sun shine so bright
And just like you said you made everything alright


You keep (making a way)
Everyday of my life umhumm (You keep making a way)
Things get so bad sometimes but I don't worry about it
Because you got allllll, all power in your hand
I give the praise, I give you the glory
Thank you Jesus, when I need you
You were there right there, right there ooooh ooh
You keep making a way for me


Waist 2 i did my taebo workout and it felt good!!!

I'm a WOMAN of Purpose

Breaking tha yoke!!!!!! FREED!!!!!

Keep In Prayers

Yall sending a special Prayer to my boo Soon2BeNew!!!! So excited for her today!!!!


Yall I'm on my 2nd day of waist training....When I's NOOOOOOO joke..... LAWD how mercy on me...... SMH......Beauty is pain.... I try to wear it at least 4-6hrs a day....... yall keep me in your prayers.... geeesh....... =((

The Truth

Yall think 4 times before you put on that waist clincher lol's tha truth!!

Make Sense 2 Me..... THINKING MODE

Relationship Goals...
If you can love the wrong person that much, stop and think of how much you can love the right one.

Sending Special Prayers to DR7423

Yall sending a special prayers to a dear boo....her special day is tomorrow...


God allows everything to happen for a reason. Circumstances will either direct you, correct you, or perfect you.... it's your choice.....

Food of Thought

Yall I've had some painful circumstances and that's why I do what I do on here...I want to reach out to someone that may need that encouragement....because its hard to find your own way but I did...and I am...I'm still standing!!! We should lifted each other in Prayer everyday because tomorrow is NOT promised!!! Someone may be going through now and it could be you tomorrow...LETS STAND TOGETHER!!!! MUCH LOVE TO EACH AND ALL OF YOU!!!!

Don't Say it Unless you MEAN IT

When you say I love you, you are making a promise with someone else's heart. You should honor it with actions to prove it. Love is not only an emotion, love is what you do also.

A Friend told me this!! Now I'm telling someone else!!! AMEN!!

Being Brokenhearted is a temporary condition. Dont make it permanent.Your faith in God works.Use it!Just keep Focusing on God's Love for you, my friend.
?#?John3?:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Sending Specials Prayers to New attitude 2014

Yall today is her day...make sure to stop by and wish her well..... =)))

About Last Night

About Last Night P2

Had some fun last night with tha ladies

Updates =))

Hi to all my diva's!!!! Since I've return fully back to work, it's been so busy! I am still on the health kick which is my lifestyle change! Swelling is still their however I see a slight different. I am going to wait for Tummy pic's when I lose a little more weight..... I know one thing for sure is that...if I had to turn back the hands of time...I would do it all over again!!! Loving Me some ME!! Last time I did weigh I was at 212lb.... so the next time I weigh I pray that I can update it with a number under 200lb....... I might not get on here like I use too... PLEASE keep in MIND...when Daily Prayers are said...ALL my RS sista's are included!!!!! Pray that everyone has a success healing process and transition into this new life change....


Sometimes you feel left out...when the truth is God kept you out! Celebrate God's interference! AND DON'T GIVE UP!!! I've learned to Stop giving everything in ME to people who do nothing for ME. Our time, your heart, and your loyalty should all be earned!!!! Set the standards HIGH!!!! When you lower can end of with more than just a broken heart!!! AMEN!!!!

Keep Your EYE's Open @ All TIME!!!!

I'd rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly puts me down...

I say this because we have these individuals around us @ all time... Can be not just your friends...but it can be anyone.... Don't be dismays by people actions and characters..because the true reveal may be to late.....

Keep your eyes open....Speaking from experiences!!!!! Also another thing I want to mention Ladies....sometimes its better to NOT mention what you had done for as procedure bc even the one that says they won't tell a soul....have another friend that they tell that same line too and trust them enough to tell your business too....

It's more people that know about what I had done for as my TT...than what I told.... WHICH brings me to say this...... if you don't want no one to discuss your business..... it's best to keep it to yourself...... I had to learn un-expectantly when people asked me how I feel since that's all gone....meaning my stomach....... Be mindful and careful!!! Much LOVE!!!!!


I want to inspire people...bc I want someone to say they did not give up...because of my success.....surround yourself around people that can make it contagious that you seek that same ambitious and motivation but well driven like you do.... it's a struggle....BUT I DARE YOU CHALLENGE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW AND SAY.....I WILL NOT GO BACK TO that OLD PERSON....FROM HERE ON OUT I SPEAK AND DECLARE THAT I ACHIEVE MY DREAM AND CONQUERED ALL MY FEARS....BUT I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!!!! We gotta know when to play offense and defense!!!! KNOW YOUR TEAM!!!!!

Embrace IT!!!!

Think on IT!!!!

Yes, somebody somewhere is hoping you fail...but don't focus on that. Be thankful that someone somewhere is praying for you to succeed!!!


Don't allow a sudden negative change in your situation to bring about a sudden negative change in Your declaration. Keep speaking Faith !!!?


LADIES IF YOU NEED TO GET FIT++ HEALTHY or NEED TO SHED WEIGHT or EVEN need TONE...CHECK out Our very OWN IMMAJUSTDOIT as your personal trainer.... she will definitely get you ready plus MORE!!! Inbox her today & ask her how to sign up for the 21 day challenge!!! I dare you GET FIT TODAY!!!! SO WHO all going to be down with ya girl with this new ME/ SEXY BEACH READY BODY?????


That's all yall!!! Check her out!!! She doing her thang!!! So LOVE HER!!! BLOOOP!!!!!

MY BIG BOOTY JUDY----------------------> SEXEEANGEL


Today's Message!! AMEN!!!

When one door closes, turn around, there is another one/window cracked. "Tap into Christ Tuesday," turn everything over to Him, pray without ceasing, and allow Him to fight your battles!!

Keep Your Eyes ON HIM!!!!

When we don't keep our eyes on JESUS we automatically begin to sink into our circumstances. Eyes off the storm & back on The Lord.#Hebrews12:2


Don't Stop!! Keep IT MOVING!!!

If they have no idea how you got where you are there's no way they're qualified to tell you that you can't go farther. Don't allow people to deter you from where you trying to get too!!!

Natural Hair Day

Waist Training

XL size 38 from a 44 look at God! WONT HE DO IT

All Me



I fell in love with feeling ever!!!

No Matter What!!

No matter what Ladies.... make sure to LOVE yourself!!!! Inside & out!!! I know we all have things about ourselves that we do not like... work at them....bc the harder we work for it... the end results will be outstanding!!! God has had a perfect plan from all eternity to touch the lives of others through the lives of you & ME!!! I say this to tell YOU... be careful what you do....bc IT'S always someone watching..... We all have came across each other paths for reasons and have shared something rare but priceless and that's the LOVE of EMPOWERMENT for one another!!!! So I am telling each & ONE OF YOU... THAT I AM PROUD of YOUR MANY Accomplishment BC I KNOW we Pressing towards the MARK!!!!!! AMEN!!!!! If NO ONE TOLD YOU TODAY.... I'm TELLING YOU NOW.... Embrace it!!!! Get it!!!! Go Hard!!!! Remain focus!!! Love one another!!!! MUCH LOVE DIVA'S!!!!


I have not did any updates on my TT..... it's a reason for it!!! I will definitely update a picture of my stomach soon..... & weight loss!!!! Yall Have A BLESSED DAY... bc I WILL!!! MUAH!!!! =)))


Praising God Anyhow!

No matter the things/issues that may come your way continue to give God praise! Remember that you are a conquer & that your name is victory! The story was already written. Bless Him at all times! After your test you will have a testimony that may help someone else. It's not your will but it's His! You will overcome! All you have to do is give it to Him. When it looks as if the enemy is surrounding you just stand still. You will be able to say & know that it was nobody but Jesus! I love you all!

No Worries

Don't worry about the Naysayers!!! They are not aware of your provider, your Father, your faith, your favor, your deliverer, your strength...etc. They are only distractions! Keep your eyes on Him!

Tummy Pic

I wanted to wait but I have gotten alot of request of my TT update.... still not as flat...but I have hope


Yall I can feel my collar bone.... whoo whoo whoop.... Me so happy.... cannot wait to get down 40lbs more pounds. .... I am living & loving every moment. ...


Waist training... going good... I have an XL which is a 38... I am on my 2nd row... which I will be going to a Large soon......

Think ON IT!!!!

It's better to have a small amount of great hearted ppl in your life, than a great amount of small minded ppl in it!!!


Me loves me.......

Can u say she's thick

My God!!!

Refuse to allow a lie about me to hinder the relationships God has ordained for me. Don't combat lies with fists.Combat lies with FAITH!

Stand Your Ground!!

Even when life is confusing and tough, the faithfulness of God remains true. Don't let go, God never will #Deuteronomy31:6

She cute

Waist Trainer Info

Not even going on 30 days & I'm about to transition from a XL 38 to an L 36.... measured and I'm 34 1/2..... cannot wait for my tummy to be extremely flat!!

****ALERT***FAKE PEOPLE******ALERT*****SMH****LMBO*****

you have individual that go out there way to set-up an Account...just to see what you got going on... creating fake names and etc.... if you are reading this... FIND YOU SOMEONE ELSE TO PLAY WITH!!!! I'M THA WRONG ONE but @ the RIGHT TIME -LMBO silly RABBITS!!!TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS-hahahahaha!!!! BTW--------I DO NOT PLAY WITH KIDS!!!REAL GROWN OVER HERE!!!! Nosey Azz'z!!! Booooooooom ***the end**** Had to take it there!!!!! It's some fakeness out there!!!! Yall BE careful for the ones that take out there day to make you a priority....

****Morning All****

Yall Diva's have an awesome day today!!!! MUAH!!!! I'm officially 2 Mos PO!!! Yaaaay ME!!!

Keep YOUR Eye's ON HIM!!!

"If you keep your eyes on things above, those struggles you are going through soon have to line up with your Faith.?#?Hebrews11?:6


"When God is your God, there are four things you can trust Him for: instruction, protection, provision and direction.


Offense only comes where there is expectation, so be careful where you put your expectation. Don't expect people to be more than people.

His LOVE!!

NEVER judge God's love for you by your circumstances. Your circumstances will change. But GOD's love for you never will.?#?Hebrews13?:8

My Prayer

My Prayer:

Farther God I come before you as a child of God & ask for deliverance, peace, redemption, financial guidance, & happiness.
My mind is so weary of the things that is out of my control. It’s hindering me from moving forward.
I stand on your word which is so powerful although it things that is troubling me each way that I turn.
I ask of you to show me signs of which path that I need to take with your guidance of leading me there.
Farther God I claim a victorious declaration. Too be a better child of God, a better mother, feature wife, and friend.
What is meant to destroy me, I know that you’ve worked it out to restore me. In Jesus name, AMEN.

No Mistake!

God didn't make a mistake when he created you so stop allowing people to treat you like an accident! You were created on purpose with purpose so Live out your purpose! Stop settling for less when God has promised to exceed your expectations! If you couldn't have it, God wouldn't have promised it! Go get what's yours. #rp

Speak IT!

Declare over your life what you want to see in your life!

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21)
I am healed (Isaiah 53:5)
I am favored (Psalm 5:12)
I am a joint heir with Jesus (Romans 8:17)
Everything I put my hand to will prosper (3 John 1:2)
I am accepted and approved (Ephesians 1:6)
I will have a long life (Psalm 91:16)

Food for Thought!

If God doesn't convict you, don't allow the world to condemn you! Many Christians are living in bondage worried about pleasing people more than they worry about displeasing God! If you have a relationship with God, he will let you know when you are wrong! Stop giving people so much power in your life! God has set you free and you're allowing the OPINIONS of others to keep you imprisoned! Study the word for yourself, ask God for a true revelation and live accordingly!#rp

Pray for One Another

Many people are fighting secret battles! Many are hiding deep pain behind their beautiful smile! Many are at the edge ready to give up! Before you judge their actions, know that they may be experiencing a battle they don't know how to face! Before you react, say a small prayer for them. It might be the prayer that changes their life! To all of you who are fighting a battle, know that I'm praying with you and for you! Most of all God loves you!#rp

I'm so glad I don't have to be PERFECT for God to love me.

He prove his love for us daily!

Know Your Roots!! Which inner Defines YOU!!!!

If you don't know who you are, you allow people, things, and circumstances to give you your identity! God predetermined your worth and your purpose! He doesn't create anything mediocre! You are a the righteousness of God by faith! You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession! You are valuable! None of this is because of anything you've done, it's ALL because of who God is! All of the kingdom people should be shouting right now! Go get your inheritance!

****weight update***

207...from 283... Look at God!!!! Won't HE DO IT!!

Random Pictures

Random Pictues

Thank YOU!!!!!

Good morning ladies... just want to give an quick update on me.... I'm still in the business of rebirth! Just living for GOD and my children! I've came along ways....& by far I'm not yet where I want to be... But I know it takes time & patience to get there!!! I have the biggest fan every & that is God & self!! Want to take the time out to tell YOU ALL that this journey would have not been easy without all my REAL SELF DIVA'S.... I have so much LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! HAVE A SAFE BUT BLESSED DAY!!!!


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ALL MY DIVAS!!!!!!


It's in my heart!!! TO love me!!!! It's a must to love yourself! Have a good day love's----feels good to be back on here to check in with you all!!!!!
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

Overall Dr Shewmake is a wonderful physician. If i had to do it all over again i would choose him! His staff is the BOMB.COM! Love them all!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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