5'7/155 lbs 495cc Mentor textured "Gummy Bear" Silicon HP over the Muscle with Crescent Lift on Left Breast. Little Rock, AR

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Just left surgery and settled home. Was in a lot...

Just left surgery and settled home. Was in a lot of pain waking up- but meds are kicking in now. It still hurts like hell but bearable. I love them already!! I got 495CC's mentor memory gel or "gummy bear" tear drop implants. A crescent lift was performed on my left breast. I was borderline for a lift on my left, so dr decided on that route. Everything went quick form start to finished.

I was so unhappy with them after breastfeeding, but have literally wanted bigger boobs since I was 16. I will post more pics soon!

First night

My first night went okay, in a lot of pain still. A lot more than what I was expecting.. My medicines are helping some. I had to sleep sitting up and moving in any direction is hard. I'm feeling a lot of tightness and my nipples are numb also. I'm going to try to get up soon when the meds kick to move around some. Will post a pic later :-)

Day 2 post op

I'm able to get up and move around a little more now. I also showered, washed my hair, AND put on body lotion! but cautiously lol
The warm water from the shower felt great on my new additions.

Day 3

I slept on the couch all night propped up, even missed a few doses of my medicine but the pain wasn't that bad. Today I'm feeling more pain/soreness on the sides of my breasts and rib cage and upper back. I would imagine that's just getting used to the weight of them. I have my post op apt on Monday! Ladies if you still haven't decided on a dr, please do your research and go with someone you feel comfortable with. You may pay more for the best dr, but it's so worth it. Explain what you want in detail, even show pics of some you like. There's so many different options out there, so take your time deciding what's best for you! FYI, thetype of implants I've got are going to last me a good 15-25 years :) I can't wait until the drop and fluff soon !

Late night snack and update :-)

So it's 1:30 am, woke up groggy and wanted some Cheerios :) I miss my 8 month old baby girl, she has been staying with her god mother the last few days. I am unable to lift and carry her around without pain, and she would just get upset and frustrated I couldn't hold and cuddle her. I think tomorrow I will be fine to have her back home though! I am getting some sensation back in my breasts, and the pain/soreness is about a 6/7 out of 10 now. Will post more pics tomorrow :-)

No more narcotics

Today I woke up super groggy from the Valium I took last night to sleep, but haven't needed any other pain meds besides ibuprofen :) took a shower, and oiled them up with bio oil to hopefully prevent any stretch marks. They are beginning to feel squisher and more like they're apart of me. Still some soreness and they're mostly numb as well. I can pick my 20lb 8 month old up, but I don't push it and carry her around for long just yet.

back to work & check up today !

Okay so I'm still pretty sore, taking Valium every once in a while at night if my chest feels tight. I've noticed some pain/pulling sensation under my left arm/arm pit but I'm sure that's just nerves and will go away. If not I do have a another apt to get the stitches removed around my nipple next week, I'll be sure to mention it then. I'm so happy with the results and the doctor said they won't drop much more necessarily, these implants take on more shape of the breast and tissue :) that made me even mor excited I like where they sit, and can't wait for them to become softer

8 days post op- feeling great!!!

My new nreasts are starting to soften up a little, and the bruising is just about gone. I get the tape removed from my nipple Monday, can't wait !! They look a little uneven to me with that tape in the way ugh :/ might shop next week and see what cup size I am so far, my guess is 36 D or DD

Surgery details

Okay so I just wanted to give a little more details about what it's like post op. My dr did over the muscle, so this may not apply to someone who had unders. Always listen to your dr because they most likely know you and your case the best*** I woke up and felt a strong burning sensation in my chest, and felt like a bag of bricks was on me (they did want me before anesthesia so it didn't scare me) the nurse gave me pain pills as soon as I was alert enough to swollow them. The ride home was rough until the meds kicked in, every bump hurt like hell. BUT I had no surgical bra after, no crazy band to wrap around my ribs cage either. I left surgery with just the tape over my incisions (it doesn't budge until you physically remove it, not even in the shower with soap and a loofa). The whole procedure from
Start to finish was 3/4 hours I was in and out quick! My dr told me no heat or ice because of the lack of sensation I had in my breasts at the time. about a week after my surgery I had a post op, the removed the tape from the incisions under my breasts and gave me a small packet of triple antibiotic ointment to apply twice a day until it's gone. I have felt some soreness still, but also have an 8 month old at home :0 Monday I have another follow up to remove the tape from my nipple incision where they did the cresant lift. So excited to see the girls with no tape and no bruising!! Anyway, all in all the pain was really not that bad and it's so worth the confidence boost in the long run. I love looking more proportionate and the curvs they give me to my upper half

Getting softer and squishier

Bio oil - great stuff !!

Finally Getting the tape removed today from my nip! :)

I will see them both for the first time without that stupid tape today- in just a few hours! Will post pics of course! ??????

First tape removal and pics

Incision is healing great- but I have to keep the tape on for a few more weeks :( they cleaned it and put new tape to hold it together & keep it from stretching out- makes sense. It does look better without all the dried blood under there. they gave me a roll to change out every 10 days or so. I have another apt in about 2.5 weeks :)


Still somewhat numb and have pains every now and then but so far so good. Was back in the gym for low impact cardio this week and lifting for lower body. Obviously nothing that required use of my chest arms or back yet. Feeling squishy but better :)

Checking in

So they are beginning to feel more and more like a part of me & scars are feeling smoother. my nipple is healed but I still have the tape on it to keep any tension off of it. I have been working out lower body and cardio only (walking fast at an incline or stair master)I did use the assisted squat machine yesterday and man I am sore, but felt pretty good! Can't wait to be able to do more soon.. One month checkup next week!

About one month after surgery

I don't feel much moving of my implant anymore like I did a few weeks ago, I think they were just still settling. I can feel them though with certain movements in my right. nothing crazy and hopefully will go away completely in time. I have my 30 day checkup tomorrow, I will post another update then! Hoping I can get cleared to lift upper body and run again soon. My biggest piece of advise so far, get some supportive sports bras- but not too tight unless you're going running or something high impact. Some softer stretchy ones are best for sleeping, morning boob is real and rolling over onto my side was painful for a while. I will post reviews on bras when I purchase them :)


Here are what my incisions look like, again stitches on the inside and they are getting smoother

30 day checkup today

Okay so doc said everything looks great- I voiced my concerns about being able to feel my implant move on the right side, and he said to cup my hand over my breasts with my nipple centered between my fingers (like someone else was reaching and putting their hand on you straight up and down) then push my breasts into my body firmly. There may be a small fold on the side of the implant, and that will help keep it in place. Since they are textured and "attach" well to your tissues anyway, he didn't seem to worried about it. Well I did that at my apt and again tonight, and I can't feel it moving anymore! :) yay!! He also gave me the okay to start running again with a supportive bra- and lifting upper body. But I have to wait a few more weeks to train anything for chest incase I develop a hematoma. I have to keep the tape on my nipple for two more months (few days in between tape free) to help the incision scar become less noticeable. I also tried on some bras also and I'm pretty sure I'm a 36DD. I'll get professionally measured soon :) There are hardly any cute bras for big boobied gals :(

8 months later !

I have lost some weight and a little fat around my breast area, but I still love them so much.. still don't have much nipple sensation back yet. I can no longer feel my implant moving on my right side like before..
Give your girls time to rest and heal ladies, they will in time :)
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

great, honest and upfront. His nurses were great in the surgery room before and after!

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