Hello, Puberty? You Coming? - Little Rock, AR

Nearly every woman in my family has large breasts....

Nearly every woman in my family has large breasts. I grew up seeing my mother naked pretty regularly (a house full of all girls for a loooong time) and in my head it made perfect sense that I would grow up to have large breasts. I had no grand illusions of perkiness, just C cups or greater by the time I was 20. Puberty came and went, and I was left with some incredibly uneven A's. So I waited. Surely they'd grow when I got pregnant. Nope. Surely they'd grow when I began to breastfeed. Nope, never even had that cool moment of engorgement where I was promised "pornstar tits" by blogs like Pregnant Chicken. I got nothin'.

I'm tired of nothing, and I'm tired of waiting. So I decided on implants.

After a lot of searching around and reading reviews I landed on Dr. Talbert in Little Rock, Ar. I really admired his work, especially when compared to the other galleries I'd seen from doctors closer to me. They all seemed to produce women with Barbie chests, and the idea of that was terrifying.

After a very long 4 hour drive, I managed to take a wrong road (Old Kanis vs. New Kanis), get lost in the clinic, locked in a stairwell, and made it to my appointment with 4 minutes to spare. All of which ultimately ended with him telling me that I needed a breast lift first. -_-

Everyone I spoke to in the clinic was really nice (even the lady who directed me to the terrifying stairwell with doors that lock behind you and require a code to open), and I made my appointment for surgery before I left. I hated to schedule 4 weeks away, but my job require at least 3 weeks notice, and the next available Friday was October 14th. So we'll see how it goes!

Forgot to show the real problem >.

In my original post I forgot to highlight my main area of concern. Asymmetry and sag sucks, I won't lie I'd probably be able to tolerate my breasts if it wasn't for Righty. She has some serious troubles. Dr. Talbert plans not only to raise my breasts, but spread my tissue more evenly from Lefty to Righty.


Because two of my fellow associates are going on vacation, I thought it was best to reschedule surgery until after they get back. I'd hate to be left alone and accidentally hurt myself. Only had to push it off by another two weeks.
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