45 Yr Old Praying for Insurance to Cover - Little Rock, AR

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I finally decided it's time to do something. My...

I finally decided it's time to do something. My neck kills me nearly constantly. I go for another neck injection next week. :( my back hurts, can't exercise comfortably, my arms go to sleep at night due to me sleeping on my side and boobs most likely cutting off circulation. I wear a 40 DDD but I'm pretty sure I should be in something with a bigger cup. Lol. I'm 5'2" and in the last two months have dropped 12 pounds down to 168 in preparation for meeting any BMI maximum I might need. So ready for this! Praying consultation on July 20th is successful!

Neck injection today

I go in for my second neck injection this afternoon. Light sedation and a shot and it's over. Get to sleep the rest of the day! Got to look forward to something. Right? lol. Finally took pics of where I am now. Consult in 15 days!


Had my consult on Wednesday. Went really well. PS said she didn't see any reason why I would get turned down. Yea! I should hear something this next week hopefully.

Also, I've been wearing a 40 DD/DDD. I knew that was too small. Lol. The PS measured me and I'm actually a 38G! Yikes. Oh well. No sense in buying the right size now. ;)


Got a call today that insurance approved it! My surgery is set for next week! The 2nd! This will give me time to have a week off before I have to go back to school. Then the first week back is just in-service. My principal is so happy for me she said bring a recliner and just make yourself comfortable. Lol. I figure I can spend that second week at home by myself laying about or I can lay about doing in-service and get paid. :P and I'll be surrounded by friends and all the help I could need. Small country schools are the best. Lol

But seriously, oh my gosh am I nervous! Can't believe I'm getting to do this! I've actually dreamed of having small perky boobs and long flowing hair. (Got my hair extensions waiting in the closet) :P


Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so excited and nervous! Check in is at 7:30 in Little Rock!
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