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I have been considering a tummy tuck for 10 years....

I have been considering a tummy tuck for 10 years. I have always had a lower "pooch" even before kids. All the women in my family do. But after my youngest son was born it hangs over and very full.
I am 5'3 and 168lbs. After my son I weight 213 and lost 50lbs and maintained for 7 years, but two years ago I started gaining. First came boobs, from a B to a D in a couple of months, YAY! Then came everything else, BOO! From Dec 2011 to March 2012 I gained 30 lbs while working with a trainer. After gaining 6 lbs in one week she made me go to my doctor. Best news ever... it was my thyroid! After trying to fix it naturally I gained 10 more lbs and finally gave in to Armour medication in August of 2012. I have lost 30 lbs. I still should lose 30 more to be ideal for the TT but, I have been told that losing any weight with my condition is a feat so I may be at my "new normal".

I have chosen Dr. Shewmake. He was recommended by two friends in the plastic surgery world. I met him and felt very comfortable and set up the surgery that day. My surgery is July 29th.

I am nervous to say the least! He didn't recommend any other procedures, but I keep reading about people doing lipo on their flanks. What's a flank?

I will post pictures soon and update as I go!

Before Photo's YUCK!

Here are my before photo's: My family keeps saying, "You look so good and have done so well with your weight. Are you sure you need this?" So I will be sending them these photo's cause spanx holds in a lot!
My oh so sweet, Southern Belle of a grandmother said. "your tummy looks fine, is this going to do anything for your butt?" lol
I have been very blessed in the rear area, and my husband likes it, so it will be staying!


Yesterday was my preop appointment. I was so excited, until I received a call asking to reschedule because they didn't have my vitamins in stocks. Unfortunately, my schedule is so busy preparing to be off work for several weeks, that I couldn't find another time to come in. At first I was a little put off when they mentioned that I could come in and they could mail my vitamins to me, but I would have to pay for the extra postage. Not really a big deal, but it's still bad business. It's not my fault they didn't calculate their stock correctly. (Sorry, I own a business and it's hard to stop thinking like that! lol) I was also disappointed that my PS wasn't going to be there, because I had questions that I thought only he could answer.

So I went in and meet with Amy. She was amazing!! Made me feel very comfortable and was able to answer almost all my questions, the only one she couldn't answer was about my thyroid medication but she had my answer by the end of the day!

When it was time to take the dreaded before picture, with my who hoo uncovered, I just lifted my dress over my head like I was a little kid!! HAHA she told me to "face this way" and I had to say, "which way, I had my eyes closed!"

She was so encouraging and really pumped me up to get this over with!!!

She did say that I should keep the compression garment on for one week solid. Yuck! They will provide me a roll of tape that will help the scar heal, so that's helpful.

She give me all the info about the hotel I will be staying at as well. They take of everything and give us our room key when we check in for surgery!

YAY YAY YAY 13 days and counting down!!

2 Days till I go under the knife!

Well, I have just two more days till my surgery. I am so nervous it's crazy! I had all these plans for everything I was going to do the weekend before, such as clean my house from top to bottom paint my bedroom etc... Then we had to have the air conditioning replaced in our house. It's July in the south. I won't be doing anything around my house this weekend.

I actually asked the Dr if there was something I could take for anxiety. He prescribed me 3 valuim. I have yet to take them because I just don't like to take medication. But I may have to!

I plan on putting a post opp bag and folder together with all the instructions on what to do for me and include a place where people or myself can write down when and how many meds I took, so I don't take too many.

I will be having Lymphatic Drainage massage done a couple of times tomorrow and Monday morning in hopes that it will help speed the healing process and get my drains out quicker.

I have to tell you guys about Amy and Dr. Shewmake's office. She has been amazing! I have been emailing her almost daily with questions and she usually responds very quickly. That has been wonderful!!

I have three friends who are wanting to get TT's and now I have become their own personal info-merical for my PS. I'm going to have to ask him if he has a referral program! lol

well, I supposed that is enough rambles of a nervous woman for now!

A little nervous about the flat side!

Well, My nerves got the best of me. I broke down and took half a Valuim. PS gave me 25 not 3. Don't know where I got that.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! I'm more "what the crap am I thinking?? I'm perfectly healthy and I'm going to pay someone to cut me open??" than excited.

My house is a mess, I haven't cleaned anything due to heat and no AC (i know, I know, 1st world Problems) But I know I have a wonderful family who will be taking care of me so I may trying to give over control and accept that not everything will be perfect before I go into surgery and recovery.

Don't know if I will update before.... So see you on the flat side!

1st day on the flip side.

Well it is done! Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I walking to the bathroom and even walked around the hotel room.

Dr. Shewmake came to see me. And said I was doing well. I love him!! I can't wait. To See the results!

But I can't already see that my curtain is gone!!!!

I did it!! I'm on the flat side

It was bad at all! And As long as I stay on top of my med, I feel pretty good!
As you can tell from my typing I am little druged!
Dr.Shewmake was amazing and awesome!!

I have Lymphatic Drainage done be fore the opp and I have little drainage now. I would recommend it everyone! I already have less the 30 CC's in my right drain!

Post up day 2

I feel so good. I'm ready to go shopping!! And then.... I went to the bathroom.. Now I need a three hour nap!

I'm sure but I think my PS lipo mu butt as well. Which was my husband favorite part of me,

But Won't doubt my PS for at least six Months! He stopped and prayed with us and then he said his own prayer. He put all at total ease.

One Drain Down One to Go!

3 days post opp and I got to take out one of my drains and the pain pump!

If you know someone that does Lymphatic Drainage Have it done! It made a huge difference in how long I had to keep my drains in. Everyday I feel better! (Well yesterday was total hell!)

My but and Back are crazy swollen. i hope that goes down soon.

Again the staff and Shewmake PS is amazing! They saw me today on short notice to pull out the drain and give me a better binder


I Have tried Coffee, Stool Softeners, and Cherry's nothing has worked!

My Honey is running to the store to get some MOM for me. I hope it works! Tomorrow I will get a chair massage with some LDT to help with the swelling and hopefully do a little walking.
I will update tomorrow on if it worked!


I should have left the pain pump in!!! There was a reason for it! I am not superwoman!

Then Some one in my family was being helpful and combined two of my medications into one bottle, so instead of getting one Vaulim, my thyroid meds, and an anti-botic and pain meds; I got a Valuim, A Zanoflex, two pain pills and my thyroid meds. My poor dad almost called 911 cause I wasn't responding at all. Finally, I told him I was on the phone with Dolly Parton and he claimed down a little. Think God I didn't die.

The swelling is unreal! I feel like I'm about to pop! Tomorrow I will have a chair massage with lymph drainage (didn't get one today) so I will up date on how it works!

5 Days Post, A shower, and washing the hair!

Well, It was sorta a shower. I kept my binder on, sat on the chair and shaved my legs. I have been using Playtex freshen up cloths, so I feel great!

My stylist and I are going to work out a way to wash and roll my hair without me having to lean back in the chair. I'll up date more on that when I get back.

My tummy looks so awesome! But my butt is gone, and that was my husbands favorite feature! lol

I hear it may come back after my tummy muscles loosen up. One drain to go and 3 days till my post op appointment!

Post Op Day 2


Well, I went to my stylist, washed my hair, had my first real meal, BBQ and potato salad; and had a chair massage. And I am so swollen! I am sitting with my feet evaluated, but I have no idea if that will do anything or not. My side hurt a bit and a wanted to hunch over more today.
I want to stand up straight and suck in my stomach, but I'm not sure if that will mess up my abs. Anybody know?

Post Op Day 6

Hating today! I am so sick of being in the house, the bed, being swollen , everything!
I just want to be normal again!!!!
But two more days and I will have my follow up and be able to take a real live shower!!


So today started out awful. I was a big whiny baby! I had a friend call to see if she could come see me and I said no. I told her I didn't want to see anybody and I just wanted to hide under the covers till this was over!

Then I got a call from my PS office asking if they could reschedule my follow up for a day later. I sent poor Amy (who has been amazing) a big long whiny rant about how miserable I was! I told her the only way I would change my appointment is if I could take out my own drain. She said I could. AND I DID! I feel so much better! I went outside and sat on my deck for a minute then took a pain pill and pulled that baby out! AHHH, Sweet relief! Then only thing that hurt is when I looked over at my husband and he was hanging on the door for dear life, cause he was about to pass out. Then I started laughing and that hurt!

So now I love life again! I would really like to start walking or doing some sort of exercise other than leg stretches. Does anyone know when we can do some little something? My butt is started to hurt from sitting all the time!

So For all of you who are ready this wondering if it is worth it. even after today when I was miserable, my husband said, 'do you want me to take a picture of you naked to remind you that it is worth it?? It's worth it!

One Week Post Op Check up

Today I went in to see my amazing Dr! He said everything was looking good. Told me that the "fat" in the top of my stomach was just swelling and it should all go away. He also said I could take a shower and pulled off the Steri-Strips off my incision and gave me some tape to place over the incision to help with scaring. Then my dad and I had lunch (I had baked Sweet potato and dumplings of the chikdrens menu. Dumplings were a big mistake.)

Picture of scar.

This a picture of my scar without tape. I keep forgetting to take pictures in my bikini! So sorry for all the naked photos!!!

Major outing for me today! Plus a swelling cure?

So my husband and I went out to dinner tonight I had a few chips (no salt) and some Guacamole plus about half a cup of soup. Then we drove around a bit and went to Kroger to pick up some Turmeric. I took one pill and really felt it helped with swelling!
I do feel that I did a little more than I should have but I am now resting nicly with the help of a Viciden !

Pictures at 11 Days Post opp~ I can't believe it gets better from here!

So I finally put on my swim suit to took a picture. I'll be honest, the reason most of my pictures are in the buff is not because I'm nudist, it's because it's too painful to keep my bidder off for to long! I have fallen in love with that thing. I just feel like my guts are going to fall out when it's off!

You can't really see it in the picture but I do have one little concern: it seems like I have a pocket of fat or a "Dog ear" maybe on one side. I plan to ask my PS about it when I go back if it's still there.

2 Weeks Post Op Today!!!

So I went back to work. I made it almost all day, but my biggest issue is the stairs. I counted today, 22 up and then 22 down. With no bathroom upstairs. I think the stairs did me in more than anything. I came home around 2 and worked from home a little then passed out till 4. I'm feeling better. I cooked dinner and had a small amount. It's an easy family favorite with canned soup in the recipe so lots of salt!

I have had a strange pulling near my belly button today. I am not quite standing totally straight, but getting closer!

I have been on the search for a stage 2 compression garment. I bought a Dr Rey one from Groupon, but that thing looks so small that my 9 year could fit in it!

I also bought some brands from ClassicShapewear,com . I will review them when I get them in. I have searched and searched for good reviews of compression garments but haven't really found many, so I'll so my own for the next person!

Set my 4 week appointment today. They said I should still wear my binder, although I would dream of taking it off! I have two, one washes, one wears...always!
They also said I could start walking and doing upper body workouts. But I'm so afraid to hurt myself that I just took some cans of corn and did a few arm moves. Somebody should make an over tummy tuck workout DVD that goes month by month!

Oh I also get to take off my sterri-strips and start using Mepitape. I hear it works wonders for the scars! Plus I am going to try to sleep in my own bed to night!!! Oh, how I miss my husband!

Small Set-Back

Well, It appears I hurt myself and have been sent back to bed.

They other day I was in my hammock (pretty straight and large and easy to get into) when I decided it would be wiser to turn myself around so that my feet would be higher than my head for swelling. So instead of getting out and turning around and getting back in I chose to try to turn myself in the hammock. At that point I pull some muscle in my upper abs, between my lower ribs. It hurt so bad I wanted to cuss like a sailor and breathe like I was giving birth!!
So now it pulls when I take really deep breaths, and I can't lift my arms over my head or stand up straight. There's no bruise, but it hurts to touch and just hurts period.

I'm bummed, but I know this too shall pass and by getting depressed about it all it does is make things worse. So I shall just Suck it up!

22 Days Post Op Update

So I did pull a muscle in my upper ab. I was sent back to bed for a week by my nurse. I'll be honest I had a big pitty party. I went out on Saturday to a funeral and came home so blown up I didn't know what to do. I left all my turmic at the office so I didn't have any at home. Then Sunday I went to lunch and a baby shower and same thing.
Yesterday I drove 30 mins away to get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It was amazing! I was almost straight up after it. I didn't swell all day! I plan to go back and get one weekly. (no Stomach work though!) I did have to drive around and run errands after and my stomach muscles where twitching but I think that was because I had a foot detox as well. I do not recommend one of those at 3 weeks.
Today I had a dr appointment and then right back to bed. I am trying to be good and rest so I can get going again.

3 week scar pics

Stage 2 Compression Review

So I bought the Leonisa Bodyshort Compression Body Shaper from classicshapwear.com I paid $63 on sale.

I love it! If has straps that can be removed and is crotchless. It appear you could go the bathroom as needed or "do the do" cause the opening is so big. It Fits great. I may have purchased it a little to large because I can fit it over my binder. But I guess we will see when I get to take off my binder. I wear it today and had full swelling due to being on my feet and eating fried chicken livers, (I'll get to that in a minute)

The pictures I uploaded and right after I came back home.I was swelling but felt comfortable. I would recommend this garment!

Oh yes, Pregant belly and Chicken Livers

So today I ate fried chicken livers and my holistic docs ordered. He actually said not fried, but GROSS! I found a little country restaurant and order, me and the 80 year olds!
The reason is because the are full of iron and vitamin B. Supposed to help with healing.
Also today, I learned that if you wear a maxi dress and rub your swollen belly someone will ask how far along you are! lol

I found it funny that at this time ten years ago I am doing the very things I was doing for the whole reason I had the surgery. I was pregnant with my youngest and had to either take iron pills or eat liver, I was on bedrest and I was rubbing a very round swollen belly!

Last night was the night! Bow Chica WOW WOW

Ok, so I know it is a question on everybody's mind: when can I have sex? Well, I have heard "3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, when your body feels ready" or in my case, when my husband was so snappy and moody I couldn't stand him any more. Romantic right? (We had a very active sex life before, so he was used to getting it often.) Don't get me wrong, he was still taking great care of me, but just much more matter of fact and less loving.

So last night I told him we were having sex. At first he was like, "no way, I don't want you to hurt yourself, I don't want to hurt you, blah,blah,blah." He really wasn't going for it. So I had to do what any good southern belle wife would do; I started taking dirty to him! Two sentences later he agreed.

So I put on my "sexy" compression garment I got from Classicshapewear.com I highly recommend it. Of course it was the end of the day so I was swollen! (see pics)

He was so afraid to touch me, lol. I told him this outfit was design for sex after surgery.
Now this may not have been what the manufacturer designed it for, but it's what I bought it for! So that put him at ease.

I told him he could touch me any where but he could not put pressure on my hips. If was so cool to take his hand and run it down my flat (well swollen, but flatter) stomach!!! for so long he had been trained not to touch my stomach, that he still didn't last night! Until I made him! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I felt so sexy!!!

So we had a little four play, which was a little awkward cause I had planned out how to safely and comfortably have sex, but hadn't thought of four play. Then we did it where I bent over the bed and he was behind. That way my stomach was fully supported by the bed. We took it slow and easy. I did have to slap his hand one time when he grabbed my hips by force of habit. It didn't really hurt, I just didn't want him to put any force there.

There was a really weird part that I will ask my Doc about. when I began to have an organism my lower ab muscles started to spasm. It didn't hurt but, it felt like they do first thing in the morning with I first stand up, but I made him stop what he was doing because I just wasn't sure if that was bad or not.

There is my review of the first time after surgery! I asked him this morning if he felt human again, and he said "I been feeling human, but I definably feel less edgy!"

Thank you Lord!

Oh and I slept in the CG after, totally comfy!

Some Post OP Drugged Texting Humor

Last we had dinner at one of my oldest and dearest friends house. She was cracking up over the text messages I had sent her after my surgery. I had no clue I had even sent text messages.
I laughed so hard my abs were sore this morning, I mean in real pain!

One month Post Op!!!!

So today I went to my one month post op appointment. YAY!!!

I can ditch the binder, but not sure if I will. I got the go ahead to start light work outs. No abs or core. No zumba till 6 weeks, (mainly because of my pulled muscle.) I also got to watch my video of my surgery!!! So cool!

I'm standing straight and feeling great! Still swelling! I feel like my stage two compression garment may be too big! I wore it today but then wrapped my binder around it.

I posted pics I took this morning, pre-swell and before and after's!

One month post op appointment

So today I went to my one month post op appointment. YAY!!!

I can ditch the binder, but not sure if I will. I got the go ahead to start light work outs. No abs or core. No zumba till 6 weeks, (mainly because of my pulled muscle.) I also got to watch my video of my surgery!!! So cool!

I'm standing straight and feeling great! Still swelling! I feel like my stage two compression garment may be too big! I wore it today but then wrapped my binder around it.

I feel like I've turned the corner on my healing!!

I posted pics I took this morning, pre-swell and before and after's!

One month Photos

6 weeks post op

I wanted to update to let everyone know that its okay if you are not back to normal at 6 weeks. I was shocked at the muscle spasms and soreness that I had from just doing everyday things.

I have not started back to the gym yet. Just some walking and light (5lbs) weights on my arms and stretching. I am going to wait till 8 weeks to go back to Zumba. The swelling is getting better. I can now where most of my clothes, some are a little tight in the waist still. I am up in weight from 4 weeks post op by 3 lbs, but I'm still down from pre opp weight by 5 lbs.

I was a little down because it seems like all the others who had surgery in July are doing so much more. So I searched reviews and went straight to 6 weeks, I found that many felt the same way. So I just want to encourage you, It will get better and "normal" is a huge range of things!

4 months out!

Oh my! It's seems like it's been forever since my TT. Right now I am in an akward stage where there is no swelling in my lower tmmy and it is amazingly flat. However, One side, just one side, of my pubic area is still swollen. How weird is that? LOL
And my upper abs are still a little swollen.

I haven gained back the weight I lost after the TT, so I really need to get my exercise routine going again.

But I am still thrilled with my results!

Thyroid Strikes again!

So I have gain 17 lbs since my TT, at first I thought it was the holidays and travel. Turns out my levels were off again. Doc doubled my dosage and I'm am feeling good again. I have only lost about 5 lbs that I gained. I am going to have a revision on my scar on my hip, upper abs lipo and the one side of my pubic area that is bigger. While I'm in I'm going to have him lipo my back and arms! I figure if I can't work the weight off, I'll suck it out!
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

So far I really like him. I love that he goes overseas and teaches medical school and spends 20 days a year on medical mission. I really love that he has impressed upon his employees the mind set of "My name is on their bodies, so they have to look amazing." It shows he has pride in his work. Dr. Shewmake was voted best PS in Arkansas in 2009 and made the list again this year! Love him, Love him, Love him!!! I highly recommend him!

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